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moving house soon so need to make some extra pennies!!! thanks for all who rate my reviews, always rate back :)

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Wilko Electrostatic Cleaning Mop 13/12/2012

Cleaning Mop

Wilko Electrostatic Cleaning Mop ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +++++ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ WILKO ELECTROSTATIC CLEANING MOP ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ +++++ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . . . . . I have recently moved into a new flat and I am now faced with the whole flat having laminated floors. Due to the stress of moving I wanted to get the whole place cleaned top to bottom as quickly as possible so went to my nearest Wilkinson's for supplies. Walking down the cleaning isle of the store I was met by a whole range of different mops and brushes all claiming to be perfect for laminated flooring. In the end I decided to go for the cheapest and hope for the best. . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ What is the product? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . The product is an electrostatic floor mop which is designed especially for laminated flooring. The static charge means it can easily collect dirt, dust and hair in an easy quick way making it ideal for laminated flooring. . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Appearance? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . The look of the mop is simple and basic. The design is modern and will look good propped up in anybody's kitchen. I do like the colour of the mop, the baby blue and white makes it look very modern but you would have to keep the mop clean to keep the style of the mop especially with the mop being mainly white. Although the look is nice I think it could easily get lost in the many other similar designed mops on the market. It would be nice if the colour was brighter or there was a nice design to jump out to passing customers. However I think the price will appeal to more people than the look of the ...

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Eau de Parfum 03/10/2012

Midnight Fantasy

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy Eau de Parfum BRITNEY SPEARS MIDNIGHT FANTASY PERFUME . . . . . +++ ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ +++ . I was given this perfume as a birthday present recently and was pleased as I have always found Britney's perfumes to be quite good. For over 10 years Britney Spears has developed and endorsed a large number of products including book, games and clothing, most successfully are her perfume ranges. She endorsed her first fragrance from Elizabeth Arden named "Curious" in 2004 which went on to make $100 million in only five weeks. Due to the success Britney has gone on to release other perfumes in her collection including "Circus", "Believe" and the product I am to review, "Midnight Fantasy". There is a huge market for celebrity perfume ranges and it seems every celebrity has there own from Lady GaGa, Paris Hilton and Beyonce; but Britney Spears has become the number one celebrity perfume range with global sales well over $1billion. "Midnight Fantasy" was released in December 2006 with the tag line "Magic Begins at Midnight". The sales of the perfume did not do as well as others in her collection previously, this was due to Britney's problems in her personal life but recently the perfume has went on to be just as successful as her other perfumes. . . +++ ~ ~ ~ PACKAGING? ~ ~ ~ +++ . The packaging has been well thought out and made in a way that really stands out from other brands. The perfume comes in a box made from a hard cardboard with a lot of extra card inside to prevent from ...

Shambles, York 01/10/2012

The Shambles

Shambles, York THE SHAMBLES . . . . ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ . When we recently visited York we were told by many people to go and visit The Shambles. I first read about the famous street on the Visit York website and couldn't wait to visit the quirky street. The Shambles (also known "Shambles") is one of the oldest streets in York and can be dated back to the 14th century as it was mentioned in the Doomsday Book. The street contained mostly butcher shops and was known as "The Great Flesh Shambles" because of the shelves used to display the meat. The word "Shambles" means bloodshed, slaughterhouse and butchers shop, many other cities also have there own "Shambles" such as Manchester. The street has no butcher shops but contains a variety of different ranges of shops and has become a tourist attraction. The street was even awarded the Google's Most Picturesque Street of Britain 2010, is one of the most visited places in the UK and the best preserved Medieval street in Europe, so it a very special place. . The Shambles, as I mentioned before, was mainly a street full of butchers and slaughter houses. When walking down the street you can see by the construction of the shops that they used to be butcher shops. Although the shops have had a lot of work done to them structurally to keep them in functional order, there are still a lot of features that keep the street looking to the original look as much as possible. The shops still have the "shelves" which have now become the bottoms of ...

Yorvik Centre, York 13/09/2012

Yorvik Centre

Yorvik Centre, York YORVIK CENTRE . . . . . ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ . . After spending a few days in York we were excited to finally visit the Yorvik Centre. Looking at the website it really appealed to me as I love history attractions and I heard from people that it was something you had to visit when in York. The Yorvik centre is based on the 1,000 year old remains of a house where a large amount of artefacts were discovered in the well know Coppergate area of York. During your time in the centre you are to discover what the artefacts are, why they were made and used as well as the people who lived in the area. The dig at Coppergate lasted over 5 years (1976-1981) and many interesting finds were discovered which have been put onto display at the centre. The centre has a mixture of tour guides, actors, rooms with artefacts on display and "time capsule" (which basically a ride that takes you through a village typical of that time period). The centre was opened in 1984 and has had major improvements and additional items added to the museum in 2001 and 2010. . . ~ ~ ~ LOCATION ~ ~ ~ . The Yorvik Viking Centre is in the middle of York city Centre. We found it very easy to locate the centre as it was ideally situation within Coppergate shopping centre. When walking around York we found a few tourist/visitor signs pointing us to the right direction of the museum. The Centre can be easily accessed either by walking if near the city centre or by using the bus services into the city centre. Due to ...

York's Sweet Story, York 09/09/2012

Not such a sweet story!

York's Sweet Story, York YORK'S CHOCOLATE STORY . . . . ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ . On a recent trip to York we decided to visit the new Chocolate Factory. We discovered the attraction on the Visit York website which advertised the factory. The factory is designed to take you on a journey of the history of chocolate and how York places a special role. The story includes how the introduction to chocolate came from the Quakers as well as how the KitKat has become the most sold chocolate bar ever. The factory pays tribute to the important figures in Chocolate history such as the Rowntree family. There is a section of the factory that explains how chocolate is made, the advertisement of chocolate as well as a demonstration of the creation of chocolate. During the tour the guides give each person the chance to taste the chocolate to get the most out of the experience and to really bring to life the story. . . ~ ~ ~ OUR EXPERIENCE ~ ~ ~ . We decided to book our tickets online as the website stated the prices are cheaper with a 20% discount as well as given a slot on the tour you could request so you do not have to wait in any queue's. Booking the tickets was really easy, we could pick one of the 15 minute slots over the chosen day and paid online using my credit card. The online ticket was sent to my email address which I then could print and take with me to the museum. On the ticket it told us to be at the museum 10 minutes before our chosen slot. Due to more sense of direction it did take us a while to ...

Travelodge York Central, York 26/08/2012

Travelodge York

Travelodge York Central, York ~ ~ ~ + + + ~ ~ ~ + + + ~ ~ ~ TRAVELODGE YORK CENTRAL ~ ~ ~ + + + ~ ~ ~ + + + ~ ~ ~ . . . . . . ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ . Travelodge is a chain of worldwide hotels which can be found in countries such as Spain, Australia and America. Travelodge was the first brand of chain hotels in America, the first opened in southern California in 1939 and first introduced to the UK in the 1980's. The hotel company is the second largest budget hotel, only slightly behind Premier Inn. The aim of the company then and now still is to provide customers with a basic hotel room at a low price with no frills just basic function amenities at a low price. Most of the hotels are located in city/town centres making it ideal for customers to access restaurants and other attractions. . . ~ ~ ~ BOOKING THE ROOM~ ~ ~ . Booking the rooms was really easy using the website, Travelodge state that 80% of there bookings come from there website and from how easy and quick we found to use the website you can see why. Firstly you had to type into the search engine the postcode or the town where you are staying. The website gives you a few options on possible Travelodge hotels you could stay at, the closest being the first options. Once you pick the Travelodge you want you then select days you want as well as any other additional requests such as WiFi in your room, pay extra for a few more hours in your room e.g earlier check in, breakfast deals and cancellation insurance. Once you are happy with the booking ...

Wash & Go 2 in 1 Sport Frequent Use Shampoo & Conditioner 11/08/2012


Wash & Go 2 in 1 Sport Frequent Use Shampoo & Conditioner ~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~ WASH AND GO SPORT 2 IN 1 SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER ~ ~ ~ * * * ~ ~ ~ . . . . . . Wash & Go is a part of the P&G company that specialise in hair, skin and body care products. The product combines shampoo and conditioner into one product. . . ~ ~ ~ THE PRODUCT ~ ~ ~ . . The product has a very distinctive look that really stands out from other brands. The bottle is a bright lime green with a bright blue top. The label is clear and simple giving you exactly the right amount of information on what the product is including the type of hair the product is perfect for. The bottle is made from a thick plastic so should prevent any leakages or burst. One the back of the bottle there is some brief information about the product in a variety of languages. The writing is quite small and the white writing on bright lime green background does make it slightly hard to read. The information is useful including what hair the product is for, ingredients, amount in bottle and relevant contact information. What I have found as a negative of the design of the packaging is the cap. After you open the cap I find it can easily break and sometime I find it hard to click the cap fully on. Once the seal is broken I find the cap doesn't click back into place properly so there is a chance of some of the shampoo/conditioner escaping. . . ~ ~ ~ SMELL ~ ~ ~ . . I think the smell of this shampoo and conditioner is quite nice. The fragrance is pleasant when you open the bottle. There is a ...

BaByliss 2082U PRO 230 26/07/2012


BaByliss 2082U PRO 230 ~ ~ ~ + + + ~ ~ ~ + + + BaByliss 2082U Pro 230 Straight and Curl Hair Straighteners + + + ~ ~ ~ + + + ~ ~ ~ . . . . . . ~ ~ + + ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ + + ~ ~ . . I am, like many people, unhappy with the way my hair looks and have to resort to straightening my hair as it never seems to know what to do, be straight or be wavy. One morning a few weeks ago I woke to find my straighteners had finally given up after a constant use over the past few years. I was then faced with looking for a new pair which at first was hard due to the vast amount in the market today. They all claim to do magical things to your hair while others claim to have useful accessories with the straighteners. I settled on BaByliss 2082U straighteners only because they were on sale. . BaByliss are a leading manufacturer of electrical products including hairdryers, tongs, trimmers, beauty products as well as hair straighteners. The company claim to create high-performance products using the latest technology so that the buyer will be able to achieve a salon finish at home meaning all products can used by professionals and consumers. . . ~ ~ + + ~ ~ PACKAGING ~ ~ + + ~ ~ . . The packaging does look quite stylish and sleek. The main colour of the packaging is black and gold which does give it a high quality and expensive finish. The box has two pretty blond young women on the front, one has straight hair and the other has wavy hair so it clearly shows the possible finishes it can have on ...

Sherlock - Series 1 and 2 (Box Set) (DVD) 24/07/2012


Sherlock - Series 1 and 2 (Box Set) (DVD) * * ~ ~ * * ~ ~ ++++++ SHERLOCK ++++++ ~ ~ * * ~ ~ * * . . . . . . ~ ~ * ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ * ~ ~ . . Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The character is known as a "consulting detective" based in London who is famous for his scientific skills and logical reasoning. The stories of Sherlock Holmes first appeared in 1887 with the first published story being "A Study in Scarlet". Doyle would continue to write many more stories until 1914. The majority of the stories were written from Holmes' friend, Doctor John Watson, perspective who we see becomes Holmes' housemate due to financial difficulties. . Sherlock is a British television series that was first shown on BBC 1 July/August time in 2010 after the success of the pilot episode in 2009. Due to the huge success of series one, season two was broadcasted in January 2012 and there are talks of a third series in 2013. The series is a modern twist to the Sherlock Holmes stories in which we see the characters and stories adapted to present day. The television series was created by Steven Moffat (who wrote a number of episodes for Russell T Davies Doctor Who and Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin") and Mark Gatiss (who is known as a member of "The League of Gentlemen" and written also for Doctor Who). The show has been well received with a lot of positive reviews who have commented on how well crafted the series have been. The show has even had a lot of ...

1001 Cupcakes, Cookies & Other Tempting Treats - Parragon Book Service 16/07/2012

A Book Full Of Tempting treats :)

1001 Cupcakes, Cookies & Other Tempting Treats - Parragon Book Service ~ ~ ~ +++ ~ ~ ~ +++ ~ ~ ~ 1001 CUPCAKES, COOKIES AND OTHER TEMPTING TREATS ~ ~ ~ +++ ~ ~ ~ +++ ~ ~ ~ . . . . . ~ ~ * * ~ INTRODUCTION ~ * * ~ ~ . . I really enjoy baking and cooking in the spare time. For my birthday I asked for some new cookery books to inspire me to try some new things and I was pleased to get this book, 1001 cupcakes, cookies and other tempting treats, as it gave the chance to try a wide variety of new sweet treats to make. . 1001 Cupcakes, Cookies and Other Tempting Treats are published by Parragon Books, the largest non-fiction book publishers in the world for the past 20 years. The company have branched out giving customers the options to have there chosen product in book, app or e-book form. The company are big on ethical trading, product safety as well as well as paper sourcing and other environmental issues. Parragon Books have a whole range of books to offer customers from adult non-fiction to children's best sellers. This book is within there LOVE FOOD collection where they have a large quantity of different types of cookery books. . . ~ ~ * * ~ PACKAGING ~ * * ~ ~ . . I really like the look of the book and if I did see it in a shop I think I would definitely be drawn to it. There is a vintage / retro style that appeals to me and looks very "Cath Kitson" which I really like. The cover of the book is in a nice apple green with pink and gold writing, very feminine and girly. The style is very eye-catching and pretty which works ...

ASDA Beef Meatballs 06/07/2012

Meaty Balls

ASDA Beef Meatballs ~ ~ ~ +++ ~ ~ ~ +++ ASDA'S BEEF MEATBALLS +++ ~ ~ ~ +++ ~ ~ ~ . . . . . ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ . . On week nights I like to cook something nice for when I get in from work but I prefer it to be quick. When shopping at my local Asda I had a quick look at the reduced to clear section and came across these meatballs. I bought them as we were starting to get a bit sick of having spaghetti bolognaise every week so thought it would be a nice change. Asda's fresh meat range has grown over the past few years and I have seen an increase in there own range of meat sections, one being there own meatballs. . . ~ ~ ~ THE PACKAGING ~ ~ ~ . . Like most of Asda's products there package design and look is quite similar which helps group the products as well as giving the customer familiarity. However like most of Asda's range the look of the product is not very unique and doesn't really stand out compared to the other brands. The front of the packaging is mostly in red which I guess matches the meat colour the department goes for. The writing on the front of the packet is in white which makes read the information easier than if it was in black. The first thing that draws your eye on the label is the Union Jack which they promise to there customer that the meat used for the meatballs is fully British which I really like as it supports our UK farmers. Accompanying this is a nice picture of what I can guess is a "farmer" which helps break up the print on the label. The writing ...

The Woman In Black (DVD) 29/06/2012

The Woman in Black

The Woman In Black (DVD) +++ ~ ~ ~ +++ ~ ~ ~ THE WOMAN IN BLACK ~ ~ ~ +++ ~ ~ ~ +++ . . . . . ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ . . The Woman in Black is horror/thriller film tat was released on the 10th February 2012. The film is directed by James Watkins and written by Jane Goldman (Jonathan Ross wife). The film is based on Susan Hill's successful novel The Woman in Black, that was released in 1983 and went on to be created as a stage show and a television show in 1989. The film has had some positive reviews but was successful when released in cinema going straight to number tow in box offices. The success of the film has led the creators to recently confirm a sequel which they will be starting to film later in the year. . . ~ ~ ~ PLOT ~ ~ ~ . . The film is set in the Edwardian era of England. The main character is Arthur Kipps a young widower whose wife Stella died in childbirth, he now is left with his four year old son called Joseph and live-in nanny. Arthur works for a small law firm in, his boss Mr. Bentley gives Arthur a second chance to try to motivate him into working and getting himself back to normal by giving him the task of obtaining the paperwork of a large manor house called Eel Marsh House. The house bellowed to Alice Drablow who lived in the house with her husband and son, Nathaniel. Following Alice Drablow's death the house must go on sale and it is Arthur's job to sort the house or he will loose his job. Arthur arranges to go to the house and for the nanny and his son to ...

Rock Of Ages (DVD) 21/06/2012

Rock Of Ages

Rock Of Ages (DVD) ROCK OF AGES . . . . ^ * ^ * INTRODUCTION * ^ * ^ . . Me and my sister decided to go to the cinema over the weekend and were quite disappointed by the range of films to choose from. Rock of Ages was the first to jump out at me just because I really wanted to see it on stage in London. I had heard and seen reviews in which it had been negatively criticised and that Tom Cruise was the only good things about it. So when sitting in the cinema I wasn't expecting much. . Rock of Ages is originally a rock musical book written by Chris D'Arienzo which centres the famous classic rock themes from the 1980's. The book was then created into a stage show with a lot of positive reviews with celebrities such as Justin Lee Collin and Shayne Ward being cast as Dennis Dupree and Stacee Jaxx. . The film was directed by Adam Shankman as well as produced by Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot, Tobey Maguire, Matthew Weaver, Scott Prisand, Carl Levin and Garrett Grant. The film was released on 15th June 2012. The film is basically a love story set in 1987 with the influences of rock music. The film features a lot music including Bon Jovi, Guns N' Roses and Journey. The reviews haven't been the best but it has done quite well in the movie charts coming in number 3 on its first week. . . ^ * ^ * PLOT * ^ * ^ . . The plot is pretty basic and quite typical of an American rom-com style film. The main characters of the film are Sherry Christian, a young woman from Tulsa Oklahoma who has moved to Los ...

Alpen Double Chocolate Cereal Bars 17/06/2012

Alpen Light bars

Alpen Double Chocolate Cereal Bars ~ ~ ~ ~ * * * * ~ ~ ~ ~ * * * * ~ ALPEN LIGHT DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CEREAL BARS ~ * * * * ~ ~ ~ ~ * * * * ~ ~ ~ ~ . . . . + + + ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ + + + . . I'm not a breakfast person and not into eating cereal or toast in the morning and prefer a quick snack I can eat on my way to work. Being on the Slimming World diet I was introduced to these cereal bars and the range of flavours they have. I was only just recently that I discovered the double chocolate ones and they have now become my favourites. . . + + + ~ ~ ~ PACKAGING? ~ ~ ~ + + + . . The cereal bars are packaged in a think rectangular shaped box which makes them easy to store away. The box is made from cardboard so you can recycle it after use which I really like. The box seems secure and it does seem to look like the bars are safe in the packaging from being tampered with. On the front of the box there is a landscape scene of the mountains with a wooden floor which matches the fresh and healthy theme the company seemed to be going for. Alpine have also included a nice big picture of the cereal bars so you know what to expect. The box clearly displays a lot of important and promotional information on the box to really draw the customer in; this includes the calories of each bar in big sign in yellow and how many bars are in the pack. The theme continues on the back where you will find other typical information including allergies, ingredients and best before date. One positive or negative about the ...

Mad Men - Series 1-3 (DVD) 10/06/2012

Mad Men

Mad Men - Series 1-3 (DVD) ---------- + + + + | | = MAD MEN SEASON 1 - 3 BOX SET = | | + + + + ---------- . . . . . ~ ~ ~ INTRODUCTION ~ ~ ~ . . I was quite late to get into Mad Men and only discovered the show when watching one of Charlie Brooker's television shows on BBC 3 in which reviewed a few shows that were growing in popularity, by this time the show was already nearing the end to it's second series. I decided to watch the first episode of season 1 online when there wasn't much on television one night and didn't expect the show to be that good, I soon discovered I was totally wrong. Ever since watching the first episode I have become a huge fan of the show and was given this box set, season 1 -3, from my dad at Christmas. So recently I watched all season 1 -3 again before the new season came on television. . . ~ ~ ~ WHAT IS MAD MEN? ~ ~ ~ . . Mad Men is an American television series that is set in the 1960's at a fictional advertising agency called Sterling Cooper (to be later known as Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) in Madison Avenue, New York City. The show was created and is produced by Matthew Weiner whose earlier work includes "The Sopranos". The show premiered its first series on the 19th July 2007 and is now onto its 5th season premiering on 25th March 2012. The show is based on main character Don Draper and how he deals with the people around him while living through the ever changing mood of the 60's. The show has received critical acclaim due to its trueness to the 60's and has gone ...
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