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Tell us about your Summer Holiday 2009 experience! 07/10/2009

Surprise, surprise, we went to Cyprus, once more!.

Tell us about your Summer Holiday 2009 experience! A GOOD IDEA FOR A HOLIDAY***** We hadn't had a holiday for a while, I wasn't expecting to go this year either. I hadn't had a holiday since my car accident. Until, well, we sold our house in Paphos in Cyprus, this spring. The agent out there contacted us to say we had a buyer, who didn't need to get a morgage as he had sold his house in the U.K. had cash and was ready to move in. We had been enjoying holidays in Cyprus for about six years, and let our house to guests to pay some of the costs. The problem was that now it was sold we had quite a few personnal items in the house and we needed them to be brought back to the U.K. My partner was very busy with his work schedule and he wasn't able to take any time off. A GOOD IDEA? NOT EVERYONE THOUGHT SO.*****. This got me thinking. I could go by myself I sugested, I am sure I will be all right. I started looking for a flight on the internet, Exeter to Paphos..I was looking forward to it already....I had to fly from Exeter as we live in Cornwall! No long distance travel by coach or train for me, with a bad back, whiplash and a bit of a headache, it would not be possible. I was amazed to find a flight with just two seats available, at an amazing price of £100 each including all extras. (late offer prices) The flight left in two days, it took less than a minute to decide that I would be on that flight. Tomorrow was the 2nd of July and we would be on our way. I could really feel the warmth of the sun, even in the rain ...

Cornwall (England) 18/04/2009

BUDE! Beautiful BUDE but where is it?

Cornwall (England) Everyone knows Cornwall, but often when on my travels, I mention that I now live in Bude, and many people say, "Bude, where's that?" However, judging by the amount of visitors throughout the summer months, many people already know. Our little streets are full to the brim with holidaymakers, cars, coaches and hikers. To those of you who do not know of its existance, maybe I should keep it a secret. But I won't! You will love Bude once that you have found it, and of course the surrounding near-by villages.. We are on the borders of Devon, in North Cornwall. With the atlantic coast from Lands-End to Bude. But please, if you come to visit, try to avoid the 6 long school holiday weeks. The Spring & Autumn are beautiful too. Although if you are a family, your children will love it in the holidays, with many other children to make friends with, from all over the U.K. it is lovely weather in the Summer, even between showers! In fact so is the Winter, we very rarely get any snow. If we do it doesn't stay for more than a day. Frost doesn't last too long either. Spring comes early, Autumn stays longer, in fact it has been said that in Cornwall the grass grows all year round. It is true. It really does. So why come to Bude for a holiday? I shall start with the obvious. The beaches are beautiful, the sand goes on for ever, where the cliffs reach down to meet the sand and sea, the rock formations, created by a momentous event many hundreds of years ago, slide ...

Morrisons 02/07/2008

The Big Black M - Beware Danger Ahead.

Morrisons In the Last few weeks I have been watching with delight, the alterations to our local Morrisons store. I wrote this review in 2005. Now 2008, at last something has been done about the WARNING COLOURS of the Morrisons that we knew, to be replaced by a lovely yellow background with deep green lettering. This looks so much better. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this change for the better.? I wonder also if the few words written here three years ago, had anything to do with the upgrade. I think that I will never really know. I would still like to see some classier products and products for the vegetarian and vegan members among us. We can only hope that this fast food chain will read once more and perhaps realise that not everyone lives on fast foods. I would like, while writing this like to compliment them on their quality and price of their plants. I buy these from choice.!!! So here is my original review as it was written three years ago. Please continue. *************** *************** *********** I don't like supermarkets at the best of times, but Safeway in Bude was acceptable, I had grown used to it, it provided most of the products that we used at a reasonable price, the staff were really friendly, and wore fancy dress costumes for every right occassion. Then Bang! ........they were gone...and there in its place was this Big Black & Yellow monster....MORRISONS. Why do I label it this.....because..... BLACK & YELLOW TO ME SPELLS ...

Paphos (Cyprus) 20/05/2008

Paphos for all season Holidays.

Paphos (Cyprus) I have just returned home after a couple of weeks in Paphos. This is my seventh visit to Paphos over 3 years. This time it was very different. Being my first visit since Cyprus changed over to Euros in Jan 2008, I was amazed to notice the changes that had already been made. The Harbour had changed almost beyond recognition. For those of you who have already visited this area, you are in for a shock of delight. The harbour sea front has now gone pedestrian. Gone the noisy buses, the taxis parked all along the sea front. the shabby little shops have now been replaced with smart boutiques and gift shops. Restaurants are modern clean and inviting. It was almost finished when I returned and a few more weeks will see the completion. The traffic is now diverted through the shop, by Debenhams and the Supermarket, the main car park is now one way in - one way out. leaving the sea front safe and clean. I can honestly say that the promanade now competes with the South of France. So to continue on with the review of Paphos I will leave you to read on..... Paphos is Ideal for all year round holidays. Many thinks so but there are some unlucky holiday makers that have come here in the winter, are really disappointed. Honestly I can't blame them either. Unless you know what to do and where to go. it can be really boring, looking drab, and even the beaches don't look very special. Many of the harbour shops are closed and other stores are nor fully stocked. I would ...

Should fox hunting be banned in England and Wales? 22/03/2008


Should fox hunting be banned in England and Wales? FOX HUNTING IN ALL ITS GLORY …OR NOT. YES for the HUNT but at what PRICE??? As a collector of antiques, I would like to say on behalf of the hunt I actually do very well from collectables and pictures. Anyone interested in Fox hunting is always overjoyed at being presented with A beer mug, wine glasses, table mats, pictures and many more such gifts found in the car boot sales and antique fairs. BUT… an anti-fox hunting person I also see the other side of the coin…..Having lived on a farm for the last ten years, right next door to where the Hunt regularly meet as a base for their start off, I am sorely perturbed by their attitude and one upmanship. TRAPPED by the HUNT but not only the FOX The horse boxes arrive early in the morning, parking where ever there is a place, unload their horses, then the hounds arrive in their boxes, dozens and dozens of them, all rushing around, although fairly well controlled, there are just so many. The jeeps and cars, even quads arrive carrying their owners who wish to follow the hunt on foot. Space for these have to be found also. Usually outside our double gates, making it impossible for us to leave our property, or if we are out, to get into our place, the owners being off for the day. Occasionally you can find a friendly owner who will risk moving the vehicle for us, so we can exit. Often we are just looked down on, for living where we are actually in their way. The Hunt wait until everyone has arrived, drinking their ...

Penstowe Caravan Park 19/03/2008

Penstowe. Manor House Holiday Park..Cornwall

Penstowe Caravan Park Each Holiday Club differs from the others. No two are the same..... Penstowe Park started its life as a Private Manor house built in 1862. in a Place called Upper Stowe. Hence the name Penstowe. It is on the outskirts of a village called Kilkhampton, 4 miles North of Bude..... The Manor house is set in many acres of land which was at the time beautifully landscaped with lush trees and shrubs. Many of which still remain, In the springtime the gardens benefits from the Rhododendrons and Azaleas, ferns and bamboo. There are many chalets set in the grounds, not in straight rows either, like some of the holiday camps we have been to. The chalets vary in size and shape greatly, there are some new bungalow style chalets just as you enter from the lower drive. On the right are the Spanish Villas. Further on are the wooden chalets with flat roofs. If you turn left as you approach the Manor House, Reception area, you will drive down towards the Lodges, these have high pitch roofs like the Swiss Chalets. Some of the chalets are two bedroom, some are three bedroom. Some are owned by Penstowe themselves, some are purchased freehold privately and some purchased leasehold. There is accomodation in the Manor House itself which although I have been there many times I have never seen these apartments. On the upper drive that leads to the town are maisonette type flats and a few houses. All are let out to guests for holidays during the eight months, March until October. The ...

Everything that starts with I ... 19/03/2008


Everything that starts with I ... Living with an iliostomy. An Iliostomy? I have never heard of that, what is it? This is the usual comment when I tell someone that this is the operation that I have had. This operation was inevitable after many years of suffering with a stomach complaint that none of the doctors at that time could diagnose. Crohns disease was diagnosed two days before I was admitted to hospital. I had been so ill for so long that I thought that I must have Cancer and no one would tell me. I used to dream that I was dying and nobody would take any notice. I was in a disastrous marriage at the time, but with three young children could do very little about it. My husband would not accept that I was ill and I was regularly being accused of malingering to get out of the housework. I used to love my home and housework was not a chore, I enjoyed cooking, and worked from home full time, designing knitwear. Maybe even I didn't see this illness creeping up on me. I would go to the doctors, who said that I had indigestion! Finally I left home with the children, my relatives looked after them, thank goodness. I was so lucky to have them to do this for me, as within a week of arriving at my Aunts, I was admitted into hospital where they diagnosed crohns disease. Many months later I was informed by the Sister on the ward that I was given just three weeks to live when I first arrived. That, obviously, was why all the lovely nurses gave me so much of their time and attention. It ...

Getting around in Edinburgh 18/03/2008

Edinburgh City of Dreams.

Getting around in Edinburgh Almost all my life have I lived in the South of England, so a journey to Edinburgh was to become a great experience. I had been planning to book myself into a days training course with Tony Stockwell, a well known psychic & medium of television fame, and well respected by many. Not many classes are available throughout the year, so when this one came up, based in Edinburgh, I booked a ticket straight away. I am actually living in Cornwall, so when I found a cheap flight from Newquay to Edinburgh, I paid for the ticket there and then. The flight only took one hour. I had booked a 5 day return. This way I was able to travell the day before, rise early to give me plenty of time to walk up the hill, one of the seven hills that this Capital has been built on. The flight was interesting, thanks to the clear skies and small aircraft, we took the route up the North coast, and in minutes we were passing over our house and garden and the farm where we lived. It flew really low, and we could pin point all the beaches and bays, farms and cliffs, recognising everything we were skimming over. We were soon landing at the airport, and walked quickly onto the street where buses wer waiting to drive us into the centre. When I say centre, well thats the surprise, no back streets here for the buses to hide, no long walk into the shops. Oposite the bus station was the train station, burried underground and really not obvious, but so handy. Off the bus and down the steps. On ...

Seattle 06/03/2008


Seattle Sleepless and Pennyless in Seattle !!! and I was both. Staying in a little paper manufacturing town of Camas, on the edge of the Columbia River Gorge which divides Washington State from Portland, in Oregon, gave me lots of oportunity to explore the surrounding countryside. Most of all a chance to stay in Seattle and explore this very dramatic area situated on the borders of Canada. A short drive up and you find yourself crossing over into Vancouver in British Colombia, Canada. I booked a ticket on the retired American Greyhound which goes by the name of Green Tortoise, for obviouse details....anyone who has travelled this way, will know exactly what I mean. Never heard of it? then I will be writing a reviiew about it shortly. The only way I can visualise it for you is to say that it is a bright green Hippy bus for anyone who doesn't mind travelling throughout the night sardine style. The cheapest form of transport around and the most entertaining. I caught the Green Tortoise in Portland at the bus station. and we proceeded up Northwards to Seattle. A beautifully picturesque journey through the forests of Redwood trees flanked either side of the roads. Mount St Helens on the left, looking West and emerges in pride through the trees, towering down on them like a stately grand mother wearing a cloak of pure white snow. Should it be raining when you visit you will see it smoking in gentle anger, water against fire. This happens a lot as the rain always falls in the ...

Out of Body experiences - believer or non believer? 04/03/2008

Yes there are Out of Body Experiences

Out of Body experiences - believer or non believer? YES I DO BELIEVE IN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCES In reply to anyone who really cannot understand or believe in the possibility of Out of Body Experience. The Answer is yes! ...Yes I really do believe in Out Of Body Experience. (OBE) . I shall try to prove to you that it does happen, more often than anyone can imagine. In fact many people have OBE's without realising that it has happened to them. Dismissing it as a vivid drean, until later in life when they either experience another more convincing one, or they talk with someone who has realised that they had one convinceing them, or they just believe in what they felt. ILLNESS OR OPERATIONS. There are many causes for an OBE. The most usual time being during an illness or operation. If anyone becomes seriously ill and there is a life threatening siituation the body will sometimes opt out of life, sometimes stopping breathing for a while, or becoming so relaxed that the brain/heart, they are both connected in a life/death situation. This can release that persons spirit from their earthly body. The patient still is in a part awake state and can see and hear but often cannot feel. The view is usually from above the bed where their body is lying. You can see, and you think that you can speak. You can hear, but they cannot hear you. Of this I am certain. I will try to explain why!. In 1973 I underwent major surgery. The operation was long. actually 7.5 hours, with 2 surgeons working together throughout. I had already ...

Yosemite (California) 23/10/2007

Yosemite ...A Piece of Heaven on Earth.

Yosemite (California) It was a few years ago now that I visited Yosemite, in California. The Month was August. It was Hot! the land was dry and the cascades had all but dried up. Still it was one of the most wonderful places that I have ever visited. We boarded the coach at San Francisco Bus Station. It was late evening. This was to be a 4 day trip. Our coach, a Green Tortoise, for the uninitiated, this is a retired Greyhound Bus painted bright green, the seats and luggage racks become beds throughout the night, everyone sleeps in a sleeping bag sardine fashion, unless you are lucky enough to have a luggage rack. Most travellers are back packers, from every state, every country, and all ages, from the very youngest to the retired. They play there guitars and sing, every one has a buddy to take care of each other. Mostly the bus drives through the night, and every one sleeps. About three in the morning we stop at an all night supermarket, the driver gives two lists to the passengers that are still awake, These purchases are food and other requirements needed for the four day trip. I didn't sleep much so I got to help with the shopping. At 3.a.m. it really was spooky but great fun. The first morning we arrived in time for breakfast on a plateau by a river down at the foot of El Capitan, A very spectacular mountain in Yosemite. From out of the luggage space in the side of the coach came home made barbacues and the food we had just bought. Everyone was nominate a job. Cook. wash up. ...

Member Advice on Crohn's Disease 24/07/2007

Crohns changed my life.

Member Advice on Crohn's Disease I was 33 years of age when I was diagnosed with having Crohns. They told me I must have had it a very long while. Looking back, I realise now that I was probably about 6 or 7 years, when the stomach pains became really bad. Growing pains, wanting to avoid school, diet, every reason was given, it didn't matter what test they did it was all the wrong diagnosis. My bowel kept playing up. People would think I had been eating eggs or cabbage, the embarrasement of being around people even at this young age, meant my mother was constantly feeding me Eno's fruit salts and other similar. I would lose weight, so I was fed Cod liver Oil and Malt. All through my school years, I was troubled with these symptoms. I was lacking friends. One thing I do remember was that I couldn't sit on a hard chair at school. I had to have a cushion, (another sympton.) Can you imagine the outcome, in a mixed class? At six I started swimming. My uncle taught me. These times were the happiest in my life, for when swimming I was fine, strange, I here you say, but it's true, I still don't know the reason. Unless....these things can stay with emotional distress., and with the war years for the 1st seven years of my life, parents splitting because of the danger, to re-unite when all was over, could it just be this. I really don't know. At 15 I started work and hated this, insurance and at a desk all day. I just couldn't cope, I needed to be on the move. By 19 years, I was really suffering. I ...

Kourion (Curium), Limassol 21/07/2007

Curium, a journey back into Roman times.

Kourion (Curium), Limassol CURIUM ( or as it is sometimes known ). KOURIAN. (modern version) The town of Curium lies in the southern most point of Cyprus. Just west of Akritiri where the United Nations Forces are based. We have visited here twice, and will definately been visiting again. Why you might ask? Well the experience is nothing like anything else I have seen before. The emotional stirrings rising from within, indicated the enormity of the history of our planet. This is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. HOW TO GET THERE. We often holiday in Paphos, as this is one of our favourite places on the island. From Paphos you must head south towards Paphos airport, travelling along the coastal road. The scenery is much nicer, and more interesting than the motorway, that has just opened. After passing through the town of Gerieskipou one of the first places you will come to is Pissouri, a gorgeous little town built in the hills just up from the sea. With winding little lanes, reminding me of St Ives in Cornwall near where we live. No wonder the British seem to settle here. There are quiet beaches, and just up from the beach they have opened a Municipal garden, where lovely sub tropical plants are growing in a dried up river bed.. Now is the time to add this to the places you would like to visit, it is worth it. But not today!. So keep driving, because the next stop for refreshments on your way, is Aphrodities Rock a huge monolith is surrounded by sea, just off the beach. and ...

The Hague (Netherlands) 22/12/2006

The Hague. Duinrell Flying High ! With Surprises

The Hague (Netherlands) An impromptu 10 days away. Me "Nanny Mary Poppins." my travelling companion Oscar, my five year old grandson. Just a couple of weeks to prepare for our holiday learning experience. I am still not quite sure how we managed to sort it all out, but with the help of my daughter, Oscar's Mum, the travel was sorted on-line. Pieces of paper, representing tickets, came flying from the computer out of the printer. We were under way. Cornwall disappeared into Devon, and Exeter, where we caught the National Express Coach to Victoria Coach Station. Just £5.00 each, there and £5.00 each to return...Not bad for starters. We stayed with our friendly American Global Freeloaders in Pimlico, overnight. Treated to a wonderful meal in a Vegan resturant. and lost count of the petit Spring Rolls that Oscar consumed, but was he happy!!! then back to their home for a welcome nights sleep before travelling on to Den Haag. and we were on our way to Victoria Railway Station, where we caught the underground to Liverpool street. From here our tickets, £50.00 each return from London to anywhere in Holland, took us to Harwich, onto the wonderful new hovercraft, Stena Line Discovery, to Hook of Holland, then by train to Rotterdam, and onto Den Haag. (this ticket offered to take us anywhere in Holland on our day of travel.) very good value I would say... But I digress ! How could I possibly miss out describing the great new train that sped North East towards Harwich, comfy seats, ...

Protaras (Dive Sites) 04/12/2006

PROTARAS.CYPRUS. Scuba Diving.for Friendly Fish.

Protaras (Dive Sites) Our first package holiday in Cyprus found us in a place we hadn't even heard of before. Protaras! A fair drive North from Larnaca Airport. A few miles on from Ayia Napa... A few of the holiday makers were dropped off at some of the nicest looking places, but quite a distance from the sea. We ended up right on the sea front in Protaras, in a 3 * Hotel, self catering, that was o.k., we were right by the best restaurants and pubs. The food and entertainment was excellent. Even in October the weather was fantastic! we couldn't go bare foot, the pavements and the sand burned our feet. We weren't complaining. Two whole weeks of glorious sun. At this time of year the flowers in the gardens and along the beach are at their best. After the heat of the summer sun they come into bloom with vigour. The beaches are beautifully soft and sandy, the sea slopes gently, no rocks like Paphos area, but thats another story. Sun beds lay along the sand, but it wasn't too busy in October. The ideal time for Scuba Diving I would say. On the main part of the beach were a couple of sea-sport sun shelters, where you could book most of the sporting activities, these were constantly busy. Parascending was one of our favourite, the views from the top were fantastic. First my partner Chirs went up, while I took photos from the boat. They didn't charge for me to come along for the ride. From where I was sitting the parachute looked like a speck in the blue sky, it certainly reached great ...
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