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Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner 26/11/2015

Lovely eyeliner

Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner I don't wear much make up but when I do I try and make my eyes quite bold as I wear glasses and feel that generally takes away from the look of my eye make up. I bought this eye liner from Avon as when I was an Avon representative it was an excellent seller so I believed it would be a great product. The product is only available from Avon either direct from their website where there is a delivery charge or from an Avon representative with free delivery. I bought the eye liner for £3 which was half price as they usually sell at £6, I never buy anything from Avon full price as their products always come on offer so regularly I would see it as a waste of money. There are currently comes in 5 different shades, blackest black, Majestic Plum, Starry Night Blue, Cosmic Brown and Saturn Grey. I personally only ever wear black so selected the Blackest Black version. The eye liner came packaged in a shiny black cardboard box which was very simple packaging, inside there was the product and I placed the box in the recycling. The eye liner is like a pencil but it is made of black plastic with a lid over the end of it to cover the nib of it to keep it clean when not in use. To use the eye liner you simply need to remove the lid which just pulls off and then using the nib underneath apply to the eye lids as you choose, I personally just use eyeliner on my bottom lid and slightly on my upper lid just in the outer corners. I find the eye liner is very easy to use and no pressure is ...

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera 23/11/2015

Soft nice smelling lips

Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera Vaseline has been as long as I can remember and I have never really bothered with it until I used one my daughter had been bought and decided I quite liked it so bought myself an Aloe Vera one. The Vaseline tins come in 4 varieties, original, Aloe Vera, Rosy lips and Cocoa Butter and they vary in price, in discount style stores you can often pick them up at £1 a tin but supermarkets tend to be around the £2 mark. The product comes in a small metal tin which is circular in shape and made up of white and green, the tin is very simple and just has the name of the product and the variety on the top of it. The tin is about 4cms in diameter and the lid pops on and off, I was surprised to find that the tin wasn't sealed in any way but it isn't too much of an issue as you would be able to tell if any had been used or even if any little fingers had been messing about with it. The list of ingredients in the product are, Petrolatum Aroma Isopropyl Myristate Aloe Barbadensis Citral Citronellol Eugenol limonene linalool. On opening the tin you are greeted with a lovely smell, I have always loved the smell of Aloe Vera and wasn't disappointed with this. To apply you simply need to rub your finger across the top of the product and it sort of clings to your finger so not much force is needed then use your finger to smooth across your lips. I find the product really does moisturise my lips and prevents me from biting at them when they are chapped however I find that my lips feel quite ...

Avon Senses Mystique shower gel 22/11/2015

Nice but there's nicer in the range

Avon Senses Mystique shower gel I love things that smell fruity and girly and have a cupboard full of shower gels yet if I see them on offer I will always buy more, the senses range which is one of my favourites is from Avon. You can buy the shower gel from Avon's website or from one of their representatives and a 500ml bottle usually costs £3. The shower gels often end up on offer so that is when I buy them as I don't see the point in paying more. Avon had these shower gels along with a few other products on offer at 5 for £5 so I stocked up as of course that made it £1 per bottle which I think is a decent price. The product comes in a see through plastic bottle with a bright pink flip top lid on it, as the bottle is see through you can see the bright pink product inside and I love the vivid colour. The shower gel is described as sensual and romantic, I personally think it is a very floral scent and feel that I can smell roses in it. To use the product simply open the flip top lid which is pretty stiff to start with and squeeze a blob of the product into the palm of your hand, the product is pretty thick so the bottle does need a squeezed to dispense it. The product needs to be lathered up either directly onto wet skin or using a sponge or shower puff, I personally use a shower puff as it exfoliates the skin but also seems to make shower gel last longer. The shower gel lathers up really nicely and I only need about a 10p sized blob to wash my whole body and even then there is plenty of lather left in ...

Avon Senses Tropics Shower Gel 22/11/2015

Gorgeous but not long lasting

Avon Senses Tropics Shower Gel I really love the senses range from Avon and I always make sure I stock up when it is on offer, I really love nicely scented things and I will often change my shower gels when I get fed up of the same scent meaning I have a cupboard full of half bottles. The senses range is one of Avon's own so you can only buy it directly from their website or from one of their representatives, you should be aware there is a delivery charge on the website unless you spend over £20. The senses shower gels come in 2 sizes, there is a 250ml bottle for £2 and a £500ml bottle for £3, this fragrance seems to have been discontinued at present however they do seem to be rereleased every now and again and I certainly hope this one is. I love all the bright colours and smells of the senses range and the Tropics option is no different, it comes in a clear sleek bottle so you can see the lime green shower gel inside. On the front of the bottle it states that it is stimulating and exotic which sounds nice to me! On the back of the bottle you have the directions for use although they are simply "lather and rinse." The product inside is dispensed through the lime green flip top lid which opens from the side and reveals a largish hole in the top, the smell to me is really fruity and certainly has the scent of citrus fruits involved. The liquid is nice and thick so you don't need to use much, it does lather up well especially on a shower puff which is how I use it and not much is required, the shower gel ...

Radox Eastern Spirit Bath Soak 18/11/2015

Smells lovely

Radox Eastern Spirit Bath Soak I don't tend to have a bath as I prefer a quick shower more for the fact of washing long hair in the bath I find a nightmare. When I do have a bath I generally use Badedas or Radox and this is one of my more recent purchases. You can buy this product in supermarkets, chemists and even discount stores although this one is more of a rarer find in the discount style stores. The product sells at £1.90 for a 500ml bottle however they often seem to go on offer at either a straight £1 or buy 3 for £3 so I never pay the full price just stock up on them when they're on offer. The product comes in a tall square shaped plastic bottle which has a pink screw top lid on it, on the front of the bottle you have a picture of what makes me think of Japan with a little hut shadowed in the background and then a large flower pictured in the forefront. As the bottle is see through you can see the liquid inside which is a sort of orangey pink colour and really lovely, it states that the fragrance is oriental lotus flower and orange blossom. The bath foam smells really sweet and very fruity and I think it is really nice but I would expect some people may find it too sickly, the scent of it fills the whole house. To use the product you simply need to unscrew the lid and pour under warm running water to create wonderful bubbles, the product is pretty thick and needs a little squeeze to come out of the bottle. You don't need much of the product to produce a bath full of bubbles and the bubbles ...

Asda George Disney Princess Follow Your Heart Backpack 11/11/2015

A super bag

Asda George Disney Princess Follow Your Heart Backpack My grandma treat my daughter to a new bag to use for swimming and she picked this one from Asda, I haven't seen the bag anywhere else so presume it is one of the Disney range that is only available there. The bag cost £8 which seemed to be about an average price for a character bag in the shop, it has ended up becoming her school bag as her character school bag that I bought in a cheaper store broke so I guess you really do get what you pay for. The bag is a nice big size, it holds a A4 ringbinder which she doesn't need just yet but she is getting older and needs to fit more and more in there. We have found we are able to get her drinks bottle, numerous school books, a reading book and a packed lunch bag all in it with space to spare. The bag is about 5 inches wide when fully expanded which helps with there being plenty of space. There are two netter areas on either side of the backpack which have elasticated tops and look like they are meant for putting drinks bottles in but we don't use them as I feel they would break quite easily. There are also to pockets on the front of the bag, one has the outlines of Cinderella and some princess bits and then the bottom one has a picture on it of Belle, Cinderella and Ariel. The pockets are ideal, my daughter has a sensory chew necklace so this stays in the top pocket so she always has it but is remains as hygienic as we can as I can just give the pocket a rub out. The bottom pocket is big enough to hold an A5 book so is helpful as ...

Avon Senses Reflection Shower Gel 11/11/2015

Lovely smell

Avon Senses Reflection Shower Gel I really like the varieties of the Avon senses range that I had already tried so when I came across as offer a couple of months ago for 5 x 250ml bottles of shower gel for £5 I decided to stock up and try this variety which I had never had before. The senses range is one of Avon's own so you can only buy either directly from the website or from one of their representatives, if you buy online there is a delivery charge unless you spend over £20 which of course can cancel out any bargains you buy. I never buy any Avon products at full price as if you wait long enough you will get a better price as you will find they come on offer very regularly. The shower gel comes in a soft plastic see through bottle and is available in the 250ml size for £2 or a 500ml bottle for £3 which of course works out at better value. The bottle has a purple flip top lid on it which can be a bit stiff to begin with but soon loosens off with use, you can see the product inside the bottle which is a lovely lilac colour which I find really pretty. On the front of the bottle there is a water scene with a reflection in the water, it is all kept in keeping with the colour of the product which I find really attractive. To use the product simply flip open the bottle and give a squeeze to get the thick product from inside the bottle, the description of the shower gel is "oriental orchid and raspberry and it certainly very fruity. The product lathers up really well especially when used with a shower puff so ...

Fairy Fabric Conditioner 10/11/2015

Decent but not the best

Fairy Fabric Conditioner I would never usually buy this fabric conditioner however it was on offer at about half price and I had a voucher for £1 off too which made it a decent buy. The conditioner can be bought in all supermarkets and as far as I have seen doesn't go on offer any where near the number of times the other brands do. The product comes in 3different sizes, a 750ml bottle for £2, a 1.4 litre bottle which costs £3 and a 2.9 litre bottle for £6.50 so the bigger bottles are better value. The product comes in a see through plastic bottle with a white screw top lid on it which is also used for dosing your machine. On the front of the bottle there is the usual baby symbol for Fairy and the information that every time you buy one bottle the company pay for 1 vaccine for new born tetanus. On the side you have ingredient information, company information, warnings and the dosage information then on the back you are told that it is hypoallergenic so suitable for new born babies. The bottle is easy to twist open and then the liquid inside is runny and white in colour, I don't really think it has a wonderful smell just really smells a little bit soap and clean where as I prefer a fruity or floral scent. To use the product simply pour the correct amount in your machine, you are told for one feather of softness use 35mls or 2/3s of a cap and for 2 feathers of softness use a full 55ml cap, why it is measured in feathers I don't know. The liquid works well and the clothes are left soft after the ...

Daisy Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Lilac 10/11/2015

Not great

Daisy Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Lilac I am willing to try the cheaper brands of products however I do prefer the premium brands of fabric conditioner but am only willing to buy it when it is on offer, a few months ago whilst in Tesco I found that none of the better brands were on offer and so bought this one of Tesco's own. The product is part of the Daisy range which as far as I am aware is only available from Tesco, you can buy the product instore or online and it costs around a pound for a litre bottle which is great value. The product comes in a see through bottle with a screw top lid on it, the lid is lilac in colour and the product inside the bottle is also lilac which to me is really pretty as it is a colour I love although sitting under my sink it doesn't exactly matter what colour it is. On the front of the bottle there is a label with a daisy pictured and the name of the product and then on the back of the bottle you get the usual warnings such as keeping away from children and then the directions for using the product. To use the product simply untwist the top and then pour the liquid into the top to get the correct dose for your wash, the product smells really flowery and you need to control your pouring well as it is really runny which means it can very easily end up pouring over the top. Once my washing was washed and dried I found that the majority of my washing felt soft however thicker items such as towels were left pretty rough. The scent of the product can be smelt when getting the washing ...

Persil Small and Mighty Bio 09/11/2015


Persil Small and Mighty Bio I would say that the majority of shops own washing liquids are about a 4 star rating in my opinion but I like my clothes to feel completely clean and I have found so far that this only comes from branded products. I have 2 favourites and that is surf and Persil although I did see on the channel 4 programme Superscrimpers that apparently Aldi's version was rated better than these but I have yet to try that. The product is available in supermarkets or you can buy it online, there are 2 different sizes in the product a 28 wash 1 litre bottle which costs £6.50 or a 1890ml 54 wash bottle which is normally £10.50 however this product can often be found on offer and I buy when it is, I aim for 10p per wash and no more. The product comes in 3 different varieties, biological, non- biological and colours, I never bother with colours as I am not paying out for separate whites and colours detergents. The bottles are mainly white in colour but have brightly coloured lids and a bit of colour on the labels, you have the usual information on the bottles about all the things the product promises and how to use it along with warnings such as keep away from children and a list of ingredients. To use the product you simply unscrew the cap and dose it with the correct amount, most recently I have found they have included a plastic dosing ball over the top of the bottle however it is a tight fit on the bottle and I never use more than a 35ml capful so don't bother using it. The instructions ...

Nicky Elite Toilet Tissue 08/11/2015


Nicky Elite Toilet Tissue My husband has crohn's disease and due to this uses the toilet a lot so he insists on having decent toilet roll, I had heard how good this one was so decided we would give it a try and see what his lordship thought of it. I buy the product I my local Farmfoods and it costs £2.50 pack of 9 rolls or 2 packs for £4 making them £2 for 9 rolls which I think is great value. The toilet rolls are packaged in a plastic package just like other toilet rolls come in, there are a couple of colour variations but the toilet rolls themselves are all white in colour and then have a criss cross over them in orange, blue or pink. The toilet rolls are easy enough to open and when I first got one out I thought it felt plenty soft enough to keep the other half happy, each roll is 3 ply, has 170 sheets and has a layer of lotion incorporated into the toilet roll for added softness. The toilet roll is very firm but it flushes away easily and doesn't clog the toilet even when my 6 year old uses too much of it. The toilet rolls are pretty easy to start off even thought the end is stuck down, the tissue is really soft and doesn't tear at all and all 3 sheets stay firmly together. I found the toilet roll nice and soft when in use and was really impressed but of course I had to wait for hubbys verdict to know if I could buy it again, luckily hubby does agree with me on this and he says it is easily as soft as the more expensive brands and his usual favourite is Andrex. I would give this 5 stars as ...

BakerRoss Craft-It Dotty Art Sticker Kit 08/11/2015

Going dotty

BakerRoss Craft-It Dotty Art Sticker Kit I was looking for inspiration for my daughters 5th birthday, she had asked for crafts so I was just going through websites seeing what crafts were available and I came across these on the Tesco. Tesco don't only sell their own products anymore but have links to other stores too such as The Entertainer making it easier for customer to find what they want. The set cost £5 and I had it delivered direct to store which didn't cost me anything. The set came packaged in a see through plastic packet which stated there were 8 pictures and that the set was not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts. The set opened at the bottom with a pull back flap which is resealable at least it is as long as the stickiness lasts out. Inside the packet there were 8 pictures as promised which are a car, a boat, a fish, an octopus, a butterfly with flowers, a bumble bee, a dolphin and a giraffe. There are then 15 strips of coloured sticky dots 3 sheets each of 5 colours which are pink, orange, blue, yellow and green. The pictures to complete are all very child like pictures so the giraffe has a very cute face and the car has very simple detailing. Each of the pictures is on black paper with lots of blank white circles making up the outlines of the pictures. The pictures are all on a decent thickness of paper and they have a funny smooth feel to them which makes it feel like they won't rip easily but I am not trying out my theory. The sticker sheets have stickers on them of 3 ...

Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant 06/11/2015

Love it

Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant I had heard of Zoflora and thought it was a stinky product that old people used until I did a shift cleaning at work and found that it was actually what is used there and it is a fantastic cleaning product. You can buy Zoflora in supermarkets, convenience stores and discount style stores so it is not hard to come by, you can buy a number of different fragrances now. There is bouquet, lavender, a citrus one which was only available in the bigger size at my supermarket, linen fresh. The small 120ml bottle costs £1.33 and the larger 250ml bottle costs £2.65. If you are really lucky the discount stores seem to get bulks in every so often and sell it at 69p needless to say I stock up then! The product comes packaged inside a small plastic bottle which is then packaged inside a box, on the front of the box you are told it is 3 in 1 that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, eliminates odours and gives all day freshness. You also have a list of ingredients on the box along with a list of warnings and instructions on how to use the product. To use the product you need to mix it in a 1 to 40 concentration, a capful which is the recommended dose for the 1 is 10mls so a bottle makes up a massive amount and lasts ages. You can use the product neat is required but I have never used it this way, the product is safe to use where pets are but only if they don't walk on it whilst it is wet. I personally bought the bouquet version originally of this and on opening the bottle it smelt very ...

Domestos Bleach Original Blue 05/11/2015

Fantastic Cleaner

Domestos Bleach Original Blue I don't really use a lot of bleach as I think it is generally too harsh however I do really like using bleach when cleaning the toilet as I feel it is really the only thing to give a really hygienic clean and we all know what germs end up in the toilet. I also like to use bleach when giving my dogs cage a full clean although of course it needs to be diluted for this purpose and rinsed thoroughly to prevent the dogs digesting it by licking the cage floor. I am not too fussy over which bleach I use but do always go for whichever branded one is the best price as this is one of a handful of products that I feel the supermarket version is not as good. Domestos is available in a 750ml bottle or a 2 litre bottle and you can buy it in original, citrus, lime, ocean and sunfresh although to me no matter which one you buy they just smell of bleach. The 750ml bottle generally costs £1.75 and a 2 litre bottle costs £3 but I have only ever seen that size in the original, I tend to stock up on this bleach when Asda have their cleaning events as it is generally 2 for £2. The product comes in a hard plastic bottle with a screw top child safe lid on it which hides a spout underneath making it easy to direct the product where you need it to be. The bottles are coloured depending on what fragrance you buy and they have the name of the product and fragrance on the front, on the back you have a list of warnings and ingredients. To use the bleach you should always wear gloves as it is harsh, I ...

Specsavers Opticians (Shop) 03/11/2015

Tesco are better

Specsavers Opticians (Shop) I have been wearing glasses from my later teenage years and use to always use Specsavers, I have 2 local branches to me so found them convenient and the best with the prices that was until Tesco opened an opticians. Our nearest branch is Stockton on Tees in the main shopping centre, there is no free parking so you have to pay to park. The shop is a bit cramped it really seems that they need bigger premises for what they are trying to get in there. The downstairs is for certain tests, paying, choosing your glasses and fittings and then upstairs you have the examinations rooms, if you are disabled you can have your eyes tested downstairs however they don't allow you to use the downstairs room if you have a pushchair with you. Although the staff will help you to carry your pushchair upstairs I really think the set out is inappropriate, I personally have a bad back and carrying a child in a pushchair hurts my back and besides that my youngest daughter used to be scared if she was carried in the pushchair. Once upstairs you book in and take a seat, you are then called for preliminary tests which is in a very small area and if you have a child with you they cannot even get in with you. The staff will take your glasses and test them to make sure they have the correct prescription on file for you which I think is good. Once you have finished these tests you take a seat again and wait, the waiting time is generally rubbish as our store is always running behind no matter what time ...
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