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Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish 15/09/2009

cheapest teeth whitener!

Pearl Drops Hollywood Smile Whitening Tooth Polish this product takes three weeks to work. it is the best purchase i have made in a long time. i had braces a couple of years ago and since having them taken off, thought my teeth were stained yellow. i then discovered the pearl drops hollywood smile whitening toothpolish and thought i would give it a go. it takes three weeks for the polish to make your teeth whiter, and then there is the polish that you use after to keep them white and shiny. the initial toothpolish is to be used twice a day and i choose morning and night. you only brush the fronts of your teeth to avoid ruining the enamel on your teeth. you should brush for approximately 60 seconds each time, so only takes two minutes out of your day to have perfectly white teeth after three weeks. then use the polish after the three weeks once or twice a day - that is down to personal preference. this keeps them looking shiny and white so removes and little stains that have gathered during the day. seriously consider purchasing this product to test it for yourself as it comes with a teeth colour chart so you can watch your progress. it is definitely worth the money. just try it and see for yourself

Nestlé Kit Kat White Chocolate 15/09/2009

white chocolate kitkat

Nestlé Kit Kat White Chocolate this is a sweet made in heaven. i love white chocolate and kitkat so when i heard of this product i knew i had to try one. i love the kitkat white chocolate chunky, but not the normal kitkat. this may be as there is more food, i still dont like. this is one of the sweets that i thought i would never like the taste of as the picture on the wrapper does not make it look pleasant. it looks like it has been covered in yoghurt, but in actual fact, the chocolate nestle use is so wonderfully smooth and creamy, the look of it does not do it any justice. the chocolate that they use is so wonderful, i sometimes eat it without the biscuit and then eat the biscuit. eating one of these brightens up even the very darkest of days and always puts me in a better mood. the taste is indescribable and everyone has to try it. i love this product and always purchase one when i am shopping. i would always buy a white chocolate kitkat over a milk chocolate one. i believe they have made the recipe even better from the past and much prefer it now to before. i am also lucky that i am the only one in my family who likes white chocolate so makes me want to buy them more. try this product, it is lovely, but i would suggest that if you do not like white chocolate, then maybe stick to the normal kitkat as my family do not like these.

OPI Nail Envy 14/09/2009

best nail polish ever

OPI Nail Envy this nail polish has saved my nails. they were extremely weak, flaking and always broke. this was until i found nail envy. i put it on my nails every day, even if i do not have colour on them. they are now very strong and hardly ever break. they never flake and hardly ever chip. i know this product is expensive, but does last a long time as long as you keep it in the box. if it is kept out of the box, then the polish goes thick and does not dry properly. i will never stop buying this product. personally i feel the original nail envy is the best product as it does everything. the other products do specific things for your nails and not everything. seriously considering making this one initial payment to make your nails strong

Lindon Voss Triple Dry Advanced Formula Roll-On 12/09/2009

excellent - keeps you dry all day and night

Lindon Voss Triple Dry Advanced Formula Roll-On i was reccomended this deodorant by my doctor when i raised my concerns about cleanliness and have never turned back. it took a couple of days to reach inside my system and start to work when i started using it and it has been 2 years now and have never missed a day. the only down side of this roll on stick is that it takes a long time to dry and leaves under arms a little white, so i feel that in the mornings i always need a shower instead of every couple of days. i also found that i felt a lot happier knowing i was using this at night and a normal deodorant during the day. i have tried the triple dry spray and roll on stick but none of them seem to work in the same way as the roll on formula. the deodorant does not have a scent. this is a very expensive deodorant, but it works so well that it gives you confidence to feel fresh all day would i tell other people about this deodorant? yes definitely

Bionsen deodorant spray 12/09/2009

Bionsen Deodrant spray

Bionsen deodorant spray Fragrance: the deodorant has a fairly strong fragrance although it is not unpleasant Gentleness: this is a very gentle deodorant on the skin and does not sting when using after shaving this deodorant works throughout the day and deals with bad odour. it is perfect for all skin types and feels soft on the skin. the only problem is that it takes a while to dry when on the skin. also it is not an antiperspirant so if you are a sufferer from wet patches then this may be something to consider before purchasing this product. the deodorant comes in 150ml cans which is half the size of a normal can and costs more than double the price but in my experience, it works a lot better than any other deodorant.
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