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England National Football Team 13/12/2001

The Rollercoaster Ride of Being an England Fan

England National Football Team England are one of the most exciting teams on the International level. England have a magnificent squad, and the recent 5-1 demolision of Germany pays testament to this. However, in recent years we have never had a manager to bring this fantastic squad in a match winning first XI. Now, with the truely magnificient Sven Goran Erikkson at the helm, we can have a shot at World Cup 2002. I think our group is a very tough one, and finishing second would see us against France which would certainly be a very tough game which would be difficult if not impossible to win. It is not out of England's reach to win the group, but if we do I would hate to see all the credit go to Sven. Yes he has done a magnificient job, but the likes of Beckham, who whilst I don't particularly like, you have to admire and say that he played his boots off against many teams - Greece in particular. Owen is going from strength to strength, Gerrard is turning into a world class talent, and if we can sort out our back four, I can see England beating Argentina! ...

Celtic 04/02/2001


Celtic From a neutral point of view (Swindon Town Supporter) I would have to say that in terms of squad, Rangers are much better than Celtic, yet this seasons Scottish Premier League does not reflect this. Martin O'Neill has done an amazing job at Celtic, whilst Rangers have been struggling all season. Celtic do have some excellent players, although some are having problems i.e: Berkovic who I think is a quality midfielder when given a chance. But Celtic's entire squad has spirit, Alan Thompson is a good midfielder, with the influential Henrik Larsson and Sutton finishing off their good work. A great team, maybe the title this season??? ...

BAR 04/02/2001

Great newcomers, so much potential

BAR Jacques Villeneurve was very brave in moving to such a team, they have a huge budget and there was a lot of hype surrounding the team. In 1999 they were a bit of a disappointment, but no F1 team can expect to suddenly appear and be competing with the best. The team have great potential and under the careful guidance of Craig Pollock I am sure the team will go on to achieve great things - especially if Jacques Villenueve decides to stay as he is a phenomenal team. I would recommend this team as in a few years they will be at the sharp end. ...

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (PC) 04/02/2001

excellent, fantastic, brilliant but

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (PC) This is a wonderful game, great graphics, great fun. However, I can't help feeling that there is something missing from this great game. It seems to get a bit repetitive. It is great fun to play, and the levels are different, but the going in and saving hostages does get a little boring. Don't get me wrong, a great game but it will not last you very long as you will soon get bored of it. The sound is also relatively poor, not being very clear, and this was not the fault of my speakers or soundcard. ...

Driver (PC) 04/02/2001

Good fun, poor mission

Driver (PC) This game is quite good, good cars, but they do not handle realistically which REALLY lets the game down. The missions are a bit repitive, just racing away from angry cops constantly, and isn't too difficult. I usually just like to drive around, exploring the cities. The problem is this soon gets boring as the cities are quite small. The traffic are unrealistic, constantly all doing exactly 30 m.p.h. The game is fun for a while, its good graphics and reasonable sound adding to the enjoyment but it is lacking something, perhaps the cities are too small I don't know. ...

Le Mans 24 Hours (PC) 04/02/2001

If only it were a simulator

Le Mans 24 Hours (PC) The real life Lemans 24 is an amazing racing event. The game however isn't amazing. Good yes, but not amazing. The graphics are quite stunning, like most games available today. The gameplay however, is too arcade-like for my liking. I think a game like Lemans 24 hr should have been more realistic, at least with an in-cockpit view which (i'm not sure if it had one) but did not work on mine when i had the game. I actually returned the game as I was not satisfied with it. Also, the drivers are not real and the game's requirements are extationate. Good game if thats what you like, but I demand more from my games. ...

Birmingham City 03/02/2001

Excellent side, need more ambition

Birmingham City Well, perhaps the title is unfair. The club do not lack ambition unlike their rivals Aston Villa, but they won't put their money where their mouth is, and sign a few big names. Geoff Horsfield is a great striker but I couldn't help feeling that perhaps they should have signed a premiership striker. Being a Swindon Town fan does make me somewhat jealous of Birmingham's recent successes, especially reaching the final of the prestigious Worthington Cup award. They beat competition from the mightily impressive Ipswich who have been strong all season with the likes of Marcus Stewart and Jamie Scowcroft providing their firepower. Trevor Francis is doing a great job, despite the rumors going around about a possibly sacking. Great team, just need to invest in a few more players. ...

Championship Manager Season 00/01 (PC) 12/11/2000

Fantastic, brilliant

Championship Manager Season 00/01 (PC) I previously owned 98/99 and this was a massive improvement. Media involvement, a wide, amazing database, realistic features and a high number of background matches make this the most realistic and fun Football Managing Simulator. It put you in the seat where brave men such as Alex Ferguson, Colin Todd, Arsene Wenger and many more have gone before them. Think of a team and its likely you can manage them, right down to Telford and Rushden and Diamonds. A wonderful game which I can only praise! You must buy this game, ok you dont get to see the matches, but who wants to? The sound is also good with fans cheering for their sides, so go, manage your team and take them to the dizzy heights of European football! ...

Manchester City 10/09/2000

How to go from D2 - Premiership in just two years!

Manchester City Man City are an excellent team, and as being a Swindon fan and having experienced being thrashed by Man City 4-0 away, I can fully appreciate this fact. In 2000/2001 they seem to have got it all hooked up, especially with the fabulous signings of the excellent Paulo Wanchope and George Weah! The kit is a horrible shade of blue and yet it isn't too much of an eyesore unlike most Premiership kits of today. Man City do not show any signs of getting anywhere near the relegation zone and I hope it stays that way. Good luck to them. ...

BBC1 - Men Behaving Badly 05/09/2000

oh, your norty boys

BBC1 - Men Behaving Badly Men Behaving Badly is a great show. The constant re-runs shown on the television are frustrating although I cannot blame this on the show. It his hilariously funny and each episode is completing original and different from the last. Martin Clunes and Neil Morrisey (the spelling eludes my memory at the current time) do a brilliant job, filling their roles perfectly. I cannot think of better actors to fill the desired roles. The other actors/actresses also play their respective parts brilliantly making the show a definate hit. You cannot blame a show for constant re-runs, it is a real classic, highly recommended, although maybe it was about time something new came along... ...

ITV - Family Fortunes 04/09/2000

Cruel Reality

ITV - Family Fortunes Dangling a juicy carrott in front of someone before snatching it away is a cruel thing. This is exactly the idea of Family Fortunes. It puts two families against each other, the idea is to guess statistics on a survey. For example, one round may be on Christmas, the question, brilliantly asked by the ever irritable, Les Dennis, "What would you most associate Christmas?" One member from a family chosen at the start will buzz in and say "Food" and everyone will laugh. The big computer screen will then display how many people said this in the survey. If none said this, then a huge buzzer will sound - Eh er. This is the sound most associated with the programme! However has the most points at the end of the game will play the finale. This is where the "Juicy Carrott" theory happens. Great prizes are on offer, holidays, cars, money etc. However, I have watched the programme many times and rarely do they win. It is impossible. Two family members must say five answers for five different surveys. They cannot hear what the other said and they must answer the five survey questions in 15/20 seconds. The second contestant who is not allowed to hear what the first says, has five seconds longer than the first, and cannot duplicate an answer that was said by the first - complicated is it not? The family must then have 5 top answers i.e: the most said item in the survey, out 5 possible top answers, to win the main prize. In my opinion, almost impossible. Les Dennis is involved in a huge ...

ITV - Wheel of Fortune 04/09/2000

Brilliant other than the finale

ITV - Wheel of Fortune Wheel Of Fortune has changed over the years but it remains a fantastic programme. It has gone through several presenters during its time, the best being John Leslie. The current presenter (in September 2000) is very poor. He can be occasionally funny but never seems to listen to what the contestants say. Jenny does a great job with the letters and the prizes remain spectacular as much as the competition remains fearce. The only niggle I have about the programme is the finale when the winning contestant must guess a word/words in 20 seconds after selecting 6 letters to be illuminated. For anyone that doesn't understand Wheel of Fortune, it is a gameshow where the contestants must say a letter which they think may be in a saying/place/book title etc... and if it is, the letter is displayed. Once several letters have been displayed, the contestants must try and guess what it says. I have now deviated off my point somewhat. I was saying about the finale which I feel is dire as it is very unfair and skill doesn't really play a part in it as it is more luck than judgement. However, it is an exciting programme which I fully recommend as I am only nit-picking about the finale! ...

Sunderland 04/09/2000

Now a Real Premiership Club

Sunderland With most D1 clubs which get promoted into the Premiership, you can see through their game that they belong elsewhere. A classic illustration of this is Middlesbrough, and yet somehow they stay up convincingly year after year. Sunderland however, have performed amazingly since being promoted and I was disappointed last year not to see them qualify for Europe. With a 1-0 win over Arsenal at the start of the 2000/2001 season they look set to be at the sharp end of the Premiership yet again. Sunderland are causing clubs such as Leicester, Aston Villa, Tottenham and suchlike real problems, pushing them down another place away from Europe. If you ask most people the reason behind Sunderland's success, their automatic answer will be that brilliant finisher - perhaps the best in England - Kevin Phillips. They would be wrong. Niall quinn's explosion of form along with the likes of Kevin Kilbane, Steve Bould, Andy Mariott and suchlike are the cause of Sunderland's success. Many people criticise Steve Bould but he has a lot on offer for Steve Bould with his masses of experience and hard, solid defending. However, despite what I have said above, Kevin Phillips is still a brilliant player. Why has he not been selected in the first eleven for the England squad. My only answer is the erratic managing by Kevin Keegan. He was nearly the top scorer in the Premiership so there is no logic in keeping him out the squad. A really talented player amongst a really talented team. ...

Channel 4 - Ali G, Innit 04/09/2000

Yo, Ali G in da haus

Channel 4 - Ali G, Innit Ali G is hilariously funny with some great guests such as the recent surprise appearance of Mohammed Al Fayed on his show. He has me in hysterics sometimes although he is not quite as funny as the infamous Mark Lamarr. He cannot flow from joke to joke, and his accent, despite the fact that it is "put-on", can be very irritating. I find his sudden rise to fame amazing, he is now even in the new Madonna video (Music)! He interviews guests asking questions, almost like a six-year-old did. He was speaking to an FBi agent on his show once and he asked, in a serious tone: "Have you ever thought of farting on people's head as a method of extracting information." "I am not saying it isn't done, but only in extreme cases" replied the FBi agent in an equally serious tone. Brilliant in my opinion, he definately has a gift but not the best gift. Definately worth watching - unless Mark Lamarr is on the other side! ...

Channel 4 - Frasier 04/09/2000

Blow away the cobwebs!

Channel 4 - Frasier The humour in Frasier is not always clear. The cogs have to tick over for a few seconds before you smile, giggle before breaking out into hysteria. It is very funny if you can see the joke. The main character, Frasier, is an intelligent psychiatrist working for a New York Radio Station. His brother Miles, mills around looking after their father who lives with them in their expensive flat. The two brothers are constantly competing with each other with their amazing I.Q's whilst their father is very down to earth, lacking his son's intelligence. The characters are quite good although a few can be a little irritating. I do, sometimes, feel quite bored watching some episodes as the storylines are not always what I would expect from such a show. As the Friday Night Comedy Zone on BBC 2 is in full swing by the time Frasier makes an appearance, I am usually watching Never Mind the Buzzcocks on the other side which is a laugh a second. My opinion of Frasier is: watch it, but only if it is the only thing on your box. ...
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