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Rebecca Wheatley - The New Me Workout (DVD) 13/01/2008


Rebecca Wheatley - The New Me Workout (DVD) NOT JUST A WORKOUT DVD, BUT AN ENTIRE LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Hi I'm Rebecca Wheatley. You may not recognise me but I was Amy the receptionist in Casualty. That was 12 stone ago and back when I was a size 32! In just 27 months I've dropped half my body weight and become a size 12/14 by following Slimming World's eating plan and taking up exercise for the first time ever. *************** *************** *************** *************** * W ow - 12 stone in 27 months - size 32 to a size 12/14! Now that's the way to grab your interest. Already being a member of Slimming World, and on the look out for a workout I can do at home (with 2 young children getting to the gym is virtually impossible), I was intrigued when I saw the advert on TV for Rebecca's DVD… Then I read the blurb on the back, which made me all the more interested. *************** *************** *************** *************** * Now that exercise is part of my life and I'm a 'new me!' we've put together this workout DVD which will get you moving, burn fat and help you feel great. It's for real people like me of all shapes, sizes and ability. The great thing is you can do the entire workout or just choose one or two sections if you don't have as much time - it's designed for those of us with busy lives! But this isn't just a workout DVD - it also contains the Slimming World eating plan that I've so successfully followed with loads of meals and snacks that will help you get started. I also share my ...

Dance Floor Workout (DVD) 13/01/2008

Not a workout for the beginner, or anyone else!!

Dance Floor Workout (DVD) Dancefloor Workout will help you lose weight, get fit & keep in shape - all to great music that will really make you move. This unique DVD combines famous pop videos from top artists with a workout programme specially choreographed by expert instructor, Fleur Murray. There are 22 fitness routines matched to 22 massive video hits. Volume 1 features: Sister Sledge - He's The Greatest Dancer Holly Valance - Naughty Girl Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss D:Ream - UR The Best Thing All Saints - Lady Marmalade Gina G - Just A Little Bit East 17 - It's Alright Pete Heller - Big Love Grace - Not Over Yet En Vogue - Free Your Mind Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me The Trammps - Disco Inferno Black Legend - You See The Trouble With Me Sugarbabes - Overload Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free Perfecto Allstarz - Reach Up (Papa's Got a Brand New Pig Bag) Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart Danni Minogue - Put The Needle On It Communards - Don't Leave Me This Way Sister Sledge - Lost In Music All Saints - Pure Shores Chaka Khan - I'm Every Woman GETTING FIT WAS NEVER SO MUCH FUN! *************** *************** *************** *************** ** I was really hoping this DVD might be better than some of those 'celebrity' workout DVD's. I now wish I'd got one of those instead - or dare I say it the Ministry of Sound offering. I wanted to have a workout to some decent music, not the nightclub dance music offered by others, and this DVD certainly offers the ...

George Foreman 13184 Anniversary 20/08/2007

The English BBQ is born again

George Foreman 13184 Anniversary I LOVE my George Foreman! Before I got the Anniversary edition I treated myself to the small version just to see how I got on with it, and to see if I would actually use it. Within 2 weeks I had invested in this bigger better version! Ok, it takes up quite a bit of space, but frankly its worth it for the time saved cooking (food is cooked in around half the time it usually takes as it's cooked from both sides at the same time), and the healthy benefits of less fat. Here are some basic stats & product features: 1032 square cm grilling surface Grills up to 10 chicken breasts Double coated non-stick grill cooks from top to bottom for fast, even and complete grilling results Grill channels carry run off grease and fat into a spearate tray Floating hinge for even cooking of thicker meats and food Thermostat controlled ready light I now use mine instead of the grill for most of my cooking.. Whenever we have meat that would usually be grilled or fried it goes in the GF, and I am always amazed by the amount of fat that is drained away from the food without affecting the taste of the food. So far I have cooked steak, burgers, chicken (plain breast & stuffed breast), bacon, sausages, chops and kebabs. I even use it to cook alot of the extras to go with the meal - Courgettes come out beautifully in a fraction of the time they would take in a pan or under the grill. We were planning a BBQ for our daughters birthday a few weeks ago but the english weather wasn't ...

Thule Atlantis 20/08/2007

The 'BOX' from Atlantis

Thule Atlantis I have borrowed this roof box off a friend a few times now, and have finally invested in a roof box of my own... But not the Atlantis! Let me tell you why....... Ok, I like the Atlantis, it is spacious and well made, but it has one big down side - The system used for attaching the box to the roof bars is very big and clumpy. Inside the box there are 4 large - and I do mean large - cog style keys that are used to tighten the claws that hold on to the bars. Ok, the claw design is fantasic, it gives you the flexibility to move the box very quickly, but the cogs inside the box take up far too much space. We tried to put a double pushchair and a travel cot in there and because of the cogs we couldn\'t get them to lay flat, so we ended up putting the cot in the boot for safety as we couldn\'t strap it down at an angle. That said, the space inside is adequate for the average family, you just have to remember that you shouldn\'t put anything to heavy in it as it does have a weight limit of 75kgs across all sizes. We usually put some of the larger items (double pushchair) up there to make space in the boot, along with lots of lighter stuff like nappies, change bags, coats etc, with the main bags in the boot. The other feature of this box do go some way to making up for the cog issue, my favorite being the duel opening feature. This enables the user to open the box from either side of the car, which does make it a little easier to pack as you can fill one side then ...

Le Creuset Cookware 17/08/2007

This Volcano is HOT!!!

Le Creuset Cookware Ok, these items are expensive - but well worth it. We have been considering updating our pots, pans and ovenwear, so took a trip to the local shopping outlet to do a bit of investigation. We found the Le Creuset shop and having been in a few times looking at their range we decided that's where we would invest. If you find a shop in an outlet village/shopping centre you can save a fair amount on the RRP, but it will still set you back quite a bit for a decent starter set. We brought 3 saucpans, a saucepan mini frying pan combo, 2 casserole dishes with lids and a set of 4 mini casserole/ramekin pots with lids in their trademark 'Volcanic' colour scheme. In total our bill was over £300 but if we had purchased these items on the high street or direct we could have been expected to pay almost double that. The 'Volcanic' range comes with a lifetime guarantee (10yr guarantee for non stick items) so long as you follow a few simple rules. The main one being - ONLY USE MEDIUM OR LOW SETTINGS FOR ALL COOKING, ON ALL HEAT SURFACES - this allows the pan to heat gradually and evenly. The cookwear heats up quickly even using low and medium settings, and maintains an even heat all over which means your food will cook evenly. Beware - these items are very heavy, and I do mean VERY! This is due to the range being made up of several layers of enamel and cast iron. The cast iron ensures an even dirstibution of heat, and the enamel layers offer a hygenic cooking surface ...

Nintendo Wii 14/08/2007

Wii - So much fun in such a small box!

Nintendo Wii I was given this as a gift as apparently it's the only techno thingy my other half has heard me saying I really want! I was really interested in the style of play - I hate playing other game systems because of the boring controllers and couch potato side effects - but the Wii is different! I have played every night since I got it!!! something I have never wanted to do before. The graphics may not be as slick as some other game systems but who cares, the game play is great, and is so interactive. I have become addicted to the Wii Sports games - using them as a way to get fit at home. There are so many different ways to use the remote that game play is never the same, and the Mii's are fantastic - I can't wait to start getting visiting Mii's from other consoles. If you haven't got one yet - go get one now!!! Brings gaming to a whole new level.
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