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Original Source Lime Shower Gel 02/03/2005


Original Source Lime Shower Gel I have recently discovered the 'Original Source' range and WOW are they amazing! I've been buying bottle after bottle and constantly emptying ASDA's shelves! I, luckily have very clear, non-sensitive, tolerant skin therefore am generally not that fussy when it comes to beauty, bath and shower products. I tend to ignore the top of the range, expensive products and keep to the basics. However, I am often on the look out for new products and will sometimes splash out on something a little bit different and interesting if I think it's worth it! This is how I came across the 'Original Source' range. I'd seen the range before but had always seen the price and chosen to ignore it. But this day, money was not going to be an issue, I wanted something a little bit more fun for the shower! 'Original Source' products are not extortionate in price but above the basic £1.50 bottle of shower gel I'm used to. USEFUL INFO - Original Source have a website called where you can order free sachets so you can try before you buy. - Otherwise, shower gel bottles can be bought in 250ml, 350ml and 500ml sizes. - A standard 250ml bottle costs around £2.50 from most supermarkets and Boots stores and is the most popular size to buy. - The range consists of many different flavours and types: LIME MINT LEMON ORANGE SPEARMINT LAVENDER ROSE - The bottles have an easy to use handle which you attach to the bottom of the bottle so it can be hung upside ...

Motorola V3 26/10/2004


Motorola V3 Believe it or not I'm not actually talking about myself (HaHa...) but instead my brand spanking new mobile phone! Yes.... I understand that I must seem a very lonely and sad person to go on and on about how brilliant a phone is but I'm not actually that sad so here goes.... This is the first review of this phone on the site so I intend to make it as good as I possibly can and I hope not to bore you with all the interesting but actually quite un-interesting facts! The new Motorola V3 has been out literally a couple of weeks max and I don't know if you have looked into the mobile phone market recently but everything sucks! Sorry.... everything sucks apart from this new phone from Motorola. As soon as I saw this phone I fell in love (Quite literally!) I didn't care how much it cost, what it did or how it worked, I just really, really wanted it. (Based upon its appearance!) Typical girl. Even when I discovered the phone would set me back at least £300 on pay as you go and nearly £150 on contract, I STILL wanted it! Call me mad but I was determined to get this phone! I ended up buying the phone on a brilliant deal with the shop; Phones 4 u (phones 4 u, 4 less at phones 4 u... know the advert!?) They are doing a special deal where the phone itself is only £49.95. The contract is with Vodafone and costs £40 a month but you receive 350 anytime, cross network minutes and 250 texts. (Surely I can't break out of those limits!) Hmmm... The phone itself though is very ...

Gillette Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin 30/09/2004


Gillette Shaving Foam Sensitive Skin I have quite sensitive skin and when it comes to shaving I ususally end up cutting myself, coming up in a rash or getting extremely dry skin. I've now found a superb shaving creme which helps tackle all those problems PLUS others! I'd always used cheap shaving creams, gels and mousses until I saw this new product by Gilette. It was a bit on the pricey side but sometimes it's just not worth worrying about when it comes to quality versus price. The bottle looked good, I'd seen advertisements on the product and it seemed perfect for me so I bought it. The gel is called 'SATIN CARE' by Gilette for women. It is specifically designed for sensitive skin and it contains aloe and vitamin E. It also contains silk extracts. The bottle specially says it is a shaving gel although once rubbed in the gel does form a brilliant, fluffy mousse. The bottle itself is different to the picture on this website (That picture is of the older bottle) The new bottle has a lime green lid with a baby blue bottle colour. The writing is in white. The size of the bottle is 195g. The bottle itself will set you back between £3-£3.50. It is usually priced around £3.25 and is available from all large supermarkets. You can also buy this product from your local Boots and Superdrug stores - these stores usually have money off products like these so watch out! The stuff itself is amazing! One small squirt will be enough for your legs easily! However the bottle emties rather quickly - I often find I'm ...

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee 24/08/2004


To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee I find myself to be very fond of this book and highly rate it as a novel. I studied it whilst at school and loved every page! I read the book and watched the film during my GCSE's in 2003 like many other students. The storyline is amazing, the plot can be quite hard to understand though especially if you are only 16 when reading the book like I was. But what with coursework and practice papers we all had to this book sumarised itself brilliantly. The novel has a meaning, a very important one which comes across well. I could tell straight away this book was going to be a worthwhile read because it has been an exam novel for years, my Mother studied it for her exams and she warned me I'd be touched by it. The book and the movie made from it are very well known. As a person in general, I'm not overally into reading but place a girly mag or gossip mag in front of me and I'll pick it up without hesitating! This is why this novel surprised me very much. I definitely think there is a weak side to my lack of reading as I currently study English and enjoy it so I would truthfully base my lack of novel reading on laziness and a busy lifestyle. This novel helped me realise that I really do enjoy the books - or at least the exceptionally good ones like so. 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.... The book was written by a lady named Harper Lee who was born in April, 1926. The story is based around racism in the 1930's. A court case takes place in a small town called Maycomb which ...

Ford Fiesta 1.25 22/08/2004


Ford Fiesta 1.25 This review is on my new car that I bought a little while ago (Well it's not new - it's used actually) My car is the Ford Fiesta from the year 1997. It has the standard 1.25 Zetec engine but the car itself is actually a LIMITED EDITION and is therefore called a Ford Fiesta Fusion. A little about the car itself: It is the middle shape of the Fiesta (Not the old shape) It has a standard 1.25 Zetec engine 16V 3Door Available mostly in metallic paint Year of production: 1997 Can come with electric windows/central locking/sunroof Hatchback Runs on petrol Manual As I was looking for a first car, my Father and I were not looking on spending much. The cars we had in mind were along the lines of the older Fiestas, the Vauxhall Corsa's and the Renault Clio's. But when we came apon this car that has an average PARKERS price of just over £1500 we decided to check the car out. It was a neighbour that owned the car and he had already got a new one so a quick sale was an option. So when we offered him £1300 he kindly accepted with no hesitation. (yey!) I will tell you as much about my car as I possibly can as I highly recommend it for any parents or students out there looking for a first car! INTERIOR My seat covers are a blue colour, very simply designed with no extroadinarily horrible colours or patterns. Not all Fiesta's like my own come with this interior seat cover but they do have very simpe, basic patterns. Seat belts are fitted in all seats as is ...

Thorpe Park 07/08/2004


Thorpe Park All throughout school, the last day of term would arrive and me and my close pals would all arrange to ring each other during the summer holidays - It rarely happened due to working responsibilities, boyfriend commitments and family holidays so we made a pact this year at the end of college to do something all together. As you can probably guess we decided apon a theme park trip seeing as it was the first summer a few of us could drive. I was really glad when we all decided apon Thorpe Park as I'd been to Alton Towers three times in the last two years and I'd also been to Chessington. Although I had been to Thorpe Park when I was a lot younger there were a few rides I could remember and all the rest was a blur. We opted to stay in a Travelodge for the night nearby so we wouldn't struggle to drive there and back in a day. Our day was fantastic, a real giggle and it all started at approx. 8am on the 29th July 2004. We stayed up the night before and had a few drinks, probably a bad idea but we didn't go mad. So at 8am we all crawled out of our pits and into the shower which was closely followed by a huge English breakfast in the Little Chef next door and by 9am we were on the road and heading for Thorpe Park. It was easy enough to get to, from where we were we had to travel along the M4 - straight onto the M25 and follow the signs for Thorpe Park! (Leave M25 at either junctions 11 or 13) We did keep the address of the place close to hand though - just in case: Staines ...

Spider-Man 2 (DVD) 25/07/2004

sPiDeRmAn SuCcEsS 2 Or NoT

Spider-Man 2 (DVD) I have recently updated my review on the original SPIDERMAN movie so if you want to your more than welcome to check that out before you read this!? ~~ A member on the site has also mentioned that I may be giving a little too much of the plot away in this review so be warned although I am going to go through the review now and change anything I feel needs to be changed ~~ SPIDERMAN 2 I went to see this movie at the cinema over the weekend and although I wasn't that hyped up over it I was ecpecting a rather exceptional movie. I really enjoyed the movie SPIDERMAN so was looking forward to the follow up however the sPiDeRmAn SuCcEsS didn't shine so much throughout this sequel which was a little disapointing. Do not get me wrong - I enjoyed the film but as like most sequels it wasn't as good as what everyone makes it out to be. My partner really didn't enjoy it at all and he adored the first Spiderman movie! (However - I think this was due to the lack of fighting and violence and the more focused storyline of a love story) The film had its highs and lows like most movies so read on to find out more... THE STORYLINE The movie continues from where it left off 2 years ago (Although 2 years has passed!) Peter Parker is now living alone in a grotty bedsit whilst his Aunt lives alone in their old family home. Two years ago Peter was bitten by a genetically modified spider which transformed him into Spiderman. The second installment of Spiderman moves on from looking at ...

Spider-Man (DVD) 18/07/2004


Spider-Man (DVD) I wrote this review on SPIDERMAN the movie quite a while ago now and as I've just been to see the second installment of the movie I thought I'd update this review and head straight onto the next movie! I have watched the spiderman movie three times over the last couple of years (Got it on DVD!) and all I can say is - Its brilliant, definitely worth seeing if you are yet to watch it! The long awaited movie which hit our cinema screens in 2002 was a huge success due to the great acting and superb storyline. The history of Spiderman obviously also played a huge part in the movie becoming so popular. Scooby Doo the movie 2002 was also released around the same time as this film and from an opinion written by myself quite a while ago (About when this was originally written) on the movie you will discover that I didn't enjoy the film as much as I thought I would. Trying to turn an everyday famous cartoon into a box office movie is most probably a very hard task to do and unfortunately I think the Scooby Doo movie failed. However this is where Spiderman was sucessful, although Spiderman is based apon cartoon and comic the movie makers definitely got everything right, every little detail that was needed to make the film a hit. The first thing they got right was the actors, Tobey Maguire plays the main part of Peter Parker and does he do a good job or does he do a good job!? The geek in the movie who is the main character suits the role down to the ground, his motion and his ...

Shrek 2 (DVD) 09/07/2004


Shrek 2 (DVD) I've been waiting for Shrek 2 for weeks and weeks now and I finally saw it on Saturday night! Unfortunately for me Dad bought it home on 'pirate' DVD last Monday and as my partner had already bought me tickets for the cinema showing - I was BANNED from watching the dvd! It was v.hard but I managed to wait! BRIEF SUMMARY Shrek 2 is the follow up movie from the original Shrek which came out in 2001. The huge hit which introduced us to big, friendly but very ugly ogre's has been matched and even improved by the making of the sequel, Shrek 2. The cast is very well known, the animation is amazing, the humour is never ending and the storyline is superb - What more could you ask for!? Shrek is an animated fairytale, it's based around the green ogre, Shrek. In Shrek 1 he rescued the princess from her tower, where she was put as a child. The movie ended happily with the couple getting married. (Highly recommend you see Shrek 1 before Shrek 2) Shrek 2 continues exactly from where they left off... THE CAST The cast is very well known, MIKE MYERS plays Shrek whilst EDDIE MURPHEY is donkey and CAMERON DIAZ plays the gorgeous princess Fiona. This sequel also stars JULIE ANDREWS as the queen of far, far away (Princess Fiona's mother) and JOHN CLEESE as the king (Fiona's Father) Puss in Boots is ANTONIO BANDERAS and the fairy godmother is JENNIFER SAUNDERS whilst her son, Prince Charming is RUPERT EVERETT. The director is Andrew Adamson and the movie is certified as a 'U'. ...

George (Asda's own) 07/07/2004


George  (Asda's own) Now, I'm not a cheap skate but I'm always on the look out for a bargain. I love shopping and when it comes to clothes, shoes, accessories and underwear my debit card reaches a weak point. I enjoy mixing both quality, expensive clothing and cheap and cheerful clothing in my wardrobe - That way I'm not spending as much as I probably would like to but getting the same amount of clothes! After moving a little out of my home town of Colchester into a nearby village, West Bergholt I realised that ASDA was now our nearest accessible superstore. I'd never really been interested in ASDA, Sainsburys was more our thing but now it seemed more appropriate to start visiting ASDA. BIG MISTAKE... I think I've probably spent hundreds of pounds in ASDA over the last few months and thats excluding the food shopping! There are many things I love about ASDA, here are a few ideas: CD's and movies are cheaper than most places Greeting cards are dirt cheap Electronic accessories are amazingly good quality and also cheap The clothing is super Food is super value Great food in the cafe Super, friendly staff I could write an endless list especially as our ASDA branch is currently being extended into a WALLMART ASDA which will end up being huge! They will then sell bikes, childrens toys, TV's, DVD players and best of all more clothes! (As well as much, much more!) However this review I've chosen to write is based more upon the 'GEORGE' part of ASDA which revolves around the ...

Primark (Shop) 27/06/2004


Primark (Shop) I have recently discovered 'Primark' - A high street clothing store. I have decided that I enjoy shopping there so much that I've come online to do a spot of online shopping from their site - WHY? Because poor little me has no Primark in her home town of Colchester, Essex. Instead I have to travel to Ipswich or Norwich! Awww...! I've just realised Primark has a terrible online website which does not include online shopping! Oh poo! So.... I'm going to write an opinion on the shop instead! In short words I think this may sum up 'PRIMARK': P is for PRIMARK my newly found shopping heaven!! R is for RACKS and RACKS of clothing. I is for the INCREDIBLE choice, value for money and size of the stores. M is for the MASSES of MONEY saved. A is for the AMAZING ACCESSORIES. R is for the RUBBISH state the store looks like on your entry. K is for the KINDNESS of the staff In longer words this may sum up 'PRIMARK': I recently discovered Primark when shopping in Norwich with my partners relatives. At first site the place looks like a grotty charity shop! YES... you have to rummage a little to find what you're after but I really enjoyed shopping there! Staff can be helpful, gorgeous clothes can be bought... what more can you ask for? I've broken my opinion down into smaller sections for you all to read... APPEARANCE AND APPEAL All stores are relatively large which is great. From the outside they have a clear 'PRIMARK' sign but nothing fancy. They have nice, large ...

BenQ CL50 22/06/2004


BenQ CL50 I haven't written a review on this site now for nearly a year! So after recent fuss with my mobile phone I thought I'd express my feelings towards it. I bought my Siemens CL50 nearly a year ago when it first came out. I got it FREE with my new contract with 02 but I am led to believe it can cost up to £200 on pay as you go. I have enjoyed having this tiny, very feminine phone but there has been some con's as well as pro's which will be discussed in this review and summed up towards the end. ENJOY... APPEARANCE This phone must be the best looking on the market - especially for all you girls out there! The Siemens CL50 is a compact flip phone with a screen on the top flip as well as inside the phone. It is the tiniest phone you will ever see - I assure you! I would make a rough estimate that the phone has a length of around 6cm and a thicknes of 2cm! Although the phone has been on the market for about a year I am yet to see a smaller phone as great and as tiny as this one! The phone itself is silver, I don't believe you can get it in any other colours. The screens are not in colour like all the latest phones but they are a vibrant blue - instead of that 'dingy' greeny colour they originally were. The screen is quite big, not too big not too small. The screen on the top of the phone is wide but short - it is quite cute! The numbers are relatively small but as long as you have nails they are easy enough to work! If I were to rate this phone solely in its appearance it ...

Bruce Almighty (DVD) 29/06/2003


Bruce Almighty (DVD) Those that have seen the latest Jim Carey Comedy flik, Bruce Almighty will understand my title to this opinion, others read and learn... I was at work on Friday and the day was dragging on and on so on my break I decided to treat myself and the partner to 2 ODEON tickets to see 'BRUCE ALMIGHTY' on its day of release. We had both really been looking forward to the movie and I knew my partner would love the surprise. So off we went to see Jim Carey's supposedly funniest ever film... The by - far main character and most famous actor in the movie Jim Carey, is an amazing actor who can make most people laugh for hours on end. I find him incredible especially in some of his most famous movies such as DUMB AND DUMBER, THE ACE VENTURA MOVIES and THE CABLE GUY. He has an amazing talent which people enjoy watching on the big screen. This new film has high expectations by just about every Jim Carey fan or anyone that enjoys comedy. I walked into the cinema with my hopes high.....maybe too high!!! Everyone thinks the film is going to be absolutely amazing and do not get me wrong here, the film is great but I expected too much and from doing that I walked out of the cinema thinking the film was not as good as what I had thought it would have been. (Hope you understood that, it was a little confusing!!!) All I am trying to say is, expect a decent comedy that will make you laugh with an outstanding performance by all actors, especially Jim Carey but don't think it is going to be ...

Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Gel 24/06/2003


Palmolive Naturals Coconut Shower Gel (This opinion is on the NATURALS product with NATURAL ALMOND MILK not the COCONUT version, however the products are very simalar and whatever I have written applies fors the coconut version too!!) ENJOY... Palmolive have always been a reasonable brand and there are usually a few products with the brand label lying around in my house. The brand sells products at reasonable prices and each product is reasonably high in quality. Recently my Father bought a new Palmolive product for the bathroom which I have become very fond of so I decided to write about it on the site... This product is from the Palmolive NATURALS shower range and is called 'Shower & Creme with Natural Almond Milk' May I also add it is for 'SENSITIVE SKIN' The bottle contains 250ml off creamy goo that smells sensational and works really well. You may think my opinion title is a little weird but honestly, this stuff is so good, I wish I could drink it! This shower gel has something different to other shower gels, it has an amazing and unique smell and is just generally a pleasure to use. It is a product I really enjoy using where as other shower gel's I just use because I need to, this one has something about it that really makes me want to have a shower and use it! (So sad.. I know!!!) When I use the shower gel when washing, the gel is so creamy it does not just run straight off my body, it lasts for a while and your body smells of the most adorable aroma! As you can probably guess from the name ...

Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Keep Calm Cleanser 26/05/2003


Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Keep Calm Cleanser ** This product on three main Umberto Giannini products, the curl shampoo, conditioner and scrunching gel, not the cleanser ** From having naturally wavy/curly hair i find it very hard to tame my locks! since buying a pair of ceramic straightners i've found myself straightning my curls out all the time after washing my hair but i've recently realised that by doing this i'm loosing my curls which makes my hair even harder to look after when i come out of the shower! if i keep on using my straightners after washing my locks, not only will my hair become damaged, i will also loose my curls. many people with curly hair would think this is super and that is what i thought to begin with but now i realise that i am actually quite gifted! i can have straight or curly hair whenever it suits me and curly hair is definitely more classier this summer! this leads me on to talk about a new shampoo and conditioner range i've recently bought. the range is umberto giannini. i had never heard of this range before i bought some products from it and i have to say i've been very pleased with the products and how well they work. i bought three simple products to start with and i am yet to go back and buy some more. the shampoo and conditioner for curly hair looked interesting so i bought them along with the scrunching gel. they were on offer at the time in boots. i managed to buy all three products for just under ten pounds which was a bargain for how well they work. i also managed to ...
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