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Hartmann Tensoval Duo Control 28/07/2015

One of the best Blood Pressure monitor

Hartmann Tensoval Duo Control Because my blood pressure seems to be usually high and I was diagnosed with mild hypertension, I’ve decided to buy a blood pressure monitor to check it every day. I’ve chose Tensoval Duo Control because it is made by Hartmann, a company that my doctor recommended and as I’ve heard is one of those electrical blood pressure monitors that almost has the accuracy of those that doctor use. After buying it I was pleased to see that it is approved by the German, British and even European Hypertension Society and also I’ve received a 3 year warranty for the product. It came with four AAA-type batteries that lasted for about 2 months, but yet again, I use it daily. Another nice feature of the product is that it also recognizes and measures heart rhythm, from which I have learned that I am predisposed to tachycardia, which means I have a faster heart rhythm. It has instructions drawn on the cuff so you can put it in the right position and its memory capacity is limited for 30 days of measurements. The actual measurement takes about 15 seconds, but you should hold still and preferably not talk during, because it will give errors. It is called duo control because it uses two types of sensor technology which combine two medical methods that are used to determined blood pressure and they are called the oscillometric and the Korotkoff method. The price’s decent, £50 but because it is easy to use and while the batteries are new, very accurate, also because it measures heart frequency, it ...

ROCCAT Taito - mouse pad 26/07/2015

Decent mouse-pad for a decent price

ROCCAT Taito - mouse pad ROCCAT Taito is a mousepad made form a special fabric , black, optimized for gaming. Heat-treated fibers are arranged in a defined pattern to the nanometer level and ensure precise control and absolute accuracy to the target. The complex structure guarantees an easy movement of the mouse pad surface ROCCAT Taito without loss of speed or acceleration , both the X axis and Y axis. Thanks to the robust material , the Taito Mousepad resist in tiem. -Heat-blasted Nano Matrix structure - for quick, precise and silent mouse movement in every direction -Non-slip backing with heavy-grip security - provides a surface that won't budge during hectic play -Rugged build - for a long life of extreme gaming Size Length 455 mm Width 370 mm Thickness 5 mm general Color Black Fabric with rubber base The ROCCAT Taito is a good cloth mouse pad. Tested with Razer Lachesis 5600dpi, Diamondback 3g and ROCCAT Kova. For only 20 Euros you'll be satisfied for a long time.

Doctor Who Day of the Doctor (Blu-ray) 26/07/2015

Meet all 3 doctors!

Doctor Who Day of the Doctor (Blu-ray) As a massive fan of the Doctor Who series I was very excited to hear about the 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor, which has been released on BBC One on 23 November 2013. Expectations were high, but Steven Moffat has reached them all by writing such an amazing story that all Doctor Who fans were waiting to hear. The storyline revolves around a terrible awakening in London's National Gallery which is connected with the Elizabethan England, where three of our doctors meet unexpectedly. The chemistry between Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt as “the Doctor”, was amazing and they managed to create a perfect balance between humor and drama in the same specific Doctor Who style that we all love and appreciate. Details Country: UK Language: English Director: Nick Hurran Writers: Steven Moffat, Terry Nation Stars: Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt as the main Doctors, Jenna Coleman as Clara, Billie Piper as Rose Runtime: 77 min Filming Locations: mostly Chepstow Castle, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales, UK Release Date: 23 November 2013 (UK) Overall, the best part of the special is that we get to see how The Doctor was born and also see some parts of the famous Time War we’ve been hearing about throughout the series and also we’ve got a glimpse on the new doctor that was introduced in the 8th season of Doctor Who. Now that we finally learn about the faith of Gallifrey we remain with just one question: Doctor Who?

Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Repair Express Conditioner 25/07/2015

Gliss - Oil Nutritive, Hair Repair

Schwarzkopf Gliss Total Repair Express Conditioner A friend of mine recommended me an leave-in spray because of my split ends. I had doubts about it because have oily hair and I was afraid it will make my hair condition worse. But I have tried it and what I really liked about it is that you use it any time on wet or dry hair and it still gives my hair an hydrated and shiny look. Before using it you will have to shake it until it becomes smooth and then you have to spray it on your hair. You'll see that even combing your hair becomes easier. The product is long lasting, I have it for about 2 months and I barely used any of it although I spray my hair everyday. From my personal experience I can say it really works, my hair looks healthier and I have less split ends.

Sempiternal - Bring Me the Horizon 25/07/2015

APMA 2014 - Best Album of the Year

Sempiternal - Bring Me the Horizon Bring Me The Horizon is a British Metalcore band who have been around since 2003 and currently consists in Oliver Sykes, lead guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboardist Jordan Fish. At the 2014 APMA awards after they received Album of the Year award, Oliver Sykes confessed that the background of the album came from his drug addiction (ketamine), which messed him and his relationships up, but after some time in rehab he came to his senses and started working on Sempiternal. In my opinion there are 3 tracks that stand out for me: Shadow Moses, Sleepwalking, Can you feel my heart. Can you feel my heart it's the first track of the album is in expression of opening up to the world and showing them his broken and dark sides and asking others if they can relate. With Shadow Moses Oli tries to convey us of his feelings of hopelessness by repeatedly saying "we're going nowhere". What I like the most about sleepwalking is how he represented the struggles he had with his addiction and how that made him ill. Basically why I loved and enjoyed this album is because they changed their music style in better and created something that people can relate to because everyone of us struggles with something in life.

The Endless River - Pink Floyd 02/07/2015

Still has that Pink Floyd sound

The Endless River - Pink Floyd Eventhough Roger Waters is not on the album, David Gilmour and Nick Mason managed to continue the work of Pink Floyd with some left recordings from the late Richard Wright. It's an ambiental album with only 1 song with actual lyrics: Louder than Words and to be honest, Pink Floyd doesn't need a lot of words to take you into another universe. This will be the last album that Pink Floyd will ever make so don't be cheap and buy this album. Worth every penny. And after all these years, Pink Floyd broke another record and it is a well deserved record. Pink Floyd's 'Endless River' album set a record for Amazon UK pre-orders in November 2014. There isn't much to say about this album, only that you won't get a better sound and feeling anywhere else.

Heroes of the Storm (PC) 02/07/2015

New MOBA or as Blizzard says "Battle Arena"

Heroes of the Storm (PC) I've received an Alpha Key after the release of the game, and I have to say wow. When I found out that blizzard are making a MOBA game I tought it's going to be like DOTA or League of Legends but they managed to ignore most of the similarities of these games. In Alpha and Beta, Blizzard actually listened to our concernes, made the game better and they managed to launch the game just a month ago. After the release everything was better, I'm talking about gameplay and the engine that this game works one. At first you have to chose between 5 types of game: Training, Quick Match, Hero League, Team League and Custom games. Hero League and Team League needs some skill and experience before you start playing these types of games. Great gameplay and you need a lot of team play to play this game. If one guy wonders on the map you will usually lost that game and if you want to make a quick match you can make the objectives that you have for each map. All in all is not actually a MOBA, it's not the same mechanics. But you will have fun with some conversations that Raynor and Tychus have during the match and a lot of cool stuff are added in this game. ...

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) 02/07/2015

After Call of Duty 2 this has the best multiplayer gameplay

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) After almost 10 years, I still feel that this should've been the last Call of duty game made. I've been playing all the other CoD games and it didn't gave me the same satisfaction as Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. Most of you will probably disagree with me but this is my opinion. The Single Player in this game is probably the best Action-Shooter game story ever made and I'm not exaggerating, you could ask a lot of Call of Duty fans and they will answer the same. The MultiPlayer part is intense, fun, addictive and so much more. I've been playing at a semi-pro level and oh boy, it was perfect. It doesn't need a high-end computer and it has good graphics for a game from 2007. In my opinion it is the best FPS game of all time .. or Call of duty 2 .. I can't decide.

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm (PC) 22/06/2015

One of the best RTS games

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm (PC) Starcraft is an RTS game were the hole game is focused on Jim Raynor(Terran), Sarah Kerrigan(Terran/Zerg) and Zeratul(Protoss). If you want to live one of the best story-lines ever written this is the game you should buy. Heart of the Swarm is an expansion pack for Starcraft 2. The story continues in Heart of the swarm with more action. The campaign in Heart of the Swarm it's for every human on this planet, it doesn't require a lot of skill just a lot of strategy. You will live with every cell in your body this epic story of Starcraft. I won't spoil the story line but take if from a hard-core gamer, After Warcraft 3 this is the best story in a game. I am just really curious what happens in the next Starcraft expansion Legacy of the Void. If you are eager to climb the ladder and become one of the best players in the world you are invited to play this game, but keep in mind, it take a lot of patience, perseverance. the gameplay is different from the Campaign one you will have to master all the strategies and improve your multi-tasking ability. The best players in the world play with 300-400 apm(actions-per-minute) in a single game of Starcraft but if you think you are capable of this, play the multiplayer. There are 7 leagues in Starcraft 2: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster. But if you are not convinced about multiplayer, Try the campaign first it will surely make you want to try the multiplayer. The graphics are awesome for an RTS game you ...

Razer Lachesis - mouse 21/06/2015

By far one of the best mouses out there.

Razer Lachesis - mouse I've tried almost all the other gaming mouses there are from Steelseries to roccat but I have to say Razer makes a gamer feel like a pro. I have bought this mouse over 4 years ago and it still works like day 1. It looks very nice, you can change the colors of the logo or the scroll anytime you want in what color you like. It works on any type of mousepad almost the same, the response time is perfect for what a gamer needs. Easy to use, a lot of macro button where you can do almost everything you want. I don't think I can say a bad thing about this mouse, it didn't let me down yet, but I guess for some people with small hands it would be a bit big.

Samsung G3815 Galaxy Express 2 21/06/2015

Almost the perfect phone for the casual man

Samsung G3815 Galaxy Express 2 First of all I had my doubts about this phone and like any smart phone it's the battery that most people are interested but I have this phone for almost 1 year now and I have to say .. i need to charge it only 3 times a week and for a smartphone it's perfect. Music sounds divine doesn't matter what are you into, metal, dnb, classical it's perfect. It's comfortable to hold. It includes autofocus and an LED flash, but also comes with a range of modes including Auto, Night, Sports, Panorama, Sound & Shot, Continuous Shot and Best Shot and it takes really fine pictures. The only downside I found is that it Lacks automatic brightness. And in my opinion it is better than Samsung Galaxy s4 and maybe Samsung Galaxy s5 ...
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