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Vaseline Petroleum Jelly 01/10/2016

Such a versatile product

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly Ahh the uses for vaseline are endless. Vaseline is a beauty product, make up remover and make up enhancer all in one in. Vaseline is fantastic for use on dry lips or skin, including your hands, feet and elbows. It absorbs well but also lasts ages. It also does wonders in removing all make up but especially, mascara or eyeliner. I love using it on my lashes after I've used my usual make up remover as vaseline always gets to the last of it off that the other products miss. A handy tip for a new twist on eyeshadow, is mixing some vaseline as not only does it change the colour slightly it changes the consistency which makes the eyeshawdow easier to spread on and also lasts much longer.

Natio Extreme Volume Smudge Proof Mascara Black 01/10/2016

My everyday mascara

Natio Extreme Volume Smudge Proof Mascara Black This mascara is great for everyday use. It goes on easy and separates my lashes so there are no clumps left behind. It adds length and volume and true to their word is smudge proof however doesn't do too well with water however there isn't a claim that the product is waterproof. I also find that I am don't need to apply as much as I do with other products, a little really does go a long way. I would definitely recommend this product as I have been using it myself for at least 3 years now. If I am ever after a more dramatic look, this mascara also works as an undercoat for false lashes. It still doesn't stick together. even when I apply eyelash glue and the lashes peel off relatively easily after use.
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