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Members Advice on Gardening 21/08/2006

Gardening for dummies like me!

Members Advice on Gardening MY GARDEN **The purpose of my review is mainly to help me and others through my learning process. I'm hoping to become a good little gardener by this time next year! I will be updating each month and reviewing my progress every 3 months. I hope my experiences will also help other complete learners on looking after their gardens! **Regular readers are welcome to scan down to the bottom to read the updates each month. As a little girl I loved to play in my mam's garden. It was messy but had little sections for different plants. There was a lawn area and shed at the back of the garden, a glass house for tomatoes, a huge vegetable patch for potatoes and runner beans on canes, a fruits area where rhubarb, gooseberries and blackcurrants thrived, and a little herb garden. I loved the fact that for a Sunday dinner I could go to the garden and uproot a potato, cut some mint and string the beans. It was always so fun! Now, I'm not at home anymore and I've been thrown into the gardening job of my own home. Easy peasy! I've watched my mam weed loads of times! I've watched my dad mow the lawn plenty! I'm not bothered about the wildlife, I've thrown worms at my brother plenty of times!! (Oh, how he used to scream!) Well, I can honestly say it has not been easy peasy at all. In fact, it's been tougher than I imagined. That Alan Titchmarsh leads all us learners astray!! I thought I'd jot my experiences down and I can look back on my mistakes and hopefully I will ...

Everything that starts with V ... 27/07/2006

vixsta14's challenge

Everything that starts with V ... Right o, I've been away from Ciao due to problems at work and home but I've decided to come back on here as I miss you all a hell of a lot! Catching up with my e-mail alerts I read this cute little challenge so I pinched it off the lovely Victoria! hehe! 1.DESCRIBE THE BEST FEELING YOU'VE EVER HAD. Was probably the feeling of acceptance when I worked in Woolworths. That whole time I was there I felt like I fit in, was the same as everyone else, people wanted to talk to me and wanted to be around me. I was actually accepted! That, to me is a massive feeling as for years I've never fit in to any stereotypical groups, and always felt outside. 2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Not that I know of. I think it includes a Y as my dad wanted an Aly Jane, but other than that my names common! 3. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? When I was little I used to but I lost the faith, and started being negative about everything, and stopped believing in wishes. Aww! 4. WHICH FINGER IS YOUR FAVOURITE? God, probably the first two as these are used a lot when signalling to traffic and other incoming vehicles!! Or the little finger is always handy for picking your earwax! hahaha!! 5. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Yesterday. I'm miserable a lot lately. I keep focussing on everything rotten. 6. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Yes! My handwriting is a tidy size, curvy, recognisable, and easy to follow. Though no-body has complimented on my handwriting, I like it so ...

Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Masque 22/05/2006


Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Masque Montagne Jeunesse Sauna Masque Ok I'm nervous here. I've never been into make-up or health stuff, so I never slap on that mud stuff all the girlies wear! Since working at the shop my skin condition on my face and shoulders has dropped. I have blackheads galore on my nose, pimples at the side of my nose, a greasy forehead, and dry skin on my chin and cheeks. Ergh... sorry it was graphic but I wanted to say WHY I picked up a face pack. # So What is it? Montagne make a hefty range of face packs and masks suitable for all skin types and both men and women can use the packs. The mud pack I choose was a heat generating sauna type wash off gel. I wanted a pack that would heat up my face and open all my pores, and rid the germs there. The Japenese sauna mask is "self heating therapy clay" that is for a "pore opening sauna" effect. # The product? The sauna mask comes in a squidgy flat plastic that can be very handy for putting in a travel bag as it takes very little room. The plastic is waterproof too so good news for wet hands! This product has a picture of a lady with red clumpy cream on her face with eyes covered by leaves. She must have put about 3 packs on by the looks of it! The packet reads "Anti stress" - is that possible? A face pack can take away stress?? Oh well, its mainly the heat I am after as I want a hot product to take out all the grime in my skin. The 15g packet reads "Red Hot Earth for normal, oily and T-Zone skin - Deep ...

Tesco Chicken Chow Mein 27/04/2006


Tesco Chicken Chow Mein Tesco Chicken Chow Mein - Ready meals Since I have moved out of the family home I have become a bit of a fan of ready meals, and being as there's a Tesco within a stone's throw away I've become even more of a slob! I bought a meal from the fresh section as something I could take to work, however, I always try out a meal in the house first so that I know I will not waste it in work if I don't like it. I picked up this one for £2.27 for 450g. So it's quite pricey for an individual fresh meal, considering that the Frozen meals are often buy a few for a set price. # The packaging The red range is for all oriental ready meals. The picture on the front is of noodles, chicken and peppers. It looks colourful and delicious. The inner dish is a comical, rather large plastic bowl with a clear plastic film lid. (I find it slightly amusing as most ready meals come packed in a rectangular plastic container, so it's a novelty to see a bowl shape!) The description on the box is: "Slices of chargrilled chicken breast, beansprouts, red pepper and mushrooms in a Cantonese sauce with soy sauce, ginger and garlic served with fresh egg noodles." - sounds lovely! The cooking instructions, freezing guidelines, nutrition, ingredients, and allergy advice are all printed all the back with is a lot better than some of their ready meals, which tend to be printed on the side panels! The instructions can be slid away from the product, hassle free. # The product On ...

HASBRO iDog 26/04/2006


HASBRO iDog Hasbro iDog Shopping online for my guy's birthday present I was looking for something electronic, something gadgety, and something loveable. I was originally on the Amazon website looking for an old book for myself, when one of the adverts caught my eye - A funny looking gadget that resembled a dog! I clicked and read more. I am sorry to say but I am never a dog person at all but knowing how much my guy missed his mother's dogs, and how much he loves gadgets I thought this would be ideal. # What is it? It is basically a comical gizmo that takes on the characteristics of a dog. The idea of the iDog is that its fed on music, and according to the instruction manual, it needs to be fed for at least 5 minutes every hour, however this is not necessary as it works when you switch it on anyway! The gadget moves about and acts as a speaker for most musical devices.It runs on two AA batteries (not supplied). *grrr, the batteries ran out after 2 weeks of his constant barks and lights show! Made in 2005 under Hasbro, It is produced by leading SEGA Toys Ltd. in China. (There are certain differences between the main Sega make and the Hasbro make such as the Sega ones have more personality choice.) Even though my iDog is made by Sega, it is the Hasbro edition in chrome. # What does it look like? Well, it looks a lot like a robot dog! He's palm sized, sits on his hind legs, has a black hard plastic body and a chrome face with clear plastic ...

Twin Town (DVD) 10/04/2006


Twin Town (DVD) "Twin Town" Ah the Welsh equivalent to "Trainspotting"! Set in the industrial, but beautiful town of Swansea, South Wales, this dark comedy introduces us to the perils of family life, tragedy, troubled youths and friendship. The film is rightly rated 18 and even though a lot of children nowadays will watch an adult film, it is not suitable at all for younger viewers and in many ways can influence them. Although, it does however reflect a society that is already in place. A caution that throughout the film there is violence, deception, revenge, theft, drugs and extremely strong language. There are also sexual references and small graphic scenes. Even though these scenes are shown in good light, they are still graphic. *Another caution, there is a swear word in every conversation!! IMDB reckons the word "F**k" features 700 times - that's probably about right!! Runs approximately 100 minutes and is released by Universal Pictures UK ltd. The video was released by Polygram Filmed Entertainment. The DVD case does not contain a booklet. I shopped around the internet and managed to find this DVD for £5.99 on Play.Com, a snip of the price Tesco were asking for (£14.99). (plus Nectar points!) I originally bought the VHS of this film but my recorder chewed it! Time for a replacement! A noticeable difference between the video and the DVD case is that there are different pictures on both front and back. Also the printed paper can be reversed on the video ...

Everything that starts with S ... 07/04/2006

Serenfach yn Serenfawr

Everything that starts with S ... Serenfach asked me nicely to do this one but I'm sure it's original creator is Playgirl27 so thank you kindly to both of them! 1 What day, date and time is it? 7th April 2006 - 6.50pm. 2 Date of birth and where born? May 3rd 1982 - Morriston, South Wales by caesarean section at 10.30 in the morning on bank holiday Monday! 3 Height and weight? 5.2" - 7 stone 8. 4 Are you married, Single, Got a girlfriend/boyfriend? Living with Boyfriend - Not engaged. 5 Do you have children if so how many? Not yet, am still a pup myself! 6 If you don't have children how many do you want if any? Two. Two boys at that! 7 Do you have Pets and if so what are they? Not allowed in rental house! 8 If you don't have pets what one would you choose and why? A froggy but that's just silly! 9 What's your funniest childhood memory? This is cruel but I laughed my head off just remembering it! - When I was young and my brother was about 4 I told him to grab the "electric stingy" bush! You know the bush that the nettles will give you nasty itchy white lumps! He picked the nettles up and seconds later he screamed! That was great. I had the slipper on the back of my thigh for that though!! 10 How many nieces and Nephews do you have if any? None, I'm the eldest out of us two. Anyway my brothers only 16 - I'd string him up if he became a dad!! 11 What did you last have to drink? A can of coke from the cold machine at work. Oh my god, that was at ...

Everything that starts with K ... 07/04/2006

kindly pinched off Kollarosie!

Everything that starts with K ... I was up for doing a question time challenge and I came across this one from Mrsmopples who got it from Kollarosie. #1. So, why the username Fabfrog5? I don't know - a collection of things I suppose! I love all things froggy and say "Fab" a lot. I suppose it sounded catchy (plus I couldn't remember how to spell fabulous!) 5 is the number of my parents house. #2. Give us one word to describe you: Stressed. #3.Chose one Desert Island Disc: "Best of Blondie", so I can sing and dance. #4. Chose one Desert Island Book: "Lord of The Rings" (Trilogy book) - Ha, that's 3! #5. Chose one Desert Island Film: "Dirty Dancing". Every girl wants a hunk to dance with! #6. What floats your boat? A bottle of "Bells". #7.Tell us something no one knows about you: Um nothing interesting I'm fairly truthful anyway! Sorry! #8. What's your idea of a dream date? A guy with a great laugh, a cheeky grin, and funky dress sense, who meets me at a theme park. We go on every ride, he loves every minute! We then go for a nice chunky steak and onion rings in a traditional pub, go home for a nap before its disco time at 9pm. My date dances away and never looks twice at another girl! The date is spend all day out and no TV in sight anywhere! My guy even challenges me to a drinking game of "last letter, new word"! I collapse into bed at 3am and cuddle up to his hairy manly chest! **wakes from my dream** oh well, will have to do with my ...

Avon Far Away Shower Gel 01/04/2006


Avon Far Away Shower Gel Far Away Bath and Shower Gel. I have never bought from Avon before but I thought I would give them a go when a colleague became a representative. Showered with little booklets all taking up space on the canteen tables I decided to rummage through. I was a little disappointed as in my eyes the magazines were full of make-up. I'm not very into make up. I push the magazine away from me and as if on cue another colleague enters the room. "Mmm, you smell nice. What perfume have you got?" I asked innocently as I have been on the lookout for a decent fragrance since my Anais Anais reacted funny on my skin! "Far Away" from Avon she said and showed me the product. "It's not perfume, it's shower gel!" Now I actually missed the perfumed shower gels when I was flicking through as they are hard to spot in amongst all the fruity bubble baths or detox type expensive stuff. I was glad to learn that they were "Buy one get one free" so I agreed to try this one and another Avon shower gel. It cost £3.00 for the two but there are offers on all the time. In the currant edition of Avon catalogue Far Away is half price (£1.50) for a 200ml bottle. I did find £3.00 a bit high a price to pay for a shower gel but I wanted something very girly and very fragranced. (See I have the problem of my boyfriend using all my Boots fruity gels, so I wanted to deter him!) #THE BOTTLE A 200ml bottle of cream plastic that is similar to a woman's body shape. It seems to have a slight ...

Everything that starts with N ... 23/03/2006

not another nomination challenge!

Everything that starts with N ... Coolaskaha asked me to do this challenge so I thought, "Yeah go on then!" Apparantly she's doing her rounds and asking everybody!! #1. ITV or BBC? I would say ITV. To me the BBC has nothing fantastic nowadays. I enjoy programmes on ITV but at half one in the mornig I can't really think of any as an example! #2. Sunny or Rainy? Well, being a red-head I burn so easily, so I don't actually like going out in the sun! Yes, the sun is nice when your eating outside or at a beach but those days are rare. I work full time all the time anyway so I don't have a chance to go anywhere. I actually find the rain to be quite relaxing! I like driving in it and I can watch it on the windows for hours! #3. Cat or Dog? Ergh... I absolutely hate dogs!! They make my stomach churn just watching them. Slobbery, stupid animals. I'm sorry but it's cat all the way! I mean, just look at the way an owner will talk to a dog: "Come here boy. There's good! Do you want a treat?!" The dog is no more than a child. If you were to say that to a cat the animal would look at you stupid and walk off with his bum in the air!! #4. Cod or Haddock? Ah, er, Right, I'll only eat Cod from a fish shop as I don't like it any other time! And as for Haddock, mmm a dob of salty butter please! #5. Hotdog or Hamburger? Grrr another draw! Ok, Hotdogs make compulsory fireworks night snacking, complete with burnt onions and red sauce! I would probably say hamburgers on this one as ...

Chicago Rock Cafe' - Swansea 21/03/2006


Chicago Rock Cafe' - Swansea CHICAGO ROCK CAFÉ - SWANSEA There's a little club in the town near me and I won't go anywhere else! A lot of people will disagree with my opinion, but to me this venue offers so much. I have been going to this club regularly since it first opened 5 years ago. I have eaten food there, seen many great tribute bands on stage, watched live sporting events, sat quietly with a group of friends and watched soaps on the big screen, and most importantly, I've danced the night away many times. #A BRIEF HISTORY Chicago Rock Café came to Swansea just at the end of the year 2000. It is a venue that opens early during the day time and serves food while a jukebox plays quietly or a film is shown on the screen. Not only is it a good quality themed restaurant, but you can continue your day out into the night with a live band or disco DJ. When I say "Themed" I mean the general feel to the venue is a musical tribute to great artists past and present. *If anyone has ever been to a "Hard Rock" café, Chicago Rock is a similar base line. Chicago Rock Café is owned by the nightclub group Luminar Leisure (look at ) who are also responsible for "Jumping Jak's" and "Oceana". Luminar are pioneers in themed restaurants and nightspots. Contact: Steve Williams 2-3 St. Mary's Street, Off Wind Street, Swansea, SA1 3LH 01792 455345. According to the website, "Chicago Rock Cafe Swansea is one of the largest units in our estate, with a capacity of 980 ...

ET - The Extra-Terrestrial (DVD) 07/03/2006


ET - The Extra-Terrestrial (DVD) E.T- The Extra Terrestrial Special Edition This film is exactly the same age as me and I have grown up with this fantastic film shown on TV at every holiday occasion. *It was nearly 3 years ago I bought this DVD but I can remember it was on a special limited offer in Tesco. I have searched around various sites and it's still cheaper in Tesco for £7.92 online or from Extra stores. #Background information The actual film is a Universal (Suitable for all) but the DVD box set is rated as PG (Parental Guidance) so parents may want to be nearby when the youngsters are watching it but, having seen this film countless amounts of times, I cannot really find a moment when they will be frightened. There are occasional very mild swear words and there is a very emotional scene during which parents may want to cuddle their children. I find that the film is generally suitable for children to view by themselves anyway. Produced by Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy. This was Kathleen's first ever production and whilst Steven was already a big movie maker in his own right by this film, he expresses that ET is his most treasured all time movie. Having made "Close Encounters of the third kind" and "Jaws" Spielberg was certainly no stranger to robotics and science fiction. He beautifully combined outer space with a family life and created a film that people always want to talk about, and strangely, relate to! The DVD I have is one of the 20th Anniversary releases with ...

Lego Star Wars (PS2) 07/03/2006


Lego Star Wars (PS2) Star Wars Lego for the Playstation 2 Ah, star wars! Excellent stuff from the late 1970s! I enjoyed Star Wars, and grew up with editions 5 onwards constantly on the tv! I was also an active member of the "Lego Club" and had stupid amounts of sets all over the place! I know there was actual Lego sets released featuring Star Wars scenes but I didn't want to start collecting those as it would be too expensive! Besides, Lego makes too much mess, too much noise and takes up too much room. Now, I love my cute platform games and will happily sit for 4 hours and play "Tak" or "Spyro" so imagine my delight when this cute game of two of my childhood greats was released?! It was meant to be a Christmas present, the only snazz was I had to order my own present because my brother's too lazy, doesn't go anywhere, and doesn't have a card! I ordered off for £16.99, but the game is available at Hmv or any computer shop. Check the shop "Game" as they've always got a second hand bin where you will find the excellent platinum game StarWars. My game is Platinum which means it has sold many, many copies in a short space of time! (No pun intended with Space!) #The game genre Made for the Playstation 2, this game is a platform with many strategies, puzzles, and occasional baddie shoot-em-ups. The game has a reward scheme in the sense of coins. You can exchange your coins in "Dexter's Diner" for characters or extra weapons. The characters, setting, backdrops and props ...

Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock - Let There Be Rock / Down At Fraggle Rock (DVD) 05/03/2006


Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock - Let There Be Rock / Down At Fraggle Rock (DVD) Fraggle Rock - Limited Edition DVD Set Weeeeee! Hands up who remembers these collection of weird little monsters who lived underneath a lighthouse?! #No, what are Fraggles? These are a colourful collection of hand controlled puppets from the fantastic Jim Henson. Based on the same ideas as the ever popular "Muppets", Fraggles are a basic hand inside a glove movement, and the puppets arms are controlled by sticks. Only the upper half of the bodies are shown on tv at a time. The puppeteers operate off screen and voice the characters in time to the live movement. They all live underneath the grounds of a lighthouse at the edge of a Scotland cliff, here's where the name comes from also - Fraggle (the inhabitants) Rock (the cliff top). The lighthouse owner Captain Doc is a pleasant old man who lives with his dog Sprockett, and tells us (the viewers) what's going on today. The old man is the only human in each story. (Occasionally there is a fraggle that journeys to the human world and tells of his troubles but his stories are brief and comical.) Captain is played by Fulton Mackay. #A Brief History Fraggle Rock was a running children's series on television during the 1980's. It started being test screened in 1982 but took off late 1983. Like "Sesame street" (also another Jim Henson programme), Fraggle Rock also teaches younger viewers morals and helps learning with the aide of catchy songs and clear storylines that keep the attention of the audience ...

Everything that starts with I ... 05/03/2006

Fazel's Imagination challenge

Everything that starts with I ... Aw the lovely Fazel has just compilled this little challenge and I was mentioned! I thought "yeah go on then!" as it's a nice change from telling you all boring stuff about myself! As Faye beautifully put it: "This challenge is designed to get your imagination going and let you know how creative people can be, so you're going to get to know what another person's imagination is like. Remember as long as you can visualise something, you are creative and you do have an imagination." My imaginations a bit rusty but i'll try my hardest!...... ♦1.♦ What would your ideal home look like and where would it be if it was in the land of make believe? Explain your reasons behind your great idea. My house is an old, turn of the century barn. The beams are on every ceiling and the floors are uneven. Its March and i'll have to see a Thatcher to tidy the roof up a bit as winter's taken its toll on the straw. The open fire needs re-kindling as my hot pot will cool down. There's bread baking in the stone kiln in the next room and my good friend Ieuan is milking my brown cow Cara. My pig Harriet is looking rather podgy and i'm believing she's due in May. I never get attached to the little ones though - off they will go to market in the little village nearby. I walk there along side the river and notice the flowers starting to come. The village is picturesque. Its situated on a green rolling valley with a funny little church taking centre stage. There are two pubs ...
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