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Motorola A830 17/01/2004

A good start from Motorola but a long way to go

Motorola A830 Motorola A830 --------------- - Overview --------------- - The Motorola A830 was Motorola’s first attempt at a 3G phone for the Europe & Australia marketplace. It supports WCDMA 3G networks as well as GSM 900/1800 & 1900 – this means that it will be able to roam on any GSM network including in the US as well as the O2 Network which ‘3’ in the UK uses as its roaming partner. At present ‘3’ is the only company offering the Motorola A830 so whilst this opinion isn’t about the ‘3’ network it will focus on how the phone works with ‘3’. The handset is no available sim free, is locked to three and there is no sim only; customers buying this phone then will probably be on a three contract. The reason I got this phone was to take advantage of the fantastic value Video Talk 750 package on ‘3’, the phone was free on contract with cash back. The phone is fairly advanced in terms of its technology with a range of features such as GPRS, Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Video and Picture messaging etc – it certainly does a lot. There are also many things that let it down however, the main ones being battery life and looks; first things first though let’s look at it in more detail. --------------- Features --------------- This phone boasts a wide range of features such as those you would find on a top-end GSM Phone. Camera: The camera is actually a separate attachment and not something that I actually use because it makes the phone extremely heavy and ugly. Saying that it ...

Nokia 3510i 13/01/2004

A brilliant easy to use robust phone from Nokia

Nationwide Building Society Accounts 12/01/2004

Smart Account - A great account plus high intrest

Motorola Talkabout T5512 8-channel PMR 12/01/2004

A quality robust 446 Radio from Motorola

Motorola Talkabout T5512 8-channel PMR Motorola T5512 Overview The Motorola T5512/22 is a short-range two-way radio, which operates on the PMR446 frequency giving 'up to 3km'. These radios can be used across Europe and are an ideal way to keep in contact with friends, family and colleagues for a range of activities. These radios are at home with Sports Centers, Skiing Holidays, Building Sites, Family Holidays and more. The 5512 are available singularly or as a double pack in blue. For approx. £10 more however the 5522 comes with NiCd batteries and charging pods – well worth the extra and comes in black. I have the latter but all the features are identical except for the colour. A set of T5522's including charging pods and batteries can be had for around £80, this compared with a cost of £60 for the BT Freeways (with charger and ptt headset) and around £60 for a single T6222 with no accessories. Features This radio has the standard 8 PMR446 channels and 18 CTCSS Codes per channel giving 304 possible combinations. The codes allow the user to filter out unwanted traffic on the channel although they are NOT separate channels so its important to check the channel is free – the red light will flash constant if in use or intermittently if free. Channel scan can be used to monitor for traffic on all channels if the code is set to ‘0’ or traffic using the same code if code is set to ‘1-38’. If scanning all channels the user can reply as the radio will stop on the channel and detect the code automatically – ... (Instant Messenger) 12/01/2004

The best in Instant Messengers

Go Fly - GOE 14/11/2002

Efficient, quality service exceeding expectations

Virgin Mobile 03/11/2001

Virgin Mobile - Great Value and Great Service

Bodrum Milas (BYZ) 14/10/2001

Small Basic but sort of efficiant

Monarch Airlines 02/09/2001

Good cabin service and reasonable on the ground 07/06/2001

Attach Stamps and get a bit of money back

UK Gold 23/04/2001

All your faviourite comedy on one station

Siemens C35i 28/01/2001

Packed with features - Much more than a Wap Phone

.net Magazine 11/01/2001

The best of Internet magazines

NatWest Accounts 03/01/2001

CardPlus the best young peoples bank account

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