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Everything that starts with D ... 16/02/2003

Dominos Pizza online

Everything that starts with D ... Dominos are renowned for their excellent quality of pizza…. Well, in my house anyway. And, every Tuesday night the same old delivery guy brings the same old pizza to our flat for my boyfriend to feast his face on. So, a little bit about how and why we order pizza on a Tuesday… My blokey (let’s call him Richard because that’s his name) plays five a side football every Tuesday night. He normally sets off from the flat at about 6.30 and just before he shuts the door he shouts ‘Don’t forget my pizza…. 9pm’. Then off he goes and I don’t see him again until he reappears (normally covered from the knees down in mud) at about 8.15. I have one job, and one job only, on a Tuesday night and that’s to make sure that the man of my dreams gets his pizza. So, at about 6.31 on a Tuesday night here’s what I do. I log on to and click on the ‘Want to reorder?’ button. This button exists because I am already registered and I’ve selected the option for the website to ‘Remember me’. Registration It’s really really straight forward to register on this website. You click on the Register/login button on the left of the home page and it asks you for your postcode. Then it asks you for your house number and a phone number followed by a contact name and an email address. You also have to decide on a password so that nobody else can order a pizza and pretend they are you. After that, you’re done. You get a confirmation email sent to your inbox and that’s it. How to ...

The Full Monty (DVD) 21/12/2002

Hold on to your hats...

The Full Monty (DVD) Who’s in it? Gary – Robert Carlyle OBE. He is the star of the film and his Yorkshire accent is excellent considering he’s actually a Glaswegian. It’s his idea that they do the ‘Full Monty’ after he sees the money that the Chippendales make when they appear at his local working men’s club. Gary, or Gaz, is a lovable rogue with some big ideas that never quite seem to work out. He has a son, Nate (played by William Snape) who he loves with all his heart. His plan is to raise enough money to pay maintenance for Nate so he can keep on seeing him. To see The diverse acting abilities of this man check out Trainspotting as well. Dave – Mark Addy. He plays ‘the fat one’ who is unhappy about the potential threat of having to strip and works in Asda as a security guy. Dave has all sorts of issues with his physique and this provides room for some of the more serious issues dabbled in in this film. Gerald – Tom Wilkinson. Gerald was the old manager of Gary and Dave before he lost his job. He has hidden the fact that he is unemployed from his wife. This leads to a couple of very amusing scenes involving some garden gnomes and some bailiffs. Hugo Speer plays the man known as ‘the lunchbox’ for what become more obvious reasons as the film goes on. He’s the real ‘looker’ in the film and quite a simple character. Lomper is played by Steve Huison. He’s known as ‘ginger’ and ‘pigeon breasted’ and actually tries to kill himself in a rather hap hazard way fairly early on in the ...

The White Rose Shopping Centre (Leeds) 16/12/2002

White Rose shopping

The White Rose Shopping Centre (Leeds) The White Rose Centre is located near to the M621 in Leeds. It's not far from the infamous football ground of Elland Road and is sufficiently far out of the centre so as to avoid nightmare parking scenarios. Parking and travel The White Rose offer free parking in 8 to 10 enormous car parks. It also has a bus station and a taxi facility so, when you're laden down with shopping, travel is convenient. There are a substantial number of disabled spaces in each car park and access to the centre is easy as there are no steps leading from the car parks to the centre. The road system for the centre is almost like a ring road in that is runs the entire way round the centre. It is almost like an enormous two way roundabout. Cap parks are clearly marked so when you get out or your car you can take note of which car park you're in and can get back there easily afterwards. Facilities There are two main information points in the centre where you can go if you can't find a particular shop, if you can't find a person or if you want general centre information. I've always found the people at the desks to be very helpful. There are two glass lifts that run from the ground floor up to the food court as well as other lifts inside the shops. There are two main escalators (one up and one down) that also run from the ground floor to the food court. They are located right in the middle of the centre. There are 3 separate toilet areas spread out across the centre and they also have ...

Weight Watchers 21/11/2002

Feel great with less weight

Weight Watchers I do believe this may be my specialist subject. There are so many people out there trying to watch their weight and I hope this will offer some support and encouragement as it is a sensible and achievable way to lose weight. There's no danger and there is an acute awareness of the need for a balanced diet. What is it? Weightwatchers is an organisation for people who want to do just that. The most important thing is that there is respect for anyone who joins. Nobody judges you because you’re really overweight, or because you’re old, young, bald, hairy, male, female etc. Everyone’s there for one reason and that’s to watch their weight. I’m not overweight but was at the top of my recommended weight bracket. I’ve lost 9.5 lbs so half to go for me, and I’m proud! I stress ‘watch their weight’. There are people attending who have lost weight and are now ‘maintaining’ their new slimmer selves. It’s a community much like this one where support is vital and readily available. How does it work? Weightwatchers is based on attending weekly weigh-ins and meetings. Each week the leader will talk about a different topic ranging from great food, recipes and restaurants to healthy lifestyles and exercises. The diet attempts to reduce sugar and fat in your diet whilst maintaining the level of nutrients your body needs. Nobody sees what you weigh except for you and the leader so you can keep it a secret if you like. Plus, you don’t get scolded if you don’t lose weight, just ...

Peugeot 206 1.6 07/11/2002

206 - Funky and fun

Peugeot 206 1.6 The 206 is a work of art. It looks great, drives superbly and makes you feel fantastic. I’m going to be providing you information about a specific member of the 206 family, namely the XSi but for your information, I’ve also listed the other cars in the range as well. They are the Look (1.1), the 1.4 (don’t think this has a special name but please correct me if I’m wrong), the GTI and the Coupe Cabriolet. There are often special additions with unique features and these are often worth watching out for as they have a great price tag on them. I bought my 206 back in April. I wasn’t really intending to change cars, in fact I was merely browsing. Why do we women do this? I have a friend who went out for potatoes and came back with a new car (a 206 incidentally). I walked into the car showroom in Leeds to be greeted by a very pleasant, not at all salesman-like salesman. I think I knew that I wanted the 206 but didn’t really know much about it. With my newfound knowledge and my wonderful car I simply can’t resist spilling the beans. Exterior The 206 can blush with pride because it looks great. It’s a small car that looks like it’s in the same category as a Golf. It has a sleek and smooth appearance. The bonnet is sloping and the lights have a sporty, cat like feel about them. If a 206 pulls up behind you at night, you instantly know it’s a 206 because of the unique headlights. The indicators are built into the headlights. The foglight (at the back) is in the centre of ...

Sainsbury's Bagels 25/09/2002

Soft big bagel

Sainsbury's Bagels Oh yum, oh joy, such delight in a this wonderful ring of food. A most enjoyable piece of loveliness all baked into a doughy circle just for all our eating pleasure. We love a bagel don’t we?. Normally it’s a Sunday morning snack, well mostly it’s a Sunday lunchtime snack, because bagels are great when you’ve stayed in bed and you need to eat breakfast and lunch at the same time. I know you know what I mean… you students out there. And, if you’ve been a student in the past then you know what I mean too. No more cold pot noodles for breakfast, Sainsbury’s bagels are the way forward. They are priced at £1.09 for 4 (which is about 27p per bagel) and there is a wide range of choice available. There’s your standard plain bagel, sesame seed, poppy seed, cinnamon, onion and I have even spotted blueberry bagels in my local. So, that should hopefully please all tastes. Granted these are not the cheapest bagels in the world but let me describe them to you and I hope you’ll love them just as much as I do! Just for reference a pack of 5 NY deli bagels are 99p at Sainsbury’s. These bagels are BIG. They’re about 10.5 centimetres (4 inches) across with a hole in the middle, as per all bagels, of about 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) across. So, you get plenty of bagel for your money. If I had the time and the energy I’d probably give you the volume of the bagel but seeing as I have neither I won’t bother… and anyway, someone’s nicked my calculator. You’ll find the bagels located in ...

Bop It Extreme 19/09/2002

I'll bop you in a minute

Bop It Extreme The greatest toy in the world has been invented and by the very grace of America, we have it here too. I know Bop It Extreme has actually been around for a couple of years now, and it is a definite improvement on the original (only two actions there) so I can’t resist writing about it for you. Bop It Extreme is basically an electronic toy that adults and children can play. Heck, my Grandma even had a go. It looks a bit like a steering wheel only it’s not entirely round and it’s in lots of wacky colours. It has a button in the middle and a variety of different gadgets on the four edges. It’s very simple to play. You press the button in the middle and away you go. There are some funky music sounds in the background while a strange robotic type voice gives you instructions like Bop It, Twist It. Flick It. Pull It and Spin It. You have to do exactly that with the relevant gadgets that are located in four different ‘corners’ of the toy. I use the word corner for lack of a better word but you do have to look at this thing to understand. (Website address below). So, in summary, one gadget can be flicked, one can be pulled (oo-er), one can be flicked and one can be twisted. The button in the middle is the Bop It button. The catch here is that there is a time limit of about 3 seconds to hear what the voice says and to do the action. The toy stores your score until you don’t bop it, twist it etc in the short amount of time that you have. It then makes some kind of rude ... 13/09/2002

How to do pretty much everything What is it? eHow is a very well developed information provider. It prides itself on being able to answer over 15000 how-to solutions. Instead of asking friends, looking things up in books, searching lots of other websites, this website claims to have the answers. It offers specific guidelines for many categories. Health, Hobbies & Games, Automotive, Travel to name a few. It is a thoughtful website in that it really has considered the things we need to know on a daily basis. Although, read on and you’ll see that it has some very strange categories as well. Its aim is to allow its members to ‘get things done’ and by this I guess it means that they want to save people time from having to search lots of places when everything is in fact available under one cyber roof. How do I use it? In order to use you have to register as per many websites these days. It’s not an unusual registration i.e. name, address etc. It’s an American website though so it does prompt you for a State and therefore I decided to be from Alabama (mainly because it was the first one on the list). That seemed to go down fine, so I was registered! Then, all you do is a search for the main word in your query. Or you could type a full how to statement. This might be anything from ‘How to use a knife and fork’ to ‘How to get a job’. If the exact match can’t be found then, from my experience, there’s always a close alternative available instead. This website couldn’t tell me ‘How to become a ...

Ann Summers (Shop) 13/09/2002

Oh what a night

Ann Summers (Shop) Thought this might be a fun one to write about. It’s my new venture as I’ve just become a party organiser. That basically means that I get to go to loads of girly parties and show them all sorts of fantastic stuff that men only wish they could get their girlfriends to play with!!! Who are these sex crazed people? So, what’s this all about I hear you cry? Aren’t Ann Summers those seedy, tacky people that sell awful sex toys that we all pretend we’re not all intrigued by? The answer is that you could describe them like that, or you could describe them as one of the top 250 UK companies with a turnover far in excess of £40m and a team of women who eat, think and sleep the organisation. The organisation specialises in sexy underwear, high fashion swimwear and evening wear and then a whole host of other things that I suppose you could describe as mildly naff! So, how’s it work then? Ann Summers relies on it’s party organisers. There are a chain of shops that can be found in major towns and cities but, the emphasis is on parties. Now, who in their right mind would dare to dislike a company that’s all about parties? Perhaps the men out there might not be happy about these parties. But, that’s not because they don’t like them, it’s because they can’t attend them. Ann Summers parties are exclusively for women aged 18 plus. There are no mixed parties and no men only parties. However, Ann Summers do have a catalogue that men can buy gifts from. I’m a party organiser and ...

Highway 1 (California) 10/09/2002

My way is the Highway

Highway 1 (California) If you are ever so lucky as to be in California then you must drive the Highway 1 from San Luis Obispo to Monterey (or vice versa). I have just come back from a great holiday in the US and felt that I had to tell you about what can only be described as some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. We were driving from LA, North to San Francisco and had been told not to miss Highway 1. Great advice indeed! There is so much to see along this route. Sandy beaches, hills rising so high above that the mist covers the top of them, jagged cliffs, forestry and more. San Luis Obispo This town is located at the bottom end of the highway. It’s a beautiful place to visit. It is a market town and has some great little gift shops and excellent restaurants. Plus, if you can afford to splash out a little on a hotel then The Madonna Inn is a great place to stay as it has these themed, and very strange rooms and good food but it is a bit on the expensive side ($125 upwards). For a cheaper option try one of the many motels, which include Ramada lodges and Howard Johnson inns. Cambria We happened to come across Cambria while we were driving North after our night in SLO. It is well sign posted from Highway 1 so you shouldn’t miss it if you are intending to visit for an hour or so. It’s a quaint, not at all American, village. There are lots of antique shops and restaurants here. I would recommend a good pancake breakfast at Lynn’s (about $8 each) although there were also ...

Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) 09/09/2002

Delta Bewarelines

Buyer Beware! (urgent warnings about products/services to avoid at all costs) I feel compelled to write an opinion on Delta airlines to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction with the service they provided to my boyfriend and I on a recent trip we took to the United States. We are both well travelled and have made journeys with many airlines. I feel, that without exception, these airlines provided a quality of service far above any that was provided by Delta. However, we were initially really pleased to be flying with Delta. We know they are an ‘airline giant’ and therefore presumed their level of customer service would be the same. The initial flight we took was to Atlanta from Manchester. There was a substantial amount of turbulence as we started our descent about 45 minutes out of Atlanta airport and were advised to take our seats and put our seatbelts on. However, after approximately five minutes, the plane dropped suddenly for about 3 to 5 seconds. This drop resulted in the majority of the passengers on the flight screaming. There were quite obviously some very scared people on the flight. At no point after this did any one of the flight attendants, or indeed the pilots, reassure the passengers there was no problem, or provide an explanation as to what had made the plane drop. Atlanta to Las Vegas was the connecting flight to our final destination. Upon arriving at the check in desk we were informed we may not be able to catch the flight as there were too many passengers. I was left completely stunned. I have no idea why a ...

Sainsbury's Frosted Flakes 13/08/2002

They'rrrrre greater

Sainsbury's Frosted Flakes I am a big cereal fan. It’s got to be cereal and a load of milk in the morning or it’s bad mood all day! I’ve always loved Kellogg’s but I decided to give Sainsbury’s own version of Frosties a go and I have to say I was mightily impressed so I thought it best to share my great finding with you peeps! The packets come in 3 sizes, let’s call them small (500g), medium (750g) and large (1kg) and you can guess which one I buy. The large box is a staggeringly cheap £1.79 and it usually lasts me for a month. That’s about 25 – 30 bowls of cereal. Sometimes I just don’t wake up in time for breakfast and have to go straight for lunch. The best thing about these flakes is that they taste crunchy even when they’ve been in the milk for a few minutes. They’re big flakes and I tend to find that I don’t end up with all thos crumby bits left at the end of the packet. The ingredients are as per most cereals but for your pleasure they are listed on the box! For a medium serving with semi skimmed milk (cuase the skimmed stuff is really white water) there are 172 calories and 2.1g of fat. This month’s box has a little bit of factual information down the sides of the box about ‘The Story of Sugar’. Wouldn’t want to spoil it for you so I won’t give you all the details. The cool thing is that it gives you a recipe on the back of the box. It’s how to make Snow Balls and it uses the flakes (obviously), ice cream and white chocolate drops. Sounds great, I know. If you only buy the ...

Singin´ in the Rain 07/08/2002

Singing and Dancing all the Way

Singin´ in the Rain There’s no question about it, this is a classic. It’s been my favourite for just about as long as I can remember. I think I must have seen it when I was five or six years old and I swear to you I have seen it near a thousand times. I could watch this film forever….. Storyline The storyline is pretty good considering films of this sort (musicals) are often based around the songs and dances. The film is about an actor – Don Lockwood and his beautiful onscreen partner, Lina Lamont. They’re international stars - the kind that people faint over. Lina is under the illusion that hers and Don’s on screen love is as real off screen as well. It’s based around the time when ‘talking pictures’ were coming about. The ‘Jazz Singer’ was a hit and the audiences were crying out for more. I believe the film is set in about 1927. The two superstars, renowned for their silent movie status, face on screen talking. Shocking I know! It’s not a problem for Don, he has a great singing and talking voice. It’s not quite the same for Lina who’s talent and beauty is skin deep. She’s a shrill with a definitely vile voice. To contend with talking pictures, the pair turn their latest silent movie into a talking one. There are some truly hilarious scenes in the making of the talking picture. Lina ends up with wires attached to her in one scene. Some pick up her heartbeat, some don’t pick up anything and you get the idea. All these problems end up projected on to the big screen 6 weeks before the ...

Asda (Shop) 07/08/2002

Pizza bar at Asda

Asda (Shop) I think it would be fair to say that Asda has come along way in the recent past. It is now recognised as being a superb value for money place to shop. The highlight of Asda however, has to be the Pizza Bar. What is it This section of the store is normally located next to or near the deli area. It is a counter where you can build your own thin crust or deep pan pizza and then take it home to cook yourself. How does it work There will be an assistant on the counter who will take your order. You can have up to 4 toppings on your pizza and, from my experience, the amount of toppings that go on to each pizza are very generous. Once your pizza has been created and completely covered in cheese (if you want it to be) it is wrapped in a polythene cover and the assistant hands it you to take to the till as usual. Price Believe it or not, these pizzas cost just £2.49 which I have to say is truly exceptional value. And they are big pizzas before you ask. At least 8 slices out of these guys! You can have more topping at extra cost but again this is a very reasonable price. Sadly, I cannot remember the exact price off the top of my head. Taste These pizzas taste great. The topping are aplenty and the base is not at all dry as it can be with some takeaways. There is always enough to leave you feeling content and sleepy afterwards. Toppings There are a wide range of toppings available. These include; Mushroom Pineapple A range of meats (beef, ham and chicken to name ...

Member Advice on Giving Up Smoking 06/08/2002

I had a lungy escape

Member Advice on Giving Up Smoking My advice on giving up smoking is to stick with it, persevere and if at first you don't succeed, try try again. Why There were a number of reasons I stopped smoking. The main reason was my health. I became ill and thought it was smoking that did it. As it wasn't I felt I had the opportunity to stop once and for all. The other reason was the cost. At £4.50 a day I didn't really think I could justify that as I knew that it was just going to get more expensive. In case you're interested that works out at £1642 per year, and if you work that out over 10 years well..... How All sorts of people have told me all sorts of ways to stop smoking but the one that worked for me was quite simply WILLPOWER. I think thata everyone who smokes has it in them and I used the following golden rules that I hope will help. 1) Don't feel like you are giving something up. It's much better to see it as gaining something. Gaining the ability to breath easier, smell things, taste things. 2) Put aside the £4.50 you would have spent if you'd smoked that day. (Or even half of the money). After 2 weeks treat yourself to something really nice. £60 odd will buy you something really good! 3) Don't try and go it alone. Ask people for reassurance that you are doing well. It will help you to keep going. Don't let people scold you if you fall down, just get up and start again. 4) Count the days since you've smoked. I'm on 401 and I'm still counting. The higher number the less inclined you are ...
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