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In my 20's Working part time and studying my a levels hoping to move away . Also seen on Dooyoo with the same name.

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Safe House - Chris Ewan 08/05/2013

Isle of man is the perfect safe house shame about the book

Safe House - Chris Ewan Introduction This is one of the first books that I read on my brand new Amazon Kindle. I was looking at the Amazon app store and saw this book. It appealed to me because it was in the Amazon best seller's of books, I saw that the book is based on the Isle of Man where I live and the book was very cheaply priced. I was very surprised how cheap it was since the book is still a fairly new release and normally the best selling items still stay very high priced but in this case the book was a good price. Pros and Cons Pros * Very good descriptions of the places in the book * The story has it's moments Cons * Story was not very surprising just felt like the book was going around in circles * Story was also boring at times My opinion As I said before the main reason why I read this book is because it is based on the isle of man where I live and yes the book does do it's descriptions of the places very well. I really enjoyed reading the descriptions and thinking "Oh yeah" I've been there. "I know where that is" running through my head. Heck I even learnt something new about some of the places on the island. I'm surprised by this as the island is so small. The author Chris Ewan is not from the Isle of Man, Chris was born in Taunton. He has clearly done his research well I'm guessing he has been on holiday and spent a lot of time over here. He mentioned a lot of stuff in the book that even the locals don't know or at least I didn't. Now I have to say the things ...

Amazon Kindle Fire 08/05/2013

Kindle fire is on fire

Amazon Kindle Fire Introduction I've always wanted a kindle ever since the original Amazon Kindle's came out in 2007. I wanted something to help me read books and the Kindle looked like the device for me. I always like to have the coolest and latest devices. Upon my 21st birthday a family friend bought me one as a gift as she is wanting to get me to read a lot more books. She liked the idea of the Kindle Fire because it could do a lot of other things as well as using it as a e reader. About the Kindle Fire The Kindle fire is Amazon's first attempt at creating a tablet device. It's based on the Amazon kindle e reader and is very similar in a lot of ways. It was first released November 11th 2011. The device is based on the Android operating system. Amazon have slightly tweaked the operating system and have made the system so it's even easier to use and very easy to to find what you are looking for. Pros and Cons Pros * Easy to use * Very good quality screen * Battery life lasts a long time * Lovefilm connectivity works well Cons * Heavy * Back of the Kindle feels like plastic * Issues charging the device My opinion Starting off the device looks very sleek, the screen is very nice to look at and considering this is the basic non HD version I can only imagine what the HD version looks like it must look very nice. I use my Kindle to watch films and tv shows a lot of the time. I can use this along side my Lovefilm account. The only thing I don't like about the device is the way ...

Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon (Nintendo 3DS) 07/05/2013

Reloaded Luigis Mansion in 3D

Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon (Nintendo 3DS) Introduction One of the main bad points of being a Nintendo 3DS owner is the fact that the Nintendo 3DS have very limited good games. Sure it does have some, but not that many. I was very pleased when Nintendo announced this game on one of the Nintendo Direct broadcasts. I feel that the 3DS console needs some more good games and after how good the first Luigis Mansion was on the Gamecube and I was really looking forward to this game and placed a pre order. Pros and Cons Pros * Good graphics * 3D Effect works well * Comedy filled storyline * Complex and Challenging gameplay Cons * Controls get tiresome * Limited gameplay My opinion This is a great game, I liked the look of this game because it looked fun to play on the previews. I want to tell you something the game is very fun to play. I have always been a fan of the Mario games so why not try his scared brother's games. Gameplay Imagine waking up one day in a haunted mansion with nothing to use to protect you from the seemingly scary ghosts. What would you do and where would you go? Well luckily for Luigi he has a scientist friend along side him to help him and to spur him on from level to level. Luigi is very scared of the ghosts the scientist helps Luigi get over his fears and provided tools to help capture the ghosts. Gameplay revolves around using the Poltergust 5000 a vacuum cleaner to suck in and capture ghosts. The levels are mainly puzzles with walking around mansions to get around to the next ...

Canon EOS 450D 07/05/2013

Stunning Canon EOS 450D at great starting price point

Canon EOS 450D Introduction I have always had a interest in photography ever since I was a young boy I was always taking photos when the family went on holiday back in the 90's we were using the good old cameras that used camera film or even the disposable cameras. People have said for sometime that I am good at taking photos and have a eye for the camera it helps that I find photography very enjoyable. For my 18th birthday my family helped towards the price of a SLR camera as I only work part time and found the price tag for this camera very expensive I total price was £400 and got a really good deal in Jessops Camera shop. The deal included two lenses one basic run of the mill Cannon Lens and a zoom / Micro Tamron lens. The deal also included one Jessops UV filter for the lens and a Centon carry case which is big enough to hold both lenses, the camera and the manual for reference when travelling around. This deal was very impressive and cannon were offering a cash back deal of £50. I got some impressive and expensive bits of camera kit for a relatively good price. Camera features * Twelve megapixels * 3.0 LCD Monitor * Cannon's Cleaning system * RAW Processing * Live view mode Pros and Cons Pros * Very good picture quality * High quality feel to the camera * Lots of pre set modes * Very good custom modes Cons * The camera is expensive if you don't get a good deal * Some of the pre set modes could be better My opinion This is a great mid range SLR camera perfect ...

Daihatsu Charade 1.0 06/05/2013

The Charade certainly makes a Charade

Daihatsu Charade 1.0 Introduction This is my second car, it's the first car which I bought with my own money as my first car was a Christmas present. I had saved up enough money and was looking at used cars online to buy. A friend of my dad's had told him about the Daihatsu make of car and how my he had owned them for years and was really impressed with his. I went to the Daihatsu showroom near where I live and had a look. I wanted a small car, that was good value and would not cost too much to insure as I'm still a fairly young driver and insurance can be very expensive for younger drivers. I spoke to a salesman and we had a look at a used Daihatsu Charade we took it for a test drive and I was very happy with the car and ended up buying one it's been great ever since. Pros and Cons Pros * Nippy for such a small engine * Great city car * Economical * Surprisingly big inside Cons * Small boot * The look of the car you will either love it or hate it My Opinion I really like it, It has been a year since I bought it. I paid £2999 for it which some might think was a little bit expensive but I feel that I've gotten a really good deal. At first I thought it was a bit of a old persons car with zero street cred and part of me still feels that way but I'm warming to the car. How does it feel to drive Given that the car has a 1 litre engine I didn't expect miracles from the engine however you will be very surprised at the cars performance. It does go from 0 to 50 very quickly but if ...

The Chesterhouse Hotel, Douglas 05/05/2013

Chesterhouse Hotel, Bordering perfection

The Chesterhouse Hotel, Douglas Introduction It seems that I'm staying in nearly all of the hotels in Douglas isle of man. I do like a good deal on the weekend when I want to escape from home have a few drinks and pretend I'm on holiday. In reality I live on the isle of man and after a night out sometimes it's cheaper to stay in a hotel rather than paying a expensive taxi fare home. I have stayed in the Chesterhouse Hotel two times. Once I went to work when we had lots of bad weather and then got caught in the snow and could not make it back home the other time was when me and a friend of mine shared a executive suit and lived it up. I will tell the story of both times I stayed in the hotel and then combine the review after the experiences. Pros * Clean rooms * Comfortable rooms * Had a very welcoming, warm and cosy type of feeling * Good central location along Douglas promenade Cons * Bad service from staff * Limited parking along the promenade The First night Stuck in a mad raging storm no way to get home, I quickly thought where would be the best and cheapest place to stay in Douglas but after getting blasted by the wind and snow I decided I would stay in the Chesterhouse hotel I had heard good things about this place from online reviews and it was a two minute walk from where I work I could easily get out of the storm and into the warmth. Upon arriving I explained that I was stuck Douglas due to the storm and wanted the cheapest room I could be offered. I was offered a double room based ...

The Empress Hotel, Douglas 02/05/2013

Fit for a princess - the empress hotel

The Empress Hotel, Douglas Introduction This is a lovely hotel, I stayed a night over the Christmas period after a work night out in Douglas. Pros * Comfortable clean room * Helpful staff * Nice sea views * Great location near the center of Douglas Cons Limited parking along the prom The Hotel The hotel is situated halfway along Douglas promenade, it's a five minute walk away from Douglas town center. It looks nice from the outside as the hotel overlooks the sea and has a great big reception area and bar with sea views. The Staff member was very helpful when I checked in, he didn't help with my bags but checked me in and told me where the lift was. My experience I had a really nice experience in the palace hotel, the location is perfect and I was very comfortable in the room. Upon returning to my room I was quite drunk the guy behind the reception wanted to see my room key to make sure I was a resident but I thought this was quite good after having a really bad experience in another hotel in Douglas due to drunks I thought this was a nice touch. The Room The room was a normal size not big but not small either. It had a comfortable double bed. A small wardrobe a small desk with a mirror. The window looked out over the back of the hotel as I paid the cheapest rate and not a more expensive rate with a sea view but I didn't really mind because I was not going to spend much time in the room as I was going out for a meal and drinks. The decor was modern, it was nice. Had a feeling of ...

Palace Hotel & Casino, Douglas 18/04/2013

Palace hotel it's not a palace - Not recommend

Palace Hotel & Casino, Douglas Introduction The Palace hotel was until recently part of the Hilton Franchise however Hilton Abandoned the hotel at the start of 2013. Best Weston hotels took over the ownership of the Hotel. The Hotel claims to be the Isle of man's biggest hotel with 136 rooms, it's a 4 star star hotel located about half way along Douglas mile long promenade. The hotel holds the isle of man's only casino and 3 other bars one located inside the casino the other is called the piano bar however it doesn’t have a piano and Colours nightclub is also located within the hotel complex. I stayed in the Best Western Palace Hotel a month go I live on the Isle of man but as a 21st birthday treat I decided that I would treat myself to a stay at a luxury hotel 4 star hotel and have a night out clubbing with my friends. I paid £54 for a twin room with no view and was disappointed with the hotel. Pros and Cons Pros * Hotel has lots of good facilities * Beds were very comfortable * Lots of parking located outside the hotel * The staff were helpful Cons * Small bedroom * Even smaller bathroom * Met lots of drunken people whilst going back to hotel room at 12am * Loud noise coming from the room next door all night * No hotel staff to be found after 12am My experience I arrived at the hotel on Saturday 2nd March 2013 in the afternoon around 4pm as I checked in I was met by two really helpful reception staff. As I was booked into a double room originally but my friend had asked if he could ...

Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB S 16/09/2012

New Xbox lifts its weight in current gen console wars

Microsoft Xbox 360 4GB S Introduction The Xbox 360 Slim is Microsoft’s new and updated slimline Xbox 360 console, it was released on the June 18th 2010. I used to own a old style original Xbox 360 and to be honest apart from once getting the red ring of death error and having to send my console away to be repaired that original Xbox was terrific it did what I wanted from a current generation games console and it had some great games to be played on the system. I ended up with some spare money left over for once reason or another and I thought that I liked the look of the newer slim model and was pleased to hear that it had updated hardware so I talked myself into selling my original Xbox 360 and splashing out on this model. The slim Xbox 360 comes in two different packages the cheapest being this model the one I bought. It comes with 4GB memory and an Black Matte finsihe the more expensive package comes with a 250GB memory and also an Black matte finishe the price difference between the package with the 4GB memory and the 250GB memory is not that expensive and I would recommend that you go for the 250GB package if you are looking at buying a Xbox 360. Pros and Cons Pros * Good looking console * Varied choice of games to play * Nice user interface * Built in Wi fi connector * Cool touch sensitive on/off and disc try bottons Cons * 4GB of memory is not enough * Console sound is still very loud whilst playing a game on disc Specifications * Processor: XCPU triple-core 3.2 GHz * ...

Lypsyl Original 15/09/2012

Childhood memories come rushing back and so does Lypsyl

Lypsyl Original Introduction When I was a child I used to get cracked lips quite often in the winter months. My nanny used to buy me Lypsyl and it worked very well when I was a child. I still suffer regularly from cracked lips, so I'm always searching for good lip balm products to use to heal my lips. I decided to go back and try Lypsyl again to see if it would be as effective as it was. Pros and Cons Pros * Works well * Cheap * Discreet * Light weight Cons * None, in my opinion this product does it job perfectly My opinion I think Lypsyl is a great product and that Lypsyl works well for me. I normally only have to apply Lypsyl once a day, I do that right after brushing my teeth so that the water does not wash it off. Once I've applied Lypsyl it takes about half an hour after that I cant even notice it my lips. The only time that I might re apply it is if I have been talking a lot in my job or sometimes the rain can wash it off but this would happen rarely. After using Lypsyl normally it takes about 1 – 4 days after that my lips are healthy and back to normal, in the winter months I do stick to applying it once a day just so that the cold does not get to my lips and I find that by doing this my lips are normally healthy. Suitability One of the great things about Lypsyl is that it's so small and discreet and this makes it suitable for both men and women. If you are a man like me you can keep it hidden and nobody will know that you are wearing any lip balm if you just ...

Golden Eye 007: Reloaded (PS3) 15/09/2012

Putting the golden back into goldeneye

Golden Eye 007: Reloaded (PS3) Introduction Golden eye 007 Reloaded is a game based on James Bond, it has been devolved by Eurocom and Published by Activision. It was released on November 1st 2011 in North America and November 4th 2011 in Europe. Pros and Cons Pros * Good game types * Enjoyable, varied game play * Long single player story mode * Good online multi player Cons * Quick time events don't work well * AI Are not very good My opinion I'm pleasantly surprised by this title, in the past James Bond games have not been very good and have left me disappointed with poor game play. I have good memories of playing the original Nintendo 64 game of Goldeneye back when I was a youngster and I feel that this is a very good remake with some positive changes. Game play The Game play is very varied, you get the choice of how you want to play the levels you can take it slow and stealthy which when done correctly makes it very rewarding and at times I have felt like I was in James bond's shoes. The other way that you can go about playing this game is by rushing about shooting everything you see and causing a stir this is a fun way to play too. Most of the time you get a choice about how you want to play although you do get times when you have to play certain action parts these are very high speed just like typical James Bond films. Graphics The Graphics are good, nothing ground breaking but not poor at the same time and the fact that the graphics are not ground breaking, does help to give ...

Minecraft (Xbox 360) 14/09/2012

Lost in my Minecraft world

Minecraft (Xbox 360) Introduction Welcome to my review for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, Minecraft XBox 360 Edition is devolved by Mojang and 4J Studios. It was released for the PC on November 18th 2011, then following on Android October 7th 2011, iOS on November 17th 2011 then finally on the Xbox 360 on May 9th 2012. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is not a direct port from the PC version it's currently a toned down version. It has the main basic parts of the original PC version but not all of the features. Think of it has Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition rather than a direct port that way you wont be disappointed if you have played the Original PC version. If you are like me and have never played the PC version then you have nothing to worry about, 4J Studios has also said that they are heading in a slightly different direction with Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. Pros and Cons Pros * Very addictive game play * Open world * Limitless things to do in your world * Awesome multi player mode Cons * Graphics could be better, but the graphics do add to the great feel of the game so it's a bad thing but a good thing at the same time * Maximum of eight players in a multi player game My opinion At first glance when looking at Minecraft you would not think Minecraft is much the graphics are not great and to be honest I thought that it looked quite confusing I did think to myself "what on earth is going on?" I decided to download the free trial from the Xboxlive marketplace and I was pleasantly ...

Need for Speed: The Run (PS3) 12/09/2012

Running away from The Run

Need for Speed: The Run (PS3) Introduction Need for Speed: The Run is the 18th game in the Need for Speed series it's developed by EA Black Box and Published by Electronic Arts. Need for Speed: The Run uses DICE'S Frostbite 2 engine. You join a massive group of illicit and illegal street racers in a high stakes race across the United States of America. Pros and Cons Pros Great Graphics Good Frame rate Well throughout storyline Enjoyable concept Cons Repetitive Game play Same tracks have been repeated and have been turned backwards which is disappointing Excellent concept just poorly made Story mode is too short My opinion When this game first came out it really had me interested with the idea of joining a race across the United States of America. Most of us have heard of the Gumball race and might of even watched some of it. I like the idea of getting a supper car and gunning it across the states. Obviously racing on roads is illegal and would never do it in real life but that's why I enjoyed the idea of this game when it first came out so much. Game play This game has quite literary it's fast bits and it's slow bits. You have The Run Game mode which is the main storyline of racing across the United States this mainly winning the stages of sections between the cities you mainly race 10 opponents at each sections. Then you have sections when you have to overtake an opponent in a time limit then it knocks out the opponent that you over took. Finally you have racing battles where you are racing ...

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North (PS3) 26/06/2012

I think I dropped the ring on a average lord of the rings game

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North (PS3) Introduction Welcome to my review of the latest Lord of the rings game, it has been developed by Snowblind Studios. The game focuses on a major sidequest based in the Lord of the Rings universe. Pros and Cons Pros *Graphics are not bad *Compact has it's rewarding moments *Long storyline Cons *Not the original actors used for the voice acting *Game play gets boring quickly My opinion I really have to say that when I first heard about this game, I was really looking forward to playing it. I had enjoyed playing the previous games in the lord of the rings series that although were adventure games not rpgs and they were developed by different companies other than Snowblind Stuidos I thought that maybe they would follow the same direction. I was wrong this game goes in a entirely different direction, what we are left with is a somewhat average game. I would not say this is a bad game, because it certainly has it's good points, if you are a fan of lord of the rings then you will properly find this game pretty good just because of the story and the fact that you get to meet many of the charter's that are in the films and books the voices are not in the same as in the films but the impersonations are aright and they can work to some extent. On the other hand the game has it's bad points, the graphics are average and you can just see this game being an run of the mill hack and slash rpg that grows tiring if you are not a fan of the lord of the rings series. Game ...

Rayman Origins Collector's Edition (PS3) 23/01/2012

Classic and new Rayman action at it's best

Rayman Origins Collector's Edition (PS3) Introduction Rayman Oringins is a game that has been devolved and published by Ubisoft. The game has been made for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Playstation Vita. This is a review of the version for Playstation 3. It's a Screen scrolling Platformer and you have to travel through worlds defeating enemies and following the action packed storyline. Pros and Cons Pros *Entertaining storyline *Good looking gameworld *Atleast 24 hours gameplay in the story *Multiplayer is a good experience Cons *None My Opinion I'm glad that there is a new Rayman game, I have always enjoyed playing Rayman games in my childhood on my Playstation 1. Gameplay This game plays really well, in some ways it feels a lot like the old Ryman games to play but it has a huge updated feel and I feel that it works well. In my opinion the game has been designed with the idea of the user. The game feels like it just wants you to keep playing it no matter what gets in your way or if you find that you are stuck the gameplay gets rather addictive. Singleplayer The singleplayer story is very easy to understand but I thought that was a good thing, I did find that playing singlepalyer was entertaining and there was always lots of things to do and find. I liked the boss battles for you to get stuck into, I felt that it was rewarding when I had completed a difficult level then when I had completed the boss battle it did make me feel rewarded in a way that I have not found in ...
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