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Mattel Monster High Lagoona Dolls Shower Playset 11/01/2015

Lagoona doll shower set

Mattel Monster High Lagoona Dolls Shower Playset Over the years my niece has been colelcting monster high dolls and the play sets that go along with them. she has been collecting them since 2010 when they first became available. Now she is fourteen and still has the dolls but doesn't play with the sets anymore. However they are good still as she likes to set them up in their play sets on her shelves so these still do get used. Of course the shower set belongs to lagoona blue who is of course a sea creature so it makes sense that she would have a shower room themed after herself. This is still available on amazon for £19.99 however if found in store somewhere this will probably be a bit cheaper because this was released in 2013. The set consists of a shower which has a little shower bowl in the bottom for her pet to wash in and this has a shower curtain as well. This has a sink with mirror and a stool for her to sit at. This is great as we had been collecting the lot fo she can make up a house/community with these. Of course a shower room and mirror is an essential piece to any dolls play set. These are green and blue with a plash of pink and black which represents the ocean still. My niece still has this set and it is all still in great condition and has endured many hours of play time so this is really mad eof really thich durable plastic. One downside for my is the mirror of course not expecting it to be much and just for decoration but it would be nice if you could actually see it in like it was a mirror. The dolls ...

Mattel Monster High Die-ner and Draculaura Doll and Playset 10/01/2015

Din-ner play set

Mattel Monster High Die-ner and Draculaura Doll and Playset Over the years I have been buying my niece monster high dolls and of course the dolls need play sets and extra outfits and accessories. So I also started to purchase her the play sets for birthdays and Christmas. She's been a fan of monster high ever since it was released in 2010 and she was ten at the time and now she's coming up to fourteen. The dolls have lasted this long and she still collects them but the play sets haven't been so fortunate to keep her interest. The die-ner play set with Draculara was released in in early 2013. The set with the doll can currently be purchased on amazon for £20.99 brand new. I haven't seen this set in store anywhere but if it was available I would imagine by now the price to be a bit cheaper. While draculaura itself does look the same she has of course a different outfit on. It's a purple and black (her favourite colours) dress. There is a purple front panel in the dress which gives off the illusion she is wearing an apron, this also has a bat print on the front. She also has a scarf, shoes and socks which make her look quite cool. Draculaura is a vampire but doesn't actually drink blood or eat meat. She eats lots of vegetables and fruit so her die-ner will be a very healthy place to eat. The die-ner itself has a serving counter, a table with two chairs and a coffin bench seat. All these of course are very gothic and full of cobweb designs. There is room for the dolls to stand at the counter or move the chairs or bench to sit at it or ...

Mattel Monster High Halloween Clawdeen Wolf 09/01/2015

Clawdeen wolf

Mattel Monster High Halloween Clawdeen Wolf As I've said in my previous reviews about the monster high dolls. Over the years I have been purchasing various dolls for my niece for birthdays and Christmases for her. Monster high dolls became available in 2010 and she was ten years of age at the time and she is coming up to age Fourteen and she's turned her dolls into quite a nice collection and still insists on being bought these dolls and different outifts for them. Monster high is suitable for ages 3+ however the money paid for them is extremely worth it because of the age range. Four years on and my niece is still requesting these dolls so they are very worth every penny paid for them. Clawdeen wolf is of course, daughte of a wolf. She is age 15 and a big fashionista. She is very confident with the way she looks and is very loyal to her friends. Her favourite food is rare steak and her pet hate is having all her siblings at the same school as her. She was released originally in 2010 so she is one of their original characters. However I keep wanting to call her Claudia wolf and not Clawdeen. I don't know why it just seems like a better name to me! This version of Clawdeen was released in 2012 as a halloween doll and she is currently available on amazon for £19.99. However since she was released in 2012 if super markets are stocking this doll at the time it will be around the £12 mark. Clawdeen is dressed what looks to me as a diva cat type costume. She is supposed to look like she is wearing a purple curly wig. She ...

Monster High Hauntlywood Elissabat Doll 04/01/2015


Monster High Hauntlywood Elissabat Doll My neice is obsessed with monster high, her obsession started when she was ten and now she is fourteen (almost) she still loves these dolls and has started a collection of them rather than playing with them how younger children do. These dolls are suitable for 3+ and due to their style and the show I believe these to have quite a large age range. As I said four years on and my niece has stopped playing with these but has started a collection of them instead. Elissabat was released in 2013 and is apart of their "hauntlywood" range. Which are basically stars. Elissabat is an actress ont he silver scream, she is 1601 years old as her father is an unknown vampire. She loves any clothing black and lace, silky and frilly. being an actress she tried really hard to practise her lines and her pet hate is getting them wrong. Her outfit she comes with is a typical gothic outfit of a purple and black laced corset dress with black over the knee gothic platform boots. Her hair is long and black with lots of purple streaks. Her make up is very dark but eligant and has vampire teeth coming over her lips. I can't remember the original price I paid for this but it is currently on amazon for £24.10. Since this is an older doll it can be found in most supermarkets really cheap around £10. The same as the other dolls, she is really sturdy and well made, her hands go on and off very easily to change the outfits which are also well amde and durable. One downside which so far most of these dolls ...

Mattel Monster High Lagoona Blue 03/01/2015

Lagoona Blue

Mattel Monster High Lagoona Blue Monster high was created in 2010 and it is a childrens show and has a large range of merchandise such as dolls which can be purchased from a number of online stores as well as in store. The lagoona blue doll first became available in 2011 and is suitable for ages 3+ This doll is currently on amazon for £34.95 with free delivery. I bought this for my neice a few years ago, she started her collection when she was 10 and four years later she still loves to collect them. The price is not to bad when looking at the wide age range that these dolls actually appeal to which makes it well worth the money paid for it because they last a long time and get played with and then turn into a collection. Lagoona blue is based on a sea monster, when she goes in the school swimming pool the chlorine turns half her blonde hair blue. Her favourite food is sushi and she loves all water sports and her pet hate is people littering in the sea. Lagoona blue's outfit is mad eup of fish nets on her legs and arms and a blue fin like dress. Lagoona is one of the more expensive dolls available so she does come wiht more accessories, she has a bag, a brush and a stand to keep her stood up if she is to be on shelf for collection or just a neat way to store them. There are extra accessories and clothing that can be purchased for each doll and to change the clothes the hands pull on and off, this is a unique way to change the clothes on these dolls. The clothes themsleves are well made and don't fray or ...

Mattel Monster High Scaris Draculaura 02/01/2015

Draculaura doll

Mattel Monster High Scaris Draculaura Monster high is a fairly new range by mattel which started in 2010. They have a website which is There ar egames, videos and full character details of each of the dolls as well as an additional shop that dolls, accessories, play sets, clothing and even the dvds can be purchased. As can be guessed by the name all the characters are based on characters from horror and sci-fi movies such as dracula. Draculaura is from the more budget range of dolls and so she is more basic and costs around £12. She is available at a number of places including Amazon for £13.99. I think the price for this is excellent as it appeals to a large age range as I siad my niece liked them at ten and still does four years later. Draculaura is 1600 years old and is a vegan who eats lots of fruit and vegetables and extra iron instead of blood, she loves smiling, laughing and encouraging her friends. A full description of her likes and dislikes can also be found on the website. I think this is great and really encouraging for children to learn and try and do the same, such as being nice to people and their friends. These dolls will appeal to a different type of person as well as barbie lovers due to their style of ghouls and ghosts. Most of the clothing is black and gothic as well as the hair styles and Draculaura is no different, in this she comes with a top, skirt, platform heels and a small pink hangbag, because she is more basic she doesn't come with a stand like the other dolls ...

Fisher-Price Roller Blocks Play Wall 27/12/2014

Roller blocks play wall

Fisher-Price Roller Blocks Play Wall For Christmas this year I bought my nephew the roller blocks play wall from Argos. Before Christmas this cost me £34.99 which I didn't think was too bad for what you get but looking now, this is available on Amazon for £24.99 so it is probably cheaper in various other places. This wasn't my first choice of toy to get for my nephew but by the time I went to go and pick one up there was nothing left and this along with a couple of other items was the only option. I think for what you get and the wide age range that this recommended for the price is pretty good as this can last a few years if taken care of. This is recommended for six months to two years of age. This is a really wide age range which made it more appealing when buying as I knew it as going to be used for a long time. My nephew is five months old so I thought this would be an ideal Christmas gift for him. When I got this, the box is quite large due to everything being flat packed inside, made it a little awkward to carry and wrap and this doesn't come with any batteries. So this does require an additional 2xAA batteries. This wasn't too much of an issue because there are always plenty of batteries kicking around on Christmas ready for all the new toys to be played with. Inside this is all flat packed and with an instruction booklet, however we never needed to look at this as it slots together really easily and is straight forward to do. There are two main parts to this which is the base and the vertical board. ...

Disney Donald Duck Plush Toy 20/12/2014

Donald duck

Disney Donald Duck Plush Toy I'm a very big lover of Disney and no matter how old I get I will always love it and everything to do with it. I went shopping a few months ago in meadow hall and I visited this Disney store. They had a sale on a the time and a lot of items on the shelves were from frozen instead of more varied so I didn't think I would be able to come away with anything. I can across the micky and Minnie section of large plush teddies and there was a few toy story bullseye large plush teddies and buried beneath them all I found one lonely Donald duck and he was the only one on sale for £20 reduced from £40. When I say this is a big teddy I mean, it is a big teddy. Usure how big in inches but approximately while he's stood up a good 30inches or more. He is really soft to the touch making him suitable for all age groups, because of his soft surface it makes him easy to wipe over and the instructions do say to hand wish him. However being a collector He is sat on the top of my bookshelf so he does gather dust, every time I have a good clean I wipe him over with a wet wipe so it dries fast and this works well for getting any dust off him. He is a big thing to carry around meadow hall, I had to have their largest bag just to fit him in which did make him an inconvenience while shopping and I don't think I've seen this online on the Disney store. For what I use him for, just sitting and guarding my book shelf, he doesn't get any wear or tear to him and he's a fantastic addition to my ...

Lush Love Lettuce 19/12/2014

I love, love lettuce

Lush Love Lettuce I recently went into my local Lush store in Lincoln a little while ago to return 10 black empty lush pots I had from previous products. When you have 5 pots and return then you get a free face mask. I had 10 pots so I walked away with cosmetic warrior and love lettuce face masks. This is the first time I have traded pots in and gotten masks in general as I always thought they were a bit pricey for the amount you get. The masks come in 75g tubs and these are the smallest size lush have available and love lettuce is £6.50 making it one of their more expensive products for the smallest size. This to me at first is really off putting because it also has just under one month use by date which isn't long lasting at all so you can't use minimal amounts to make it last anyway. At first out of the two I did prefer cosmetic warrior but then I began using this a lot more. Looking at the product it is a deep green colour and is a thick paste texture. Looking at this it is easy to tell it will be a good exfoliator because the crushed almond shells are easy to see and they are all the way through it and not just a small amount of those. The only scent I can describe this as is lavender, but it isn't overly strong. It just smells like a typical face mask. Overall I do love the look of this, it's nice and thick and feels scratchy on my fingers for good exfoliation. Due to the amount that you don't get with this despite Lush saying to lather this on, I tried to put this on small amounts ...

Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Conditioner 14/12/2014

Tigi recovery conditioner

Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Conditioner I've really taken care of my hair since I grew it long and wanted to keep it that way so every now and then I go and buy a few new products just to try out and hope they help keep my hair in the healthy state it is. However recently I have died it and awful lot and wanted to pre prepare ready in case anything went wrong, my ends are a little frazzled from straightening and such but I do need a hair cut anyway so I wasn't too bothered by it. Tigi is quite an expensive brand to buy however if you look in the right place you can get a bargain. I bought a pack of this conditioner with the shampoo in TKMax for £24.99 for 750ml bottles which is the biggest size available. Individually in store they are £12.99. This is the cheapest place I have found them for sale yet. Other places such as have full range of tigi products however it is £12.85 for just a 200ml bottle, however when you buy three products you get a fourth for free. In the Urban anti-dotes range there are three recovery levels. Level 1 is re-energise. Level 2 is recovery and level 3 is resurrection. The levels indicate which set you will need depending on how urgent your hair needs treatment. I went for level 2 recovery just because that and level 3 were the only ones available at my time of purchase. This set of both shampoo and conditioner are supposed to " dramatically improves your hair’s health for stronger, more manageable hair. It is perfect for dry, damaged hair in need of moisture and ...

Lush Cosmetic Warrior 13/12/2014

Cosmetic Warrior

Lush Cosmetic Warrior I recently went into my local lush store in Lincoln to return some empty pots in exchange for a free mask, it just so happens I had ten pots to trade in so I walked out with a free pot of Cosmetic Warrior and Love lettuce. This is the first time I have used a mask by lush, mainly because I have been put off by the price, it is 35.95 for the smallest tub available I think this isn't a very good price considering it is the same price as a face wash but half the size, which is 100g. However that is probably the main reason you can get this free with the exchange of empty pots. Having not used any of their masks before I went and spoke to an assistant which she asked me about my skin tone which is dry acne, although my acne is up and down sometimes worse than others it is that type nonetheless. She recommended both Cosmetic Warrior and love lettuce and since I had ten pots to trade in I picked both these up for free and she recommended I alternated the days and used this one, one day and love lettuce the next day and continued like that as it would mean I could always use the product and my skin couldn't get too dry. Lush says "A superhero face mask to combat spots, cleanse dirt, and sooth all troubled skin. Antiseptic fresh garlic, tea tree essential oil, reinforced with deep cleansing kaolin and fresh grapes, are aided by softening honey and free range eggs" The sales assistant told me to keep this in the fridge due to it's short expiry date and the ingredients such as ...

The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt 03/12/2014

Bubble bath melt

The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt I have recently taken full advantage of the body shops Christmas offers and deals they've had over the past week, I decided to do their deal of spend £50 and get £25 off. This is an excellent deal as basically the full order is half price, I ended up spending £52 so it only cost me £27 and I qualified for free postage as well. This deal is so great at the moment because of their Christmas gift sets they have so I was able to get a few gift sets and some cheeky items for myself without feeling guilty. This offer is available online and in store but I always use this online because they have more flavors and scents to offer than they have in store, especially since Grimsby's store is so small. I have only been able to find anything from the honeymania range online at and not in store so I decided I would purchase a few of the products to range while using the offer. The bubble bath melt only comes in one size which is 300ml at £8 per pot. For bubble bath, this is expensive but this is a fair price for the body shop items and is a normal price. If I wasn't using a deal I wouldn't of purchased this. The pot of this is quite desirable and bright which is nice to see in the bathroom. Smelling this before putting it into my bath it doesn't exactly smell like honey, it just smells a little sweet and quite chemically. To me a lot of the body shop items just smell like chemicals and artificial smells, I don't think they smell bad I just think there are a lot ...

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly 03/11/2014

Whoosh shower jelly

Lush Whoosh Shower Jelly I got the Whoosh jelly as a part of a gift set I received from a friend a while ago. I don't really use the shower jellies because I think they're a little bit weird and I'm unsure on the texture and how much to use each time so I tend to stay away from them. I got given the 100g tub which retails approximately £3 which is quite cheap for lush but this is available in the bigger pot 240g for approximately £5. This is quite a low cost for a lush product so it is work it too try. I don't live near a Lush store so I tend to go and buy a bulk load every few months or order a large package of products online. A good thing about Lush pots is that if you return 5 pots in store you can get a free face mask. Lush say's “Anti-jetlag jelly for keeping you calm, cool and focused. Have you noticed the way that time speeds up as deadlines approach? 'Whoosh' is the sound they make as they rush by. To slow time down, what you need is a Whoosh shower, with its ultra-refreshing essential oil blend of the citruses (plus lemon, lime and grapefruit juices) with revitalizing rosemary and balancing geranium, which we put in there to wake you up a bit, but not too much. Excellent for overcoming jet-lag or general fatigue.” Another words, this jelly is good enough to give you a boost and wake you up a bit. The ingredients include oils of lemon, lime and grapefruit juices with rosemary and geranium. This helps fight against greasy and spotty skin as well as antibacterial with vitamin C. However this ...

Make Up Academy MUA Eyeshadow Palette Heaven And Earth 25/09/2014

An ok pallette

Make Up Academy MUA Eyeshadow Palette Heaven And Earth I've been looking for a nice pallette for a while now because usually I buy one and only use one or two of the shades. I like to use a lot of dark tones, neutral and a lot of browns so I was in superdrug and I found this pallette by MUA for just £4. I didn't have high hopes about this due to the fact it's an economy brand but I wanted to try this anyway as it has some really nice shades, and if this didn't work out too well it doesn't matter because it is really cheap. There are twelve shades in this pallete which has a couple of neutral shades, a few darker tones and a couple of red/brown type shades. However you wouldn't really guess by the shade names as some of them don't even describe a shade such as "rift" Also the shades aren't in light to dark order so it can look quite deceiving as to how dark or light this is actually going to be applied. So beforehand I tried all these onto the back of my hand and so far my favorite shades are "Aurora" this is the lightest shade, it isn't white or cream it is somewhere in the middle, I like to use this as a light base coat I also like "canyon" and "bedrock" these are great dark shades of brown that I like to use. The only problem I have with the shades are that they all have glitter in them, so you can't get a nice matte base. This comes with an applicator brush but it is the one with the pads which I don't like to use so I use an actual brush to apply this with, however when I run the brush over the shadow this crumbles up and ...

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser 07/09/2014

baby greasy skin

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser For me primer isn't a necessary product to use every day or even frequently at all but it I do usually have some lying about in my cosmetics jars. I've used a few different primers and they are do the same thing, they all claim that it will reduce the appearance of pores and help foundation to go on smoother. This Maybelline baby skin primer is no different. It has been described as a blurring balm and is packed with insta-blur technology. - this for a start to me is annoying, instead of making the description so cool by saying insta-blue, just say what it actually does and that is it. The only reason I bought this was because I was going out, I had a bit of dry skin on my face at the time and my friend recommended that I tried it. This is £7.99 In Boots but Boots often have three for two offers and this is usually included in that, when I picked this up I had already gotten a couple of bits and this ended up being free to I didn't mind trying it. This is for a 22ml bottle so it is quite bit where as ones from Benefit are high in price and small in size I feel the price is justifiable by the amount you actually get with this, and of course only a little amount it used at any time as it is just for a base. Primer is the first thing to be applied to the skin, this basically erases the look of pores, smoothens the appearance of the skin and creates a nice base for foundation or it can be used on it's own without putting foundation of the top. When first trying this I ...
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