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Benefit Erase Paste 20/07/2014

Erase Paste- expesive but worth it!

Benefit Erase Paste After a friend recommended this product I decided to try it. I was sceptical at first due to its high price of £24. The pot came with useful methods of putting it on and a small spatula. The product has a pinky hue which is designed to cover dark circles and it certainly did that! I only needed a tiny amount to cover both of my under-eyes instantly. In my opinion, this product almost created a contouring effect as it blended into my foundation perfectly but still highlighted areas of my face. Due to the pinky hue, the product wasn't so successful when covering redness or blemishes. This concealer exceeded my expectations in coverage and longevity as it lasted about 6 hours. Although this product was pricey I would certainly recommend it to those who have a problem with dark circles.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) 20/07/2014

Yves Saint Laurent- good in theory, disappointing in practice

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (Radiant Touch) This unique concealer by Yves Saint Laurent is a product widely discussed in the world of cosmetics. After purchasing this product, I saw why. In theory, this concealer is excellent but in practice it does not perform as well as promised. The concealer has a slightly pink hue which is used to combat dark circles. In my opinion, if you have very faint dark circles this may be effective, but as a woman with very visible dark circles- it did not work. Its thin coverage did not conceal as well as cheaper concealers that I have used before. It also didn't cover any blemishes. As the pinky hue of the concealer is designed for dark circles, it did not have a yellowy hue which is used to combat redness and spots, resulting in it being ineffective again.
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