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Essays 04/04/2006

Art as a political tool in revolutionary France

Essays How was art used to establish and maintain political authority in revolutionary France? Just a few years before the outbreak of the French Revolution, Diderot had played a key role in the writing and editing of the Encyclopedie. Contained inside its many pages could be found comments by the Enlightened thinkers on how education should be used "to mould desirable citizens" and how art itself was a form of education. Diderot himself believed in the "artist's duty" of using his art to perpetuate the memory of noble deeds, vindicate virtue while stigmatising vice and strike fear into the hearts of tyrants. However, within the broad title of 'art' fall many sub divisions ranging from paintings to songs, drama to novels. The Enlightened thinkers believed that all kinds were valuable tools of education since they could be easily diffused throughout the nation as a whole through word of mouth or the rising number of pamphlets that began to appear within France towards the end of the eighteenth century. However, the fine arts - the visual arts on canvas and in stone - were deemed to be of an importance so great that no self-respecting political authority could dare to govern without them. They "could convey its message to the human heart much more directly than language ever could…" - a comment on the philosophes theories of the ears being closed unless opened by an interest while the eyes always remained open. Furthermore, The visual arts were "better weapons for spreading ideas ...

Everything that starts with M ... 13/02/2006

Maggieedwa's Childhood Challenge 06/02/2006

Cheaper than chips, better than BT!

Top 10 Concerts 30/01/2006

Nothing beats live music

Everything that starts with S ... 30/01/2006

Strange Questions Challenge (by SnowiestElf)

Safe as F*ck - Goldie Lookin Chain (PA) 29/01/2006

Oh son, miss it you're a nutter

Lost Sides - Doves 14/01/2006

Perfect for followers, bad for first-timers

My 10 Musical Memories 11/01/2006

Soundtrack of my life

Everything that starts with H ... 10/01/2006

Heartbreakers and honky tonk

Do you believe in life after death? 08/01/2006

Solid evidence, or a feeling in the soul?

Smarties Ice Cream 08/01/2006

So that's where crushed Smarties go...

Samsung SyncMaster 172V 17 in 07/01/2006

Bigger AND smaller?

Pro Luxe KT727 07/01/2006

Loud enough for me, quiet enough for you

Labtec Spin 45 05/01/2006

Loud little monsters, but a bit growly

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