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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo 3DS) 24/02/2012

Ocarina of Time: A Truly Legendary Game

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (Nintendo 3DS) The Legend of Zelda is a timeless classic and Ocarina of Time is arguably the best in the series.The game follows the adventures of a boy called Link. He is awoken by a fairy called Navi and is summoned by the great Deku tree. The Deku tree is cursed and although Link breaks the curse the tree is still doomed to die. Link is given the fairy ocarina and is sent to the princess Zelda in Hyrule castle who tells Link that she believes Ganandorf (the Gerudo king) is trying to steal an ancient relic named a triforce in order to gain power over the world. The young Link then sets off to gain three precious gems though he already has the first one from the Deku tree, the second is in Dodongo's cavern and the third in Lord Jabu Jabu's belly. Link returns to Hyrule after collecting the gems but sees Zelda and her carer Impa who are being pursued by Ganondorf on horseback. Zelda throws the Ocarina of time to Link and he gains access to an extra room at the back of the temple of time containing the master sword. He takes the master sword and Ganondorf appears and steals the triforce. The second part of the game takes place seven years in the future when Link is awoken by a sage named Rauru in the Chamber of Sages. Rauru tells him that there are seven sages who can trap Ganondorf and link must collect six medallions from various places in Hyrule where the sages are located. Link is teleported to the temple of time and meets a mysterious character named Sheik. After awakening all the sages ...

Red Dwarf - Back To Earth (Director's Cut) (DVD) 22/02/2012

Red Dwarf or Red Giant

Red Dwarf - Back To Earth (Director's Cut) (DVD) I really enjoyed the original 8 series of Red Dwarf but this was somehow different from the Red Dwarf we love and know.The story is set after the (never made in this reality) tenth series. Kochanski is apparnetly dead and a giant squid similar to that of the despair squid has gotten into the water tank. A new hologram is put onto the ship to replace Rimmer and help Lister restart the human race by transporting the crew to an alternate universe. On their adventure they realise they are just characters in a TV series and soon they shall die as their creator has decided to finish Red Dwarf. Lister kills the creator and they start to write their own future in the form of a script but they soon realise that the script isn't controlling their universe. So what is? It turns out that a female version of the despair squid (which makes people happy instead of sad) has poisened them and they are hallucinating. Lister is last to wake up as he gets back with Kochanski in the fake reality and he finds out from Kryten that she isn't really dead, she just dumped him.The plot line is a very good, philosophical one. And the comedy is similar to that of the original type of jokes, also with recurring jokes such as Rimmers puncture repair kit. Though their is a lack of an audience in Back to Earth and theres no laughter which I think added to the effect. Also the movie has a lot more action which means there is less time for comedy and therefore there is less jokes. And you really have to be ...
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