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Do you believe in life after death? 09/02/2006

Scary thought

Do you believe in life after death? Well i'm really unsure about life after death. I believe your soul hangs around until you have been committed to the ground after you've died only from experience. My grandad died on the sunday 3 years ago in april from lung cancer (Not from smoking though) and i went to see him on the tuesday in the chapel of rest and the strangest thing happened. In the room there was my mum, nan and me and we went to see my grandad and for me this is the first time i've seen a dead person before in the flesh so it was all abit scary. My mum jumped and my nan felt someone push by and my mum felt air as if someone had walked passed. I didn't feel anything any way that night i went and told my partner and there were lights on all over the house and when i discuss what had happen all the lights in that one room flashed twice without the others in other room didn't flash. My partner is a sparky ( electrian) and he couldn't explain why it happen. After my grandad's funreal nothing happened like that again. I believe my grandad wanted to check that i was ok and thats why he was there in spirit that night. So i'm still unsure but i hope that once i've died i can check on my kids before my final resting day! by the way not sure if i can reccommend it to potential buyers it just asks stupid questions at the end of this!

BBC Radio 1 06/02/2006

Wake me up before you go go

BBC Radio 1 Well i stared to listen to radio 1 more since chris moyles and his gang moved to breakfast times. I mainly listen to chris's show from 7-9am and 5-7pm whilsts traveling in the car. The station plays a good selection of music mainly new stuff. Some people would say that some DJ's talk to much but i think Chris and his gang have such a laugh and play jokes on each other you forget he hasn't played any music for ages. When he has celebs on he asks cheeky questions and gets away with it. The have some very good dicussions about health including drink, detox and celebs. The other DJS scott mills does the evening shows during the week is funny too and he asks the public what songs they want to hear which is good as you get a selection of old and new music. He plays pranks with other companies that annoy the public and i love his flirt divert thing he has going on when he has a mobile number and you give it to someone you don't like when your drunk and it diverts to an answering machine and then he plays the messages left on his show and there have been some funny ones. They even had to change the number because people where becoming familiar with the number!! Jo Wylie does the show from 10am throught the week. She tends to introduce new bands to her show and plays a good selection of music. Weekend morning shwos are spoony and Vernon Kay and it's worth listening to them just to get you through a hangover etc. The news stories are well covered and very ...

SSX Tricky (PS2) 04/02/2006

Slippery slope

SSX Tricky (PS2) Well i'm new to the whole play station thing like 2 months new to ps2. This game is really good and i am unable to compare with the first game but the reviews i've read suggest that it's better. The game is based on a snowboarder or ski's and you have to build your ranking up by doing different courses and tricks. You can build up you money too which allows you to buy better boards etc. Your charater can have a change of image from hair to make-up to colour of skin and clothes etc. All this has to be done by collecting money on your way round courses. My ranking for example is 86 from 200 which is good for a first timer i think. The sound quality it good and the graphics are very clear even when you play in night mode. The course is slighty varied but can become slighty boring after awhile but the challeges make the courses more interesting. As your ranking becomes better your challeges become harder. The tricks are good but it's learning how to use the control to do the tricks it's something i'm still working on. It's not an addivtive game as such but you can be determined to finish a challege if you fail it a few times. This Game cost £29.99 as fairly new game.

L'Oreal Couleur Experte 02/02/2006

Pink is not my favourite colour (aerosmith song)

L'Oreal Couleur Experte Well where do i start. I bought this product when it first came out and it cost me £10 from boots. It seemed easy enough to use but the end result was shocking. I have blonde hair and bought a colour which wasn't to dis similar to my own hair colour. I put on the first colour as advised and then the highlights and dried my hair to find it had gone pink. I was so upset. I called L'oreal and there advisor told me i must have a something tone in my hair and this was what had turned my hair pink. they offered to send me a £5 voucher for another L'oreal product to say sorry. I think blonde need to be really careful when using a highlighting kit because it cost to much to get the problem corrected. I don't really have much else to tell you just that i was highly disappointed in the product!!

Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) 02/02/2006

What a BUZZ!

Buzz! The BIG Quiz (PS2) Well this game added some much fun over xmas with family and friends. This is a real good game for anyone aged between 8 and 40. This game involves around 8 different rounds all fun. Rounds included steal points from other player, the bomb which means you have to answer the question as quick as you can without the bomb going of on you. The presenter has some really funny line that take the micky out of you especially if you get it wrong things like "player 2 look to your left now look to your right and spot the loser" or "the eagle is a patient bird". There is also a quick fire game which asks you questions and it's fastest finger first. You can choose your player, the name, colour clothes and the buzzer sound (the chipmunk is my personnal favourite)! The songs are a range from the 50's right through to 2005. pretty much allsorts of things. It come with the PS2 so i can't comment on the price but the game comes with buzzers. the buzzers are great to the only downfall is that you can't pause the game! I've scratched my game somehow and it won't play so i will have to buy another one which i'm willing to do becuase it's a fun game. i can't wait til they bring the film one out later this year!!

Cornwall (England) 02/02/2006

My haven

Cornwall (England) I love cornwall, I've been going to cornwall for 6 years every spring bank holiday. I go to a camping when i go to cornwall and have never stayed in hotel but there are plenty to choose from. The beach at harlyn is a long stretch of beach with golden sand and clear blue sea. Idea for surfers and body boarders. There ain't many beaches you can take dogs on but this beach you can. There are lots of places to eat in the town of padstow and it's about 15 miles to newquay. Wadesbridge is a lovely little town just outside padstow. I've also visited perrinporth which is a beach not much in the town. The weather is great most of the summer but as british weather isn't to be relied on. Travelling around you would need a car as the buses aren't very regular Lots of tourist attraction like the eden project etc. I choose to spend my holidays on the beach surfing and coming from a large city the views and the blueness of the sea in cornwall are breathtaking. Property is quite expesive but to be expect for such a beautiful un touched coastline. The only advise is to avoid newquay when run for the sun is on spring bank holiday becuase the traffice comes to a stand still!! All in all Cornwall is a beautiful, clean and friendly place to go for everyone. ...

Lee Evans - XL Tour - Live (DVD) 02/02/2006

A good tonic

Lee Evans - XL Tour - Live (DVD) Oh my god i didn't think Lee evans new DVD would be funnier than Peter Kays recent DVD's but this one was so funny. I bought in november and it cost £14.99 and i've watched it 8 times since and i'm not bored of it yet. It's almost 3 hrs long too so really good value for money. The man is so engertic it's exhausting to wtahc him!! I love the joke about getting lost and your wife turns into a GPS sytem. He's right. And the one about women and their holiday jewellery it's all so true. I like Lee evans because he says it how it is and he facial expression added to the humour of this guy. He has gone from strength to strength and gets funnier each time i see him. Even my nan who's 70 found him funny!!!

Nailene Lasting Finish False Nails 01/02/2006

Are they your nails!!!

Nailene Lasting Finish False Nails Well i'll start by saying that i'm a qualified nail techican so when i need to buy false nails for myself for a quick fix then this is a brand i would choose. The are value for money at around £5-£8 depending on the design. The colours you choose for french polish are pink or peach coloured. My advise is to go for the natural/peach colur as they look the most natural. Try and make sure the nails are clean before applying the nails as you could risk infection (green nails)!. They last around a week is you prepare the nail correctly. These nails are good for painting to with a dark colour they look great. I would recommend glue nails and not pre sticky ones as they don't last as long. I would defenitly recommed these as a quick fix.

VTech V-Smile 31/01/2006

Orange gift

VTech V-Smile Wow this v-tech is fab. i have a 3yrs old daughter and she loves playing this. It fun, colourful and easy to use even for us mum's and dad's!! There are a number of games to play but not enough to choose from for 3-5 years old unless you go online to shop. I've seen my daughter delvelop alot over the last month or so whilst using this computer. She can count, speak i little spanish and knows here colours well. all the games are clearly explained and has different difficulty levels to increase your childs knowledge. I was worried at first when i bought this product that it may have been to old for her but i'm please to see her blossom with a little help from v-tech. I think for the price it's worth the money as it can be used for at least another 5 years and it makes learning fun.

Creative ZEN Micro 6 GB 31/01/2006

Perfect little gadget

Creative ZEN Micro 6 GB I think this is a great piece of technogly. It has space for 10,000 songs and i've loaded twenty albums on so far and have loads still to add as i've only used 300 spaces. When i got the creative zen i'd never used anything like it before to download things on. I installed the cd and i printed off the document to help me install my zen. I found trying to transfer music to my player this hard at first but soon picked it up. I really enjoy the DJ option where it plays any song from all your albums you've stored so you can listen to a good selection. You also have the option to play rarely heard songs too. The sound quality is great much better than a personnel CD player. I have also bought the clam shell designed travel speakers (creations) which is the same size a glasses case. The sound quality is unbeliveable for something this size. the battery life on the zen is 12hrs and i charge this via my computer, the battery is very well concealed into the casing, It's very light and trendy. I haven't tried to download music from the internet so i am unable to comment on. All in all this is a well invested product.

Protaras (Cyprus) 12/05/2005

One of the best, better than all the rest

Protaras (Cyprus) This was my second time in Protaras and even better the second time round. The first time i went was with my partner and my 5 year old. The hotel we stayed at was about a two min walk from the beach. The beach which i would reccomend is the best on the island and for familes with small children is fig tree bay. The sea is so shallow for a distance and there are no shell's, seaweed or rocks in the sea it's so clear. There are no waves either so if you have young children you wouldn't have to worry about currents. On this beach there are serevral cafe/bar. they also have a plenty of water sports on this beach at very reasonable prices. In the town it's self has everything you will need and the locals are so friendly. When it comes to eating out you have, italian, chinese, greek, spanish, mexcian, japanese, french, and traditional cypriot food too and again it's priced around £8.00 per head for two course meal. The town has adopted the one way taffic system which is new since the last time i went to protara's. if you can hire a car and tavel to the quarry mountains which is breath taking literally, it takes you up to 2,500ft up to the ski slopes which had no snow when we went had hard to image with snow on!! In the resort it's self you have a water park which isn't the best one compared to the water park in ayia naper which is huge. There are plenty of shops in the resort where you'll find jewllery, art and lots of supermarkets. The people are so friendly too which leaves a ...

Huggies Nappies 03/05/2005

it's wet but you can't tell!!

Huggies Nappies i have two children aged two and eight years old. There is a gap between them so ive being able to see a big difference to buying nappies six years ago when you had sticky tape sides and nappy rash and cream to prevent nappy rash. Now it so much different especailly with huggies. You will never need nappy creams to stop nappy rash with these nappies cos they protect babies bums. i love the sizing as well because of the velcour tabs you can adjust for a much better fit. I also love the characters on the front of the nappies it's just a shame that it affects the pull ups and not the normal ones beacuse there abit too plan.

Philips HP 6302 20/04/2005

not close enough

Philips HP 6302 i didn't like this shaver much. i took an holiday with me think that this would be an easier option then taking disposable ones. I found myself buying disposable ones in the end because it didn't shave close enough and my legs still felt stubly. it's quick for doing the under arms which is more inportant to a women but this shaver it's good for shorter hairs on legs. i would have prefered something closer and that could leave my legs feeling smooth and feels like they've been shaved. It was a gentle shaver and never cut me once which again was probalby to do with the one blade. The coloue scheme was good and discrete which was why i bought it.
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