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Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay 04/03/2012

Coldplay are back!

Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay Coldplay are Back!Coldplay are a British band who appear to release endless amounts of chart hits and award winning albums! Formed by Chris Martin in 1996 who provides lead vocals is backed by Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion.Previous five AlbuumsParachutes (2000)A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)X&Y (2005)Viva la Vida (2008)Mylo Xyloto (2011)The styles of songs appear to follow a similar path, with deep and meaniningful lyrics and relatively slow tempos. However Mylo Xyloto in my opinion offers this and something more! After having recentley seen Coldplay live at a VERY intimate gig at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, shortly after the release of their latest album, I was incredibly impressed by Chris Martin's stage presence which was amazingly energetic and unique!The Album - Mylo Xyloto:In my opinion, every song on this album is a potential chart hit which many in fact are.With the well known tracks "Paradise" and "Every Teardrop is a waterfall" doing well in the charts and in terms of youtube 'hits', other songs such as Charlie Brown and Princencess of China have also done well. Mylo Xyloto debuted in the album chart at number 1 in October 2011, which after relatively quiet last few years is something of an achievement. You can also tell that Coldplay have put a lot of work, not only into the songs but the album art also. It is bright, colourful and artistic unlike any of their previous albums.TracklistTrack 1 Mylo Xyloto Track 2 Hurts Like ...

Last Night on Earth - Noah and the Whale 03/03/2012

Overall a Great Album

Last Night on Earth - Noah and the Whale I have followed Noah and the Whale for some time now and recentley saw them live, descirbed as an 'English indie folk band' they offer a variety of sounds primarily medium paced acoustics.This their third album following two other succesfull releases ("The first days of spring" and "Peaceful the world lays me down").Last night on Earth contains 10 tracks1) Life is Life2) Tonight's the kind of night3) L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.4) Wild thing5) Give it all back6) Just me before we met7) Paradise stars8) Waiting for my chance to come9) The Line10) Old JoyMy personal favourite is the chart hit "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N." which after a few listens you realise is actually the spelling of 'life goes on' (maybe it's just me that took a while to release. It is upbeat and cheerful and easy to listen to, perfect summer sound.There are the odd track which don't quite live up to the precedent that L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. and Tonight's the kind of night create, however they are by no means bad tracks.You can also relish in the variety of instruments used by the band, my preference being the violin which brings in a different tone not often heard in modern 'pop' music. They also include the ukulele and mandolin, played by lead singer Charlie Fink, with Tom Hobden on Violin and keyboard, Matt Owens- bass guitar, Fred Abbott Keyboard and Guitar and finally Michael Petulla on drums.Overall this is a definite purchase for anybody looking for an easy listening, indie-folk band with a cheerful and simple tone. ...

ABC - Jackson 5 (Single) 01/09/2010

Forty Years later Jackson 5's ABC Still a Fantastic song!

ABC - Jackson 5 (Single) Following the death of Michael Jackson last year, we have seen a surge in the popularity of his music, including that of the Jackson 5. This is one of the first songs with the "baby-faced" Michael Jackson showing his true innocene and quality as an artist. ABC was named 98th on the VH1's all time albums, and has sold 5.7 million copies world wide. Personally this is one of my all time favourite songs, with a basic melody, simple tune and catchy chorus how can anybody dislike it, still going strong after 40 years since release. A must have song for any collection, representing the tone of the era, with the increase in popularity of motown songs Jackson 5 are at the forefront of the time. ...

Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion 28/12/2007

Mika: Life in cartoon Motion, Debut album

Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion Mika Life in Cartoon Motion Mika.....Some find him extremley annoying, others amusing. Overall this is a good debut album from the lebanom singer, it includes a total of 11 songs including his very popular hits Grace Kelly and Happy Endings, but none of the other songs fail to impress. Great tracks to actually listen to especially Billy Brown. People sometimes find that his songwriting sounds the same but if you listen to the words of his songs you will be pleasantley surprised!!!!!!! It is a very fun and energetic album and personallly i can't wait for his next song!!!!! I would definatley recommend the purchase of this album, very few would be disappointed, it isn't as expensive as other chart albums aswell, it is a great buy.

Nintendo DS 03/11/2007

Nintendo ds Great Console

Nintendo DS This is a great nintendo console, the touch screen is a fantastic feature makes the console evermore fun. The games are also of a very high standard including nintendogs which is very addicting, warioware i've fallen in love with this game it is such fun. Would recommend any body to buy this console wether it's for a bit of brain training or some fun an enjoyment. The Ds has a range of uses it has a touch screen manual pad and connection poiints, it is an extremley good console. I bad point i have found is that the stylus is easily lost if you lose it then the console is absolutley no fun at all, so you have to make sure you keep it all together!!!!!!!! Nevertheless i would recommend this console to other buyers

Apple iPod shuffle M9725B/A 1 GB 03/11/2007

Apple Ipod Shuffle Good or Bad?

Apple iPod shuffle M9725B/A 1 GB Hi, i have quite a few times used an ipod shuffle and overall i have been very disappointed!!!!!! 1Gb storage is quite a large amount and i think with that many songs it is very hard to find the song you want as there is no screen which can be very annoying, however if you aren't going to hold many songs then this is ideal because it can be used with itunes which is very useful for purchasing music, there are a variety of accessories and the price is fairly cheap, so it has some bad points but alot of good ones, so i would recommend this ipod mp3 player to a certain extent. I think in some time apple will release a far more superior shuffle and i can't wait for that!!!!!

Nintendo Wii 25/10/2007

Nintendo Wii, great console but very high demand

Nintendo Wii This is a great family console, nintendo have definatley started the ball rolling with motion sensors and i think it is just the first step for nintendo to make this technology even better. I think the games like warioware work better on this type of console than say tiger woods were precision is essential and therefore hard to do with the remote and motion sensors. Nevertheless it is a 9/10 console and would definatley recommend this for and fun and exciting console. I have also found that because of the increase in demand for these consoles is so high that it is very hard to find and purchase one at a reasonable price and would recomend that if you are thinking of buyin a wii to wait till after christmas.

Halo 2 (Xbox) 21/10/2007

Halo- a fantastic xbox game

Halo 2 (Xbox) If you think of Xbox you think imediatley of Halo 2. This was the first game i bought for our xbox, it is a shooting game with tactics and skill definatley involved. There are a variety of game play setting, on the campaign the levels start after each oter in a storyline sequence. Wheras in battle mode you can go had to head with up to 4 players or link up to xbox live and play with people all over the world. The graphics are also amazing the mas are very detailed with hiding places and bases. It is very addictive people strive to be the best at this game . I woud recommend it to anybody it is fantastic, wether your playing on your own or in a group the game play is one of the best, and i'm deinatley looking forward to the soon release of HALO 3!!!!!!!

Sony PlayStation 2 - Slimline Model (PS2) 21/10/2007

Sony Playstation two, Still a fun console

Sony PlayStation 2 - Slimline Model (PS2) I bought this Sony Playstation two slimline consle shortly after it's release and i have found that compared with the consoles of today such as the xbox 360 and playstation three that it's graphics are overall not as good, nevertheless the games are very good esecially i hve found that games such as Grand theft auto san andreas type games work very well whereas fast pace game are not as effective. However the simline version has improved the playstation two's look as it is smaller than it's previous version. I would still recommend this console if you have a budget as the new consoles can be very expensive, it is still as exciting, fun and definatley value for money. The games are stil of a very high standard but i think the production of sony playstation two console games will start to slow done because of the new superior model the sony playstation three, but however there is still a good variety of games for purchase with this console!!!!!!!!!

Trick to Life - Hoosiers (The) 21/10/2007

The Hoosiers on the way up!!!!!!!!

Trick to Life - Hoosiers (The) The hoosiers in my opinion are one of the best up and coming bands around, I also think people underate this band alot, which they definatley don't deserve. They are definatley o the rise. There songs have done so well in the charts especially worried about ray and MR A. I Would recommend this to anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! The album has a variety of song from there very new ones to old songs that are still very very popular with people buying singles on the internet and downloading songs. The album has many songs that will have you bouncing of your bedroom walls, some songs are very upbeat and some others of a slower beat. It is released on the 22nd of october and it will i hope be a sensational album and keep the hoosiers up in the limelight of the chart. ...
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