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Alamo Rent A Car 06/01/2006

Pick your own car

Alamo Rent A Car We have hired from several different places when travelling to Orlando International but this has to be the best time. We had pre-booked a full size car (on a deal for the same money as a compact) and after waiting in the queue ( which was a down side as took about 1 hour) we signed on the dotted line and were given our papers. Don't be fooled into taking the extra car insurance or upgrading if you have the gold package anyway - waste of money. Also, if you don't get a free tank of petrol with the package you book then insist you will take the car back full, otherwise they want you to take it back empty and charge you a fortune for the tank of petrol. They don't like this but will do it if you ask. We then found our way to where the cars were being handed out and were told to pick one. We couldn't beleive it. Part of the worry when getting a hire car is what kind is it going to be, will it be okay, will it be clean - no worries here. You go you the section marked "Full Size" where there is a long line of cars waiting for you with the keys in ready - pick one you fancy, load in your luggage and away you go. There were loads to choose from 4 wheel drives, people carriers, normal family cars. The one we picked had 200 mile on the clock. The down side to them was the baby car seats. We took our own but my brother had to try half a dozen in the car and get an extra clip from the desk in the aiport before he got one to fit correctly in a car. I don't think this is ...

Orlando, USA (MCO) 06/01/2006

check-in nightmare

Orlando, USA (MCO) We have flown into and out of Orlando International several times now and each time getting in is great although more time consuming now than in previous years because of all of the security checks - which I completely agree with. I love the airport itself because of the things to do there, shopping, size of it, easy way to find your way around and pick up your hire car. Getting out is a different kettle of fish. Each year we allow plenty of time to check in at the desk ( 2-3 hours) so that we can get seats togther then have a leisurely breakfast and a look around the airport to buy those last minute bargains. This year however was completely different. We flew as we have done previously with Virgin and when we got to the desk there were about 4 flights checking in together. We were there 2 1/2 hour early so joined the back of the queue. After 30 minutes of not moving we found a very helpful virgin rep who confirmed that there was plenty of time, dont worry, our seats were safe. We waited and waited and still didn't move. We told them another couple of times we were there and they were very relaxed about the whole thing - then we heard our flight being called and stepped forward - mad panic. They checked us in and told us to run, yes run to the gate.( with all our cases, hand luggage, baby - you get the idea) As other reviews have explained this is not as straight forward as it would seem - there is x-ray to go through with your cases, security, passport control, monorail, ...

Boots Soltan Suncare For Kids 06/01/2006

bots soltan

Boots Soltan Suncare For Kids Being a first time mum and paranoid about my baby burning on her first holiday I thought I was buying the best product. I was gutted when I tried this for the first time and couldn't get rid of the green tinge it left her with. Yes it offers high protection and you certainly don't have to worry about it coming off in the water but there are other high factor creams which just go on thick so you can see if you have missed a bit without covering everything in green gunge. I tried leaving it to dry letting baby crawl around with just a nappy on and this led to a green carpet!! It doesn't matter how hard you try your clothes also end up covered from either putting it on or picking up baby. I will certainly not be buying this product again. ...
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