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Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo 20/08/2008

tresemme vitamin E moisture rich shampoo

Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo i too had heard alot of great things about this shampoo giving "salon perfect" hair and decided to give it a go. i have to agree, as far as value for money goes, this shampoo is superb. the bottles are quite large and therefore last ages and they are so reasonably priced, but for me, that's the end of its advantages! i was thrilled when i got my new shampoo and conditioner home and could't wait to give it a go. i was very impressed with the smell - its gorgeous! my hair also felt clean and was fairly easy to manage (which is a bit unusual because its normally a pain), so far, i was quite impressed. the main problem i've found is that my hair looks greasy and lank, lacking any kind of shine after only 1 day!! i continued use for a few weeks in the hope things would change and i would have that "salon perfect" hair - alas, i was left disappointed. my advice - this is an ok shampoo but if you want lasting shine, then its not for you!! ...

Martina Cole 20/08/2008

martina cole

Martina Cole i own most of the Martina Cole books and each one is better than the last. If you enjoy crime mixed with a little reality, then she is the author for you. She writes with a clear understanding about the drug lords and gangs in london. I guarantee you will find any of her books hard to put down once you start reading. I am already looking out for her next book with great anticipation. Update - I have read, or tried to read a couple of Martina's more recent novels and have had some problems getting involved in the story. Although all other books have been superb, her most recent work is quite a big let down. She seems to struggle to hold the story together in this book (Faces), and i found myself having to keep back-tracking to remember who the characters were - a big disappointment, but don't let that put you off her earlier novels as i stand by what i say - up until Faces, they were all fab! ...

Pinecone Research 20/02/2008


Pinecone Research i have been a member of pinecone research for some time now and i have made more from this site than any other. I take my payment in luncheon vouchers as they have only just introduced payment by paypal These luncheon vouchers can be used in a variety of food outlets including greggs, iceland and boots. the offers of surveys are quite regular and you get the chance to test certain products if you meet the criteria. In addition to testing a product which you get to keep, you still get the 4GBP reward for your troubles. I can fully recommend this site although you do have to be invited to take part. This has to be the best reward site by far, if you,re lucky enough to be chosen. ...
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