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Hi, My name is Emma, and I'm 33 years old and live my boyfriend and our 3 year old son. Looking forward to writing some review. Always wanted to be a critic!

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since 10/11/2016


Domestos Bleach Pink Power 23/11/2016

Domestos Pink Power Bleach - Goodbye toilet germs!!

Domestos Bleach Pink Power This is a review of Domestos bleach. The variety I have currently is the pink bottle called 'pink power extended germ kill'. The bottle I got is actually the 1000ml variety named 'the big one' instead of the regular 750ml sized bottles. I'm not overly loyal to loo cleaners but Domestos is one of the better known brands and It was on offer for £1.00 for the 1000ml bottle so thought it was good value. Domestos is normally avaliable in most supermarkets. The bottle is your standard toilet bleach sort of bottle. Plastic with the usual curved neck to allow you to aim it under the rim of the loo. The bottle has the all important child safety cap to stop little hands from opening the bottle but I still choose to keep it out of reach of my boy just to be sure. The back of the bottle has a list of instructions and precautions for using the product. It can be used to clean toilets, drains, sinks, floors, work surfaces, and dishcloths/sponges. It can also be used to bleach whites. So its very versitile. I however prefer to use Zoflora for all others places in the home because it smells nicer so I cannot offer an opinion on its ability to clean the other bits around the home. I only use bleach down the loo beacause I prefer to have something thicker than Zoflora so it can cling under the rim so I can leave it to work. Domestos promises that this bleach kills all known germs dead and that the thick bleach formula clings to the loo longer so it carries on killing germs for longer. My son ...

Cats And Dogs (DVD) 18/11/2016

Cats & Dogs - A fun film for young children

Cats And Dogs (DVD) My 3 year old boy has recently got to the age where I can plonk a dvd on and he will sit and watch the film - ideal for when I need to be doing something else without him being under my feet or for when I want to have some cuddles with him. Cats and Dogs was released in cinema in 2001. I would have been 18 or 19 on its release so I certainly didn't go and see it first time round. The film is a PG and stars Jeff Goldblum and a few other actors who I am not so familiar with; Alexander Pollock and Elizabeth Perkins. Tobey Maguire, Alec Bladwin and Sean Hayes provide voices of the animals. The film has a running time of 89 minutes. This review has spoilers so if you don'r want to know the storyline then please don't read on...The film starts out with a dog chasing a cat down the street and the dog chases the cat up a tree. The dog tugs down on the tree branch and lets go and the cat catapaults through a neighbours window and the dog gives chases again causing chaos in this person's house. The cat seemingly has the upper hands tricking the dog to run into a glazed door. Then the dog finds the cat on the road apparently lifeless suggesting it had been run over. The dog all sad walks up to the cat and is all sad when out of the nowhere a van comes swooping up and kidnaps the dog, or catnap as they say in the film. It turns out the dog was the pet of the main family (Jeff Goldblum). Jeff Goldblum plays a scatty scientist; Mr Brody who is trying to invent a potion to prevent man ...

Quorn Mince 11/11/2016

Quorn mince - Not just for vegetarians

Quorn Mince So my first Ciao review! I was umming and awwing what to write about so decided to write about something I last used. I cooked us spag bol for tea tonight and I used Quorn meat free mince. Qourn meat free mince is widely available these days. Gone are the days when finding shops that stocked Quorn products was a task. Even the convenience stores stock it these days. This Quorn mince comes in a standard 300g size bag but I have seen it in a bigger bag with 25% more. Anyway the 300g bag costs around £1.50. Quorn mince is high in protein, a good source of fibre and is low in salt and fat. So its more healthier than your standard beef mince basically so it should have appeal for non veggies too. I use it for spag bol's, lasagna, chilli con carne, fajita, tacos. Its very versitile. The bag is a little bit annoying because it has no seal to stop the bits from leaking in the freezer but nothing a regular clothes peg can't prevent. To cook just pour your desired amount onto the hob pan with some olive oil and cook for 10-15 mins occasionally stirring until it is brown. Just like cooking standard beef mince to be honest. The taste of the Quorn mince by itself is rather bland if I am being honest. If you are cooking a spag bol for example and use just this with some chopped onions, tomatoes and sauce it will probably be a bit bland. I tend to mix beans, nuts, lentils, raisins, etc, in whatever I cook when cooking Quorn mince just to make it a bit more exciting. The texture is ...

Sony Walkman NWZ-E575 16 GB 11/11/2016

Sony 16 GB Walkman - Brilliant MP3 player/FM radio

Sony Walkman NWZ-E575 16 GB This is a review of the Sony Walkman NWZ-E575 16 GB. It cost me £70 from Amazon. I actually originally brought the 8 GB version for £60 but immediately found out this did not store as much music and i desired so i swapped it. The player is about 3 inches long and abut 5mm thick so perfect so putting into your pocket. There are a variety of different colour models from what i remember but i chose the black one because it looked pretty smart. The Walkman is a mp3 player essentially, you plug it in with a link cable to your laptop usb port and it automatically installs itself onto the laptop then you go to the music player on your laptop and rip the music from your files onto the mp3 player. Easy peasy even for me a technology phobe! I have no idea how many albums or songs it holds but i must have well over a hundred albums on there and there is still ample of space for future purchases to be stored on the built in memory. The player quite sturdy. Dropped it once or twice before and no damage to the exterior or the playing fucntion itself. The player is easy to function. There is a little iPOD style button function on the front of the player allowing you go through the menu options easily and chose songs by artis, album or simply by the song title by looking at the fairly large screen on the front. The Walkman also has a built in FM radio which is a nice touch. Its not a digital radio but for £70 that would asking a bit much i guess haha. All in all the FM radio is great ...

Exeter in General 10/11/2016

Exeter - My home town

Exeter in General So Exeter. i moved here about 8 years ago for my graduate job and am now settled here with my boyfriend and our 3 year old boy. Exeter is a city in the South West of England, about 80 miles from Bristol and 40 miles from Plymouth, set in between Dartmoor and Exmoor and about ten miles from the coast. This is one of the first good points about Exeter. Its brilliantly located close to National Parks and beaches. The city has brilliant transport links; it has the M5, an international airport, and two mainline railway lines to London. The airport is international but don't expect long haul destinations like Australia or Los Angeles obviously. Its mainly European destinations. There are good railway branchlines to the beaches to Torbay, Exmouth and also to Barnstaple in North Devon. I find the train the best way to get about because the roads can be quite a nightmare in the city sometimes. Being a medeval city the old narrow roads don't make good for modern day rush hour. If you're travelling to Exeter for the day I would recommend getting the train or using one of the park and ride sites. The city centre is pleasent. Its a cathedral city with some old buidlings but don't expect a York or Bath. Exeter got blitzed big time during the war and a lot of the historic city centre was sadly flattened. Its been rebuilt in a modern style. The city does still retain lots of interesting Tudor houses, medeval churches, Georgian terraces, etc. There is also a medeval castle (the last place ...
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