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Pregnacare 14/03/2005

One less thing to worry about!

Pregnacare Pregnacare is designed for woman planning to conceive and those who are pregnant or breast feeding. When you are pregnant or breast feeding your baby completely relies on the vitamins and minerals you take in daily - now how scary is that! I wouldn't say I was an unhealthy person, I rarely drink, I don't smoke but I do not eat much fruit and vegetables. I do try and eat them but am a fussy eater. Normally I take multi vitamins daily to ensure that I get the vitamins and minerals that I need. "Normal" multi vitamins are not suitable when pregnant though as they contain too much of some things, such as Vitamin A, and not enough of others, such as Folic Acid. During the first twelve weeks it is highly advisable, no matter what you eat, to take 0.4 milligrams of folic acid. This can help to aid the normal development of your baby's spinal cord, preventing neutral birth defects, such as spina bifida. Pregnacare contains this dose of folic acid, along with 16 other vitamins and minerals which are all vital for your baby's development. Pregnacare was recommended to me during my first pregnancy and I had no hesitation in choosing it for this pregnancy. There is not a large choice of pregnancy vitamins and I have actually only come across three different brands. Boots have their own brand of pills and Sanatogen also offer pregnancy vitamin supplements. I have always stuck to Pregnacare as at around £5 per 30 tablets, larger 90 tablets boxes available and regular 3 for 2 ...

Clinique Pore Minimiser Instant Perfector 27/09/2004

Polyfiller for your Face!

Clinique Pore Minimiser Instant Perfector Clinique Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector is an amazing product! I tried this after a recommendation from a Clinique Beauty Advisor. It is one of those products that once discovered you wonder how you lived without it! After having fairly bad acne at school I have been left with little pitted marks on both my cheeks and around my nose. I have always found it very hard to blend make up into my skin without actually highlighting the marks. I tried all sorts of things to cover up the marks and couldn't find anything that was right for me. I didn't want to wear a thick coat of cover up cream on my face as I like to look natural. Clinique Instant Perfector costs £12.50 from Clinique counters and is designed to smooth out the appearance of your skin to give you a flawless look. Like I say in the title it is basically a pollyfiller for your skin. It sounded perfect, almost too good to be true. The price was a little off putting but Clinique is a high quality brand, much trusted by me, so I thought I would give it a go. For your £12.50 you get a 15ml tube which comes presented in a "Clinique green" box. There is a choice of two shades, invisible light and invisible deep. I chose invisible light as I have fairly pale skin. The tube is quite long and thin and is very squeezable. It has a screw top lid to it and it is very easy to squeeze out the exact amount that you want. The perfector itself is very thick yet very easy to blend in. You have a choice of whether to ...

Prima Baby 01/09/2004

Prima time reading!

Prima Baby When I first found out that I was pregnant, to say I was surprised was a bit of an understatement. I began to stock up on all sorts of baby books and magazines to try and prepare myself for the big arrival. I purchased three or four books and found that not only did they cost a lot but they didn’t give me advice in a friendly way, and tended to read more like a text book. It was like being lectured at, and I found it disconcerting to say the least. Baby magazines however were available to buy at a much more reasonable price and are bright, have lots of gorgeous pictures, and are filled with up-to-date, friendly advice and tips. Now that my daughter is almost two I feel that I have come to a point with all of my baby magazines. I paid for a subscription to Prima Baby last year for the bargain price of £9.99 for the eleven issues over the year. I got the subscription not only because it was an excellent offer but to try and limit myself to just one baby magazine a month. Prima Baby is available to buy monthly for £2.20, and the monthly issue is available to buy from the first week day of every month. Each issue tends to be around 160 pages long, with about a third of them containing adverts. On the front cover are different features, highlighted to try and tempt you in. The front page tries to sell the magazine to all groups covering features from pregnancy, birth, newborn and toddler age – a little something for everyone! With every issue comes a free gift. Over the ...

Philips 14 PV 111 30/08/2004

Televideo says eh oh!!

Philips 14 PV 111 I have been very happy with my Televideo since its’ purchase about a year ago. I bought it because I wanted an extra television in my home which could be moved around easily. I had always only had one television but after the birth of my child and all the night feeding that followed I needed something to keep me awake and alert while feeding and also make the lack of sleep seem more durable. This suited me perfectly as it meant I could stay in bed feeding happily and could also move it around the house easily. Having a television and Vcr combined does make it so easy to move around as there is only one lead to plug in and no cables to fuss about with. This Philips 14PV111 was my answer. I chose this one basically because I got it at a local electrical store for the bargain price of £125 – a good investment but I have not been entirely happy as you will find out. So what are its’ credentials? **14” screen **Combined VCR **Easy to set up “Plug in and Play” **Scart socket at the rear **Child lock **Av and headphones sockets at the front **Remote control **Long play option **Handgrip so it is easy to transport around the house **One touch recording **Automatic Head Cleaner **Digital Automatic tracking when you play a video **Built in Mono speaker **Light weight, 11.5kg The television screen is a mere 14” so I would not consider it big enough for a main room but for a bedroom, kitchen or shed I would say it is the ideal size. It is perfect for small ...

Everything that starts with P ... 29/08/2004

An Ode to Erika!!

Everything that starts with P ... I have been telling Erika for months that I will write her a poem on here. The only problem is, I am pants at things like this. She has been such a true friend to me though that I wanted to somehow tell her how much I think of her. So I have taken the plunge and attempted to write her a poem. She's a very special friend. There is a special woman on Ciao Who is quite dear to my heart. She has a heart of gold I tell you But she does act like a fart! She keeps me chatting for hours on end We really have such a good time She makes me laugh and makes me cry On Ciao she really shines Our children we both talk about She keeps my home life sane I can curse all day and all night long But she listens all the same Her husband he is just as mad But such a loving man They wind each other up something rotten But that's only because they can On Ciao we really found our home A fabulous place to stay Room service isn't up to much But we stick around just the same There is a side to Erika A side many just don't see She is so very special Just look and you will see She is such an open person So honest, kind and true She takes time to talk to people And stop you feeling blue Erika is so very free With all her treasured time She always stops to say hello She brightens up things fine I know this certainly isn't A prize winning piece of verse But it really is simply to say Erika thanks for all you have given me In time, friendship and ...

Graco Travel Cot 29/08/2004

I'll cry and i'll cry till you put it away!

Graco Travel Cot I purchased my Graco Travel cot for £55 from a local independent nursery store. I was looking for a travel cot that would be suitable for use as a play pen too. I bought it about a year ago when my daughter was 6 months. I had just moved into a new flat and was trying to make it into a home for me and my daughter. She was just beginning to shuffle on her bottom and I needed somewhere to keep her safe and let her play while I got up with other jobs. My daughter had a indoor swing and whilst this kept her entertained I wanted her to be able to play with her toys safely while I got up with other jobs. I chose the Graco travel cot as I wanted something light weight that I would be able to move around easily and I also needed one that I would be able to open and close with little trouble. The man in the shop demonstrated how to put the cot up and down a couple of times for me to show me how easy it was. I was very impressed so I handed over my £55 and took it home. As I have no car the cot had to fold up small as I had to stick half of it under the buggy and balance my way home. The size of the cot folded is (L)26, (W)26, (H)67cm. It is light weight too coming in at 8.1Kg. The cot is stored in a thin, royal blue fabric bag, with the brand name Graco on it in bold white letter. So I managed to survive my 30 minute trip home and decided to have a go at opening it myself. The fabric bag luckily has a zip that goes from one end to the other so you don’t need to struggle to ...

Labtec Optical Mouse - mouse 29/08/2004

Can You Really Teach An Old Mouse New Tricks?

Labtec Optical Mouse - mouse I bought my computer on a package deal from Tiny computer. I have generally been happy with the computer except for the web cam and mouse, which I have found to not work very well and be unreliable. I found it hard to navigate around the screen with the mouse, as the ball became very unresponsive despite being cleaned on a regular basis. So I decided to buy a new mouse and thought I would try one without a ball and see what everyone has been raving on about. So What Is An Optical Mouse? *^*^*^*^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^ An Optical Mouse runs on a sensor that rests inside the body of the mouse, rather than the classic roller / ball set up we all know and love. The sensor tracks movement of the mouse and translates that movement into signals that the computer understands. Basically the mose take 1500 pictures every second to trace your movement and make it appear more flowwing and less staggered. This results in much faster and sleeker movement and also smooth action. What Makes It Better Than A Mechanical Mouse? *^*^*^*^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^* First and foremost, the Optical Mouse is essentially a digital mouse. Think in terms of the difference between VHS videos and DVDs. Optical technology is faster and superior in quality to mechanical mice, just as DVDs make better movies! Secondly, there are no moving parts inside an optical mouse. The inside needs to be cleaned far less frequently as the sensor and all sensitive components never ...

Boots Natural Collection Cucumber Cooling Eye Gel 29/08/2004

For those with "Ciao" eyes!

Boots Natural Collection Cucumber Cooling Eye Gel I have been using Natural Collection Cucumber and Eye Bright cooling eye gel for about a year now. I bought it as part of a buy two get one free deal in their natural collection and paid around £3 for it. I bought it as we had just bought a computer and I found my eyes were getting sore at night and felt very blurry and itchy. I had trouble sleeping so I tried medicated eye washes, Clinique All About Eyes and then Boots own brand cooling eye gel. I found the medicated washes were just too strong and too uncomfortable for my eyes and Clinique's All About Eyes was more cosmetic then refreshing. The cooling eye gel comes in a 50ml squeezable tube. It is see through so you can see the light green gel inside. On the front there is a picture of a man banging a slice of cucumber as if it were a drum. There are directions for use on the back and a list of ingredients. Boots claim that it will “revive tired eyes… help cool and refresh” and that sold it to me. I love their Natural Collection range as they smell great and have a superior quality with a modest price tag. As you would expect with any product to be used on the eye area it has been thoroughly tested and is safe to use around the eye area, though obviously not on your actually eyes. Also you are to keep out of reach of children. The tube has a flip lid (which clips back in place) and you simply squeeze out a small amount and gently massage in around your eye. The gel comes out fairly thick but not at all ...

What's On TV Magazine 26/08/2004

Let me look and I will reveal all!

What's On TV Magazine "What’s On T.V." has been my preferred TV listings mag for years. I still remember when you didn’t have a selection to choose from and Radio Times had the monopoly on TV. Nowadays we have a huge selection of television magazines to choose from, each aiming at a different market. I don’t think we really watch too much television in our house; we tend to watch more soaps then anything else. This is why "What’s On T.V." suits us down to the ground! It has a great soaps section that gives you sneaky-peaks at upcoming story lines and enough of a taste of what is to come without actually spoiling them. "What’s On T.V." is available to buy on Tuesday of every week, for the week starting on Saturday, for the cracking price of 45p. On the cover it claims to be “value packed” and I've never had reason to doubt this. The magazine stays in the same format each week and it is very easy to follow and find what you want. The cover of "W.O.T" is always bright and full of loads of different soap stories to tempt you in. The main front page picture tends to be from either Coronation Street or Eastenders. The cover tends to be fairly similar to TV Choice which I have bought a few times by mistake. I don't like TV Choice's television layout so I have stayed with "What’s On T.V." When you open the front page you are greeted with a small contents listing and it goes straight into previews of new television programmes to come. The contents column rarely gets used by us as it easy to find ...

Sainsbury's Mixed Fruit Jam, Economy 24/08/2004

It's jam dear, but not as we know it!

Sainsbury's Mixed Fruit Jam, Economy I am a big fan of trying economy versions of various foods as quite often there is no real different in taste and only in the quality of the packaging. The latest product for us to try was Sainsbury’s Low price mixed fruit jam. We have tried quite a lot of Sainsbury’s economy range with mixed results. Their economy range is certainly cheap but often lacking in taste. As with all their economy range you have to search well to find it as it is normally hidden in the dark corner of a shelf while the other more expensive brands try and tempt you. All their economy range is white, blue and red and basically not attractive to the eye. I presume as it is so cheap they do not want to pay someone a lot of money to individually design each packaging label. The jam comes in a glass jar and comes in one size of 454grams at 35p. I have noticed a lot with their economy products that their prices frequently change depending on what their competitors are charging. Right, so the packaging definitely won’t sell it too you and practically has “cheap skate” written all other it. As for the price though it fairs up extremely well compared to other brands. Robertson’s jams or not only more expensive at 99p but they come in a smaller (if not more attractive!) jar and contain only 340g. The jar has a safety button on the top so it is tamper proof. The best before date is clearly marked on the lid and ours is July 2005 so no worries there! The glass is clear so you can see the ...

Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Make-up Remover 22/08/2004

As Gentle as tears!

Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Make-up Remover I have been using Clinique Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup remover since March this year when I got a free sample in one of the gift packs. Clinique offer “bonuses” at certain times of the year so that when you buy any two products you get a selection of samples to try, usually around 8 ranging from lipsticks, perfume, cleansers, toners, anything from their range really. As normal for Clinique their sample size was more than generous at 30ml. The bottle is on sale itself for £11 for 75ml so the sample is a good fiver’s worth so I was very happy. The sample is a miniature version of its bigger brother. It comes in a flip top, highly squeezable plastic tube. The flip lid has a handy indent so you can easily open it without any hassle. The tube itself is see-through green plastic so you know how much is left. It’s really easy to get the exact amount, as when you squeeze the bottle and then release it, any excess is drawn back in to the tube. The lotion itself is bright white and has a very thin, creamy consistency. As with all Clinique products it is fragrance free, though it does keep any natural smells of the ingredients. It smells just like baby lotion which is neither offensive nor intrusive and it is just a gentle smell on the senses. The product has been ophthalmologically tested, meaning that the eye doctors approve! As your eyes are such a sensitive part of your face you need to know that the products you use will not react to your skin. It has also been allergy ...

Bosch WTL6102 17/08/2004

Dry dry baby, baby dry dry!

Bosch WTL6102 I was so pleased to discover that the lady we have rented our flat from left a few items behind for us to borrow while we live here. We now have the pleasure of using a Dyson Hoover and best of all a tumble dryer. This was one of the luxuries I had missed out on in my old flat due to lack of space. Two years ago the tumble dryer was bought for £375 but can now be found for around £250 in independent electrical stores. The tumble dryer can be placed anywhere as instead of working on the principle of steam and having it vented away from the machine it works on condensation. The condensation produced while drying the clothes is stored in a container in the machine and is simply emptied after each cycle. The tumble dryer comes in at 86cm high, 60cm wide and 57cm deep and weighs a whopping 45kg. To use the tumble dryer you simply open the door by pressing the press-release mechanism, place the laundry in the drum, close the door, select your program and press the stop/stop button. As the machine is a condenser dryer you need to ensure that you empty the water container after every use. The container can easily be pulled out and you simply pour it away and replace the container. I have forgotten to empty it before and the dryer stills works the next time. The container can hold up to 3.2L so it is not a huge panic if you forget to empty it. Once the container is full though the dryer turns itself off and an indicator light comes on to tell you to empty the water. To ...

Member Advice on Bottle Feeding 10/08/2004

A story about when I wasn't feeling my BrEaST!

Member Advice on Bottle Feeding I always just presumed I would be able to feed my daughter with my own breast milk. I was lead to believe it was one of the best ways to bond with your child and it was the best start to life you could give them. Well hold on, what if you are unable to breast feed, does that make you a bad mother? People have various reasons why they do not wish to breast feed ranging from wanting to go back to work, feeling very sore and uncomfortable with it, wanting to share the feeding with their partner or, like in my case, trying it and finding out it wasn't working for both my child and me. Kayleigh was born on my birthday. I had been ill in hospital for the week before with very high blood pressure so it was a huge relieve for her to arrive naturally in the World. I was meant to have a caesarean but luckily I gave birth before I could have one, I never like to do as I am told! Kayleigh fed very well the day she was born and then slept peacefully for a few hours. I was so happy to have a baby who slept as, as a single mother, I was scared how well I would cope alone and exhausted. Well day one was the only night Kayleigh slept for more than three hours. She fed about every two hours, night and day. She was never satisfied and would cry between feeds. I seeked the advice of my midwife who told me to persist with breast feeding as it was the "right" thing to do. I was exhausted. I was walking around in tears all the time. My nipples were red raw, and I felt like my body ...

Lush Karma Bath Ballistic 05/08/2004

Karma - you want a load of balls!

Lush Karma Bath Ballistic I have been a fan of bath bombs for years. The amount of different venues you can buy them from and the choice of different "flavours" has hit an all time high. You can now buy bath bombs from about £1 from main highstreet stores, such as Superdrug and Boots. Lush remains my favourite place to buy them from due to their superior quality and hands on approach to selling. Their stores are a little piece of heaven. You are able to smell their products and are welcome to test products such as skin care products. Since moving back to Torquay after finishing university I do not have a local Lush store so Bath Ballistics have become even more of a treat. There are loads of different bath ballistics to choose from and I have many different favourites depending what mood I am in. Some of them I find to be relaxing, others sensual and others give you a huge wake up call. It is a real mood thing, the best idea is to go into the shop on the day you want to use the bath bomb and pick your weapon. Lush karma bath ballistic is, as the name suggests, very calming and relaxing. It is one that I pick when I need to unwind and relax after a long day. It is avaliable in just one size, 200g, for £1.80. At £1.80 it is one of Lush's cheaper bath bombs but this is by no way reflected on the quality of it. The shape of the karma bath bomb is one of the most alluring features of it, along with its irresitable smell of course. It is shaped almost like an orange segment, semi circle in ...

Flash Mark and Stain Eraser 02/08/2004


Flash Mark and Stain Eraser When I first saw the advert for Flash Mark and Stain Eraser I knew I would have to try it. When we moved into our new home we found various stains on the walls which I had tried to remove with soapy water and a little Cif. There were many stubborn stains however that refused to move, such as grubby hand prints, and blackened marks where pictures had been hung on the wall. I looked out for the eraser at our local Sainsburys store. It was very difficult to locate, despite it being on promotion. I think the main problem we had was not knowing how it would be packaged and not expecing it to be in a box. It is in a squarish box, about an inch and a half in depth and about 7 inches squared. It has a see-through window so you can see one of the sponges and has the "Flash" label boldy written in yellow across the centre of the box. You have an example of a crayon picture being removed from the wall by the eraser. I managed to purchase the two pack of sponges for £2 which I thought was a good price. I have seen them around since for between £2 / £3. The sponge itself is about an inch in depth and 3inches by 5 inches. It is creamy white in colour and very light weight, just like a normal sponge. Strangely there is no smell at all to the sponge, I expected a detergenty smell to it. To use the eraser you need to soak it under water and squeeze out the excess. You do not need to wear gloves or avoid breathing in. It is extremely porous and can hold a lot of water. All you ...
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