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The Tudors - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) 26/11/2010

Not true to life, but who cares when the story is this gripping!

The Tudors - Series 1 - Complete (DVD) It’s a fascinating story that’s been covered countless times before, but this time it’s being re-enacted by gorgeous actors and actresses. King Henry VIII and his six wives still make a compelling watch. Why watch a realistic ugly, overweight actor play the 16th Century King when we can watch the same storyline acted out by the slim and young ‘Jonanthon Rhys Meyers’. If you have seen pictures of Henry’s wives you will also notice that the actresses used for this are also considerably more beautiful. The Tudors is an Irish, British and Canadian production created by Michael Hirst. It follows the basic storyline from this part of British history, but there a number of differences between historical documents and this TV series. This does not however detract at all from the storyline. The first series see the king a young, playful king. Full of energy and ready to rule. The Tudors joins the king as he is happily married to Catherine of Aragon albeit not faithful to her. This series follows life at court at this time. It shows Henry meeting Anne Boleyn for the first time and follows their love affair before their marriage. It shows the fall of Catherine of Aragon and the trials from the king to divorce his first wife. Jonathon Rhys Meyers may not look like the real Henry Viii, but he captures the mood and changeable character of what you could easily imagine the real king to have had perfectly. The series is at times shocking when it displays the tortures used during this ...

Bomberman Land (Wii) 26/11/2010

Bomb your friends and family!

Bomberman Land (Wii) In the days of the mega drive, I used to own a game called Bomberman. I remember playing this game for hours on end against the computer or my sisters, so when I heard it had been made for the Wii, I went in search of it. I got this for a really good price on Amazon of just over £10. There are two main sections to this game. The original game and a single player game. The original game is quite a simple idea. You run and drop bombs blowing up earth that often hides goodies inside it until you can reach your opponents. At which point you attempt to blow them up. You can pick two to four players and if playing on your own, you can make the other bombers computer players. You can set the computer on three different levels, easy, medium and hard depending on how experienced a player you are. The winner is the last bomberman standing. You will start each new round with just one bomb, which is short range and no other perks. It is therefore wise to try and pick up some hidden supplies in the earth before you go on the attack. Watch out for bombs being thrown across the screen at you. If your opponents pick this box up it can be quite difficult to avoid being blown up. If you are blown up you have lost that round and must wait till the next round to continue play. If however you are playing against just computer players, you can speed up the rest of the round to see who has won. In the settings options you can decide how many games need to be won to be the overall champion. I ...

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) 23/11/2010

Mario & Sonics first collaboration is a sucess!

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii) I have always enjoyed the Mario games on the Wii console, so when ‘Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games’ became available in the shops, I was first in line to purchase it. This game was released for the Wii in November 2007. It is the first time Mario & Sonic appear in the same game. What is it? – Well the idea is you play as one of 16 Mario or Sonic characters and compete in an Olympic event. You can compete in the following modes: Single Match – One event only, use for training and improving your skills Circuit Mode – 3 or 4 events put together. You will compete against other players. Mission Mode – All the characters have missions to complete, not always involving coming first. Some can be quite challenging. The Characters - Are split into categories of their special skills. These are Power Type, All-Around, Speed Type & Skill Type. An example of this is Sonic is extremely fast and would be better at speed events, but he is not very skilful. He would therefore be good at 100m sprint, but poor at Javelin. This does not mean you cannot win with characters not designed for that event, because you can with practice, but it is easier if they are suited for the event. For the circuits you must decide what skills are most important for the events in that circuit. The events are separated into the following categories: Athletics / Gymnastics / Shooting / Archery / Rowing / Aquatics / Fencing / Table Tennis / Dream Events. Each section has numerous events in ...

Star Trek - Voyager - Series 2 - Complete (DVD) 22/11/2010

Star Trek Voyager season 2 - Its getting there

Star Trek - Voyager - Series 2 - Complete (DVD) If you missed the first series of Star Trek Voyager, here is a brief introduction to Star Trek’s fourth series. Whilst chasing a maquis ship in the badlands, voyager and the maquis ship are both pulled 75 thousand light years into the Delta quadrant. Even at maximum warp, it would take over 70 years to get back to the Alpha quadrant, so they go in search of wormholes or new technology to get them home. After a successful first series, Star Trek Voyager returns for its second instalment. This time including a full 26 episodes. Season two of Voyager sees the characters settle into their roles and the storylines become more imaginative compared to the first series. Season two first aired in 1995 through to 1996 and was later released in the form of a 7 disc DVD set. The episodes included in this series are: 1) The 37’s 2) Initiations 3) Projections 4) Elogium 5) Non Sequitur 6) Twisted 7) Parturition 8) Persistence of Vision 9) Tattoo 10) Cold Fire 11) Maneuvers 12) Resistance 13) Prototype 14) Alliances 15) Threshold 16) Meld 17) Dreadnought 18) Death Wish 19) Lifesigns 20) Investigations 21) Deadlock 22) Innocence 23) The Thaw 24) Tuvix 25) Resolutions 26) Basics Part 1 Packaging – You can buy this season in slimline or standard. The standard set is in a red box and although it looks better, is considerably more expensive than the slimline boxset. The discs are colour coded per season, but a major disadvantage to this set is the discs ...

McCain Rustic Oven Chips 22/11/2010

These Rustic Chips are much healthier and almost as tasty!

McCain Rustic Oven Chips I have always really liked eating chips, but as most people are already aware, they are not particularly good for you. Potatoes are a much healthier option, but I’m not a big fan of Potatoes. Therefore I thought I would try an option that is somewhere in the middle. Chips with their skins left on, often called ‘Rustic Chips’. As I usually like McCain’s chips I thought I would try their Rustic variety. These are frozen oven chips and come in a bright yellow plastic bag, which shows the nutritional values on the front of the bag in an easy to read table. This is a 1kg bag and costs £1.34 from asda. The chips themselves are cut in a very chunky size, similar to Steak chips and you can see, even when frozen, the skin on one edge of each chip. To cook simply pre-heat your oven to 220°C/425°F/Gas Mark 7. For fan-assisted ovens preheat to 210°C/410°F. Leave them to cook for 16-19 minutes, turning half way through. They will turn a golden colour when they are cooked. These chips produce almost no fat and you will need to oil the pan to stop them from sticking. I would suggest using a spray light oil, as these are only 1 calorie per spray and if you put high fat cooking oil in the pan, it makes the calorie and fat count for these chips a lot higher. They have only two ingredients. Potatoes and Sunflower Oil. They are therefore suitable for vegetarians and are free from Gluten. The Nutritional Values for these chips are as follows: Typical values Per 100g Frozen Per ...

Progress - Take That 17/11/2010

Take That Progress - Back to a five piece and an amazing album

Progress - Take That I don’t usually buy Take That albums, but I must confess, the hype of Robbie Williams re-joining the band was enough to make me download this album on its release date. I have however heard all of the previous Take That albums as my sister is a big fan and plays them constantly. Firstly I was extremely pleased to find it for £3.99 on Amazon for the album download. I believe this was a limited time offer, but you can also purchase it for £7 from itunes. If you prefer an actual CD you can buy this from Amazon for £7.99. For this price you will get the following tracks: The Flood SOS Wait Kidz Pretty Things Happy Now Underground Machine What do you want from me? Affirmation Eight Letters Flowerbed Everyone knows the story of Robbie Williams walking away from the band at the age of 21 and then having international success as a solo artist, whilst Take That split and disappeared from the lime light for 10 years. Years of insults came from Robbie towards Take That, aimed at Gary Barlow in particular, until rumours began in 2009 that Robbie would re-join the band. Now the band have put their troubles behind them and for the first time in fourteen years are performing as a five piece again. So what is it like? Well a lot of people who have eagerly awaited the return of Robbie Williams, may be surprised by the sound of this album. Completely different to their previous albums both old and new, this takes on a much heavier, dance, techno pop feel. Out are the ...

Technika DVDFAW08 17/11/2010

Technika dvd player, basic, cheap but works perfectly

Technika DVDFAW08 Recently my DVD player stopped working so I went in search of a new one. With times being hard I went searching with one main criteria, cheap. That search led me to Tesco’s Direct where I found Technika. This brand is exclusive to Tesco’s. At £21.97 it got my attention and I decided was worth the risk. It turned up in a black and green box and was titled ‘Full Length DVD player’. When I opened the box I found a simple, but acceptable looking black DVD player with a remote control, scart lead and instruction manual. The DVD player has only four buttons on it. Standby/On, Eject, Play/Pause, Stop. The instruction manual is 30 pages long and looks simple enough to follow. However I’ve never been one who has the patience for instruction manuals and surely you cannot go too wrong with a DVD player. Therefore I have plugged it in and attached the scart lead from my TV to the DVD player. First good thing, it did not disconnect my television picture, always a good start. A red light appears at the front of the DVD player showing you are in standby mode. Press this or press the red button on the remote to turn the player on. I should note that the batteries for the remote are not included so you will need two triple A batteries. Once you have turned the player on, a blue screen will appear on your television with a gold DVD Video sign and a DVD picture will appear on the right hand side of the screen. At this point you can put a CD or DVD in. Note the DVD will now show ...

Fiat Grande Punto 17/11/2010

Fiat Grande Punto lacks some omph!

Fiat Grande Punto I’m afraid I have absolutely zero technical knowledge when it comes to cars, so I’m going to review this on the things I do understand about cars. For example, how it drives, how it looks, how reliable it is and it’s in car gadgets. If you require a review about the inner workings of this car, you best check someone else’s review. Before getting this car I had a Fiat Punto ELX 90 1.6. As I loved this car I went for a Fiat again. This time the Fiat Grande Punto 1.4. It’s quite small with smooth lines making it look modern and sleek. The inside looks impressive. Lit up buttons throughout the entire front of the car make this model look exciting and I looked forward to trying them out. The car is 159 inches long, 66.4 inches wide and 59 inches high. It has a luxurious feel when you sit in it and for a fairly small car it has quite a lot of leg room. There is an arm rest between the front two seats that seems like a clever idea for about 5 minutes until you start to drive and realise you would never want this down as it would obstruct your elbow room. As a fairly short female myself, I do enjoy the seat height adjusting features. The seat can be moved inwards and upwards by considerable amounts. I have quite little legs, but can easily reach the peddles when I have adjusted the seat. Equally when the seat is raised I can see well over the dashboard. The corner of the window screen on the driver’s side has quite a considerable blind patch though which is purely down to ...

Star Trek 8 - First Contact (DVD) 09/11/2010

Star Trek First Contact welcomes back the Borg

Star Trek 8 - First Contact (DVD) Star Trek First Contact is the 8th Star Trek film and the second from the next generation cast. I started watching Star Trek the Next Generation as a child and by the time the next generation films were coming out I was a fully fledged trekkie. Having enjoyed the ‘Generations’ film I was extremely excited to see what they had come up with this time. Well I was definitely not disappointed. I watched this at the cinema and then watched my VHS version to its death. Now on DVD it still stands as one of my all time favourite films. First Contact was released in 1996 by Paramount Pictures. This DVD version is approximately 111 minutes run time and is rated 12. Directed by Jonathan Frakes (Riker) and produced by ‘Rick Berman’, ‘Marty Hornstein’ and ‘Peter Lauritson’. It’s the first time the cast from the Next Generation must carry the film, without the help of any original series characters. This is done easily as the storyline jumps immediately to the battle scene, capturing the audience’s attention right at the start of the film. This film welcomes back the Federations well known enemy ‘The Borg’. Here is a brief description of the Borg for those who have not seen them in previous Star Trek episodes. They consist of half organic parts and half cybernetic parts. They increase their population by assimilating entire worlds and entire races including their technology. They think as one and lose their individual thoughts and feelings as soon as they are assimilated. They join ...

Jane Eyre (DVD) 08/11/2010

A beautiful adaption of Charotte Brontes 'Jane Eyre'

Jane Eyre (DVD) Based on the Novel by Charlotte Bronte this is a BBC One production of Jane Eyre running for approximately 240 minutes. You may think that 240 minutes is quite a long film to watch, but this production is so well done, you will be glued to the screen from the very start to the very end. This production was directed by Susanna White and stars Ruth Wilson, Toby Stephens, Georgie Henley, Tara Fitzgerald, Pam Ferris and Claudia Coulter. It was released in the UK on 24th September 2006. This film is broken into 4 episodes. Here is a brief description of each chapter. Chapter One -The young Jane Eyre finds herself with no living family left except her cruel and vicious aunt Mrs Reed. With the children and aunt not excepting Jane Eyre as part of the family, Jane is bullied and left out, until her aunt sends her to live in Lowood School. This establishment treats Jane poorly and after her only friend dies, it seems Jane must survive her entire childhood unloved. With no money or other means of escape, Jane studies and works hard at Lowood, so she can one day leave and become a governess. The episode then moves forward to show Jane grown up and ready to work. Jane leaves Lowood when she is accepted for the position of governess to a young French girl ‘Adele’ at Thornfield Hall. Whilst walking the grounds one day, Jane accidently spooks a passing horse, which is the first moment Jane meets the master of the property, ‘Edward Rochester’. Rochester is cold and unpleasant, but ...

Labrador Retriever 08/11/2010

Labrador Retrievers are gentle, loving and loyal family pets

Labrador Retriever Labradors are a breed of gun dogs. They usually make excellent swimmers and live on average between 10 to 12 years. Labradors are loyal loving dogs and are well known for their friendly and gentle characteristics. Female Labradors should weigh between 25 and 32 kg. Male Labradors should weigh between 29 and 41 kg. The Labrador retriever comes in long hair and short hair varieties. The only difference between the two is the coat. The long hair retriever needs regular brushing where as the short hair type only needs brushing occasionally. The Labrador retriever is the most popular breed in the world for family pets. This is due to their easy going nature. Labradors by nature are gentle with children and other pets and extremely loyal to their owners. Labrador Retrievers are also known as very playful dogs. They usually enjoy tug of war, ball games, seeking games. They have a very good sense of smell and absolutely love food so treat reward games are always a hit. They will eat almost anything which means you must keep a close eye on their weight as they can easily become too heavy. They will often eat food from the streets or parks unless you can train them well to leave. Labrador Retrievers are intelligent dogs and are therefore very easy to train. They also enjoy learning new tricks and usually pick commands up quite quickly. Labradors need quite a lot of exercise, at least 1 hour a day, but they do better with more. They can use energy quickly on playing, ...
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