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A great service, but sometimes the tech lets it down. This might be a personal gripe, considering that I'm a web developer, but my fantastic experiences on dates from Lovestruck were sometimes marred by further communication via the website and iPhone app. First of all, I've had great success in meeting like-minded people on this website. I live in Tooting, London and the three dates that I've been on have all been with girls from within a ten mile radius! Although none of them came to anything serious, the girls were nice, professional and attractive. Lovestruck seems to have a younger and more appealing membership base than other dating sites. But the website irritates me/. I want to be able to search via hair colour, eye colour, fashion style, political views. It needs to be a lot more complex and in-depth, call me a perfectionist but I want to meet the perfect girl. The iPhone app has also frozen on me whilst browsing the profile of Rebecca ********, she could have been the one! I never fouind her again. ...

Walk The Line (DVD) 15/08/2012

The most accurate and engrossing music film ever made.

Walk The Line (DVD) Based on Johnny Cash's personal biography, Walk The Line is a filmic representation of the iconic American singer's life; from childhood obscurity through fame, fortune and drug addictions. Joaquin Phoenix plays the Man in Black, a perfect and sometimes haunting role that Phoenix executes sublimely. His opposite number, playing Cash's wife-to-be June Carter, is Reese Witherspoon. The electricity between Phoenix and Witherspoon is the drive of the film, it's incredibly easy to forget that you're not watching Cash and Carter themselves. The best thing about this film? Both lead roles sing all of the songs themselves. Neither of them are singers, but they both have perfect voices for the role. Phoenix had the deep, south bass drawl that Cash was famous for and Witherspoon has arguably been touted as a better singer than Carter herself. ...
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