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Always looking to buy your unwanted "Chalet School" books for my collection. Leave a message on my GB if interested, I'm happy to offer cash or a trade for my other surplus books. Let's save some trees and recycle reading matter!!

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Should Fast Food Companies Be Responsible For The Health Of Their Customers? 18/07/2006

Skip the Coke and Choose the Small Fries Instead

Center Parcs, United Kingdom 20/03/2006

Center Parcs - Family Fun in the Forest! 05/02/2005

Give Some Free Books, GET Some Free Books! Love books? Have too many books but can’t bear to throw them away? Then you’ll LOVE this site. I’ve actually been a member for some years now but only recently started to actively use it. It’s a very unusual concept but one that I’ll attempt to explain in this review. Once you get your head around what it’s about, I’m prepared to bet many of you will head over there just to check it out, and a high percentage of you may even become members. It’s absolutely FREE and there’s no requirement to spend any money at all if you don’t want to. What’s It All About…….Alfie? The website is called BookCrossing and can be found at It was set up in April 2001 and it is basically a way of giving and receiving books completely free of charge! Many of you may already be familiar with the American site, where a rubber stamp is used to place a message on a banknote asking users of that banknote to enter the serial number of on a website so that its progress can be tracked online. Bookcrossing operates on a similar principle, whereby readers of a book are asked to log their ownership so that the book can be tracked as it travels around the country and around the world. However, books seldom change hands as often as a banknote, and this is where the Bookcrossing site becomes pure genius. If you’re a booklover you probably have hundreds of books in your possession. Many of us have books which we have enjoyed but no longer wish to keep, and being ...

Cold Comfort Farm (NEVER RELEASED) (DVD) (DVD) 05/02/2005

Something Nasty In The Woodshed

Cold Comfort Farm (NEVER RELEASED) (DVD) (DVD) John Schlesinger’s ‘Cold Comfort Farm’ is a delightful film with a mainly British cast, many of whom are fairly big names in the film industry even now. Made in 1995, the movie is a faithful adaptation of the 1932 rural parody of the same name by Stella Gibbons and stars Kate Beckinsale as Flora Poste, Joanna Lumley as Mary Smiling, Rufus Sewell as the smoulderingly sexy Seth Starkadder, Dame Eileen Atkins as Judith Starkadder and Sir Ian McKellan as the Bible thumping Amos Starkadder. Stephen Fry and Miriam Margolyes also make cameo appearances as Mr Mybug and Mrs Beetle. The film is a light hearted comedy which centres around Flora, a smart and sophisticated young woman from London whose parents die suddenly, leaving her with £100 a year. As her close friend, the brassiere collecting Mary Smiling remarks, ‘That won’t keep you in stockings and fans. What will you live on?’ ‘My relatives,’ Flora replies. Flora decides to stay with Mrs Smiling until she can find somewhere to live and writes to all her relatives to see if any are willing to give her a home. She quickly discards the idea of living with her Father’s elderly Scottish cousin Mr McKnag, who lives with ‘my man Hoots’ and a very deaf housekeeper, miles distant from the nearest village in the middle of a marsh. Flora is equally appalled by the offer made by her Girl Guiding Aunt Gwen. ‘The air of Worthing is very bracing,’ the letter reads, but Flora doesn’t find the prospect of ‘giving a hand with the dogs’ or ...

Brussels (BRU), Brussels 05/02/2005

Clean Mean Airport Machine

Sangenic Nappy Wrapper 05/02/2005

Natty Nappy Wrapper or Nasty Nappy Rapper

Sangenic Nappy Wrapper “Opinions divided on this product, see, ‘cos a baby’s gotta poo and a baby’s gotta wee. So it all depends on a single point of view, when you gotta chuck the nappy where ya gonna do the doo?” Ok that’s the rapping done with. Now let’s see about the wrapping. The nappy wrapping I mean. Those of you who prefer reusable nappies, here’s your chance to have a quiet chortle at yet another one of the disposable nappy brigade. Not content with polluting the environment and wasting enormous amounts of money (not to mention enriching the coffers of the mighty Proctor and Gamble) there are those of use wild enough to waste even more money on one of these funny little contraptions. Now don’t get me wrong. There are people here on Ciao who SWEAR by these little bins and wouldn’t be without them for a moment. And I have to admit that when I was first pregnant and saw them in Boots, they did kind of seem like a good idea. And in the first few months, when I was struggling, to eat/sleep and hold it all together, it was kind of nice to shove the dirty nappy in there and have done with it. Or so I thought. For those of you already itching to rush out and buy a Sangenic Nappy Wrapper system, they are available from Tesco, Asda, Mothercare, Boots and, not to mention a few other places. When I first wrote this review the price was around £29.99, although you could use your Boots Advantage Card points instead which was what I did. Boots also had an offer where they gave away ...

Asda (Shop) 12/04/2004

ASDA Is Hardly The Full Monty

EasyJet - EZU 06/04/2004

Flying Easyjet With A 4 Month Old Baby

UK Style - House Doctor 16/03/2004

Kerbside Appeal

UK Style - House Doctor Would you let a complete stranger into your home to criticise your wallpaper, shake her head at your cluttered shelves, and give you a good ticking off about all those unfinished DIY projects? Apparently dozens of people have already done that, if the ‘House Doctor’ programme is anything to go by. With a recent new series on Channel 5, I thought it would be a good time to review this programme, which may sound like another ‘home makeover’ show but is actually quite compulsive viewing. As Channel 5's ‘House Doctor’, former Californian estate agent and interior designer Ann Maurice has rapidly gained a huge cult following in the UK. Fans regularly tune in to the half hour shows to watch her quickly transform Britain's unsaleable properties into houses that everyone wants to buy. The House Doctor programme is currently in its fifth series and is as popular as ever. For me personally, the appeal of ‘House Doctor’ is that it shows that loads of other people are just as lazy, slovenly and clutter ridden as I am!! Ann Maurice hails from San Francisco and introduced the concept of ‘Home Staging’ (how to prepare your home for sale from both a practical and aesthetic point of view) to the UK around 7 years ago, having previously worked at staging homes in the USA. Ann’s TV fame came about almost by accident. Whilst on holiday in Italy she met an English woman who was intrigued by Ann’s ‘unusual’ career. By a quirk of fate the woman’s daughter worked for BBC's Home Front who got ...

All About Me 26/07/2003

And I Am A Material Girl 10/02/2003

Why I Will Always Love Ebay Ebay started in the USA around 1996. To begin with it was intended mainly as a venue for collectors of TY ‘Beanie Babies’ to buy and sell their wares. People soon realised that Ebay was a great forum for buying and selling all kinds of other things as well, and the site really took off from there. Background To The Site --------------- ------- These days most people have heard of Ebay, although not everyone has actually been there. To describe it as an ‘auction site’ is perhaps somewhat misleading. Many find the concept of an auction very intimidating, a fear probably fuelled by countless tales of those who have visited salerooms and inadvertently bid for items they cannot afford by the simple act of scratching their nose, fanning themselves with the sale catalogue or waving to a friend. In addition, anyone who has ever visited a car or cattle auction and been bewildered by the fast paced ‘patter’ and the speed with which items are bought and sold may decide once and for all that auctions are just for people who ‘know what they’re doing’. Ebay blows all these preconceptions right out of the window. Provided one is careful to bid only what one can afford, the Ebay auction experience is no more dangerous or complicated than buying any other item online. Sales are of a fixed duration, usually 3 days, 5 days, 7 days or 10 days, so there is usually plenty of time to view the item on sale and to compare the condition and price with similar items being offered by other ...

Paris - Charles de Gaulle (CDG) 17/01/2003

Why You Must Avoid This Airport At All Costs

Grobag Sleeping Bag 17/01/2003

Throw Away Your Cot Blankets

Heinz Baby basic cutlery 12/12/2002

Fantastic Plastic

Heinz Baby basic cutlery One of the first tools a baby uses is a spoon for self-feeding. Conventional spoons are difficult for a very young baby to grasp effectively, and even more difficult to use. Having discovered a spoon which is suitable for administering medicine, introducing a baby to solids and later on encouraging baby to grasp and feed itself, I thought I would share with any Mums and Dads to be the wonder that is ‘Heinz Baby Basics’. Baby weaning spoons are useful to have around the house even before your baby starts on solids for a variety of reasons. First of all, when the baby is two months old he or she is likely to have their very first injection. And even though liquid paracetamol (or calpol) is not recommended for babies under three months, you can obtain some from the chemist if your baby has recently had a jab as some babies can be sore and feverish for a few days. Trouble is, not all brands of infant paracetamol come with spoons, and when they do, they tend to be the hard plastic ones which aren’t really suitable for a baby which is only a few weeks old. I bought my first set of Heinz ‘baby basic’ spoons in Boots, and I’m very glad I did. They come in sets of two in a variety of different contrasting colours and are part of a range that includes bowls, training cups and various other cutlery. Bright colours, innovative design and special ‘Flexisoft’ plastic material - which is gentle on the baby’s hands and mouth - make the products distinctive and appealing. The ...

Slendertone Flex 13/11/2002

A FLEXible Solution for Flab

Slendertone Flex I am a great believer in electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) products after having discovered that Bruce Lee used them in the 1970s as part of his fitness program. I have used various products including the well known ‘Bodi-Tek’ but basically they all annoyed me because of all the pads and cables and the fact that it was fiddly to use. For example on the Bodi-Tek you had to wet all the pads before use and then leave them all somewhere to dry afterwards. And if anyone knocked on the door whilst you were using it you were placed in a rather embarrassing position!! So not something which would incline you to use it regularly. I bought my Slendertone Flex after reading about it in a women’s magazine. A woman in the magazine had tested it by wearing it under her clothes during her lunchbreak at work and no-one had even noticed she was wearing it. The tester was convinced that continuous use over a number of weeks had made a difference to her tummy. The cost was about the same as the ‘Bodi-Tek’ (about £100) so I bought one in my local Boots using vouchers I had obtained as part of a credit card promotion. The Belts come in 2 varieties, one for men and one for women, to allow for biological differences in muscle type I suppose. They stick to your tummy using adhesive pads, so I hope the ones for men aren’t quite so sticky. My husband has a very hairy tummy, so I guess if he used one it might be quite painful!! Ok, so what do you get for your money? Well firstly there’s the ...
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