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Thorntons special toffee original 29/08/2007

Heaven in confectionery form!

Thorntons special toffee original Ahhh, good old Thorntons. Why is it that I just can't walk past their shop without popping in for a calorific splurge? It could well be my love of Vienniese Truffles and Special Toffee, which manage to make my mouth water and teeth ache just thinking about them! Special Toffee is practically a British institution. It's been around for donkey's years (since 1925 to be exact) and yet still remains the same. The packaging may have changed in recent years but the recipe remains the same - sugar, butter and cream, traditionally made in copper pans and as sweet, sticky and filling-pulling chewy as you can get! In my humble opinion the classic Original is the best by far, but if you're hankering for a diferent flavour you can try Treacle, Liquorice, Mint, Banana, Fruit and Nut, Brazil Nut or Milk Chocolate covered varieties, all of which are more than worth the dentists bill! This in itself is a pretty important point...if you have any fillings, crowns or general loose bits in your mouth there is a very real danger that they will be removed mid-chew! This in itself makes for a sadistic family russian-roulette situation as you hand round the bag and watch your relatives wince. If, of course, you hand the bag round in the first place...

Classic Trance Nation - Various Artists 22/07/2007

Trance the night away!

Classic Trance Nation - Various Artists If you've ever found yourself in a hot, sweaty nightclub at midnight with your hands in the air, lost in the thumping bassline and melodic vocals of a trance track, you're gonna love this! Those clever people at Ministry of Sound have put together al collection of trance tunes spanning the past ten years or so, and they've picked some absolute corkers. Three discs of classic offerings to bring those memories flooding back, covered in more detail below...glowsticks optional! So how would you kick off such a collection? Something a few years old, huge at the time and still sounding as good eleven years on perhaps. Step forward Underworld - Born Slippy, the Trainspotting anthem and a great opener for the next 53 tracks. I'll incude the full track listing further down and cherry-pick a few favourites to avoid boring you all to sleep! Disc One's stand out favourites for me include Storm's Time To Burn, Cosmic Gate's Fire Wire, IIO's Rapture, Angelic's It's My Turn (Angelic being Amanda, wife of DJ Judge Jules), an amazing Tiesto remix of Delirium's Silence, and one of my all-time favourite tunes, Sandstorm by Darude. So many memories of Ibiza and a brilliant, high-energy opening full of mainly chart hits and possibly the most recognisable tunes for the average listener. The second disc, although still full of recognisable hits, is a little more obscure and is possibly more familiar to the seasoned dance music fan. Again chock-full of trance anthems, Salvea Mea by ...

The Gospel According to Chris Moyles: The Story of a Man and His Mouth - Chris Moyles 09/07/2007

The ego has landed!

The Gospel According to Chris Moyles: The Story of a Man and His Mouth - Chris Moyles Chris Moyles is one of the very few people that can make me smile very first thing in the morning. As I'm on my way to work, bleary eyed and with the taste of toothpaste still strong in my mouth, his madcap humour and banter with his close-knit team always manages to raise a smile. So when I found out he'd written his autobiography I was naturally very keen to read it, and requested a copy for my birthday to avoid my mum complaining that I never want anything because I've already bought it myself. ---THE BOOK --- Settling down to read it, the first thing that struck me was how many pages were wasted by unnecessarily large chapter headings. I can see why they were done that way - they echo Chris' loud, larger-than-life persona - but they began to really grate after a while. Brilliant way of filling up the book though! Following a short foreword by self-confessed fellow loudmouth Simon Cowell, Moyles dives stright into telling us how to write your own book, making it sound ridiculously easy. He then spends the rest of the book explaining how it may sound easy becoming a world famous DJ but is actually flipping hard work! One of the most refreshing things about this autobiography is that Chris doesn't spend most of it waxing lyrical about his family and the early years of his life, believing it not to be of interst to the reader. He mainly focuses on his discovery of radio, and how he dreamed of some day becoming a DJ on Radio 1. What follws is a ...

This New Day - Embrace 14/05/2007

Another fantastic offering from a fantastic band

This New Day - Embrace After the amazing return to form that was Out Of Nothing, the fifth album from the Brighouse boys doesn't disappoint with it's indie anthems, and a more diverse range of styles. No Use Crying is the perfect opener with it's catchy riffs and singalong chorus - football fans may recognise it from the highlights of Football Focus, used as background music just as the last album's opener, Ashes, was. The pace then slows dramatically with Nature's Law, the band's first release from this album. Lyrics such as "You should never fight your feelings, when your very bones believe them" and a haunting piano melody make this an emotive and moving 21st century ballad. Picking up the tempo again, Target is classic Embrace fare with it's soaring chorus and thumping drums, although like much of this album it is much more simply done than their previous albums. And it works! I couldn't help but sing along to this from the first listen. Sainted seems to be the 'Marmite' of This New Day - you either love it or hate it! This is possibly their most diverse song to date, the guitars still feature heavily but there is a much more electronic influence with it's keyboards and vocoders. Although I love the song, it is one of the album's few weaker points and doesn't quite measure up to the Brillance of the next song, I Can't Come Down. Easily my favourite, I can't Come Down is a haunting ballad of lost love that tugs at the heartstrings like no other - it was the song I had on repeat ...

Jurys Inn Manchester, Manchester 11/05/2007

Basic, clean comfortable accommodation on a budget

Jurys Inn Manchester, Manchester The Jurys Inn is well situated in the centre of Manchester and is ideal for those looking for a clean, comfortable budget hotel. I found the room big enough to not feel cramped, although the bathroom was a little small. Most importantly, the room was clean, all the usual facilites - tea/coffee, phone, hairdryer, etc. - were included and a large window provided plenty of light, although the room was directly opposite an apartment block. The public spaces were bright, clean and well maintained, the staff polite and friendly and the breakfast (included in the price of my room) was self-service, had plenty of choice and was well cooked. Although the accomodation was fairly basic I found the Jurys Inn more than met my requirments and will stay there in future. ...
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