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Rockstar Punched Energy 01/09/2010

Nice and refreshing but a bit too sweet.

Ibis Caen Porte De Bretagne, Caen 28/08/2010

A simple hotel but with so much on offer

Relais de Paris Lafayette, Paris 27/08/2010

A great Paris hotel

Palmolive Soft & Gentle Soft Jasmine Antiperspirant Deodorant 25/08/2010

Nice smell but too cloudy..

Palmolive Soft & Gentle Soft Jasmine Antiperspirant Deodorant I used to always just use a deodorant stick, and I would always wonder why it didn't work, I thought I must just be a completely sweaty monkey and that no products would ever work on me! Then I learned that there was a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants cover up any smell of sweat but still allow you to sweat, and your skin to breathe, but antiperspirants actually block your pores and prevent you from sweating at all. As my work had a few antiperspirant aerosols discounted for staff I thought I would try some, and so this is why I bought my Palmolive Soft & Gentle, Soft Jasmine. The results were quite good! I found that I stayed clean and dry and smelled fresh throughout the day. I have noticed with this product one thing that I do not like, and it is something my boyfriend also dislikes, he tells me to use this product out of the room from him because when I use it, it creates a big cloud of the spray and just chokes you. Even though it smells nice, it is just too overpowering and I really don't want to breathe it in. The ingredients are full of things that you would assume would be dangerous to consume such as propane, butane and many other things, so breathing it in does not sound appealing to me. Packaging The deodorant comes in a 150ml aerosol spray can. It has a nice appearance to it, its shape for one thing has a slight figure eight look to it which I think makes it seem even more feminine. There is definitely no mistaking that this is a ...

Alberto VO5 Deep Nourishing Conditioner 20/08/2010

Deeply Nourishing and Strengthening Conditioner

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Bar 20/08/2010

A Chunky Kit Kat

Veet Debut For Your First Time Hair Removal Cream 07/08/2010

Hair removal made simple and gentle

Jergens Naturals Ultra Hydrating 31/07/2010

Ultra Hydrating, but also a bit greasy.

Robinson Fruit Shoot H2O 12/02/2010

Water - Fruit Shoot style

Robinson Fruit Shoot H2O Normally I wouldn't buy bottled juice drinks for various reasons. One reason is it must add up in price if you regularly bought drinks like this, when you could always just buy something and dilute it and make yourself many drinks. Another reason is I always tried to steer away from buying plastic bottles as there was no way of recycling them in my area. Now though, the bin men collect our used plastic bottles so at least there is no need to be concerned with that issue anymore. I decided to buy this drink at work as I work in a supermarket and upstairs we have our own discounted section, there was a single Fruit Shoot Orange H2O for 20p so I decided to try it. Appearance This drink comes in a small 300ml plastic bottle, with a sports top lid. It appears to be more aimed at children, I get this impression from the adverts on television, and also from the label itself. My orange one has a few little pictures on it, I presume to do with water, there is an umbrella, a whale spurting water, a watering can, and a shower. I am not too sure why they exactly chose to do this but I guess it's just to represent water. There is a big blue droplet of water with 'H20' written inside it so it is clear from the label that you are buying the H20 drink and not just fruit juice. The bottle itself is transparent and you can see the drink inside, the main thing you notice is that the drink itself looks just like water. I think this would attract children to it more as it obviously will taste ...

Capri Sun Apple Juice Drink 03/02/2010

Apple juice - Capri Sun style

Tesco Gherkins 02/02/2010

Ooooooh Gherkins

Waitrose Pickled Onions 31/01/2010

Mmmmmm pickled onions.....

Head & Shoulders Sensitive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 28/04/2009

What flakes?

Head & Shoulders Sensitive Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Head and Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo I never thought I suffered from sensitive skin until lately. I've noticed whenever I've had a bath or shower I feel quite prickly or a kind of painful itch, I just assume it's my diet but have tried to avoid perfumed products for the time being until this passes. I don't suffer from noticeable dandruff, but I'd obviously be aware of even just ONE flake, and I've noticed a few. I find I've had an itchy scalp lately but I try hard to not scratch as that will cause proper dandruff. As I work in a supermarket I can get some products upstairs if they are damaged quite cheaply. I saw this product upstairs with a broken lid, and it was reduced to 35p and it tackled dandruff for sensitive people. I'd never have thought of buying it as I've tried Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff products before but after a whole bottle never noticed a difference. I decided at 35p I'd give this a try. Appearance It is nice and simple, in a nice smooth shaped bottle. It has a nice light green turquoisey colour, and it looks quite good. It has a sensible maybe medical look about it, so it gives off the impression it will work! This is a 200ml bottle. After spending a few frustrating minutes trying to see what was behind a reduced sticker, I've found it was a barcode so the back of the bottle is just as simple as the front. At the top of the back it says it 'helps maintain dandruff protection', and 'Our advanced formula tackles dandruff head on. It is specially ...

Reality TV Star Jade Goody's life to be turned into film. What are your thoughts on this? 14/04/2009

Not so Goody

Tesco Fruit Infusions Shampoo (Pomegranate & Wild Berry) 29/03/2009

Cheap and smelly

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