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Alykanas Beach Village 15/09/2007

Brilliant Family Fun!

Alykanas Beach Village I have just retured from spending a week on the island of Zakynthos staying in the Alykanas Village. It was booked as a late booking around a week before departure and we paid approximately £1000 for a 2 bedroom self catering appartment for 3 people. My initial impression of the complex when we arrived was very good. It looked very new and very clean and it was instantly clear that there was an abundance of facilities and it was aimed at families with all age groups accounted for. Upon entering our " 2 bedroom apartment", the general feeling amongst all three of us was of slight dissapointment as the rooms were very basic and very loose description of an appartment....more like a corridoor with two large bedrooms, but nevertheless it was clean and the beds were comfortable. The rest of the complex is superb with some of the cleanest pool areas i have ever seen and with the beach literally about 20 paces from the third swimming pool there is never a shortage of places to get a subed and relax. All three swimming pools are quite cold but very clean and one has a childrens pool and another is a volleyball pool. There are various activities that are ran in the main pool throughout the day such as water polo, volleyball, aerobics and swimming lessons. There is a childrens club that is on daily and the children i saw certainly seemed to be enjoying themeselves with the reps. As well as these facilities there is pool tables for the slightly older children and ...

Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2i 30/08/2007

53 plate Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXI - My first car

Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2i I currently own a 53 plate Silver Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXi, im going to try provide a short and sweet review on the car for any potential buyers. Engine and Performance: Whilst a 1.2 engine may put potential buyers off due to a lack of power, it should be noted that this potential 16v engine is one of the best in its class, boasting one of the best 0-60mph times of 11.6 seconds. The engine is superb through the gears, although it is revved a little hard at motorway speeds but not enough to be a problem. 9\10 - Excellent pokey engine for the size. Equipment: The SXI comes standard with a CD player with steering wheel controls, electric windows and mirrors, 15" alloy wheels and sports seats. It also has little touches like being lowered with white dials inside and a general more aggressive, sporty look to the car. The CD player on my car would only play through the right hand speakers but this may be a problem just within my car as i have not heard of any other problems in other cars. 8\10 - Good equipment but air conditioning would be nice. Handling: This is the only criticism i can have of the Corsa, whilst on dry roads the grip and handling is fine there is a little roll to the body but not enough to cause too much concern. However, on wet roads the Corsas handling has concerned me at times with the back end being very twitchy at times. Since i originally wrote this review, amongst other modifications i have fitted 17" wheels with wider tyres as a result ...

Top 10 Films of the Decade 30/08/2007

1997-2007 Best of the Best

Top 10 Films of the Decade Im going to review the decade of films from 1997 to the present 2007 and give my honest opinion of the 10 greatest films in this time period. I watch a hell of a lot of films and to pick 10 great ones from this decade is hard but to order them too....jeez....well here goes.... Number 10: The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) - A horror film very similar to the style of The Exorcist but told through a court room perspective, one of the greatest and most original horror films iv seen and the style works superbly. Number 9: American Pie 3 (American Wedding) (2003) - It was hard to choose just one of possibly the best comedy trilogy of all time but if it has to be one, it has to be the superb 3rd following the wedding of Jim and Michelle. Number 8: Fight Club (1999) - One of the strangest yet most brilliant films i have ever seen following a hopeless man forming a fight club with a charasmatic man to release male aggression. Number 7: Casino Royale (2006) - Best James Bond film. End of. Number 6: National Treasure (2004) - The best family film of all time and hugley underrated. The film follows Nicholas Cage against Sean Bean essentially in a race to get to a hidden treasure first. Number 5: Castaway (2000) - The only film where a lost football will amost bring you to tears. A fantastic tale following the life of a man on a remote island after his plane crashes at sea and he is the lone survivor. Superb. Number 4: Saving Private ...

Dom Joly - World Shut Your Mouth (DVD) 28/08/2007

You wont be able to shut your mouth from laughing!

Dom Joly - World Shut Your Mouth (DVD) I originally saw the show World Shut Your Mouth when it had its run on the BBC. My friend and I are big Dom Joly fans due to his excellent Trigger Happy TV, so as soon as we saw this program it was a must watch. As soon as i saw the dvd in Virgin i had to have it as a big fan naturally. The show itself is essentially in the same style as Trigger Happy TV but it has been given a big re-vamp and whilst all the sketches are in the same sort of style as Trigger Happy TV, the material of the sketches is new and extremely funny. The show also travels the world, hence the title of the show and at the start of each episode, Dom Joly will go to a famous landmark and exclaim to another person admiring it that, "that is sh*t!". Very, very funny reactions. My personal favourite which wont be funny to anyone reading this unless you actually see it, is when Dom Joly finds people in the most ridiculous places and sneaks up to them with a pair of cymbals and crashes them together behind them. For example they find an eskimo that is sitting alone in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica and do the prank to him amongst many other similarly "random people". That is one of many different pranks done including the Greek Ambassador, Guido the Colombian Gigolo and The Scotsman all of which are absolutely hilarious. As well as the original episodes there is a second disc of special features which includes a never before seen episode which is just as funny as the episodes that were ...

Fox Racing 3 EVO Crystal (7.5 x 17) 4-stud 19/08/2007


Fox Racing 3 EVO Crystal (7.5 x 17) 4-stud The crystal or platinum as iv seen it called is the rarest to find of the Fox Racing Evo 3 wheel series so i was lucky to find a set whilst searching for alloys for my car. Im currently in the process of mildly modifying my Vauxhall Corsa SXI and wanted a nice set of wheels for it and in my opinion these are some of the nicest wheels around. I went for the seventeen inch over sixteen and im glad i did and if your car can take seventeens i would reccomend it as they really do look good under the arches. I managed to pick up my set from Halfords for £400 with budger tyres which was a very good price but this was as there was a couple of minor scratches on them from being on display and being stored in the shop. Expect to pay between £550 and £600 for a set of these in perfect condition with budget tyres or a little more for a better quality of tyre. Iv noticed an improvement in handling since i fitted these due to the increased width of the wheel and tyre and the road holding is immence compared with standar wheels and tyres (15 inch standards on my Corsa). The only negative on these wheels is that close up the crystal finish on the wheel has an almost blemished look to it, but this is only when viewed from a couple of inches away and they look stunning if you are looking at them as you normally would so it may just be part of the finish to the wheels. Overall a stunning looking set of wheels to add to your car and not too expensive either.

American Pie (The Wedding/Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack 27/07/2007

Excellent - Even if You Havent Seen the Movie!

American Pie (The Wedding/Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack Im a huge fan of the American Pie Movies and own the trilogy and American Pie Band Camp and have seen American Pie the Naked Mile but are yet to own it. I also own the soundtracks to all of the original trilogy and whilst all are excellent, i feel this one is the best soundtrack as in my opinion it offers the most variety in styles of music accross the compilation. Track listing for American Pie The Wedding sountrack is as follows: 1.: Times Like These - Foo Fighters 2.: Anthem - Good Charlotte 3.: Forget Everything - New Found Glory 4.: Hell Song - Sum 41 5.: Swing Swing - All-American Rejects 6.: I Don't Give - Lavigne, Avril 7.: Laid - Nathanson, Matt 8.: Art Of Losing - American Hi-Fi 9.: Fever For The Flava - Hot Action Cop 10.: Give Up The Grudge - GOB 11.: Bouncing Off The Walls - Sugarcult 12.: Come Back Around - Feeder 13.: Any Other Girl - Nu 14.: Beloved - Working Title 15.: Calling You - Blue October 16.: Honey And The Moon - Arthur, Joseph 17.: Into The Mystic - Wallflowers 18.: Here She Comes - Androids There is a real variety with heavier rock bands such as the Foo Fighters, Feeder and All American Rejects contributing to the album. Then you have some of the lesser known bands on the album and tracks 14 through to and including 18 are some of my favourite songs, yet i probably would never have heard of them if not for this album. Track 15, Calling You by Blue October is a superb song and in my top ...

The 51st State (DVD) 27/07/2007


The 51st State (DVD) First of all, be aware with this film that i it more than justifies its 18 age certificate and is not suitable for younger audiences as it has an extreme strong swearing count in it as well as frequent drug references and drug taking and violence. However, once you get used to the constant swearing it is actually a very entertaining and sometimes hilarious film. The line up is superb with Samuel L Jackson and Robert Carlyle in the lead roles as well as the comedy genius that is Ricky Tomlinson playing a part too. Emily Mortimer is also looking rather gorgeous throughout. The film follows Elmo McElroy (Jackson) coming to England with a formula for a drug that is stronger than Cocaine or Ecstacy but containing legal ingredients in the quest to sell his formula for major money. A scene in the film that i thought was an absolute classic involved Ricky Tomlinson who had Haemorrhoids and an assistant to place a cushion everywhere he sits....i wont say anymore on it, but it is hilarious, i was in stitches laughing! Also there is a classic scene involving the phrase "Take care of him" which is absolutely brilliant writing. The only criticism i can really have of this film is the amount of swearing, i mean im no saint and can put up with swearing...its just the amount of swearing didnt really seem necessary. Overall though i found the film very funny at times and thoroughly entertaining and its refreshing to see Samuel L Jackson in a comedy role as its not what ...

This Left Feels Right - Bon Jovi 25/07/2007

One For Die Hard Bon Jovi Fans

This Left Feels Right - Bon Jovi I am a huge Bon Jovi fan, owning every album as well as the solo albums of Jon Bon Jovi - Destination Everywhere and the Young Guns soundtrack. To most people, Bon Jovi are seen as a rock band doing classic rock anthems such as Wanted Dead or Alive and fast, feel good songs such as Livin on a Prayer and You Gave Love a Bad Name. However this album is a complete contrast to any other Bon Jovi album hence the title This Left Feels Right. The album released in 2003 and labelled Bon Jovis second greatest hits album is escentially 14 covers of some of their greatest hits done in an acoustic style with guest singers at times. A guest singer to note is Olivia d'Abo who sings on the Livin on a Prayer cover with Bon Jovi and has a sensational voice. Track Listing: 1.: Wanted Dead Or Alive 2.: Livin' On A Prayer - Bon Jovi & Olivia D'Abo 3.: Bad Medicine 4.: It's My Life 5.: Lay Your Hands On Me 6.: You Give Love A Bad Name 7.: Bed Of Roses 8.: Everyday 9.: Born To Be My Baby 10.: Keep The Faith 11.: I'll Be There For You 12.: Always 13.: Distance (live/bonus track) 14.: Joey (live/bonus track) In my opinion the best tracks on this album are Keep the Faith, Bad Name, Livin on a Prayer, Wanted Dead or Alive and the fantastic Its My Life which i think is arguably better than the original track on the Crush album. However, i feel this album is for true die hard Bon Jovi fans as many may find the album too slow and not upbeat ...

Firewall (DVD) 25/07/2007

Gripping Thriller

Firewall (DVD) This film was released almost silently and is unheard of or not seen by most people i have spoken to. It has a good cast with Harrison Ford in the lead role and Paul Bettany as the main villian of the film. It also features an up and coming 16 year old actress called Carly Schroeder who you may or may not have heard of, but certainly will do in the future if you havent yet. The film follows Harrison Ford as Jack Stanfield who is in charge of preventing the hacking of a leading banks accounts. That is untill his family are taken hostage and he is forced by the criminals to obtain them $100 million by hacking into the system he is in charge of. I have looked at some reviews of this film over the internet and i feel it has been unfairly criticised in a lot of cases. It is a gripping story with plenty going on constanly to keep you guessing whats going to happen next. The ending of this film has often been criticised but without giving anything anyway i really see no other way they could have ended this movie and personally i thought the movie ending just fine. Ignore reviews criticising this movie. If you enjoy a good thriller that will keep you entertained from start to finish then give this a go.....and it can be picked up cheap too - i have seen it for £4\5 in Tesco. Overall a very entertaining movie with a good cast that i enjoyed a great deal.

Scary Movie 4 (DVD) 25/07/2007

No, No, No, No, NO!

Scary Movie 4 (DVD) I am a huge movie fan and i have always been one to enjoy a good comedy. I have seen all of the Scary Movie series thus far and i have enjoyed the first three, especially the first two movies, the third one, while entertaining - it was obvious that the franchise was beginning to wear thin and that the ideas were running low. Nevertheless i thought i would give Scary Movie 4 a go as the main film it was spoofing was War of the Worlds and i thought it had potential to result in a good spoof with such an easy subject to spoof. The first 20 minutes of the film kept me entertained and i found the opening scene which spoofed the movie Saw quite funny....but then it all went downhill, very rapidly. As soon as the main storyline kicked in it seemed they had ran out of ideas with the only "humour" in it being people banging there heads over and over again or similar....and ipods as the War of the Worlds aliens crafts....sorry? was that suppose to be funny somehow? It got to the point where after an hour i had to turn the film off because it was just tedious to watch and wasting my time. To anybody who was a fan of the first three films, avoid this as it really does let the franchise down. Overall a very poor effort, the Scary Movie producers should hang up their boots now and call it a day, thankyou for the first three films, but no more. Anyone who wants to see a good spoof watch the superb Airplane and Hot Shots series.

Sony Ericsson K610i 24/07/2007

Good Phone - Go with 3 Network

Sony Ericsson K610i I have owned my Sony Ericsson K610i for about 3 months now on the Three network. The spec on this handset is as follows (spec taken from official Sony Website): Camera Camera 2-megapixel Digital zoom 2.5x Video recording - I have found the camera quailty on this phone to be superb, especially for taking outside pictures, although to be fair i hardly use the camera, to take an occasional image for use as a wallpaper on the phone it is very good. Although i have found the zoom confusing as it doesnt work on all the camera settings and the night mode on the camera is also weak due to a lack of a flash\light. I have hardly used the video camera facility but when i have, considering it is a phone, not a video camera, the quality is suprisingly good. Music Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP) Media Player Music tones PlayNow™ - I have several songs that i have put on to my phone from my laptop using the provided leads and the sound quality is adequate, but to be honest an mp3 player on its own will provide better sound in general. Very easy to use however. The ring tones provided on the phone are ok, but i recorded my own and used songs from the laptop for mine. Internet RSS feeds Web browser Access NetFront™ Web Browser - This is the one feature on this phone that i have found very frustrating, however this could be just the internet service that the Three network provides, as everytime i go to go on the internet on my phone known as ...

TEARS OF THE SUN (DVD) 24/07/2007

Extremely Underrated

TEARS OF THE SUN (DVD) I really didnt know what to expect from Tears of the Sun as its one of Bruce Willis' less well known films and whilst id heard good things from people i know who had seen it, the Daily Mail only gave it 2 stars. But being a Bruce Willis fan and after reading the description i bought it for just £3 from Tesco and gave it a go. It was so much better than i was expecting and is now amongst my favourite films and definately one of the best i have seen of its genre. The film follows Bruce Willis and his unit being sent into the middle of war torn Nigeria to rescue a Doctor working there as there are Rebel Milita travelling the jungle killing everything in their path. But after she refuses to leave the refugees in her care, the Unit must escort them all through the extremely dangerous jungle to safety. The film goes straight into the action from the start as within moments of the film starting, the unit is parachuting into the jungle. From that point on, the film is very gripping with some terrific action scenes and spectacular explosion effects in the heart of the jungle. However i think the film should be rated 18 not 15 as there are some very gruesome quite disturbing scenes in it showing the violence in Nigeria, so possibly something to bear in mind in regards to who will be seeing the movie. Overall though a superb, gripping action movie that surpassed my expectations by a great deal.

Islands of Adventure 17/07/2007

Quite Possibly the Worlds Greatest Theme Park

Islands of Adventure I have visited Florida on three occasions, on the first two occasions this park had not been completed but on the third visit i had the chance to go to Islands of Adventure with my family. I love Florida, in my opinion it is the greatest place on earth that i have visited and i am very well travelled, the Disney parks are unbelievable, Sea world is brilliant, Busche Gardens in Tampa, fantastic, Universal Studios - Epic. But now with this park Universal Islands of Adventure, i honestly believe that they may have the greatest theme park in the world and that isnt just my way of saying its very good, i truly believe it is the greatest in the world. The park is split into five different sections, Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent and Seuss Landing. Within these five different sections there is something for everyone of all ages! The Rides i feel from personal experience that have to be done if visiting Islands of Adventure in order are: - Incredible Hulk - This is one of the most amazing experiences i have ever had, i have truly never ever felt a ride like it, words cannot describe the feeling of being shot from 0-40mph out a tube pointing towards the sky into a twist and falling towards a lake - truly fantastic. - Jurassic Park River Adventure - River cruise showing many dinosaur models similar to those used in the movies, it then turns into a thrill ride as the Veloceraptors escape and ends in one of the largest water ride ...

American Pie Presents The Naked Mile (DVD) 17/07/2007

Watchable, but no more spin offs please!

American Pie Presents The Naked Mile (DVD) The best way to sum this film up would be to say better than American Pie Band Camp, not as good as the original trilogy. But thats only to people who have seen all the other films, which i guess most people who see this would have done, but for those that havent.... The film follows one of Stiflers cousins just like American Pie Band Camp and this particular Stifler is nothing like his counterparts. However when his girlfriend gives him a guilt free pass to go to the "Naked Mile" - an annual nude college event, he begins to stray towards his cousins anticts. Dont get me wrong, this film is funny, it has an entertaining story, a better plot than American Pie Band Camp and is perfectly watchable as a stand alone film as well as part of the American Pie franchise. However i am beginning to think that the franchise is just being drained off any possible money making oppurtunity now. But at the same time it provides the oppurtunity for an American Pie 4, bringing back the original cast and the main characters from the spin offs. Worth a watch nevertheless.

American Pie Presents Band Camp (DVD) 17/07/2007

Give it a go - its suprisingly not too bad!

American Pie Presents Band Camp (DVD) Im a huge American Pie fan and have seen both the original trilogy and the two spinoffs from this, American Pie Band Camp and American Pie The Naked Mile. As a huge fan of the original trilogy i really was dreading watching this spinoff. I thought the film would be awful, i really did, but did i rent, as such a huge fan of the series i went straight out and bought this straight to dvd film. I sat down to watch it, expecting one of my favourite film series to be completely ruined.....but was pleasantly suprised. Its not a patch on the original series of films but it was never going to be as they were classic comedies. But at the same time, American Pie Band Camp was entertaining, with a simple but decent story following a cousin of Stifler from the orignal trilogy at Band Camp slowly falling for a girl he had previously filmed undressing, this makes for all sorts of mishaps and some genuinely amusing moments. Plus Eugene Levy is in it, who provides some good comedy moments! Its corny, its cheesy, the acting isnt great, but its brainless entertainment and didnt ruin the American Pie brand. If you liked the original three, give it a go!
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