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Remington HC 365 Salon KIT Ceramic 23/06/2011

Remington Hair clipper

Remington HC 365 Salon KIT Ceramic I found this product to be incredible value for money. Although I was a bit skeptical at first about cutting my own hair it is much easier than I thought it would be. This is my first ever hair clipper and it is very easy to use. The combs are easily attached to the blade and sit firmly in place and there is no need to worry that they come off during cutting the hair. I have had it for about half a year now and I have not had any problems with it at all. It is very easy to clean with a set of brushes which are included in the box. There are several comb attachments: 25, 18, 12, 9, 7 and 3mm. I would highly recommend this. ...

Redken All Soft 22/06/2011

Redken all soft

Redken All Soft I use this shampoo for 6 month. My hairdresser recommended it to me. I always had an itchy scalp after one day after washing. Not with this shampoo. My hair was very brittle and it improved incredibly.When I brushed my hairs 6 month ago I lost many "half hairs", because it was so brittle. When I brush it now I loose only full length hair. You don`t need much so 1litre lasts at least 6 month for one person with mid long hair (hair wash3 times a week). It makes your hair soft and silky. Our two daughters use it as well and they are really pleased. Unfortunately it is expensive. The cheapest I found on Ebay for £49, 2x 1l (shampoo and conditioner, the conditioner is also excellent). Your hair smells very good, even after 2 days. ...

Lexmark X6570 22/06/2011

Lexmark all in one X 6570

Lexmark X6570 We bought this 3 years ago for £99 from Argos. It was an excellent buy until now. It has developed a fault. When it comes to printing it always says "paper jam". It does scan, but not printing or copying any longer. Lexmark has a telephone customer service and a website with useful advice. When you call you don`t have to wait long and the consultants are very kind and try their best to help you. But they couldn`t solve that problem. There was only a 1year guarantee and so we have only the choice to let it repair in an electric shop. We decided not to, because repairs are always expensive and anyway the ink cartridges are really expensive. So we cannot really recommend it, because we think 3 years are too short a lifespan. ...

Kärcher Kärcher SC1020 + BE 22/06/2011

kaercher steam cleaner

Kärcher Kärcher SC1020 + BE I bought this 3 month ago from Argos for £99. I wonder how I could cope without it? In no time at all your home is sparkling. But don`t expect miracles on really tough or crusted limescale. You better soak it overnight ( kitchen towel, white vinegar, plastic bag). However, it does remove limescale which is not too old. In my opinion it gives the best results when generally no cleaning agents are used.I must admit I like the fresh smell of cleaning agents and it was a hard change. But you get used to it especially when you see it is all sparkling. I use essential oils for a good smell. The cleaning agents leave a film which limits the cleaning action of a steam cleaner. So the result of your first steam cleaning may be disappointing only because of the cleaning agent residue. This normally is removed after 2or3 steam cleanings, and believe me it is worth. Disadvantage: you can only fill in 1 litre, so for big flats or houses you may be better off with a bigger one. But if you need to fill it again, it quickly (approx. 5 min.) warms up . Highly recommended. ...

Sony Ericsson K550i Cyber-shot 20/06/2011

Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot K550i: very robust and reliable

Sony Ericsson K550i Cyber-shot I bought this phone in February 2008 and I am still very pleased with it. So far it is working fine and battery life is still at about one week on standby / 3 days if I make many calls. Features include a 2MP camera, a mp3 player with expendable memory (it takes a M2 memory card) and a FM-radio. The accessories which were included in the box are a charging adaptor, USB cable and headphones, which sadly broke soon after I bought the phone. The phone does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack so I was not able to connect my normal earphones to it. If I wanted to listen to the radio on the phone now I would have to buy another set of headphones from Sony Ericsson. This is the only disadvantage I found and therefore I only gave it four stars. The phone itself is very robust as I dropped it quite a few times, and once even spilled some water on it. After all that it is still in good working order with only minor scratch marks on the display and cover. Highly recommended!
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