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Royal Mail Recorded Signed For 1st / 2nd Class 02/04/2007

A Royal Class Service

Royal Mail Recorded Signed For 1st / 2nd Class Royal Mail recorded delivery. This has been one of my favourite ways of sending relatively important mail through the post for quite some time now. I do a lot of buying and selling on online internet auctions, and find this way of sending mail one of the most secure and reasonably priced ways of doing so. For what I would deem as normal mail the cost of first class is about £0.70, second class is available but unless you are sending an horrendous amount of mail at the same time, the difference is so little it is hardly worth bothering. It isn't a guaranteed next day service, but I find that most of my mail has reached its destination by the next day, Somebody at the other end has to sign for the mail, as proof of its arrival at the correct designation, this can now be tracked online through Royal Mail tracking service, which is really simple to use, and brings you peace of mind, it is also a good proof of postage if somebody questions has to whether you have sent their mail. An easy to use service, which can be done at any Post Office, they will fill in all the postal details for you, and give you the postal proof as well as a receipt. Again this service is also possible online from the royal Mail Postal service. They will also reimburse up to 10 x postage cost for items that have gone missing in the post. All in all an excellent service.

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy 27/03/2007

Brittanys Midnight Gave me the Blues.

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. Knowing my liking for perfumes, my teenage son brought me this fourth instalment to the Brittany Spears range for my birthday (bless). Very nicely packed and bottled in Midnight Blue, and does look well on the dressing table, but I have to admit, in my opinion smells terrible. At first it gives of a very fruity fragrance, but not a pleasant aroma and overpowering, I do however find this happens quite often with perfume, and as they settle a more subtle aroma develops, but not in this case, it goes from overwhelming to a very bland slightly musty smell .Maybe its trying to represent Brittany Spears life at the moment? The actual creator of the perfume is Caroline Sabas, as a follow up to the better smelling Fantasy. It claims to be a mixture of varying fragrances which include black cherries, framboise, plum, orchid, freesia, iris, musk, amber and vanilla. I would say it's the Black cherry which gives it that overpowering sickly sweet smell. Thankfully its not the most long lasting scent I've ever worn, it is meant for a sexy night out, but I think it would repel more men than it would attract. Oh well its another addition to my collection now, but I don't think I'll drop many hints about replacing it next year. My Bottle is the 50ml version, I'm not sure how much was paid however, but I would guess approximately £25.00. I know he brought from a specialist perfumery in town, so how available it is at the moment I'm ...

Fathers' Day (DVD) 25/03/2007

Dont buy this for Fathers Day.

Fathers' Day (DVD) Fathers Day, Starring Robin Williams and Billy Crystal, We watched this movie last night, and were really looking forward to it, especially see-in it started two of the funniest actors on screen, But what a huge disappointment The story line is of a Mother's teenage son that has gone missing, well not so much missing but more of an infatuation with a girl and is falling over himself to please her. The Mother is married, but in a frantic effort to find her son,, she enlists the help of two old flames, both of which she convinces may be the Father of the tearaway teenager, pretty soon it develops into a road trip farce, as the two men go in search of the boy. Although Williams and Crystal do their best, the film is so bad nothing really connects, and the whole plot just seems to go astray in several different directions, and not really making any sense at all. There is some funny parts, but really not worth buying, this is probably one film all concerned whish they hadn't made. I couldn't be bothered to look for any extra's on the DVD so this is a movie review only. Look elsewhere for laughs.

Kenwood SJ526 24/03/2007

a watched Kettle never boils? This one Does.

Kenwood SJ526 Kenwood SJ526 Cordless Jug Kettle. Brought this Kettle not long ago, as it is on special offer at our local Apollo 2000 electrical store, priced at only £19.99, but hurry this is a clearance offer and wont last to long. A very Modern attractive Stainless Steel Kettle, with lower part and base in Silver, a duel sided large clear water level indicator. It sits on a smooth stylish flat bottomed base, enabling a full 360% turn, which is ideally suited to people that are Left or Right Handed. A very easy to clean removable Lime Scale filter, which is ideal in our area as it suffers badly from heavy Lime deposits in the water. Its element is also concealed, improving longevity and also helps prevention of lime scale build up, and much easier to keep clean, most time a simple rinse out is adequate. Simple switch on process which illuminates to let you know the Kettle is turned on, with automatic switch off. I don't use it, because our Kettle is never off, but there is also a cord storage facility on the base. Very easy to keep clean, and rarely needs more than a simple wipe over to keep it looking like new. It has a 1.5 Litre Capacity, with a 3 Kw Rapid boil which really does take no time at all. If you can pick one up at this price, then your in for a real treat, but checking out prices on line, they range from about £20-£30. ...

Beko WMA520 24/03/2007

No Washday Blues with my Beko

Beko WMA520 Beko WMA520 Washing Machine. We brought this Freestanding Front loader washing Machine from Comet some several months ago, for approximately £200.00. It's looks blended in perfectly with my minimumlistic approach to décor, in a clean fresh overall white colour, it fitted in just right. After removing the three transit brackets at the rear of the machine, Installation only took minutes, not much more than a simple DIY job performed by my Husband, that'll probably be the only time he'll touch a washing machine, it did help however that the plumbing was already there from the previous washing machine, it's a cold water only feed, so only a single pipe to connect. We have a connection outlet on our sinks waste trap, where we were able to connect the water outlet pipe to with a du clip, but of course this can also be dropped into a fixed outlet pipe in the normal manner. I now cater for a Family of 5 from trendy teenagers to my 80 year old Nan, and this machine has more than adequately handled everything they can throw at it, including very bright colours to soft delicates. I must admit, any Washing Machine we have, has to be a real Workhorse as it is never off, every single day this poor thing is switched on sometimes twice or more, and has never been a problem. It has a maximum spin of 1200 RPM which is good enough to get even the most drenched of Jeans reasonably dry, cutting down the drying time needed, there is however other speed settings, for the more ...

Britvic J20 Orange and Pomegranate 23/03/2007

A J2O Pomegranate New Show. But Limited.

Britvic J20 Orange and Pomegranate J20 Orange and Pomegranate Britvic's J20 have been around for a few years now, I have a large family and we tend to visit each others houses for parties over the Christmas period, considering the men tend to want to do most of the alcoholic drinking, it has mainly been down to us women to take care of the kids and do the driving. We were rapidly becoming fed up of tomato juice, so these non alcohol drinks with their exotic flavourings have become a God send., my overall favourite is Orange and Passion fruit, but last Christmas my Sister-in-law asked me to try out the new Limited edition Orange and Pomegranate they had brought in. The Orange and Pomegranate bottle in my opinion, is not the most pleasing to eye drink I've ever seen, quite a dark murky rusty looking colour, with green and gold labelling. The drink itself is quite a smooth texture, bordering on a touch watery, a very pleasing taste without being to sharp, yes the Orange still seems like the overriding factor of the two fruits, but there is a definite twang on the taste buds of the Pomegranate. The smell wasn't that appealing either, everybody at the party drank it out of bottles, so the smell was bearable, but I should imagine if it were to poured into a glass, were there would be a greater sense of aroma, this may be of putting to quite a few people and quickly become more of an acquired taste. Having said all this, the few packs that had been brought in, had soon gone, so I wouldn't say it was ...

Gladiator (DVD) 21/03/2007


Gladiator (DVD) Gladiator This has to be one of my all time favourite movies, An historical action/drama film directed by Ridley Scott, Starring Russell Crowe as a loyal Roman Army General (Maximus Decimus Meridius), leading the conquering forces of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, against the Germanic Barbarians. In fact he's not even a Roman, but a lowly Farmer, who was inducted into the Roman Army and worked his way up through the Ranks. The ageing and I'll Emperor sees Maximus as a close friend as well as his General, and although Maximus has long since earned his freedom, the Emperor asks Maximus for one last favour, to take control of Rome, and save it from political destruction and the rather in experience and arrogance of his own son (Commodus). Commodus gets wind of this, and kills his Father and takes control. Maximus discovers the truth about the Emperor's death, but before he can do anything about it, he is betrayed by Quintus, and Maximus is put under arrest and sentenced to death. But the great man manages to escape, and makes his way home to his wife and son, only to discover, Roman soldiers had been there first and his family had been killed. After collapsing through exhaustion and wounds Maximus is discovered by rogue slave traders, and taken to Zucchabar a rough dirty old town in North Africa, where he is soon sold on to a Gladiatorial school and forced to fight for his life. Maximus is an intelligent man, and soon realises that if he can, please the public, and put on a ...

Slumbalux Leisure Sleeping Bag 20/03/2007

Zip up for a Goodnights Sleep

Slumbalux Leisure Sleeping Bag Slumbalux Leisure Sleeping Bag. Brought this sleeping bag at a knockdown price on eBay, but by the time I'd finished paying the Postage and Packing costs, I discovered it wouldn't have cost me much more buying on-line direct, oh well. It was brought for my teenage daughter to use on our camping trips, as she doesn't like the Mummy style sleeping bags, as they make her feel claustrophobic, also with this being open ended she was able to take her own pillow from home, which is a creature comfort for her. Very nicely coloured in mainly Blues and Orange and patterned in swirls/ lines and Greek key style, very trendy looking, for the younger members of the family. It's a 38oz Polyester filled bag, and Polyester/Cotton outer cover, un zips fully down one side, for ease of access. Ideal for warmer camping climates and general family usage, if your considering camping in cold climates, this really wouldn't do. My daughter has found it warm and comfortable, and says she gets a good nights sleep, so a good recommendation there, has there is nothing worse than a moaning teenager. I'm not really one for following manufactures recommendations when it comes to washing items, I have washed this sleeping bag zipped up in the washing machine, then hung it out on the line to dry (no problems occurred). I wouldn't try to tumble dry I however. I'm not sure of its availability, as I've stated I brought ours through eBay, but within minutes of looking, I found it available on ...

Be Thankful - Various Artists 20/03/2007

666 The BirthMark you dont want to find.

Be Thankful - Various Artists The Omen 2006. Just finished watching this new version of the Classic thriller The Omen. I wasn't really that impressed ,as the original is one of my all time favourites, They have connected the story line with a few modern events, such has the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy, and the Asian Tsunami, depicted as signs of the Prophecy as foretold in the Bible as part of the events leading up to the birth of the Anti Christ/ The Devil. The American Ambassador Robert Thorn and his wife Katherine are expecting a trouble free birth of their child, but things go disastrously wrong, and Robert Thorn is deceived into thinking his child had died during labour, and his wife is serious ill, but recovering. Persuaded by the Hospital Priest, Robert Thorn is talked into taking a motherless child in its place, a secret that is kept from his wife, Little do they realise they have agreed to rear Damien, the Son of a Jackal the Anti Christ himself. The story very much follows in the same vein as the original movie, with the only real differences probably the advancement in filming technology and special effects. As Damien develops and grows older, so does his powers, even before he realises himself, his capabilities and who he truly is, Damien has a following of believers and protectors, that are willing to die for him, this is manifested when his Nanny hangs herself at his Birthday bash, declaring its done for him. Which also leaves way for another Nanny to come into the equation, but ...

Stoves PANACHE600SI 19/03/2007

Add a little Panache to your Cooking

Stoves PANACHE600SI Stoves PANACHE600SI. We purchased this low level Gas cooker some several months ago now, from Curry's for about £340. Like most people I should imagine it was the cookers looks that attracted me, more so than its capabilities. A clean crisp White body and its Chrome and Black, handles and knobs, and Chrome and Black top fittings and glass lid, thought would look perfect in my kitchen, which it does. It has 4 ring burners on the top, the smallest at the right hand side, largest to the left and to medium sized rings to the rear. I have a total of five people in my family, and find this ample to cover the every day usage for pot and pan cooking, and the larger ring take a Wok comfortable, when a bit of Chinese cooking is on the menu. Cleaning the top of the cooker, is a simple task, easily removable parts, and wipe over with a suitable cleaning agent. A large capacity oven, which will easily fit most roast and cakes, takes a large Pizza comfortably, and handled the Christmas Turkey without any problem. The oven is not self cleaning, but I found it very easy to clean, using any of the suitable oven cleaners on the market. Also the oven door, its interior glass heat shield, is simply slotted into two channels fixed either side of the doors interior, and when cool, is simply removed and wiped clean, also at this times, the fixed outer glass part of the door is also accessible for cleaning. Now for probably it's only bad point, the Grille, I'm quite disappointed in ...

Welcome Financial Services (WFS) 17/03/2007

A Not So 'Welcome Finance' Deal

Welcome Financial Services (WFS) Welcome Financial Services . On my own Families personnel experience, I just cant bring myself to give Welcome Finance a good rating. 8 years ago now, we took out a personnel loan with them, and also financed the purchase of a second hand car through them as well. My Husband was working full time and well paid, but because we had both gone through previous marriages which had left us both with financial difficulties, as far as a credit rating was concerned Welcome Finance was one of the few options available to us. We took out Insurance cover encase of any mishaps along the way, including injury and redundancy cover, the Loan was to be paid back over 2 years and the Car over 3. All was going well, until one day about a year later, my Husband, picked up my little girl, to put her on his shoulders, there was a funny cracking sound, and my husband shouted for me to get my Daughter of him quickly, We thought he had just twisted his back awkwardly, and with a couple of days rest, he would be okay, but this was not the case, he tried to struggle on for a couple of days, but could hardly stand up, but he wouldn't give up, eventually I found him on the bathroom floor in agony, enough was enough, I called an Ambulance, he hadn't twisted anything, he had broken his back. When we finally got sorted, we contacted Welcome Finance about our dilemma, although they sounded sympathetic, we were horrified to learn, we were not covered for Back injuries and we would have to meet the ...

Rocky Balboa (DVD) 16/03/2007

Rocky Proves He Ain't No Bum

Rocky Balboa (DVD) Rocky Balboa. My Husband is a big fan if the Rocky movies, and if I'm honest I quite like them also, we recently were able to hire this DVD from our on-line library and glad we did. We hated the last Rocky movie with the so called Tommy Gun trained by Rocky himself and thought it would have been better finished with him training his son at an older age than portrayed, and left at that. But this new movie does actually do a great job of bringing the Rocky collection to a close. Rocky, now gone into retirement from the Boxing World and running a small time restaurant in the back streets of his beloved Philadelphia, reliving his past and memories by telling stories of his boxing achievements to his eager to listen customers. Paulie (Burt Young)his brother in law is still going strong, but also on the verge of retirement from the meat packing factory. Rocky Junior, is trying not to live in the shadow of his fathers fame, and make his own way in the business world. And sadly, no more Adrianne, Rocky's true love and wife, has been taken from him by illness, just as they where about to start their twightlight years together. Every day to Rocky is just another day, his life as become mundane and boring, but after spending a day grieving on the anniversary of Adrianne's death, Rocky calls into a local bar, where he meets a young lady (Marie), who remembers Rocky as some-one who tried to give her sound advice when she was a kid, the two soon start a friendship, ...

Warburtons Fruity Teacakes 14/03/2007

A Toasted Taste Bud Delight

Warburtons Fruity Teacakes Warburton's Fruity Teacakes. Teacakes have always been a favourite of mine, and the Warburton's range is one of the best I've ever brought of the shop shelves. I've really no idea as to why they have the words cake in the name, because in my opinion they are nothing like a cake. They are in fact a white bread Bap as we say in Stoke, or bread Bun, which ever you prefer, with a lightly baked Golden brown outer very thin crust covering. well laced with Currants and Sultanas. The best way to enjoy them is to slice them in half, please note some of the larger packets come with the Teacakes pre sliced, Toast them first lightly on the outsides, then Toast to taste the inners, I like mine quite heavily toasted as this tends to crisp up any fruit, that is exposed to the heat, adding shear pleasure to your taste buds, as this seems to release the full fruit flavours, then spread on lashings of best butter, allowing it to gently soak into the toasted Bap, get yourself a mug of Tea, find a comfy chair and enjoy, positively delicious. The Aroma from the moment you open the packet, is something special, and the mouth starts to water in anticipation. Makes a nice tasty Breakfast, or Midday snack. Suitable for vegetarians and also good for home freezing, follow package guide lines for more information on doing this. The cost for a packet of four is approximately £0.80 but this will vary from shop to shop, depending on what deals they have on. They are also available in ...

Members Advice on Post Natal Depression 14/03/2007

A Family devastating illness.

Members Advice on Post Natal Depression Post Natal Depression. A subject I never thought I'd find myself writing a review about. I still don't really know what happened to me, it was never really fully explained, but what a bloody nightmare this illness is, for every poor soul concerned it happens to, including my ex-husband. The story began many years ago, I had been with my husband since the age of twelve, what started out as a childhood romance blossomed into our adulthood, we were totally in love and life couldn't of been better. Both of us were in full time employment and earning good wages, we had a mortgage which was easily affordable, a fully paid up car each and no other money worries, an excellent family on both sides, and a big selection of friends and a full social life. The pregnancy wasn't a mistakes or error, we planed it, and spent our time preparing well, decorating the room, and buying all the things we needed for baby, this was our child and it would want for nothing, we had both had an harsh up bringing, and didn't want this for our child, but honestly, there was no stress at all, in fact it was a very enjoyable time. We made all the usual visits to the hospital, and all went well, in fact the Birth itself couldn't of gone smoother, we were so happy. In fact we had such a wonderful child, we decided to go away for a few days to have a break from everyone and get to know our child, still no problems. We were walking along the sea front, it was a beautiful sunny day, when we spotted ...

Norman & Birch Ltd 12/03/2007

Norman & Birch the Biker Brothers

Norman & Birch Ltd Norman & Birch Ltd. Are a Stoke-on-Trent Motorbike Dealers and Workshop, based on the edge of Hanley at Marsh street. They have been around for as far back as I can remember, my dad brought me my first motorbike from them, along, long time ago, it was a Suzuki 100cc but that's all I can remember or care to. I eventually went on to a Honda XL 125, Then a Honda Superdream, strange review for a woman you may think, not so, My Dad had a BSA 650, and Mum a Customised Gilera, so you see Bikes were part of family life. Over the years Norman & Birch have serviced and M-o-T'd Motorbikes of all makes and sizes for members of my family, and always done a very efficient well priced job. They have a good team of 3 mechanics all fully qualified to M-o-T testing standard, as of last time their rate was £30.00 per hour labour charge, but they don't mess you about and get on with the job in hand, they can mend pretty much any motorbike make or model, and if they cant, it's probably time to put it to sleep. Courtesy bikes are also available for the longer jobs. Piaggio, Gilera, Derbi, Vespa, general service £60, Suzuki up to 125cc general service £60, Suzuki over 126cc general service £80, Scooter exhaust fitting including rollers £25. Tyre fitting £15, Tyre fitting (wheel removed) £5. An M.O.T can be booked by appointment and will take 45 minutes, Costs approx £24.00 free re-test if returned within 1 working day. Re-tests after this will be charged at £15.50. Not only do ...
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