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Pas de la Casa/Grau Roig 04/05/2002

good riding, but not enough runs or piste

Pas de la Casa/Grau Roig I visited pas de la casa this season. It is considerably cheaper than many other resorts. I usually go to steamboat, colorado, so this season was a big change for me, but the difference in price was also a very big change. Pas de la casa usually has very good snowfall and i think that it was almost as good as the champagne powder at steamboat. Pas de la casa also has a very good half pipe along with a small board park. There is very little piste and in 2 days, i think is possibly to ride both mountains, although the hill is quite good for intermediates Andorra is a small country on the boarder of france and spain. Andorra is also tax free and so everything is considerably cheaper over there. ...

Turkey (Dive Sites) 04/05/2002

Not a lot to see but great visibility

Turkey (Dive Sites) I have scuba dived in the turks and caicos islands and the cayman islands to a great extent, and when i went to turkey i found that the visibility was almost up the the same standards, although not everything else. The problem with diving in turkey is that there is not a lot to see, there are a few fish, but there is a distinct lack of coral. It would be good for learning or doing courses, because they are slightly cheaper than courses in main dive resorts such as the cayman islands. If you are an experienced diver then i would not recommend turkey, just because of the distinct lack of wildlife. Although i can definately recommend the windsurfing in turkey. ...

Turks & Caicos Islands (Dive Sites) 28/10/2001

excellent diving sites, especially at night

Turks & Caicos Islands (Dive Sites) Having lived in the carribean all my life, only recently to come to the uk, i have scuba dived in many different places. There is a great variety in the dive sites available in the turks and caicos islands. mainly i have been diving in grand turk, and would definately recommend it. It is also a beautiful island and good getaway holiday resort. The night diving there, is arguably the best in the world, or second to the great barrier. However, if you are a big fan of wreck diving, there is not a great deal. There is only one diveabl wreck in the whole of the turks and caicos, and is is quite a way, however it is worth going to. A great diving location and holiday resort, with excellent water visibility! ...

Max Payne (PC) 28/10/2001

a truly stunning game

Max Payne (PC) This computer game is the best computer game for any machine that i have seen in years. Obviously as technology gets better, games will also get better, but Max Payne is not the most recent game around. In many action games there is very little storyline to them, and the bulk of the game is concentrated on killing anyone you see, but then in some games, there is too much storyline, and nowhere near enough action. In max payne there is exactly the right balance between the two. Although my PC is not that good, the graphics are absolutely amazing and the gameplay is very good. Bullet time is incorporated into the game, which is a brilliant feature added to the game. This is where you can temporarily slow down time, to the speed of a bullet, and scenes such as in the matrix can be performed, with not that much loss in graphical quality. Overall, one of the best games ever ...

Nissan Micra 1.0 15/09/2001

Possibly the worst car ever

Nissan Micra 1.0 This car is relatively cheap compared to some other hatchbacks. This is probably the only positive thing that I can think about, apart from that it has wheeels. Anyway, the acceleration is pathetic, although it should be quite good for a light small car, the comfort factor, does come into it, and although the interior is nothing to write home about, it is reasonably comfortable for a small car. For a first time buyer looking for something to get around in , this car is suitable, but it has very little class or engine power. To recap on all the good and bad things about the car. Good things : . . . . . hmmmm, price, but even that, is not especially low, so, admittadley, there are none, now do you get the picture? do not buy a nissan Micra. Bad things : hmmm . . . where do i start, steering, responsiveness, engine torque, acceleration, top speed ...

Theme Park World (PC) 10/12/2000

A great game

Theme Park World (PC) This is an excellent game, with stunning graphics and excellent gameplay. This game is an all roung amazing game and has given me hours and hours of enjoyment. I love this game and it is well worth the money. I would strongly recommend the purchase of this game. It has excellent gameplay, and excellent graphics. tHis is an excellent game and I would strongly recommend that you buy it.It is just as good as the orriginal theme park with the upgrade of technology since then, and the graphics have been updated ...

The Sims (PC) 09/12/2000

An excellent game but after a while boring

The Sims (PC) This game is an excellent game. It has great graphics, and when you first play it you think that it is a very good game. But when you play it for a coup[le of months, all you do to the sims is exactly the same every dya and the game gets exceedingly boring. If this game is no a special offer or is ata a very cheap price, then I would recommend it, but it is not worth more than 15 pounds. I have not got livin it large yet, that may make it better ...

Theme Hospital (PC) 09/12/2000

An excellent game

Theme Hospital (PC) This game is absolutely amazing. It is a reasonably old game, but now it is still just as good and better than a lot of the games out now. The gameplay is amazing and the graphics are pretty good also. I bought this game many years ago and I still play it today. It is so realistic and as I said earlier the gameplay is amazing. Also even playing the game is very humerous and there are many jokes and funny medical names that have been changed to be funny. I strongly recommend that you buy this game. ...

Compaq (Shop) 29/07/2000

good stuff

Compaq (Shop) This is a very good computer company. The companies computers, are very good value, they are very good quality, but best of all the customer service is absolutely excellent. They are very good, if anything ever goes wrong with your computer you just ring up, a toll free number and they will sort out your problems. The people at customer services are alos very polite and friendly to you, even if you have done something completely stupid to your computer. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone considering buying a computer. ...

Sega Dreamcast 13/07/2000

top of the list

Sega Dreamcast In my mind, at the moment the Sega Dreamcast is the best games console on the market at the moment, but that does not come at a cheap price, with the games console at around 200 pounds, with a game and a controller. This is not cheap compared to competing consoles such as the nintendo 64 which can be purchased at the cost of around 70 pounds from most shops. At the moment the dreamcast is the most powerful on the market, at 128 bit, which is impressive. My advice to you, is if you have the money, then buy the dreamcast. ...

Nintendo SuperNES 13/07/2000

no way

Nintendo SuperNES The nes I think is very out of date now, although it does have a few classic games which are still quite good and people play them now, they are not up to date with the technology that is around at the moment. If you are thinking of buying one of these, I wouldn’t, I would go for something a bit more up to date, maybe even a super NES would be better. However if you do like those classic games, and don’t like all of the complication of all of the games today then yes you should buy it. ...

Nintendo NES 13/07/2000

too old

Nintendo NES The nes I think is very out of date now, although it does have a few classic games which are still quite good and people play them now, they are not up to date with the technology that is around at the moment. If you are thinking of buying one of these, I wouldn’t, I would go for something a bit more up to date, maybe even a super NES would be better. However if you do like those classic games, and don’t like all of the complication of all of the games today then yes you should buy it. ...

Nintendo Gamecube 13/07/2000

going well

Nintendo Gamecube I own a nintendo 64 and I think that it is the best console around at the moment which is why, when the dolphin comes out I am almost definitely going to get one of those. If it is the same type of console as the nintendo 64 with no loading times, good graphics and a lovely controller I will buy it, and I recommend that if you are thinking of buying one, then you should, because I think that it will beat the dreamcast and the playstation 2, by far. ...

BT Click 13/07/2000


BT Click BTclick is usually quite good, but sometimes their service goes down, so I can't check my e-mail, this can get very annoying and soon I will change to an ISP with free internet calls. This is the way forward. To get free calls by paying 10-20 pounds and then getting free internet calls for life, not having to pay a penny. I would definately not recommend this ISP to anyone as it often breaks down and does not work. This service is the most pathetic I have ever used in my life ...

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 7 Complete package 13/07/2000

not good at all

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard 7 Complete package Dragon’s voice recognition software was at about the same standard of that of IBM’s, which is pretty poor, with these two programs you have to speak extremely slowly for i8t to recognize anything that you are saying. However Philips’s voice recognition package is way above these two, as you can speak at your normal speed of voice and it will still recognize your voice. If you are going to buy a voice recognition package I would definitely recommend the Philips Freespeech package, because they are all about the same price anyway, depending on where you go to buy them. ...
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