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Born This Way - Lady Gaga 19/06/2011

Born This Way, Born to be the Best

Born This Way - Lady Gaga 'Born This Way' is Lady Gaga's third album release since her rise to fame in 2008. In that period she has dominated the music industry appearing at number one countless times. This album continues to live up to such high expectations set by an outstanding artist. The standard album version consists of 14 songs 3 of which have been released as singles. The extended bonus version of the album contains an extra 5 songs which are primarily remixes and classical covers, which 'puts the icing on the cake' so to speak. The extended version however isn't for the first time Gaga buyer, the remixes are fairly selective and may only appeal to people who have a greater knowledge and experience with the artist.This is perhaps due to the repetitive nature of remixes, however they are very enjoyable. The title of the album is named after the first single released by Gaga, 'Born This Way' this song exudes raw passion and a true heart filled message to be yourself and love who you are, a perfect backing for finding your identity and being who you want to be. With a 90's beat it is a sure to have you off your feet and Just Dancing. Many critics greatly compared the song to 'Madonna's Express yourself' there is a definite sign of inspiration taken from Madonna which Gaga doesn't deny however personally I think the huge controversy over this matter was hugely exaggerated. Each song is also highly individual in it's beat, music, vocals and themes. There are no repetitive songs and there is ...
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