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Essays 22/11/2006

I love...

Essays This isn't so much an essay than a list of statements. But I thought you might find yourself considering what little things make you happy and what small things you love. Recently I've been around a lot of bitterness, dislike and detest in my flat. It's mainly because the boys seem to want to do anything possible to get on mine and the other girls' backs. But I seem to let it wash over me, while the girls plot their revenge and are actually completely fuming. So I figured I'd write all the things that I love; since there's a lot of hate floating around at the moment. I love waking up in the morning, pulling back my curtains from lying in bed and the sunshine floods into my room and drenches it in light. I love hearing the text message sound on my mobile to let me know someone thought about me. I love receiving small cards in the post from my mum, where she puts magazine or newspaper articles inside that she thinks I'll like. I love walking to places listening to my ipod, knowing that no one else can enter my world at that precise moment. I love witnessing something beautiful; whether it be seeing a couple looking so totally in love, birds singing in the trees or the first rainbow after a storm, when the sunshine envelopes the gloom of the rain and thunder. I love the feeling of cheering someone up when they're down, when their smile is truly priceless after seeing them look so low. I love how it feels when I hug someone I care about, and how it ...

Written from the Heart 22/11/2006

Summer Memory

Written from the Heart I'd buy you paper ribbons, and then protect each and everyone from getting torn. The sun would perforate the clouds as smiles drench our faces in happiness. Summer comes as fast as our eagerness to embrace it. The fragile daisies dance gently in the soft breeze as the ice cream creates a sticky, welcome residue on our chin. Our ears become invaded by the sound of seasonal laughter and precious expressions of joy. You'd turn to me and you'd look so unsure about the ease that comes with summer. How easy everything is when there's a glow cast upon all the elements of doubt here before us. The grass tickles my skin with frustration as I slowly lay my sun kissed back upon its vast green carpet. I'd kick off my shoes and grasp the grass between my toes as a scent of barbequed sausages swims swiftly between the figures of a multitude of sun worshippers. This is our heaven, this is treasure, this is summer. I realise this is only a short piece of prose. But it highlights one of my most vivid summer memories which is very special to me and I wanted to share it with everyone =]

Poetry 22/11/2006


Poetry It's hard not to ache when your heart's still hurting, When the day is too long, the sunshine too rare, You can't show a happy face 24/7, When everything around you feels so hard to bear. It's like we're falling, drowning, consumed, No get out clause, no turning back of time, When forever seemed to be ours, Back during times when you were mine. Still you haunt me, deep inside my soul, Your face it lingers in the back of my troubled mind, And though you are still close to me, You're the one blessed face I fail to find. So let's fly away like angels, Forget these troubled times, In a land where we'll live in bliss, Where nothing but our joy will shine. I realise it's quite short and not the best of poems, but I thought I'd have a go. I have some better material but I don't have it with me to type up =[

Blackout - Blackout (The) 22/11/2006

Heavy Emo./Screamo Rockfest Wales' Finest

Blackout - Blackout (The) The Blackout The Blackout The Blackout is the The Blackout's debut six track mini album. It contains the songs: I'm A Riot? You're A Fu*king Riot! Hard Slammin' Murder In The Make-Believe Ballroom It's High Tide Baby You And Your Friends Vs Me And The Revolution Fashion Conscious Suicide Now as someone who's seen them play lives as support acts for LostProphets and Fightstar and at The Full Ponty festival in Wales, I have to tell you I was blown away. The band consists of: Gavin Butler: vocals Sean Smith: vocals James Davies: guitar Matthew Davies: guitar Rhys Lewis: bass Gareth Lawrence: drums What initially makes this band stands out, is the fact that they have two vocalists, who solely do vocals and do not play an instrument. This gives them an edge that other screamo bands don't have. Their songs consist of the guitar being crunchy, riff-induced and fast paced, with powerful drums and the vocals at the forefront really empowering all of the songs. The 'screams' of Sean Smith bring an intense emotional sense to each of the songs. 1) I'm A Riot? You're A Fucking Riot! This song kick starts the album with a fast paced, enigmatic song with a heavy guitar and viscious drums. The combination of intense screams with the lead vocals sets the pulse racing. Especially with the 'chant' style chorus with screams following. You feel like you're really being passionate along with them. 2) Hard Slammin' This is one of the heavier songs on the ...

Neutrogena Hand Cream (Unscented) 22/11/2006

Long Lasting Wonder Cream

Neutrogena Hand Cream (Unscented) I first bought this particular hand cream because i was having problems with very dry skin and chapped skin between my fingers. It was recommended by the pharmacist for intense moisturisation which can help to combat other skin problems such as calluses etc. I have to say it does not dissapoint. It states that, since it's concentrated, it will last for up to 200 applications and this is very true. I bought mine months ago (I don't use it daily, I rarely apply it over the entire skin on my hands) and it's still going. Obviously if you're going to use yours more frequently than me than it may not last as long, but a little certainly DOES go a long way. There's no need for huge dollops of it to be used at once. Since it's dermatologically tested and unscented, it's kind to hands that are prone to be affected by beauty products. Neutrogena has a high reputation for being effective for skin problems and in this case it most certainly delivers. Therefore my only real qualm is with the price. It cost me 3.99 which is a lot more than most other hand creams on the market. However, as I said, it does last a long time, and in terms of moisturisation, it does do it a lot better than cheaper products you can buy. So therefore you can probably justify spending a bit more cash! This product would be fantastic during the winter months as it would be a good shield, as well as relief, from dry skin problems on your hands. Also, since it's unscented, the whole family could use it ...

Palmers Cocoa Butter 22/11/2006

Smell like chocolate

Palmers Cocoa Butter In this review I'm going to explore both using the cream, it's effects and then the packaging. I first used Palmers Cocoa butter after using a sample from a magazine, in all honestly I bought it on the basis of it's divine smell and moisturising qualities. I bought it in the tall bottle form, not the pot. Now first off, be warned that once it's run down a bit it's a pain to squeeze out unless you use two hands (or are strong, unlike me!), and you have to end up shaking it first, and then it squeezes out fairly easily. Or just buy it in pot form! It is a creamy yellow colour, smells just like cocoa (many people have remarked to me how nice it smelt!) it sinks in to the skin pretty well and is especially good for ladies who shave their legs and want something moisturising to smooth on afterwards. I'm not fully convinced that the claims it helps ease strecth marks is true, perhaps the other kinds of formulas or the oil works, but if anything this is just good use for moisturising purposes. I'd say it can be used by both guys and gals, depending on how much you want to smell like it really! It terms of uses, as I said before, good for after shaving your legs, soothing sore skin, for dry areas you may have, or maybe just a pick me up for your skin during the winter. In terms of cost, it isn't too pricey, and quite often you can get it on special offer in various stores. I managed to snap mine up for 2.99 which is fairly reasonable as it lasts a fairly long ...

McVitie's Jaffa Cakes 22/11/2006

I would marry a jaffa cake if I could.

McVitie's Jaffa Cakes I'm not one to get excited over food, but with jaffa cakes, I make an exception. Let me get one thing straight from the outset though, it HAS to be of the orange variety, it seems puzzling to me why Mcvities would bring out blackcurrent and other varities when the orange is clearly the winner, and always will be. A jaffa cake is composed of the bottom layer of sponge, followed by the zingy, orange, middle bit which can only described as a jellied texture and then coated with a top layer of dark chocolate. There's been a lot of discussion involved with the best way to eat a jaffa cake. I have to say I vary my technique, and it's best to experiment! A favourite of mine is nibbling around the outside, peeling off the orange part, eating that, and then devouring the sponge section. But enough of my eating techniques. Jaffa cakes are not only low in fat, but you don't NECESSARILY have to eat a lot to fulfil a sugar craving. It's been much publicised that they are actually a staple part of England footballer's dietry guides, more proof if ever you needed it that if they can look that good after eating them, then go ahead and eat them guilt free. They're not too pricey when it comes to choice in the supermarket and come in a variety of forms. You can buy them in tube form, box form or even mini jaffa cake form in pods, which are ideal for children's lunchboxes (if you allow them to have this kind of food). Is it a cake? or is it actually biscuit? Well it doesn't ... 21/11/2006

Myspace: The Internet Revolution There aren't many people around anymore that haven't heard the words 'My' and 'Space' uttered or at least, written down, in recent newspaper articles or supplementry magazines. Myspace is an internet phenomenon, boasting millions of members and thousands more joining everyday. I myself, am hooked. It fulfils so many functions that you could waste so much of your time each day spending time on it. First of all, the basics. When you first sign up to the site, you create a personal profile detailing stats such as your name, age, height, sexuality etc. Then you can be more creative and fill in sections headed about me, interests, music, who i'd like to meet, tv, heroes and movies. You can upload photos of youself (as long as they aren't pornographic!) and choose an appropriate screen name for yourself. Then comes the creative part, you can edit your profile using the joys of html. If you don't happen to know what that is, let alone know how to use it, never fear for there are many useful websites on the internet which generate these codes for you. This can then mean you can edit the colour, layout, text and general appearance of your myspace profile page. Now what can you actually do on this site? Well once your profile is looking up to your liking, you can then add friends, you can do this by either adding existing friends who also use myspace, or browsing or searching for new friends which is very easy to use and the results indicate how much the use of this ...

Samsung E530 21/11/2006

Best For The Ladies

Samsung E530 Obviously from the initial appearance of the phone, this is aimed solely at women. It is fairly easy to use and navigate around which is good for when you get a new phone, the colour quality of the screen is very good. It states you can use mp3s, but there isn't actually any available facility for you to connect it to your computer to download them onto it so you have to pay a fee to download shorter clips from the WAP service. In terms of the camera and video function, it fulfils its purpose but it's not as good quality as some other phones' abilities on the market. The ringtones are effective, the flip design is sleep and managable. And the phone is a good size and fairly light weight. I would recommend this to people who want to use it mainly for the obvious, calls and texts, and women who want to use it as a form of fun and organisation tool.

Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! At the Disco 21/11/2006

Singalong songs with a quirky nature

Fever You Can't Sweat Out - Panic! At the Disco I first heard Panic! when I stumbled across them accidently on myspace. I was instantly picking up their lyrics and was drawn into their quirky style, catchy beats and dance style rhythm. They're not a heavy, rock band singing about depressing things, they sing about things that dont' seem to make any sense. But this doesn't seem to matter since you're so busy having a smile on your face and having a good dance about. If you want fast paced electro style beats and songs that will put you in a feel good mood, I'd go for Panic! At The Disco. The fact that these kids are an average age of 18 really doesn't show because their songs sound mature with an air of a band who knows exactly what they're doing.
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