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True Romance (Box Set) (Classic Collection) (DVD, CD, Senitype And Booklet) (DVD) 11/03/2008

I would marry this film

True Romance (Box Set) (Classic Collection) (DVD, CD, Senitype And Booklet) (DVD) Outline ---------- Clarence Worley works in a comic shop, his life is turned upside down when he meets Alabama, falls in love and marries her on an impulse, accidentally steals her pimps cocaine and ends up on the run in Hollywood trying to sell it and escape to a better life. Plot in detail --------------- -- Clarence Worley (Christian Slater) works in a comic shop in Detroit. He is a quiet guy, son of an alcoholic ex-cop, divorced parents, Elvis fanatic, he lives a simple life working to make ends meet & never getting into trouble. He spends his birthday alone every year at the cinema watching kung fu movies & this year is no exception except for a surprise his boss has planned for him. When he settles into his seat a girl(Alabama / Patricia Arquette) accidentally spills popcorn on him as a way to introduce herself. They watch the movie together & it turns into a date,they hit it off immediately & the evening ends with her staying over at his place. She finally admits to him that she was paid to be there by his boss & that it is only her 2nd job. He realises that he has fallen for her & the next time we see them they are coming out of the registry office, married. After a brief discussion Clarence decides that he is going to visit Alabama's pimp Drexel to reclaim her clothes, while Alabama frets Clarence is psyching himself up in the bathroom and talking to an imaginary Elvis character (at this point you have to question how sane both Clarence is & director ...

Tootsies 16/02/2008

tootsie or not tootsie

Tootsies Tootsies has been trading for over 35 years with various different owners. They are currently part of the Clapham house group, owners of the gourmet burger kitchen, and have recently gone through a large series of refurbishments & have a new menu. The new menu is a relatively recent change (jan 2008) and they have moved away from what was primarily a burger/diner into a more eclectic eatery - not dissimilar to TGI Fridays. Once again I was with my boss having a meeting but there were 6 of us this time. We went to the branch by st christophers place (near Selfridges) - nearest tube bond street (Central line). This is the first time I had been in the new look Tootsies, normally I would go to the one in Canary Wharf which had lots of leather booths,nice and comfy & decent burgers (but that has now been turned into a GBK). My first impression upon entering the restaurant was that they were going for a hamptons feel, new England coast easy diner but to me it looked more like a café at seasalter. There was far too much tile & sea themed pictures, not really what you expect in a place like this (you will see what I mean when I get to the food) We were greeted by the person I assumed to be the manager, after waiting a few minutes for them to get over the fact there were six of us, they uncheerfully pushed a couple of tables together in the doorway for us. A waiter appeared telling us he was going to go clean some tables and he would be with us shortly & reappeared 5 minutes ...

Recipes for Desserts 16/02/2008

my mousse / cheesecake thing

Recipes for Desserts This is my take on cheescake/mousse Ricotta cheese - 1 tub Mascapone cheese - 1 tub whipping cream - 1 pot digestive biscuits ginger biscuits dab of butter pistachios - unsalted if possible amaretto or rum if you dont have any some dishes/small bowls 1) shell your nuts, or if youspent £5, just open the packet. Crush the pistachios into a fine -ish powder. Save a few for decoration later 2) crush the digestives & ginger biscuits 3) melt the butter & mix with the crushed biscuits, add amaretto until you have a mushy mixture (not too wet, this is the base) 4) put your mushy biscuits into the bowls filling them about 1/4 (depends on your style of bowl / dish you are preparing in - i like to use half a dozen small bowls but you could put it in one large tray if you wish) flatten & smooth wth the back of a spoon or flexible spatulas 5) tip the mascapone & ricotta into a mixing bowl & mix together with an electric hand whisk / in your blender, all the time adding the crushed pistachios & splashes of more amaretto if you like. 6) once this has mixed thoroughly, slowly add the whipping cream and keep mixing until youre left with a nice firm creamy mixture 7) pour this into the bowls on top of the bisuit mix 8) garnish with a pistachio & crumble another digestive over the top 9) leave in fridge for at least an hour 10) prepare to go on a diet the next day Nice and easy, you can switch the pistachio/amaretto for limoncello and lemon zest or add cocoa powder - ...

Quick and Easy Recipes 10/02/2008

Trio treeeee o

Quick and Easy Recipes As I get older I seem to be having more & more dinner parties. I have been cooking since the age of about 14 & have become a master of creating something from the most unlikely odds & ends in the cupboard. I present for your delectation 3 dishes which are quick & easy & would fall loosely into the Chinese food category. Your life will be much easier if you have an electric hand whisk. I will assume you are doing all of these & storing in the fridge until its time to cook as they all cook quite quickly. Cod fillets x2 Coriander (not essential) An egg Flour (perhaps) Spring onions Shitake/closed cup mushrooms Salt n pepper Cayenne pepper or spice of your choice -not essential Apron with a picture of a woman in underwear 1) Chop the fish into smaller pieces & pop into a bowl, blend into mush with the electric whisk. 2) Crack an egg into another bowl & whisk to a froth 3) Pour them both into yet another bowl & mix with a wooden spoon 4) Add salt,pepper, shredded or diced spring onions, finely chopped mushrooms, shredded coriander, etc just stick it all in & mix it up 5) Squish into thin patties ( to ensure they cook properly). At this point I sieved a bit of flour into the mix as it was still a little wet. 6) Once you have a selection of patties, pop them in the fridge until youre ready to do the next part. Prep time is about 10 minutes When youre ready to cook them, heat a frying pan of oil & drop them in, if theyre nice & thin they should only take ...

Fire and Stone, Covent Garden, London 10/02/2008

Brimstone & treacle

Fire and Stone, Covent Garden, London Located close to Covent garden, Fire and Stone serve a variety of pizza's cooked in England's biggest wood fired oven. Nearest tubes are covent Garden, embankment or Leicester square. The entrance on Maiden lane doesn't prepare you for the size of the restaurant, boasting room for 250 diners set over 2 floors. The post code is WC2E 7JS if you wish to search for a map or look on the website, details below. So, I was with my boss again having my annual appraisal and he wanted to go and check this place out. Upon arriving we were greeted at the door and taken upstairs to be seated. My first impression was that the place was massive and perhaps a little soulless, the high ceilings gave it a barn like feel and since it was lunchtime on a Friday I expected it to be a lot fuller (I imagine there's more atmosphere when it's packed, but perhaps a little noisy due to acoustics in places of this size). The seating is booths at the sides and bench seating down the centre, at the front in a separate section was a table set for around 30. We were given menus as we sat down but since we were trying to work we hadn't even opened them by the time they returned to tke an order. We ordered water & coke and asked for 5 more minutes. I had already looked on the website to see what I was going to eat nut starters posed more of a problem for me as I wasn't particularly enthralled by any of them. Knowing I was going to be having a pizza I didn't want to fill up on garlic breads (£2.45 ...

Le Meridien, Vienna 03/01/2008

are Wein yet?

Le Meridien, Vienna This was my 2nd visit to Vienna and my second stay in Le Meridien hotel. Too late in the year to take a beach holiday for less than a grand each but needing a break after 6 months solid work, I decided to go back. Journey We flew Austrian Airlines from Heathrow (Terminal 2 - Very quiet & we managed to check in with no wait at all) to Vienna airport, a 2 hour 10 minute journey in a tiny little Fokker plane. We were almost on the back row on the way & found the heat from the engines quite intolerable. The food was supplied by Do&Co, a European restaurant chain, but I declined it on both legs. On the return journey we were sat in the middle of the plane and the temperature was much better. Check in at the airport was a little slower than on the way out but still only about 10 minutes wait. We took a taxi from the airport which worked out at €45 & €40 on the way back. There is a bus service & CAT train which I imagine are much cheaper but our bags were heavy & I didn't fancy walking to the hotel from the station/stop Location Vienna's centre is surrounded by the ringstrasse, a 6 lane road, so once you're in the centre its difficult to stray too far. We were on the openstrasse part which is SSWest of the ring road. " minutes over the road and you are on the main shopping street which leads to the town square (5 minutes walk) so perfectly located really. Behind the hotel is the museum quarter so shopping or culture were both nearby. Arrival The outside of the hotel ...

BT Freestyle 250 SMS 28/12/2007

BT phone home

BT Freestyle 250 SMS I have been using an old combination phone/answermachine from the BT shop for the last 7 or 8 years & it has been playing up a lot. Since i switched to broadband the phone has to be unplugged & replugged in order to get a dial tone & nobody can dial in. As you can imagine this is quite frustrating but being a bit lazy i put up with it and made people ring me on my mobile all the time. I have now finally got around to replacing it with a BT freestyle 250 cordless & all my problems have been solved. We were in John Lewis having a potter around & being a man i wandered into the electrical department. There was a very wide range of phones on display so i worked my way round to the 'under £40' section - Lets face it, i have lived without a landline for years so there's no way i was going to spend £100 on one. The array of phones available is quite confusing so i went for a BT one thinking reliable cheap well known brand has the features i want its John Lewis, never knowingly undersold so i wont find it cheaper elsewhere, or my money back so, what's it like Features - 50 name & number directory - I probably wont use all of these but big enough to put numbers in that you only occasionally use, just because you can A range of up to 50 meters & apparently 300 meters outdoors in good conditions but i don't have a garden & i am unlikely to wander about Aldgate on the phone really so i haven't checked this. Text messaging!!! note: dependant on BT contract, ...

What's in my bag? 29/11/2007

A Manbag not a Handbag

What's in my bag? What kind of man carries a bag with him all the time? ah, the grief is endless, until someone wants me to pop something in it for a bit. Its not one of those record bags from Solgar (what's that all about - why would you carry a naff bag giving away free advertising,they're not that expensive), its not a green canvas satchel full of flyers & its most definitely not a leather school bag. I have, and its my third one(more later), a blue adidas bag. I suppose in a way I am advertising too but what the heck, do as I say etc etc So, the contents. House keys, they cut into your leg, ouch, so they always go in the bag.I find this helps make sure I don't leave the bag in a taxi/pub/restaurant. A Book, there has to be a book, you never know when the tube will be delayed(daily). At the moment its the 3rd part of Neal Stephenson's system of the world trilogy. I am learning all sorts about my local London at the same time as enjoying the story. Brolly, better safe than sorry. Drugs.The bottom of the bag is always permanently covered in packages & packets of tablets, Rennie, Decongestants, Aspirin, Paracetamol, Neurofen, Vicks inhaler, Rennies again. Hundreds of them. Lipbalm, Cherry Nivea, Daily care with a cherry flavour. Don't use it very often. Diary. Just a small work diary so I can figure out what weeks at work I am busy and when I can work from home, book dentists appointments and the like. There's usually a DVD kicking about in there that I am lending to ...

Med Kitchen, London 27/10/2007

You dont have to be med to eat here but it helps

Med Kitchen, London Welcome back to bad experiences, I was unlucky this time but I didnt pick it I was having a meeting in Covent Garden and the boss took us to Med Kitchen for lunch. According to the website it's a 'Mediterranean brasserie' & there are 7 sites across London. We were in the one on St Martins lane, just by Leicester square tube. We were greeted and seated immediately upon entering & my boss took the initiative and simply led us round to a booth rather than waiting to be seated by the staff. Menus were placed on our tables and the manager casually pointed at the specials board rather than taking any time to talk us through it. There wasn't anything particularly complicated about the specials but it did make me take an instant dislike to him. We were trying to get some work done while we were there so none of us noticed we hadn't ordered until we all looked up at the same time & said" whats going on, have they forgotten us", seconds after which someone spookily appeared to take the order. After bickering about who was going to have what so we could all swap we decided on Meat anti pasti - salami, proscuitto, coppa, grilled vegetables, a handful of rocket, a couple of slices of chunky bread & 4 olives for £10.50 This is billed as a started for 2 and despite there being 4 of us I think 2 would struggle to be satisfied with this meagre portion. The meat, while tasty, was not up to standards I would expect for this price. The vegetables were half a red pepper & some ...

Logitech V450 Laser - mouse 18/10/2007

Where? right there on the stair, right there

Logitech V450 Laser - mouse I dropped my mouse in a bowl of soup &, not surprisingly, it stopped working so i had to get a new one. I was on my way to a meeting so i popped in PC world on the way & was quickly bemused by the amount of mice on sale. I had been advised by a friend to get my laptop completely wireless if i was going to bother using external components & after smashing my LCD screen with an external keyboard last week i decided to accept this pearl of wisdom. some of the choices available were frankly ridiculous - yes Mr Gates, £80 for a mouse! and in a bit of a rush i picked up the Logitec V450 despite it not having a price tag or section on the shelf (sort it out PC World). Once the store full of supposedly computer specialist had finally got their till working i realised it was £34.99, which is about as high as i would have wanted to go for a wireless mouse (considering you can get a normal one for about a fiver) Anyway, enough background, to the mouse What's in the box - The mouse is in a massive amount of packaging which only includes a disk, 2 batteries, a USB plug which holds the transmitter, the mouse (minimal instruction leaflet about the same size as the disk) & a little bag for your mouse to sleep in Setting up - The bottom of the mouse has a release button to pop off the top so you can put your batteries in, 2x AA. Very easy to do, i just did it then in seconds to confirm it was AA batteries. Once they are in you plug the USB into a socket & you're off. It's ...

Dim t, London 15/10/2007

Wok a great place

Dim t, London Having spent most Sundays for the last 2 years eating dim sum in the drunken monkey on shoreditch high street we decided to try somewhere different for a change. Usually we go because I find that either dim sum or waggamamas is a perfect hangover cure (along with a few beers or cocktails) but in this instance we actually went sober (this may affect the review somewhat) Why is it so good? - well, if you're not already a fan, dim sum is, general, the same kind of thing you see on the starters section at your local Chinese, lots of ribs, dumplings, spring rolls etc, finger food. The correct definition is steamed parcels but here it has been westernized for us to expand the menu. Who are Dim T ? - A public listed company (Tasty PLC) started by the people behind ASK, they are a small chain, only 3 outside London in Tunbridge wells, Nottingham & Maidstone. The rest within London at Hampstead, Highgate, Gloucester road, London bridge & near oxford circus. From the 3 I have been to they all look very similar in design but for the purpose of the review i will be discussing the London Bridge one. Getting there The London bridge branch is really at Tower hill, by the mayor's office (the wonky ball) but the nearest tube would be arguably London Bridge which is an overland station, northern line tube or jubilee line tube. You could also take the district or circle line to tower hill and walk over the bridge in about 15 minutes if you so wish. They are almost situated with ...

Ground Burger Restaurant Chiswick, London 25/09/2007

you can't beat their meat

Ground Burger Restaurant Chiswick, London I was in Hammersmith the other week with friends having a look around the shops & we wandered so far we ended up in Chiswick. Chiswick has a bit of a reputation for being a dining destination, although for the life of me I can't work out why - I haven't been there for years and it still looks as run down an area now as it did before. Anyway, we were all very hungry & I picked Ground as our lunch spot after being drawn to the balloons floating around the windows. It turned out they were having a burger festival to draw in a few customers, certainly worked with us. ARRIVING The outside of the restaurant (?) was quite misleading, green signage & a stylish understated wooden framing to doors & windows but once you were inside it was quite clear that it was a gourmet burger shop. As soon as we got in the door we could smell the burgers grilling in the corner, a huge extractor was pulling the smoke up but the smell was definitely enticing us in further. Looking around the ground floor I could only see one comfy booth or half a dozen high stools around the counter, the rest of the seating was made up of small tables & hard looking silver chairs so I asked if we could go upstairs. The upstairs couldn't have been any more different. The middle of the room was a double height ceiling so you could see the tables below, the sash windows were all open & letting in plenty of light but my favorite, there were plenty of American style diner booths to sit in. In keeping with the ...

Carluccios, London 01/08/2007

you Can-lose-io

Carluccios, London Never fearing the challenge of finding somewhere nice too eat ( see previous 15 bad experiences) we ventured over to the Brunswick centre at Russel Square (London) to check out the new facilities & see if they had managed to make it less scary around there than it used to be. We originally intended to go to the Hare & Tortoise noodle bar for a cheaper (and better because they do cheap sushi) meal than Wagamamma but it was packed so I thought we should try out Carluccios. I have wandered past many of them in the last 6 months but never managed to find time to go (too many dodgy places to eat in first) see in we went……….. Carluccios is a chain of Italian coffee shops & Deli’s who happen to serve food as well, or at least that what the website seems to tell me. Find them at www.carluccios .com where they will welcome you with this introduction (saving me doing it) Welcome to Carluccios Priscilla and Antonio opened their first Italian food shop in 1991 in Covent Garden bringing the finest quality regional Italian food to London. In those days, only a few products were sold and the labels were hand-written with care. Today, that same care is taken and we have created Caffès with food shops to be able to invite our customers to eat and shop in a happy, bustling environment. The entrance to the shop is quite inviting, theres a coffee counter & basically a shop selling lots of Italian food products. Theres olive oil from Sicily, Wild boar ragu, Cuttlefish Ink sauce, ...

Pizza Organic, Ealing 26/07/2007

Eating underneath a mushroom

Pizza Organic, Ealing Someone commented on one of my previous reviews that I am not having much luck when I eat out, well here goes for another unlucky one Pizza Organic is a small chain owned by Pizza piazza. They have 7 sites based in Ealing, Redhill (Surrey), Old brompton Rd(London), Gloucester Rd(London),Ruislip, Godalming & Beaconsfield. They serve a mostly Italian menu and almost all of their products are Organic. Simply from this I should have known I was making a mistake – its organic, except the ham, pepperoni, blue cheese, salami & fish (which is wild caught) For our sins we went to the Ealing one From Ealing central tube station the restaurants a 6 minute bus ride to the outskirts of Ealing, Using multimap (W5 1QX) the closest tube station is actually Perivale on the central line but we were in Ealing and we caught the bus. There’s a bus stop directly outside the restaurant on both sides of the road so you don’t have far to walk if its raining, as it was The restaurant itself is medium sized, about room for 100 people when full (doubt that happens often), seating is set out regimentally on a tiled floor, paintings on the walls along with rusty air conditioning units etc. The first thing we noticed when we went in was the absolute complete lack of atmosphere – the seating being arranged in such a way made it feel less than welcoming & the acoustics were terrible. I would have left immediately die to the screaming kids, everyone had kids with ...

Cafe Pasta (Shaftesbury Avenue), London 08/07/2007

Cafe Pasta, Pizza, Steak, Salad, Seafood & Tapas

Cafe Pasta (Shaftesbury Avenue), London For my 50th review I am going to let you in on a little secret, one of the unsung heroes of the London restaurant scene - I would not be surprised if you hadn't heard of Café Pasta, they only have half a dozen sites and all but one are based in London tucked away slightly off the beaten track. But don't let this put you off, I f you're tired of Pizza Express, Strada, Prezzo or Ask why not give this little gem a try? I have been eating there on and off for the last 7 years and the menu continues to expand, moving from pasta to 12" pizza (Strada sized - take note Pizza Express!) and a selection of grills. The Shaftesbury Avenue branch is at the top of Shaftesbury avenue at the Covent garden end, making it perfect for a meal before visiting the Shaftesbury theatre (for Daddy cool, the Boney M musical), Freuds for cocktails or the Odeon cinema. Nearest tubes are Covent garden or a 10 minute walk from Holborn. The Restaurant itself is the corner of Shaftesbury Avenue & Monmouth street and has 2 entrances. If you feel the need to search for a map the postcode is WC2H 8JB. The restaurant is quite small (about 10 tables upstairs & a bit bigger downstairs) so you can't fail to be greeted as soon as you walk in the door. The kitchen must be downstairs, I didn't see it, and upstairs is a waiter station where they store all the drinks so there's always someone at hand if you want a top up or the bill. Against the wall is comfy cushioned bench seating with regular dining ...
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