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Juggy D - Juggy D 30/05/2007

Juggy D - get in the dancing mood

Juggy D - Juggy D At first i wasn't that big a fan of Juggy D, but I think that this is a brilliant album. I think that 8 out of the 12 songs are good, which is quite good for an album. Though the you may like the other four songs. Track 1- Sohniye This was one of the biggest tracks on the album. I think that this is a good song, with good backing music. The lyrics are good. Track 2- Khol Aaja This has to be my favourite song has to be. Khol aaja is an awesome track, the beat is too good. It gives a different side to the album, with Jin rapping at the beginning. Track 3- Billo Billo is one of the best dance tracks on the album. I like the music in this one and i like the fact that it is a faster song and there is a good beat to the song. Can't take anything away from this one. It goes slow in the middle of the track, which gives the song a nice twist, but then the speed is increased towards the end. Track 4-Come on This is probably more commonly known as "Kurieh Aajana" and this song is actually brilliant. This features Veronica and this combination realy works, as you may know from their later songs together. The beat is excellent in this track and the background music is very catchy. This is one of my favourites on the album. Track 5- Nasheh This is a more "old-skool" track, but i think that sounds boring, though it brings variety into the album. Track 6- Gabaru This is a "fun" song, one that gets you moving and jumping about to it. Featuring don-dee, who raps in ...

Massari - Massari 30/05/2007

Massari - Beat Easy

Massari - Massari Well what can i say- This is one of my favourite albums. Pretty much all of the songs are good. I will look at each of the songs separately and tell you what i think. Track 2- Be Easy Well this songs is one of my favourites, not just from this album, but in general. The beat of this song is very catchy and gets you in the dancing mood. Track 3- Find A Partner This song is nice, but it sounds a bit repetitive. But if you just listen to the beginning you'll like it. Track 4- Smile for me This song again has nice backing music. It starts off with a nice guitar tune and also the lyrics are good. The tune is excellent. Track 5- When I saw You This one has an Arabic feel to it. It is a slow song and i think that it is quite boring. Track 6- Real Love I love this one. It sounds a bit like a fantasy tune at the beginning, but as the song proceeds, the lyrics and beat are nice. Track 7- Rush The Floor Beat is similar to that of Be Easy, but is simpler. The intro is by Belly and the song is good. Belly adds a nice rap to the song and i see this songs as a Club song. Track 8- Gone Away There is a guitar intro and this is a nice slow song. The guitar continues through the song, with a good simple beat added. Track 9- Who Knows The song starts off well, with a nice change to the guitar intro and the song is very different to the others on the album. Track 10- Don't Let go Again the intro is done by Belly and the song is again a ... 26/05/2007

Dooyoo - Want to make money??? Dooyoo is a site pretty much the same as Ciao, but is it better? Writing a review on dooyoo is very similar to the reviewing process on Ciao. From what i have seen however there are far less product for reviewing on Dooyoo. I like the system on dooyoo for suggesting products though, how they say where you are in the queue for suggesting the product. Though in comparison with Ciao, the time it takes Dooyoo to put up your suggested product takes much longer than it does on Ciao. (probably fewer staff) However off the moans against Dooyoo...there is a still a large product range and many of the things that are on Ciao are on dooyoo. I have only been a member for about 2 weeks and i have only written 4 reviews (Good ones though heheheh). The rewards for writing a review are far much greater on Dooyoo, with earning 3p per member read and you can get an extra £1.50 from the review if it is Crowned by the Dooyoo panel. (has to be VERY USEFUL review) The site is very easy to use and searching for the products is very easy, like Ciao. The best thing is probably how easy it is to log in to your account, as there is a login box on the homepage. I find it annoying how on Ciao, you have to navigate away from the homepage to log in to your account. There is a section for community guides, where there are outstanding users, that are experts in one or several topics. They are part of the community, but also help to build up the site, so they are a kind of link between the Dooyoo ...

Creative Zen V 2 GB 24/05/2007

Creative Zen V any day

Creative Zen V 2 GB I just brought this Mp3 player recently and i think its brilliant. Its one of the smallest I've seen and the range of features is great. Setting up the software took quite long, but quite a lot of programs are provided, the main one being the Creative Mediasource 5, which is creative's version of Itunes. It is a very easy to use software with quite a lot of features. I was stuck at the beginning on whether to buy the Zen V plus or the Zen V. In the end i chose this one, as i feel the screen would be too small to watch movies or anything, but there was only a £10 difference and that was probably the only reason for thinking about it hard. The product is easy to use and it just looks great. The menu is cleanly laid out and it is easy to modify. The player is very easy to use, with the joystick and i got used to it very quickly, as before i was using a Zen micro, with a touch sensitive scroll. I like the capability of storing photos on the player. You can also zoom in on the photos, which i think is quite good. What i like best about the photos, is that it is so easy to choose the photos or images to have as the wallpaper for the player. Another thing that i love about this player, is that you can rotate the screen to whatever angle suits you. This is very good for peoplewho are left handed and for right handed people, as using the player would feel more comfortable. The screen can be rotated 180 degrees, yeh thats right upside down, but using the player like this might ... 22/05/2007

Like a mate when trying to find a new phone This is a very good website if you want to buy a new mobile phone, whether you want a Sim-Free, pay as you go or Contract Handset. On the homepage there is a special box for the deal of the day, so you can see the what the special offer is for the day. The other boxes on the homepage show the most popular phones in the last 24 hours and the most popular 12 month free deals are. This just means that the deal is totally free over the year, as you get all of the cashback. Some of the phones on these deals are actually very good, for example there has been a phone worth about £200 for 12 months free. So basically you get a contract, with free minutes and texts and at the end of the year, you get the money back, and oh yeah a completely free phone too. What one of my cousins has done, is gone with one of these offer and then sold the phone, as soon as he receives it, to make a quick profit. Many phones do not reach this £200 mark, but many are in the range of £100 - £150+. The layout of the website is very good, with the different tabs at the top make browsing the site very easy. To find the pay as you go phones, you just click the Pay As You Go tab and there you have all of the different phones. You can filter the phones, to find the perfect on eofr you. If you are looking for a particular phone, then you can click the drop down list at the top left of the screen and select the phone. If you are looking for a Contract deal however, click the Choose a Mobile Tab. All of the ... 17/05/2007

eBay - Whatever you want, Whenever you want. Ebay is the biggest online auction site by far and is changing all the time. The range of items is vast, from pieces of rope, to bunches of celebrity hair!!!! If you need to sell anything, that you don't want and you dont know how to sell, your best option is probably eBay. How To Start:- Setting up an eBay account is very simple. Whether you want to just buy an item or want to sell your own stuff, the process is pretty much the same. The Registration process is simple and would take no more than 5 minutes. The register button can be found just below the My Ebay button at the top of the page. Searching:- If you want to purchase an item, you have to press the BUY button at the top of the page (or just go to the homepage) and type in what you are looking for. Type in exacty what you're looking for, to get more precise results. After pressing the search button, on the left hand side of the webpage there will be a list of options, to find exactly what you want. The Item:- The sellers either list the item as BUY IT NOW, which is basically the process where the item can be purchased without the need to bid against someone. There is a fixed price when buying an item in this way. The other type of listing is the normal auction format, where the seler list the item and the auction finishes at a certain time. You are likely to get a better deal when you buy this way. Some listings also have a Best Offer option, but if you are going to use it, remember the seller is not ...

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Men Eau de Toilette 16/05/2007

Ultraviolet Man For Ultra Special People

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Men Eau de Toilette This is one of my favourite Aftershaves and i have chosen this pretty much every morning before i leave the house. I was given this as a present from my uncle and i just love it. Firstly, I will talk about my first impressions of the product. When i took it out of the box, it seemed like an unusual type of container. It just looks so classy sitting on my table. The spray mechanism is much different to other fragrance bottles, as the fragrance is released like a spray pump. Now for the main part, the scent itself. Gorgeous. Once the fragrance settles the scent it gives off is sweet and not too strong. I asked a few people (girls) what they thought of the smell and they thought it was 'lovely'. I think it is a scent for the younger generation, but i don't want to rule the older people out completely. Looking at the price of the aftershave now, it is pretty cheap. The cheapest one with Postage and Pakcaging being a fraction under £17 for 50ml, from Island Comestics. If you are thinking about buying a new Aftershave for someone or want to buy one for yourself, i would definately recommend this, as it is a brilliant scent for a very good price. Not too strong - and sweet enough. You'll love it!!! I DO

Saw 3 (Blu-Ray) 12/05/2007

One Game To Another...

Saw 3 (Blu-Ray) This film is pretty much the same as the others in the series, but involves more "games" played within each of the "games". I don't understand how so many people fainted in the first showings of this film. Just because some of the people fainted, the cinemas were told to show the cut version. In this Extreme Edition you get to see what the fuss was about and what was causing the people to faint. I have seen all of the Saw movies up to date and i think they are pretty much all the same, but with different types of games played in each one. All the same i still think that seeing the film is a good experience. This film links back to the previous episodes and i think it would be best to watch the first two before seeing this one, even though there are some flashbacks. I don't want to ruin the film for you, so i won't be discussing any of the story line or anything. But one thing i do want to mention is the gory scenes. Each game ends up with someone destroying themself, to save their life and most of the time, they think to do so too late. This blu-ray disc is the best way to get the most out of this film. The graphics are brilliant and the characters jump out of the screen. The twist towards the end of the movie may make you confused, so if you do buy or watch this movie I would pay close attention to what is going on throughout the film, especially at the end, where things may be confusing. Be aware that some of the scenes may be disturbing, but if this is your cup of ...

Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) 07/05/2007

PS3 - The best by Far

Sony PlayStation 3  (PS3) Many people say that this is a console that is overpriced and one that doesn't deliver. In the news there were reports of how the ps3 did not sell out, but does this mean the console wasn't popular? NO, it just means that Sony were able to meet the high demands of the population. Playing this console is amazing and i dont know how people can say that it is not much better than the XBOX 360. The graphics are brilliant and with the right game (RESISTANCE) you can make people think that they are watching a movie. The first game that i played on the console was F1. This game can be loads of fun. Getting used to the controls can take some time( i had an XBOX before) but it's only natural. One problem i identified with this is that you can't connect it on to any tv, without changing the PS3 settings first. It would be better to have a switch or something on the side to change the tv input, SCART, HDMI etc. If you got an XBOX 360 with the same features as the PS3, it would be more expensive than the ps3. The Blu-ray format is a great addition and the price is surprising considering the price of other Blu-ray players. I think that this is THE best games console around, though if you are looking for a cheaper console i would buy the but bundles of fun. Adding up the price of the features and all of the additions, i am surprised it is actually so cheap...I would have expected it to be about £600.

Creative EP 480 07/05/2007

Creative ep480 --> Good but not the Best

Creative EP 480 These creative headphones came with my Zen V and so far i have not had any major problems with them. Sometimes the sound quality is not as good as i feel it should be. Though on low volumes the sound quality is amazing. I think that the earphones fit nicely in the ear and connection between my Zen is strong. The length of the wire is good, as it allows the earphones to be free and my head is not being dragged to my Zen. My earphones are black and silver and i think they look pretty sleek. I had another pair of these earphones with an older mp3 player and an annoying problem was that the foam covers came off very easily and i had lost them within a couple of months and without these covers the earphones weren't very comfortable.

Sennheiser PX100 06/05/2007

Sennheiser px100 Great value for Money

Sennheiser PX100 The sound quality of these Headphones are brilliant and especially for the price of just £17.50 I connected this to my mp3 player and to my PC and it really brings the best out of the music. When your listening to music it is essential to have good headphones, otherwise how can you enjoy your music. One problem i have with the product is that it looks tacky and is made out of cheap plastic. On the positive side the headphones are comfortable to wear and the best thing is, is that it is foldable, so it can be stored away easily or carried in your packet without taking up too much room. This is a good purchase, if you want good quality headphones at a good price.
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