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Really appreciate all rates - thank you, still get very excited for each E that I receive! Can anyone tell me what a diamond is? I keep seeing it mentioned but not sure...?

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Apple iPhone 4S 16GB 27/07/2012

May the 4S be with you!

Apple iPhone 4S 16GB My first iPhone was the 3G not long after it's release date and I loved it. Since then, every upgrade has been for the latest iPhone as I cannot see myself using any other mobile phone. I have owned the 3G, the 3GS and now have the 4S. You will never look at another phone again after having the iPhone, it really is all you need in one sleek, stylish, modern package. It's great for me as I have three jobs so I need to be kept in the loop by email so to have them instantly delivered to my phone is such a convenience. I also use the facebook and twitter applications a lot to keep in the loop with my friends and family, also a great boredom breaker for long journeys! Appearance - The 4S is more squared than previous iPhones but I like this, it looks more modern. The glass on the front reaches to the edge of the phone so it's well worth getting a case that will protect the corners so that if dropped, your screen doesn't shatter. I have owned iPhones for over 5 years and never cracked a screen but my sister has a few times! It costs approx £25 to get repaired. I opted for the black phone but it is also available in white. It just about fits in the pocket of my jeans but I need to pull it out when I sit down as it's not the smallest of phones! I feel the screen size is just right to be able to enjoy the apps and games to their fullest. The only button on the front screen of the phone is the home button, this has been present since the first iPhone so the design hasn't ...

O2 18/06/2012

Good mobile network provider

O2 I have been a customer of O2 them for over 6 years I thought I could add my experience to Ciao and hopefully someone will find it useful! As I said, I have been with O2 for my mobile phone contract for about 6 years now and I haven't considered swapping simply because of their customer service. I swapped to O2 from Virgin Mobile as a teenager after having a contract end with them. I chose O2 because they were recommended by a few friends and they were one of the top 3 big names in mobile network providers. To sign up to my contract I went in store as I wanted to talk over my options with a person. I went in and the staff were really helpful. I promptly chose my phone and then the type of contract to go with it. The whole process was really easy and I only had to take 2 forms of ID with me to take out the contract. The phone was ready there and then for me to take away which was a huge bonus as I would have hated to have to wait for it to be posted. Whenever I have had any questions about my contract I call O2 from my mobile which is free on 2302. This is also a handy feature for pay as you go users if you need to speak to someone and have no credit. Their customer service team have always been very helpful and friendly. They always ask if there is anything else they can do for you at the end of the call, this is a nice touch as most other companies just want to get you off the phone! I have upgraded three time since being a customer of O2 and they have always ...

Wilkinsons Skin Therapy Facial Wipes 14/06/2012

Brilliant cleansing face wipes

Wilkinsons Skin Therapy Facial Wipes I have always used face wipes just to give my face a quick cleanse and remove make up at night before bed, I find that the bigger brand names can be so expensive at £3-£5 a pack! After seeing these in Wilkinson's about a year ago, two packs for 99p I couldn't pass these up, even if they were rubbish I didn't have much to lose. I have now been buying these religiously for well over a year now. I have sensitive skin and a lot of face wipes I have used in the past really sting and burn my face but these are absolutely fine for my skin. They are really moist so you don't have to scrub too hard to cleanse your face. They are white in colour and have lots of small bumps on them and these really help in the exfoliation as the bumps give the wipes more texture to scrub the surface of the skin. They do not have a strong scent, they just smell clean but to be honest the fragrance of them isn't important for what they need to do. A pack will last me just under a month with 25 wipes in a pack so when it only costs me approx 50p a month then I think this is one of my best buys. I just hope Wilko's never discontinue these! I now have both my sister and my mum using these wipes. After cleansing your skin these wipes leave your face feeling squeaky clean which is what I like, I then use my moisturiser after as these do not really contain much moisturiser in themselves. Compared to Oil of Olay wipes these are a bargain as you can pay up to £5 for a pack of face wipes and these are ...

Superdrug Tea Tree & Peppermint Foam Face Wash 23/05/2012

My favourite fash wash

Superdrug Tea Tree & Peppermint Foam Face Wash I first bought this product over a year ago as I like the refreshing clean feel that tea tree products do to your skin and this product caught my eye when I was browsing in Superdrug one day. Superdrug Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash comes in a 160ml see through plastic container with a pump dispenser on the top. As the bottle is transparent, you can see the bright green solution inside. This product has not been tested on animals which is very important to me and many others. The cleansing solution contains tea tree and peppermint oils and this combination is really refreshing when applied to your face, there is a real cooling effect a few seconds after applying it to your face which makes you feel like your skin is having a deep clean! The foam is squirted out easily into your hand or onto a sponge or face cloth, and it's really light but just the right amount is dispensed so there isn't any waste. I rarely suffer from spots so I can't comment on how well this product works in combatting spots but it keeps my skin clear. During cleansing it makes your skin tingle and you can really smell the mint. After cleansing my skin feels squeaky clean and my skin feels tight so I tend to moisturise after. At £2.99 for a 160ml bottle, it's really good value as it has lasted me months, and very good quality, especially for an own brand product, I will continue to buy this so please do not discontinue this Superdrug! My favourite cleanser and really exaggerates the minty ...

Original Source Tea Tree & Lemon Shower Gel 22/05/2012

More lemon than Keith Lemon

Original Source Tea Tree & Lemon Shower Gel I first tried this shower gel on a trip to London, I bought the sample size in a local Superdrug for me and my friends to share for our one night's stay. I have been buying this for my home ever since and it is suitable for both me and my parter as it is not a feminine scent, more of a clean scent. The gel comes in a clear plactic bottle with claims that it took 10 real lemons to make the shower gel, this is beliveable as the gel itself smells really lemony and close to the small of the fruit itself. It also contains essential oils which help moisturise your skin. A little goes a long way with this shower gel and it's lovely to use in the morning as it really wakes you up with it's super fresh scent. The gel lathers up well, dispense the gel the size of a 10 pence piece in the palm of your hand and it will easily cover your body and fill the bathroom with it's lemony whiffs! It is very easy to rinse whilst leaving a slight scent on the skin which is ideal. As it smells of lemons, it'll leave your bathroom smelling as if it's just been cleaned! I have sensitive skin but have found this has never irritated it and left it with a decent amount of moisture. I usually stock up when it is on offer and they have regular offers in all the top supermarkets, usually a 250ml bottle for £1 which is a bargain as I have seen it over double the price elsewhere. Original Source are continuing to bring out new shower gels, all of which are great quality, one of their newest ...

Lenor Infusions Gold Orchid Fabric Softener 14/05/2012

Lovely smelling fabric conditioner

Lenor Infusions Gold Orchid Fabric Softener wasn't going to write another review today having written more today than I normally would have in a week but I have just unloaded my second load of washing using Lenor Infusions Gold Orchid and wanted to share my new experience. I bought this in my local Asda, I wouldn't normally buy this as I consider it to be high end and usually too expensive, I usually buy the Asda's own variety which is about half the price. On this occasion my sister was picking up my mums favourite Lenor scent when i decided to smell a few of the infusions variety to see what all the fuss was about. I removed the cap to smell all the scents when I picked up this golden bottle. I had no idea what Gold Orchid was meant to smell like but I was so pleasantly surprised I handed it to my sister to smell. The scent smells slightly floral but also of coconuts and Shea butter, not sure if that is what it's meant to smell like but it reminded me of holidays and coconut sun cream and cocktails! I had to buy a bottle to see if this really made your clothes smell like it smelt out of the bottle, luckily it was on offer for £2 for the smaller 1.16 lite bottle, otherwise at over £3 I wouldn't have bought this. To be totally honest I always over do it on the fabric conditioners as I love the smell they leave on your clothes and like that freshly washed smell to stay on the clothes for as long as possible, as usual, with the washes I did today I put about double of the recommended amount in the washing ...

Whole Earth Aldi Sweet Harvest Kidney Beans 20/04/2012

Cheap and lovely Kidney Beans

Whole Earth Aldi Sweet Harvest Kidney Beans For my last few shopping trips I have been visiting Aldi as I can honestly say, we really enjoy their products and they are so much more value for money than the equivalents in the bigger chain supermarkets. I have written a review previously on Aldi if anyone is interested. My favourite meal has to be chilli, therefore we have this for dinner quite a bit in our house and one ingredient we cannot do without are kidney beans. Kidney beans aren't to everyones taste but I think they really do add something to a Chilli. These 'Sweet Harvest' Kidney beans are specially produced for Aldi stores so you won't find them elsewhere. They come in a 410g tin, the tin is without a ring pull so you will need a tin opener. The kidney beans are in water so there's no worry of adding extra oils to your dish. Kidney beans count as one of your five a day so it's a great way of adding a healthy extra to a meal. These also go well in salads. Kidney beans are a great food as they are substantial for their size and fill you up slowly releasing energy thoughout the day until they are digested. This particular brand is excellent value in my opinion as they retail around 28p a can. In other supermarkets I have seen tins of kidney beans up to £1 in price which I think is riduculous when these are just as good. They do not taste cheap at all and once cooked, still hold their shape and firm texture. These beans have very red jackets and look appetising. I'd recommend these 100%, they ...

Asda Smart Price Toilet Roll 20/04/2012

Cheaper than chips!

Asda Smart Price Toilet Roll Spending money on toilet roll is a pet hate of mine. I know it's an essential but I can't help but get very annoyed when I see the packs or branded rolls for £5 or more! We tend to have friends over at the weekends and toilet roll just seems to evaporate in our house and costs a small fortune each time we shop. This is when I decided to try Asda's smart price version. This smart price version is an incredible £1.46 for 12 rolls, the tissue is an off white colour, the texture is not too bad for the price, a lot softer than myself and my family expected. There are 200 sheets per roll, which I thought was a very good amount for a value product. The tissue seperates easily like the more expensive brands with a little tug along the perforated line. The texture is quite soft and they are not at all scratchy in those sensitive areas which some cheap toilet tissue can be. Myself and my family were all impressed with the savings you could make buying this tissue. I have not had to use any more than I normally would which is normally the key, you end up paying the same as with some you use double! I am happy to report that this tissue does the job just as well as the ridiculously expensive brands. The packaging is basic with the 12 rolls contained within transparent celophane displaying the Asda smart price green colour (not the red in the picture above). The rolls are standard size so they'll fit onto any toilet roll holder you currently have. I will continue to ...

Neutrogena Norweigan Formula Perfumed Hand Creme 18/04/2012

Slow absorbing, greasy hand cream!

Neutrogena Norweigan Formula Perfumed Hand Creme I have relatively dry skin and the driest place of all seems to be my hands as I wash my hands a bit too much compared to most people! Coupled with working in an office and handling paperwork all day this doesn’t help. I have tried many different hand creams over the years and always have a tub / bottle on my desk. I am not brand loyal really, still working my way through the brands to work out which is best for my skin. This review is of the Neutrogena Fast Absorbing Hand Cream. The cream is contained within a flexible bottle so the cream can be easily squeezed out onto your hands. It is of a medium constancy, not runny enough to drip off your hands but light enough so that it easily spreads over them. It is white in colour and the smell isn’t particularly great, just slightly soap like and could smell a lot nicer in my opinion. The colours of the bottle are white and royal blue with simple labelling. It claims to be light texture and fast absorbing. It also claims to be non-greasy but I cannot agree with this claim, it is not the greasiest hand cream I have used but it certainly quite slow to absorb leaving a greasy feeling to the skin. I prefer my hand creams to be a lot faster when absorbing but with this I do not like the feel of the grease when I am trying to work it into my hands so I can get back on with my work! A colleague also borrowed this as she was complaining of dry hands, she commented how greasy it was and laughed when I pointed out the ‘fast absorbing, ...

Asda Hero Dog Biscuit 16/04/2012

Asda Hero Dog Biscuit Selection

Asda Hero Dog Biscuit These biscuits are part of the Hero range, which is the doggies own brand version of supermarket giant Asda. Included in the Hero range is a large variety of both dry and wet foods and also a large selection of treats for dogs of all ages, from puppies to adult dogs and up to the senior dogs. The range for dogs is really good as this is an own brand name they really do cater for all ages of dog but being a supermarket brand, they do not cater for different breeds / weights as their range would have to be tripled to accommodate this. Dog biscuits and treats are something we get through a lot of in our house. We have two dogs, Toby and Kaiser, they have one main meal a day fed to them at lunch time as this was found to be the best time for their digestion (if you know what I mean!) and meant they wouldn't need the toilet at night. This means they are up for a good few hours before having their dinner so to keep them going they get a couple of these biscuits each in the morning. I get home at one o'clock on my lunch break so this is when they have their main meal, they'll then have a couple of biscuits before bed time and this suits them perfectly. Just like everything else in the country, the cost of dog treats are also going up, this is why I initially tried Asda's own branded dog treats to see if my two would like them. After getting really excited seeing me open the box of biscuits (they always know what belongs to them!), I handed them one each and they had a quick ...

Tiger Tiger, Manchester 14/04/2012

Tiger Tiger - It had no Roar!

Tiger Tiger, Manchester In Manchester you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of nightclubs on offer, similar to Birmingham, in July 2011 me and 9 of my girl friends celebrated our friends hen night at Tiger Tiger Manchester. There are a few other pubs and clubs surrounding this club with the famous 'Bird Cage' directly opposite. It is located in the Printworks which is one of the city's big going out areas, featuring an array of bars, clubs, restaurants and a Vue cinema. When you first enter the venue the music is loud and you walk straight into the ground floor bar, to your right is the restaurant. As part of our hen package we had a 3 course meal and a few bottles of wine on the tables. To be honest the food was a little below average, if it wasn't part of the package I wouldn't be too happy paying much for it and certainly wouldn't have had 3 courses before a night of drinking! I think they offer that package to make it more attractive and different to other night clubs. The service was also pretty poor, they just seemed to shove your plates at you to get you in and out as quickly as possible and the restaurant was teaming with hen parties so this must be a popular package. On the upper floors there are a number of different rooms containing bars and dance floors, the best room by far in my opinion was the 70's room. This room was by far the most popular being jam packed all night, the only problem with this was there were far too many people in there and being on the top ...

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB 11/04/2012

Not an Eye dressing! iPad 16gb

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB Well, Apple really set the standards in modern day technology and the iPad is definitely no exception! This tablet computer really started something and now many other top names are bringing out their own versions such as the Galaxy tab, Blackberry's version, and HP have recently launched their version. The iPad is really the ultimate in portable computing being less then a centimetre thick and weighing approx 1.5 lbs it's a solid, quality piece of kit. It's has a 9.7" backlit high resolution screen and a cool metal silver backing. The screen is a smooth glass finish and allows easy sliding using your fingertips. A good thing about the iPad is that you need to use your fingers for it to work, for example it doesn't work with a stylus / pencil (recently there have been iPad compatable stylus' available) etc so there's no accidentally knocking it and losing your page. The build quality is excellent as you'd expect from an Apple product and feels just the right weight in my opinion, by no means too heavy but not light enough to feel too cheap. Those of you that have used an iphone or new ipod before will understand the menu system. Each task / application has its own little window on the menu so you just touch the icon to open up the program. Some tablets have very confusing menus but Apple's idea to synchronise their products so that they have the same menu concept is brilliant. It's so easy to use that my grandparents are able to navigate around the programs / applications on ...

Andrex Shea Butter Toilet Tissue 09/04/2012

Shea Butter Loo Roll?! Whatever next!

Andrex Shea Butter Toilet Tissue I know toilet roll / loo roll / toilet tissue isn't the most exciting product to review here on Dooyoo by far but haing just sampled this product I felt I had to share my views whilst it's fresh in my memory! In our house we normally opt for the basic toilet tissue, usually shops own brand. Toilet tissue can be such an expensive buy and can add quite a lot to the total of your shopping bill so I tend to like to spend as little as possible on this disposable product. The reason we currently have this in our house is that I totally forgot to pick some toilet tissue up on my most recent shopping trip which meant we ran out today which meant I sent the boyfriend off down the shops. He likes a good bargain like myself and found this Andrex 'Touch of luxury' toilet tissue enriched with Shea Butter. All sounds a bit posh to me but the packaging does look lovely and the rolls feel really soft and cushiony in the wrapping. The wrapping is chocolate brown in colour with the little Andrex puppy resting on top of the Andrex brand name. I tore open the wrapping and took out a roll, it felt very soft and bouncy and has grooves running down the length of the roll to give it some texture. The rolls are cream coloured and actually have a bit of a Shea butter scent to them, although this isn't advertised on the packaging, the scent is quite cocoa like. The rolls are two ply with an average of 160 sheets per roll and an average roll length of 20 meters. This really does feel lovely on ...

Devon Cliffs Holiday Centre, Devon 05/04/2012

Haven - Devon Cliffs

Devon Cliffs Holiday Centre, Devon We went to Devon Cliffs on the first week of October 2011. We went here after taking advantage of The Sun holiday promotions so it was a very cheap break indeed. We went as four adults and their two year old boy. I hadn't been to a Haven site since I was a kid so didn't really know what to expect but on arrival we were very pleased with the location and appearance of the park. The park was very clean, didn't spot a piece of litter so this was a big bonus. The site is perched on a cliff so at most points of the site a sea view is available like the view we had from our caravan. We stayed in a mobile home which we upgraded to a 3 bed which was lovely. The living area was plenty big enough and it had two toilets and a shower which was very handy with 4 adults staying together. Entertainment This was the only thing that disappointed us within the park. The entertainment is very much based around the kids - we did expect this but even past 9pm at night they still cater for the kids. The first night we arrived we were looking forward to seeing a comedian at 10pm, only to be told he couldn't make it and the staff came on stage to perform funny dances for the children, not impressed! Food Withing the resort there are a few places to eat, a Papa John's pizza place (you can order to your caravan), a cafe with resonably priced food, a Buger King and a fish and chip cafe. One night after we had had a busy day down at the beach we decided to order a pizza to our caravan (the ... 01/04/2012

My Groupon experience Firstly, I'll start by explaining that I originally found after a friend sent me their referral link telling me that they offered experience days, dining vouchers and offers on products etc. Now I am never one to miss a bargain and always like to be up to date with the latest money saving websites and I had also heard this site mentioned onnthe forums of moneysaving so I signed up. Signing up - The sign up process was very simple, they require your email address and a password and then you select which area's in the country you'd like to receive the offers for as this is how they are categorised so that you only receive those relevant for you. You can also tick a box as to whether you'd like to receive a daily email with the daily offers or just log on when you feel like taking a look without them emailing you every day. Referral - Once you have signed up you have the option of sending a refferal link out to your friends, if one of them sign up using your link and place their first voucher order, you receive £6 credit on your account to be used on your next deal. I have been lucky enough to have a few of these so have received deals even cheaper by using my £6 credit, as this will be automatically taken off your order you do not have to worry about remembering to apply the discount which is good if it has been sitting there for months and you've forgotten you've go it! Areas - There are now well over 25 different areas in the UK to ...
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