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Zia, Kos 13/07/2007

Village of zia

Zia, Kos Charming, unspoilt mountain village, situated south-west of Kos town. Zia is approximately 20 minutes or so drive from the main town. Because of it's location, Zia is frequently visited by tourists in cars and those aboard coaches. North facing, this delightful little village affords views over the neighbouring islands of Pserimos and Kalymnos, from the main road into the Zia, you can also see the coast of Turkey quite clearly. Zia is located high,on the side of the highest mountain on Kos, Mount Dikeos. The thrill of the village is the scenery,which is simply breathtaking, but there is quite a brisk shopping trade, from the numerous gift shops around. There is an ample supply of Tavernas too, to cater for the hungry and thirsty. Shopping wise, there is a good selection of local produce and craftware, especially locally prouced honey , which is delicious! Zia is quite a small village, whose center has not been spoiled by development, although as of 2005, there were quite a few new houses being built on the approach to the village, which is accessed by a steep and twisting road. The prettiest time of year to visit, is in the spring, when there is an abundance of highly scented flowers and the place is very picturesque. The summer sun's arid rays, scorch the landscape to the detriment of some of Zia's charm. Zia was ( maybe still is) home to the much-publicised 'Greek Nights' , where the punter pays a fee for a 'pig-out' followed by plenty of wine and to top ...

Belkin F5D9012 - wireless router - DSL - 802.11b/g - desktop 18/06/2006

Belkin F5D 7632-4 Wireless Rouer

Belkin F5D9012 - wireless router - DSL - 802.11b/g - desktop I've owned this router for just over 12 months now. Anyone who has read any of my reviews, would see that mostly I give glowing praise to most things. This is definitely an exception to that rule. As more households are getting more than one PC, it is obvious that the need for wireless internet technology is growing. Otherwise fights will occur and that's not healthy is it? So the simple answer is, that you buy a wireless router. Yes? Not necessarily, but help is at hand! STOP ! Before you go any further. Do you personally know anyone who successfully uses one of these things?If you do, ask them advice,before you buy. So you are looking for a wireless router? You probably want one that you can afford, taking into consideration convience and ease of use at the same time. It was these considerations that drew me to the Belkin F5D 7632-4. It was in my price range and offered four cable (ethernet connections) and the wireless capability too. I would imagine that these qualities might draw you to the same conclusion. So off you trot , cash in hand to buy one from the nearest store. You ask a few questions from the salesperson, who tells you something of which you have no comprehension, but sounds convincing! Satisfied that you have listened to an expert. You toddle off home, eagerly anticipating your new internet adventure. This where your troubles begin!! Because when you set up your new machine, there is a host of information you need to know and ...

VAX V 006 10/06/2006

Vax V006 vacuum cleaner

VAX V 006 This particular model came into our household about two years ago. If I remember, it was an early production model. My wife bought it, after a Dyson fell to pieces. My initial feelings were, that the Vax would be just another reincarnation of the Dyson, but I am pleased to say, 'I was wrong'! After owning a Dyson, the Vax is much more sturdy ,it's construction, although mainly built of plastic, is a very robust machine. Which is good news for it's longevity The downside is, that the solid construction does make it a bit heavy to carry up and down stairs, for the able - bodied this is not too big a problem, but for someone who is a bit frail it could be. DOES THE VAX DO IT's JOB ? In a nutshell ' yes' , performance-wise this is a very capable machine , it has a transparent dust cylinder, so you can see what's being removed from your carpet etc. Believe me, you will be astonished! I just wish there was an attachment that I could fit straight onto the family dog! There is plenty of power behind the brush sweeper and this is supplemented by a vacuum hose and ' turbobrush' attachment, which acts like a micro vacuum cleaner in awkward places, this gives a ' beat & sweep' utility, but in hand-held form and is quite useful for tight spaces or car upholstry. One feature which does deserve a mention is the HEPA filter, designed to cut down on micro particles of dust. Periodically the HEPA filter will need excess dust cleaning from it. This is done by turning ...

Samsung SyncMaster 710MP 17 in 02/06/2006

Samsung Syncmaster 710MP

Samsung SyncMaster 710MP 17 in I was offered a used model by a friend. It certainly looks the business & is very smart, when sat on the desktop. If you have a nice machine and it's good, you like to tell everyone else it's good too. Don't you? Well I love this monitor, if you want all the techy stuff look at the spec sheet! I'm just going to tell you what it's like for the average punter to use. The Syncmaster 710 MP is easy to use, is excellent when connected to your PC, has integral speakers , which won't blow your brains out, but make adequate noise to tell you what's happening. I personally prefer to use it as a monitor for my PC. The Syncmaster gives good picture & sound, when connected to Sky via a SCART cable, but using a simple stand alone UHF indoor aerial , means picture & sound quality suffer a bit. This machine is quite a handful to carry around. I would estimate about 5 kilos, so you may think twice about moving it around too many times. There is a very simple instruction book with this monitor and it is reasonbly easy to fathom the controls without too much grief. There are also some simple software drivers that come along to configure your PC, these are on a CD-ROM. I would say that if you were inlclined you could use this montor in your caravan and you had mains power, you would also need a decent UHF antenna or satellite dish, but it's such a good piece of kit that you may be tempted to try it. anyway. It has a fold away base stand that folds to the back of the ...

Epson Stylus CX3600 23/04/2006

Epson stylus CX3600 combined scanner / printer

Epson Stylus CX3600 I've had mine for 12 months now. I am very pleased with it. this is a very useful machine for light office use. I particularly like the flatbed scanner,which will scan documents as adobe pdf files, accurately too! The print quality is exceptional, I have printed a few high quality prints and I think they are as good, if not better than the photo processor's efforts. My machine cost around £80. and can probably be scourced for less by now. The machine is easy to use and the software is pretty forgiving too, ie not many glitches, the software is stable. Bundled with the software are online manuals and a web link, although personally I don't find the online manuals a terrific help. When I say 'online', there are manuals available on the 'desktop' My machine has been almost fault free, although a little piece of sponge that cleans the inkjet heads, became displaced recently and stopped the black ink output! One expensive cartridge relacement later, the fault became evident. Although fairly simple to remedy, I thought the item was a bit cheap and tacky. I think it is important to mention, that careful storage, cleanliness and frequent use, will pay dividends in terms of print quality. This machine, like many printers thrives on plenty of work and a nice dust cover, will help too. Also if you can store your printer in a cool, dry enviroment, you will benefit immensely. What do you get for your money? A nice flatbed scanner An excellent quality ...

Asklepion, Kos 16/04/2006

The Asklepieion of Kos

Asklepion, Kos The Asklepieion of Kos. ( This is the Greek spelling, but there are several adaptations of it ) Firstly, If you enjoy history,architecture or both,The Aslepieion will interest you. If beaches,jetskis,girls and clubs interest you more, then this article is unlikely to interest you whatsoever! Still interested? Ok,read on! The Asklepieion is probably the largest ancient monument on the island of Kos. The origins of which are said to date back to the 3rd century BC.Sadly this magnificent site has been facelifted by earthquakes,several times since. The site you see today was excavated in 1902,unearthing the true scale of what you see before you now. Part of the early structure is a temple dedicated to Apollo. The Romans got in on the act too and the Asklepieon shows remnants of early Roman baths. The real claim to fame of this site,is that it was used by the physician,Hippocrates as a medical and teaching centre. It seems every man and his dog have been snooping around here at one time or another.The Crusaders and the Turks have all left their mark at various times through history. Indeed the whole island of Kos, has endured a turbulent and often violent history,even up to WW.II. Historians will find plenty of intrigue here. If you intend to visit the site, buy a tourist book for about 5 to 6 euros and spend a little while researching some facts first. This helps to put what you see before you,into a much better perspective. So What about ...

Ewan McGregor And Charley Boorman - Long Way Round (DVD) 13/04/2006

Long Way Round

Ewan McGregor And Charley Boorman - Long Way Round (DVD) DVD based on the TV series, shown on various sky tv channels. First shown in Autumn 2004. Anyone yearning for some simple adventure will want to see. Whether you have already seen all the episodes on TV ,or wanting a first time view. This boxed, two-disc set, should keep the viewer entertained for hours. Previous reviews have described the plot in some detail, so I won't do that. I found a strong sense of empathy with the major characters in the series, although there is a small degree of choreography, a large selection of the video footage is raw and lightly edited. The documentary is unusual and gives an insight into little known places beyond Russia. Where the natives know little of the western world and the culture is so different from our own. I found this aspect to be particularly interesting . I have never seen a documentary like this before, this factor adds singificantly to the interest and I think most potential viewers would fail to be impressed by what they see. The viewer shares the 'highs' and 'lows' of the journey and few punches are pulled in the storyline. If you are a Ewan Mc Gregor fan, that's a bonus, but I feel that this is incidental to the story. As a TV series, I tried not to miss an episode and even owning the DVD set, it's difficult to get tired of watching it. This series really stands out from a lot of contemporary rubbish. As a viewer, you feel informed by what you see, but never patronised. ' The Long Way Round' is ...

Nokia 6230i 06/04/2006

Nokiia 6230i

Nokia 6230i I believe this model has been on the market since summer 2005 I took charge of my Nokia in mid -August 2005, it has performed perfectly since I recieved it. This mobile phone is compact and is so full of features, means it's well suited for business use ( which is what I wanted it for ). In reality it's probably overspecced for personal use, but that will not deter a serious customer. My mobile is on an 18 month contract with T-mobile, who were offering a fairly competetive contract at the time, phone thrown in. Do Beware! I have seen this 'phone advertised at around £200 to purchase on a ' pay as you go ' contract. I said this mobile is compact, this makes for a rather small keypad which does not lend itself being tapped by big stodgy fingers! You need to excercise a degree of care when dialling. I use my mobile accompaned by a cheap bluetooth earpiece for driving. The 6230i has voice actvated dialling which I find very useful for dialling regular numbers. The bluetooth will operate up to about thirty feet, after whch the signal rapidly fades way. To date the 6230i has been very reliable, it gives me approximately four days on standby, before a recharge is necessary. During that time, you can get a decent amount of talk time out of it, without worrying. The camera works well in good light conditions, but suffers when the light fades, it will also take small video clips although these won't get you on to ' You've been framed'! The more you use the ...

Jeremy Clarkson - Heaven And Hell (DVD) 05/04/2006

Heaven & Hell by Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson - Heaven And Hell (DVD) This one was received as a present. I'm not that mad about cars,but I always love what JC has to say about them. If a useless car is trashed during the proceedings, then so much the better ! This DVD follows in the footsteps of previous examples and for me doesn't really break new ground. It is humerous and entertaining. The trouble is,that you already know what to expect. I feel that I could watch this one many times over and still enjoy it, my only criticism, is that the format is a little familiar although it still manages to be entertaining, I felt a slight sense of Deja Vu when watching. Without giving the plot away , there's plenty of high revs, smoking tyres and sideways tail drifting action, to keep all but the most cynical entertained. Accompanied by liberal doses of Clarkson's dry humour and brutality to unworthy motors,' Heaven and Hell' is likely to hold your interest throughout it's 72 minute duration. This one cost around £14.99, which I thought was slightly on the expensive side, but I could still forgive it for that, which incidentally, is more forgiving than Jeremy is to some of the cars! Buy it If you like Jeremy Clarkson If you like classy , fast motors put through their paces If you like to see bad motors punished! If your boyfriend/husband loves cars more than sex Dont buy If you belong to friends of the earth if the price of petrol has forced you to catch the bus! ...

LG LD-2060 05/04/2006

LG Electroncs Dishwasher, Model LD-2060 SH

LG LD-2060 If you are anything like me, then I am sure you are amazed at the amount of similar products offered to the market, by the same manufacturer for the same purpose. Dozens of machines, seemingly satisfying the same purpose is most confusing. For this model ( LD 2060) alone, the instruction manual quotes no less than eight variants! I couldn't begin to explain the differences between all the different models, The end of the world would happen first. This particular model was chosen, because of it's energy efficiency, it's price and it was on sale at a particular time. My family have used LG proucts for about six years. A TV came first followed by a superb fridge-freezer, we have been so pleased with those products that we were automatically interested to see what else LG had to offer in other departments. Sorry to waffle on, but my main critisiscm of LG is that their products are under-sold. Pospective customers are left slightly at a loss at what LG electronics actually is , what their products are and where they can get product support. My belief is that these aspects are a real turn-off for the prospective buyer. This is a pity, because they seem to be producing some very worthy products. So bearing the above in mind, here are a few observations about the LG Dishwasher model LD2060 SH. Rated ' A' for it's efficiency.This machine has been in use by my family for about 3 months.It is unobtrusive and does it's job perfectly. It's extremely quiet and ...

Hitachi PDV313 05/04/2006

Hitatchi PDV 313 Portable DVD Player

Hitachi PDV313 I recieved this machine as a present. I use it as often as I can when away from home, in preference to a TV. Priced at around £100. I have found this machine to be delightful, I love it! The PDV 313 is compact, lightweight and doesn't take up much room. I watch it fom the dasboard in a truck, so for caravan or motorhome use, it's well suited for this purpose and it won't take up loads of space I find the screen resolution is very good and picture quality is equally pleasing. I have noticed that on some DVD's, the sound volume can be lacking occasionally, although this is as much to do with the DVD you are playing as the DVD player. This can be overcome by using headphones, for which the PDV313 supplies two headphone Jacks. The battery pack is 7.2 volt / 3800mAh, I don't use it much, but when I have, it has coped easily with watching a DVD.I would estimate that the battery pack would last easily the length of a film, plus all the bonus bits, extras,etc. It is certainly well up to the task. The battery can be recharged via an AC mains adapter or via a 12 volt DC car adapter. Alternatively, you can forget the battery and use the power adapter(s) directly. The quality of the PDV 313 is also good, it's nice and sturdy and has a quality feel to it. It's a stylish silver and grey colour and has the demeanor of a small laptop computer. Quoted weight is slightly over 2 kilogrammes, if you use an accessory bag, you are looking at 2.5 kgs, which might be a ...

LG WM12225FD 30/03/2006

LG Electronics WM12225FD Washing Machine

LG WM12225FD Graded 'A' for efficiency, a pleasant machine from a lesser known manufacturer. But don't let that put you off! Features include a large 7.5 kg load Direct Drive Drum, which is very smooth in operation. Child lock to prevent intervention from little helpers! This machine is so quiet, that you would be hard- pressed to notice it, except during the spin cycle. It's certainly not intrusive. The build quality is good too. This LG does a nice clean wash,even at low temperatures, although the spin-speed on this model, isn't the highest you could encounter, it still leaves your washing nice and dry. If you're concerned by aesthetics, this LG has silver/ grey metallic sides a plastic front panel in the same colour. The door is chrome covered. If you like staring at washing machines,then you shouldn't be disappointed by this example! If this machine has a fault, this would be that it's slow progressing through it's cycle. This is due to it's efficiency characteristics, but it may be annoying, if you are saving several loads of washing for the same day and the pressure is on to get them washed. When it comes to spin, the machine will stop, if the load is badly distributed, rather than shaking itself to pieces.But this means you need to keep a periodic check on it, if you want your washing back! If all is well, when the machine finishes it's cycle, it plays a sweet little chime to say " I'm Free! " The one aspect most people will like about the WM12225FD ...
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