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Cadbury Caramel 01/07/2002


Cadbury Caramel If there is one thing i absolutely love more than a chocolate bar,it's a chocolate bar containing Caramel!.Unfortunately i don't get to have chocolate very often because eating it results in excruciating tooth pain,well,if i chew the choccy it does but i have found a simple solution to my problem,i suck it!(Minds out of the gutter please!),This is where the Caramel bar comes into play. Caramel,made by Cadburys is a milk chocolate bar with a delicious caramel filling,not chewy caramel(Unless you refrigerate the bar),soft,smooth,creamy,flowing caramel that drips over your tongue with each naughty mouthful,yummy. I have always had a love for the caramel but on a visit to my new Asda-Wal-Mart supermarket,i came across a special offer on it which was a six bar multi pack for 99p,i think the singles usually retail at around 30p per bar so i thought "Why not?",so i happily dropped them in my shopping trolley and snarled viciously every time either of my children dared take a glance at them (They're mine!). The bar itself weighs in at 50g and comes in a pretty yellow wrapper with elegant purple writing,it's very easy to open as it has the zig zag(i think its called crimping)cuts at either end of the bar for simple tearing.You get six segments all filled with delicious caramel.Now as i said before,i have to suck the chocolate to get to the caramel which,if you think about it,isn't a chore,it's a pleasure.The chocolate tasted fantastic(As always)and melted ever so softly in my ...

James Wellbeloved 13/06/2002

If you have a problem with your dog farting.

James Wellbeloved I am the proud owner of 2 rather large Boxer dogs,Jake who is 3 years old and Bala(Jakes daughter)who will be two years old in August.Now over the years i have had many battles with my dogs when it comes to feeding,if anyone reading this has a Boxer you will know that these are not the easiest breed to deal with where meal times are concerned.My dogs prefer wet canned food over dry but this leaves me with a very difficult problem,"What's that?" i hear you ask.,GAS!!,if i feed my dogs can food i have to suffer the whole evening,having to hold my nose and put up with those all too familiar pumping noises(ERGH).When Jake and Bala have canned food they bloody stink!!.But trying to resolve this problem by using dry dog food would result in my dogs turning their noses up at it and not eating for days in sheer protest. My dogs(Being boxers) tend to be very boisterous and never sit still so they also have a tendency to bring up food a few minutes after eating it,if they are running around in excitement playing with each other.On one of my many visits to 'Pets at home' i came across the James Wellbeloved range of dry dog food,the flavour was Lamb and Rice kibble.Reading the bag i noticed that it was a complete pet food and claimed the following.. -Hypo allergenic,no unhealthy additives No wheat or wheat gluten. No beef or pork,just lamb. No soya or cheap fillers. No added artificial colours,flavours or preservatives. *INGREDIENTS* Rice,lamb meat meal,ground ... 13/06/2002

A lovely little free email I have had my Hotmail Email account for two years now,infact i have 2 accounts.I've always been quite pleased with the level of service and speed of arrival of incoming mail.I only really have one gripe about Hotmail which led me to my decision to open another account.When i opened my first account i was very much an 'Internet virgin',i really had no knowledge online and i had to learn as i went so i used the very simple and easy to remember username/email address of 'Emma23' DOH!.I soon found out what a huge mistake this had been when i was receiving all manner of spam including Porn links,Weight loss ads,book club offers,VIAGRA!(Do i look like a bloke?) and other crap on a daily basis which accounted for about 90% of the space i had.I was receiving about 90 spam Emails per day and it was of course all because of my simple to figure out Email address.OK, i'll now get down to the features of this FREE service. Hotmail is by far one of the best email service's around and it has quite well extended user options including.. INBOX This is where you will receive all your emails,it is simple to use,all you do is click once on the email to view and read it.Here you have many options after reading the said email,you can forward the email onto a friend,reply to the email,delete the email or put it into another folder.All these options have a simple easy to click button above the Email message. COMPOSE Composing(Writing) an email is very simple indeed.Here you also have ...

Aquarian Goldfish Food 13/06/2002

Here fishy fishy

Aquarian Goldfish Food As some of you will know from reading my profile i have a 2 foot tank containing 11 fancy coldwater Goldfish.Over the 5 months that i have kept these interesting little creatures i have shopped around for many different brands of coldwater fish food trying to find one that my fish actually liked.All too often i have forked out X amount of pounds only to find that my fish either got sick or went off it only a few days later.There are many places i visit on the weekends that stock the kind of fish,food and the usual accessories needed to keep an aquarium,e.g Pets at home,World of water and the like but its a very expensive hobby in my opinion so i find it quite frustrating having a cupboard full of fish food that i can't do anything with as none of my friends or family keep fish themselves so i'm unable to palm these unwanted items off on them. A few weeks ago i visited World of water in nearby Timperley village,hunting yet again for a flaked food that my goldfish would be content to stick with.Scanning the shelves with my eyes i noticed a very attractive plastic jar with a photo of very lovely looking goldfish on the front.The food in question was named 'AQUARIAN Goldfish Flakes',as i read the back of the jar i noticed that this food was made by Waltham,which happen to be the same makers of many other trusted pet foods such as Whiskers and Pedigree,so as i trusted this company greatly anyway i decided "Why not?" and i happily trotted off to the till to make my ...

Diet Coke With Lemon 13/06/2002


Diet Coke With Lemon I was adamant i wasn't going to pen another opinion for at least another week but yet again,i found myself unable to keep this promise as i enjoy writing too much.When i try a product that is new to me i just have to write about it and this latest offering about Coca Cola is indeed in my view something that needs writing about.OK,without getting boring i'm going to start by trying to give you a brief history of the soft drink giant as i feel that if i were reading this review instead of writing it,this information would be something that i would find helpful and also something that gave structure to the opinion. *************** ******* Coca Cola was born on May 8,1876.Back in the day of it's birth it was intended to be used as a brain and nerve tonic and in it's first year it made around 50 dollars which was a little disappointing as the advertising costs amounted to $74.Coca Cola's ingredients have certainly changed over the years,it's original form contained two very strong stimulants which were coca leaves and African kola nut(Hence the name). Dr. John Stith Pemberton who invented the concoction soon realized the potential of the Coca Cola tonic when customers remarked on it's fantastic taste after mixing it with soda water and soon after,the real Coke that we know and love was REALLY born. *************** ******* I'd never ever tried Diet coke in my life until last night,i usually opt for the regular brand but as my local shop were out of it i decided ...

Do you believe in life after death? 13/06/2002


Do you believe in life after death? From photographs of ghosts and TV shows to Doris Stokes books i've watched and read about this subject for many years and even more so since my mother passed away two years ago.The one thing i have never done though is been to any spiritualist meetings or visited a psychic,mainly due to the fact that i couldn't stand the though of being lied to or being disappointed because the medium wasn't able to tell me anything.Despite all this i DO believe in the paranormal and after life even though i am fully aware that there are fraudsters out there that claim to be able to communicate with the dead for the sole purpose of making a quick and large profit. *********** WHY ? ********* Well,the main reason for my belief in the after life is because it is a great comfort to think that one day,when my eyes close for the last time,i will float away on a great big cloud to Heaven where i will be able to join all my loved ones who passed before me and live on for eternity why else ? i mean who the hell in their right mind would want to believe in a great big nothing ? live you die and that's it! there's no point in that,why the hell am i here then... ? what's my purpose ?....,I'd rather believe that i can go on and live another life,after all it is my right and if im wrong i won't bloody know anyway will i ? LOL. ***** Mediums,Psychics & Spiritualism ****** OK,these people will always be a mystery,they claim they can see,talk to and be taken over by spirits, well a ...

Everything that starts with U ... 10/06/2002

Under age and without a clue.

Everything that starts with U ... I was 22 in February just gone and i have 2 children,Liam who is 7 in 3 weeks and Callum who was 3 also in February just gone.if you do your maths you will work out that i was 14 when i fell pregnant with liam.Life for me hasn't been easy but as my mother used to say "You've made your bed,and now you'll lie in it!". Life for me was very different 8 years ago,i was a regular school girl in her uniform,playing out with friends with not a care in the world,until i met Craig.Craig was 18 and i was 13,initially i lied about my age and told him i was 16,i could get away with this because i looked much older than 13.At first things were great,we spent time together,talked and went places.One day i got a knock at my door saying that Craig had been in a motorbike accident,he was ok but he was being treated for cuts and bruises,his friend explained that Craig had actually stole the Motorbike and was being chased by the Police at the time of the crash,i couldn't believe this,the love of my life was a thief!,i couldn't understand the reasons behind him stealing other peoples property but the pieces of the puzzle soon came together when a few days later when he was out on bail he confessed to being a Heroin addict. Being only 13 i had no real knowlege of drugs or what they did to people,especially Heroin.We carried on seeing each other and Heroin became a part of my daily life,the ups the downs,the mood swings that Craig had,the cold sweats a shaking that overcame him when he had ...

Argentina (National Team 2002) 07/06/2002

Argentine devils

Argentina (National Team 2002) As i wrote a review on Hernan Jorge Crespo the other day and the fact that the main event of today is the England v Argentina World Cup clash i felt compelled(For those who need it)to give you information on and an insight into the Argentine squad and the players that will be representing them on the pitch.For me this competition is a very exciting time indeed. In my opinion Argentina are favorites to win the World Cup and although i hope England can steal the show the argies are a good enough second choice as i'm a great admirer of the squad and the players within.Unfortunately,although the team is made up from some of best footballing talent any nation could ever hope to have they are a bunch of dirty,cheating sods(I have a way with words don't i ?),as the likes of Diego Simeone showed in the last world cup when he and a few of his Argentine team mates singled out poor David Beckham and proceeded to hound him on the pitch with bad tackles and snide tactics hoping for a reaction from the talented midfielder which they eventually received after yet another harsh tackle from Simeone which resulted in Beckham lashing out with a kick and getting sent off in disgrace,England went out out of the World Cup in this match and poor Beckham got all the blame for sending us home without glory.The Argentines have always played the game dirty,it doesn't just apply in the case of Beckham,take for instance the 'Hand of god' that is Diego Maradona (What is it with cheating and players ...

Hernan Crespo 06/06/2002


Hernan Crespo **A STAR IS BORN** Hernan Jorge Crespo was born on 5.7.75 in Florida (Argentina).He started his professional career at River Plate in the early 90's.He made his debut as a substitute player in 1993 scoring 13 goals in 25 appearances in his first season,in his second season he managed 5 in 18 games and 6 in 19 in his 3rd.Italian serie A Parma kept a close eye on the young forward and realizing his talent and star potential they purchased the baby faced Argentinian half way through the 96 season with fabulous results.Hernan revealed his true quality at Parma and in his 4 seasons with them he gained notoriety with his ability to predict where the ball would land and to be there when it did so that he could bang it in the back of the net and bring victory to his team.51 goals in 126 Serie A appearances at Parma. ***THE WORLD NOTICES**** By this time Lazio had taken a keen interest in the 27 year old and were desperate to put pen to paper.Manager Sven-Goran Eriksson sealed the Argentineans signature with a transfer valued around £37m(Also involving the part exchange of another player) bringing the pacey goal machine to Lazio and he didn't disappoint either,in his first season with the Serie A giants Hernan Jorge scored a massive 26 goals in 32 appearances,making him the leading goal scorer in the serie A league,thus becoming a star,houshold name and not to mention gaining a fearsome reputation for his goal scoring ability that sent shivers down the spines of rival ...

10 Most Embarassing Moments 31/05/2002


10 Most Embarassing Moments I just had to write an opinion in this section because although i'm only 22 years old i've had my fair share of moments when i felt like a complete ass and also CheekyChicken (Mel) in a way dared me to (You asked for it heh heh).Most of my embarassing BUT FUNNY moments happened in my early teens,when being cool,popular,boys,fags and booze were the only things that mattered to me and although i thought i was big and clever,in reality i was just showing myself up. OK,my first story takes me back to the age of 13 when hanging around on street corners with all my mates and all those fit older lads that my parents warned me to stay away from was what i did almost every night.Well one particular night there was a gang of us hanging around at the side of this street that was about 100 yards from my house.I was with my boyfriend of the time and as teenagers do we were stood against the wall snogging each others faces off,we were there quite a while and the rest of my friends were just stood about talking.Out of the corner of my eye i noticed a Taxi slowly drive past but didn't really pay much attention as i was busy having my tonsils tickled at the time.A few seconds later i heard this very familiar voice yelling "EMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!",i turned around and all i could see was my mum stomping as fast as she could towards me with the meanest look in her eye that i had ever seen,well that was it! my arse hit the floor with terror and i just thought "oh sod this" and started running ...

Everything that starts with P ... 30/05/2002

Could you get me a magnifying glass please

Everything that starts with P ... I just know im gonna get so much stick from the male members of Ciao for doing this one but i just couldn't help myself..IM SORRY IM SORRY (pouts in a cute and cuddly way),i found these on a website and i just laughed my ass off.All you men out there that think im some sort of feminist man basher,believe me when i say this..I LOVE MEN!,(batts eyelashes sweetly)men are fabulous in every way and oh so adorable.This is simply for humourous purposes.I hope you enjoy these and can have a wee giggle,there were 70 but i had to remove a few as they were abit too graphic for a site such as Ciao. Things not to say to a man with a small errr Penny whistle. 1. I've smoked fatter Cigs than that. 2. Ahh, it's cute. 3. I'm sorry. 4. Never mind, why bother. 5. Who circumcised you? 6. Why don't we just cuddle? 7. You know they have surgery to fix that. 8. It's more fun to look at. 9. Make it dance. 10. You know, there's a tower in Italy like that. 11. Can I paint a smiley face on that? 12. It looks like a nightcrawler. 13. Wow, and your feet are so big. 14. My last boyfriend was 4" bigger. 15. It's OK, we'll work around it. 16. Is this a mild or a spicy Slim Jim? 17. Eww, there's an inch worm on your thigh. 18. Will it squeak if I squeeze it? 19. Oh no, a flash headache. 20. (giggle and point) 21. Can I be honest with you? 23. Let me go get my tweezers. 24. How sweet, you brought incense. 25. This explains your car. 26. You must be a growing boy. 27. Maybe if ...

Everything that starts with R ... 29/05/2002

If you think it's romantic..think again.

Everything that starts with R ... I know what you must be thinking,your thinking "Didn't Emma do Chatup lines yesterday?"...well you'd be right..i did..BUT i thought i'd do some for the "Jack and Vera Duckworths" of this world that have spent many a moon arguing and fussing and insulting each other.If you think im being rather repetative then just think how repetative and boring a marriage would be if you didn't take the piss out of your significant other every once in a while....Enjoy them after all,it's just abit of fun. Am I lost? I thought paradise was further south. Yes, you should have turned left at the roundabout, then take the second right. You can't miss it. Am I the first person who has ever tried to seduce you? You could be - your face looks familiar. Am I the light of your life? No, you're far too dim. Am I your dream come true? I don't know yet. Go and stand in the road with your eyes closed, and we'll see. Are your legs tired? You've been running through my mind all day. Yeh - I was looking for a brain cell. Can I have directions? To where? To your heart. Can you tell me the time, because I want to make a note of the moment we first met? I'll give it to you twice, because it's also the moment we split up. Didn't we meet in a past life? Yes, and I wouldn't shag you then, either. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past you again? Get yourself some sturdy walking boots. Do you believe in love at first sight? No. We could make ...

Everything that starts with C ... 28/05/2002

Cliche chat up lines and their put downs.

Everything that starts with C ... I have had these on my home page for quite a while now and whenever i look at them they always make me chuckle.I decided to put these on Ciao for you all to read incase you ever find yourself in a bar or club with some no hoper trying with all his might to chat you up with the crapiest chat up lines ever.I think these may be of some use to you. here goes..... Are you free tomorrow night? No, but I'm on special offer the day after. Are you separated? No, it's just the way I walk. Can I buy you a drink? I would think so - why don't you ask the barman? Can I buy you a drink? I'd rather just have the cash. Can I have your name? Why - haven't you already got one? What's a girl like you doing in a nice place like this? Hey, don't I know you? Not yet. Ask me another. What's a girl like you doing in a nice place like this? Trying to avoid you. Where have you been all my life? What do you mean - I wasn't even born for the first half of it. Can I have your phone number? No, but you can have my dialling code. Can I spend the evening with you? I gave up baby-sitting years ago. Can you give me your name, please? I don't think 'Melissa' would suit you. Cheer up darling, it may never happen. It just has. Do you know what would look good on you? No? Me. Do you mind if I smoke? I don't care if you burn. Excuse me, aren't we related? No, and I don't want to be. Going so soon? Stay a minute and let me get you a drink. Just ...

Hula Hoop Shocks 25/05/2002

All Shok up

Hula Hoop Shocks Having walked passed these in my local shop quite a few times i decided that i just had to give them a try.I was a little put off by the price of them but the packaging was so attractive i eventually relented and purchased a pack of the full on onion variety. ******THE PRODUCT ******* Hula Hoops Shoks are a new range of crisps from KP,they are available in 3 flavours... 1) Totally cheesy. 2)Bigtime saucy. 3)Full on onion. They are retailed at 49p and come in very attractive square packs that are foil sealed for freshness.The Totally cheesy come in a bright orange bag,the Bigtime saucy in a lovely deep purple bag and the Full on onion come in an acid green bag.They each weigh 55 grams and have a tab on the top so the bag can be easily opened,they are also suitable for vegetarians. I'd say that Shoks are just under half the size of a normal Hula hoop and bursting with flavour.Available at Local shops,supermarkets and newsagents. ********** INGREDIENTS *********** Shoks contain... Dried Potato,Vegetable Oil.Potato Starch,Wheat Flour,Acidity Regulator,Sodium Diacetate,Citric Acid,Colour,Flavourings,Salt,Flavour Enhancer,Monosodium Glutamate. Each pack also contains 285 Calories. ******** THE VERDICT *********** It was the nice packaging that first attracted me to Shoks,although i was a little put off with the price.Anyway curiosity got the better of me and i purchased a pack of the full on onion,got them home and proceeded to open ...

Rhymes / Limericks 25/05/2002

A good old norty Limmerick.

Rhymes / Limericks I love Limmericks especially a good old filthy one,well don't we all!?.Well here are an assortment for you to chuckle over.Enjoy.... There once was a poor man named Crocket Whose balls got caught in a socket. His wife was a bitch, So she cranked on the switch, And Crocket took off like a rocket! *************** ********* There once was a man from Cape Horn Who wished that he'd never been born. He wouldn't have been If his father had seen That the end of his condom was torn. *************** ********** There once was a woman named Jane With a soft and pliable brain. When she went to the pool At her junior high school, They used her to plug up the drain. There once was a woman named Jane Whose face was exceedingly plain. But down in her cellar, She was a real live-heller, So the boys came again and again. *************** *************** ** There once was a man from Tasse Who's balls were made of brass. In stormy weather, They smacked together And a lightning bolt shot out his ass. *************** *************** * There once was a young man named Dave Who kept a dead whore in a cave. He said, "What the hell, You get used to the smell, And think of the money I save!" *************** ********** Mary had a little sheep. It went to bed with her to sleep. The sheep turned out to be a ram, And Mary had a little lamb! *************** ********** Mary had a little lamb, Her father shot it dead. ...
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