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Mitsubishi FTO 12/09/2003

A nice car to own ...

Mitsubishi FTO But not particularly cheap. Being an import, you have to be weary of a number of things: 1) the service history of the car (unless you can read and understand japanese service history) 2) the cost of insurance 3) the availability of parts. Saying that, apart from insurance, the other items can be overcome. Buy the car from a good (and trusted) importer. Network with the HUGE online community (check out Smartgroups) and get to know the various breakers and parts importers. Once you build up these contacts, you'll find it a lot easier (and cheaper) to have items replaced on your cars. And because most of these guys are enthusiasts, their advice is free and always honest. The car itself is very nice to drive, and VERY quick. I owned the GR, but to be honest noticed very little difference in the GPX in terms of speed. The noise the Mivec on the GPX makes is nice to hear, though. I bought my car with relatively low mileage (25k KM / 15k miles) and it was mint. The rear of the car is quite cramped, so treat is as a 2 seater (+ kids maybe). As with most Jap cars, the car is tinny and the road noise is awful. Id recommend dynamatting or insulating a lot of the car, whether you're a car audio enthusiast or not. Road noise can be cut down by half. The engine is practically indestructible. I frequently red lined to 8000rpm (AFTER the car has WARMED UP), and had 2.5 years of trouble free motoring. I got a little bored of the looks - a bit too typical japanese boy ...

BMW 328Ci 12/09/2003

Fantastic car

BMW 328Ci After all, it's a BMW. That in itself is one of the main advatages of the car. NOT because of the name. But because of what the name brings with it. A solid, reliable car. Good looks and great driving. You can have all the toys, and all the fun of driving a sporty car at the same time. Unfortunately, this does all come at a price. The solidity brings with it weight. Even this 2.8 beast of an engine means the car can feel a litle sluggish on pick up. With 2 people, the car will pull with ease. With 4, it feels like you're towing a caravan. And as for price - being BMW, it isnt cheap. EVERY single option costs money (and a lot of it !). But they are *nice* options. Get the SatNav, the TV, the leather seats, and electric everything. My advice is - buy a car with all the options you'd want. You'll only regret not having them later. And preferably, buy a 2nd hand car - the options add little to the price, unlike when new. The BMW warranty is priceless. Complete peace of mind - again at a price, requiring dealer servicing at dealer prices. All round - a great looking car (get the Sport kit !) with nice sharp handling, and the solidity of a tank. The Auto box makes the car so effortless to drive, while the Steptronic gives you all (ok - not all - but some !) the fun of a manual.
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