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Snatch (DVD) 22/03/2001

SNATCH - was he thinking of Madonna

Snatch (DVD) After Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Guy Ritchie had a lot to live up to in this next movie. But maybe he should of thought of a different theme because everyone is going to compare this to (Lock, Stock...) and it does not measure up to its predecessor. I dont think (Snatch) is a bad film, Its just not original, its the same plot as "Lock Stock" for a start and just substitute the shotguns for a big diamond and cards for boxing, throw in some (Pulp Fiction) and some small time gangsters and your there. The film is put together with flair and has comic-book stylised character intros and split screen montages which ive seen before somewhere. There are some great prefomances, Notably Alan Ford's terrifying Brick Top and Benicio Del Toro's Frankis Four Fingers, Brad Pitt also needs a mention for a good preformance as a Irish Gypsy boxer called Micky....great acsent. I forgot to mention Mike Reed of EastEnders fame, I kept expecting him to say "PATTT OR PEGGGY". Guy Richie should have remembered that Mike Reed is a better comedian than he is a actor just like Vinnie Jones was a better footballer, I dont care what anyone says. I never give away the storyline to any film i write a opinion about but this one dont take much working out even for me. This DVD two disc set is one of the best Region 2 releases ive seen in a while, It has 15 minutes of deleted footage,interviews, a making of, and Director's commentary. There are plenty of thing to look forward to here but ...

The Mirror 31/01/2001


The Mirror The Daily Mirror is a complete joke in my my opinion. I dont know how they can insult people's intelligence by printing such biased nonsense. Journalism is supposed to be totally impartial and deliver news on how it is. The Daily Mirror fails in all these points. Everyone knows this is a left wing paper which is up to them. The first three pages is dedicated to slagging off the Tories and praising the Labour party on how good they are. I really dont want to read their petty opinions, All they are trying to do is influence peoples views, Which is totally wrong. I just want factual upto date news and interviews. (not much to ask) im not saying that other tabloids are not the same, They are, but the Mirror is the worst i have ever encountered. At 32p the only good thing you get out of the paper is quite a good Crossword and some reasonable sports news, But even they are a bit bias to certain teams. The only person who you can blame for all this is the Editor (Piers Morgan) can you trust someone with a name like PIERS. The best thing to do with the Daily Mirror is to line my nephews Rabbit hutch, its ideal (very absorbent). I suggest everyone do the same and stop being brainwashed.

Jaws (25th Anniversary Edition) (Wide Screen) (DVD) 27/01/2001


Jaws (25th Anniversary Edition) (Wide Screen) (DVD) Despite this film being made 25 years ago, Steven Spielbergs triple Oscar winning classic is still scarey enough to keep most of us out of the water for life. Jaws is a story from the best selling book by Peter Benchley of a rogue Great White Shark terrorising a small island town called Aminty, having holidaymakers for breakfast, dinner and supper. This film gets its teeth stuck in right from the opening midnight swim sequence with the naked girl, The unforgetable music score by the brilliant John Williams makes it even more tense, you know the shark is near and guarrentee'd something horrible is going to happen every time you hear it. But its when the film turns in to a horrifying version of "three men in a boat" after about 35 minutes that JAWS really grips you. Old sea dog Quint (Robert Shaw), the towns police chief Brody (Roy Scheider) and shark expert Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) are superb as the rag tag band sent after the Great White in what appears to be a random collection of prats. Especially once they realise the shark is hunting them. (I think that would have been time to go home). JAWS then carries on the suspense with a battle of Shark against man and never the less you would have guessed the ending because the men are American hero's. This reissued version also includes a 'making of' feature and unseen footage, aswell as outtakes and original trailers. But while this is all very intresting, its this classic action/suspense film that will keep you ...

Watership Down (DVD) 19/01/2001


Watership Down (DVD) I read this classic book by author Richard Adams when i was about 11 years old which took me 5 months, I guess i was not that good at reading back then. So when the film came out in 1979 i eagerly trotted off to the cinema with my older sister with these images in my head of different rabbit characters and a vision of a scenic settings of the fields at the back of our road. I was not disappointed and thought it was wonderful portrait of a brilliant book. If you have never seen the film i recommend that you get it out on video. The films amination is not of the highest quality and not of Disney standard but this does not matter because you will get compleatly lost in the story line. The film is about the lives of a community of rabbits which have to leave their Warren due to contractors building houses where they live. Most of them up and leave and some want to stay and are killed by the Bulldozers. The whole film is set around a rabbit called Fiver and his quest to find another home for the Doe's, He comes across many perils including other rabbits from other warrens which they were at war with and crossing the road which is always a hazard even for me. There are some really sad bits in the film which will make your girlfriend or wife defiantly cry and there are also some really funny bits too, Like the Seagull trying to fly. The voice overs are great especially John Hurt and his very distinctive voice. The soundtrack is the unforgetable Bright Eyes by Art Garfuncul ...

Civilization: Call to Power (PC) 06/01/2001


Civilization: Call to Power (PC) I got this PC game a couple of weeks ago and it has got me totally hooked. This strategy game is the latest in the CIVILIZATION series and is the best yet. All you have to do is build an empire which spans history from ancient times to the Sci-fi future of 3000 AD. You can lead your conquests on land, sea, air and eventually space, Everything you do has repurcusions on the future world like Global Warming so when you build your cities you have to control the pollution aswell as its farming and its armies. This sounds very easy but it becomes more difficult as the game goes on because your empire keeps getting invaded, Which is annoying. You can use different strategies to rule the world, from peaceful to devious. You can also reinforce your military might with unconventional warfare, Such as economic attacks, propaganda, biological terrorism and religious conversion. There are also WONDERS OF THE WORLD to be discovered which will help you through each of the many ages in time you have to pass through. All in all this game on the PC will keep you occupied for hours and hours and is marked for 3 year olds and upwards to play, But i do think a 3 year old will be to young to understand the whole concept of the game. I dont know the price of it because it was a present from someone but i would of thought it is value for money even at £30.

Gladiator (DVD) 27/12/2000

He is rock hard

Gladiator (DVD) This film is brilliant........If you have not seen it yet, get it on video now. The film is set in Roman times and is about the Roman General of the North "Maximus", He is a very close friend of the then Emperor who was old and dying, After Maximus conquered Germania the Emeperor wanted him to follow in his foot steps and be the Emperor of Rome and not his incestuous son, (who is power mad). The Emperor tells his son that he wants Maximus to take over as Emperor of Rome and his son kills him so he takes over the throne instead. The new Emperor then tries to get Maximus killed but he escapesand runs off to save his family but he gets there too late, They have already have been killed. He then gets pickup by a slave trader who is played by (OLIVER REED)and becomes a Gladiator. Maximus is a brilliant tactition and beats everyone and is soon on his way to the Colosseum in Rome for the final showdown with the new Emperor. The film has lots of twists in it and i wont tell you the ending because it will spoil it. "Maximus" is played brilliantly by (RUSSELL CROWE) and you will see him now in a lot more films. The special effects are fantastic, They are so good you wont notice especially Anceient Rome. This is another epic by RIDLEY SCOTT and will be a classic.

Blazing Saddles (DVD) 19/12/2000


Blazing Saddles (DVD) Gene Wilder is at his comical best in this spoof western. The film is Directed by comic ledgend Mel Brooks, he also stars in the film. Blazing Saddles is about town called Rock Ridge and a railroad company which want to put the track through the town. The film has racial undertones and is very borderline, But Mel Brookes has done it so cleverly its not offensive, Its just bloody funny. The rail company keeps killing off all the towns Sherriff's and someone employs (as a last resort) a black guy, This is so funny when he is riding into town on his horse and everyones faces as he comes in, Anyone who has seen the film will know what i mean. Gene Wilder plays a washed up drunken gunfighter who decides to help the sherriff to clean up the town which includes the dreaded Mungo. This film is hilarious from beginning to end especially the Baked bean partwhen the around the fire. The ending is a bit strange and is the only week point in the film, Never the less this is a all time classic and if anybody has never seen Blazing Saddles they are really missing out on one the funniest films ever.

Tandy (Shop) 18/12/2000


Tandy (Shop) I cant speak for any other shop around the country, But my local shop is a little gem. I brought my PC there after my bad experience with PC WORLD. The staff at the shop were fantastic, they never tried to pressure me once and was really helpful, They seemed to know about the things they were selling which is proberly a first. The lay out of the shop was well designed and every product was easy to get to and very visable with all the infomation you need. The prices i thought were really competative, You can pick up a great computer for around £699. The other products they have on sale vary from TV's, HI FI's, DVD Players and Camera Equipment. The shop has all the top brand makes like JVC, Technics, Panosonic and Sony. Another thing i liked about the shop was that it was not that busy, i know that dont help them, But is always nice to be able to take your time to find what you want. I recommend this shop to anybody who appreciates customer service.

The Abyss (DVD) 15/12/2000

Sci Fi at its best

The Abyss (DVD) This Sci Fi at its best, The movie is directed by James Cameron of Aliens, terminator and Titanic fame. The film is based around a underwater exploration station trying to find out what is going wrong with this drilling rig, The trouble is the problem is to deep for normal diving. Ed Harris plays the princable character brilliantly and of course he is in charge of the crew which includes his ex wife (which he still loves). They have this really cool breathing apperatus which they use to dive with, But the thing is you breathe in a oxygenated fluid which i think is very feasable. Then 30 minutes through the film they encounter the alien creature which is like a snake made of water, the special effects are great for its time. In the end the hero Ed Harris goes down into the Abyss and goes down further than he should, so he reaches the point of no return and knows he wont be coming back, Then his wife realizes she still loves him...aaaaawwww. Then the nice aliens rescue him from death and deliever him back to the surface. This film is exciting from beginning to end. A must for anyone who has not seen it.

PC World (Shop) 15/12/2000

Get pestered by the staff

PC World (Shop) Recently i made a visit to my local PC World because i thought it was the best place to go to get advice on my PC and maybe invest in a newer model. The lay out of the shop is great and i have no complaints. But after three minutes of me being in the store i was approched by a member of staff and they ask if they could help me with anything, which i thought was great (im all for customer service), i told them i was "just looking". Then after that i was approached about ten times in about fifthteen minutes by spotty teenage members of staff. I started to get paronoid and thought they were on a wind up. i went and spoke to the security guard because he looked the most sensable out of the lot and he told me that they were on a minimum wage and were on a bonus selling sceme. This is like pressure selling i get that from insurence men and i dont expect it when i go into a shop. I wont be going back there in a hurry, which is a shame for them because i had a £1ooo to spend. 15/12/2000

Whatever you want If you are one of these people who collect things for a hobbie, This is got to be the Internet site for you. Ive not really been big on online auctions before but this is one of the best i have visited. The site has hundreds of different subjects to choose from, The subjects vary from Dolls, Autographs and Antiques, The list is endless. To join the site is very easy, all you have to is register your details like name and address the usual stuff, which they confirm by E-mail. The site is very easy to browse through and each item has a photo of it which makes it a lot easier because you can see what you are buying (very important). Ive have seen some great quality items on here and most things are reasonably priced but not fantastic bargins, it all depends what your intrests are. You will have great fun on this site and could lose all you money on a mad shopping spree.

London´s Burning 15/12/2000

You wont get much better

London´s Burning As a Firefighter i watch this program very closely and i can honestly say the program makers have nearly got it spot on, i am talking about the firefighting aspect of the show not the story lines. All the actors/actresses on the show could nearly fit into a real fire station no problem. Londons Burning is set around a fire station called Blackwall and the Firefighters in it. The show focuses on the different "shouts" they are called out to and their personal lives, each character has it own mini soap opera. I think Londons Burning is very realistic and can be rivoting, sometimes i wish it was on for longer because it has me glued to my seaton a sunday night. I know the program has been around for a number of years, but i still feel there is room for another series if they move with the times like they have done. Idont know what everyone else thinks because i have a bias opinion.

Channel 4 - Time Team 14/12/2000

Its got to get better than this

Channel 4 - Time Team Im quite intrested in programs of this nature and Time Team has the potential to be one of the best. Tony Robinson is the presenter and is very passionate about every dig they do. The trouble is i find it very difficult as a viewer to get excited about a inch long piece of pottery which everyone finds in their garden everyday. They have different experts on the show which talk about what the place might have been like, (i dont think they really know). There is one so called expert on there with a dodgy west country accent who does not comb his hair and wears the same jumper week in week out, God know where they found Another thing which is annoying is, When they find something intresting like a Roman battlement they always say "they will leave it till another time in the future". I say "dig it up now and lets have a look". All in all if they picked sunny days instead of rainy ones the program is worth a look. Does anyone have a comment on this?

Sky Sports 1 - Sky Sports 1 13/12/2000


Sky Sports 1 - Sky Sports 1 If you can recieve SKY SPORTS 1, You must watch this on a saturday morning at 8 o'clock. Soccer AM is hosted by Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain (AKA Hells Bells) they both make a hilarious combination, He is a Chelsea fan and she is a Torquay UTD fan, so she gets lots of grief. Each week they have various celeberity's and footballers as guests on the show for informal micky taking. The program is very imformative about every division and show all the goals from the Premiership and all the saves, freekicks and fouls that are worth seeing. Every week they have nine supporters from a different club and a Soccerette which is lovely female's that model their T shirt for them, she does a catwalk walk with Tim and one of the fans which is so funny. They also have a public "Five Minute Phone In" so you can air your veiws on selected subjects. The background crew get involved all the time acting as different characters or helping in the competitions. This show is non stop for 4 hours and is by far the best football show around by a long way. i would recommend this to every football fan in the country. Once you seen it, you will be hooked.

Wales 13/12/2000

The Dragon is getting stronger

Wales Wales are now emerging from the duldrums as a feared international force, I think its starting to come together and im looking forward to the Six Nations, I think if England or France under estimate Wales they will be in for a big shock. They always take them for granted and come unstuck on numerous occasions like last year (he he he). Wales have just a few improvents in a couple of positions to make, like Fly Half and who is going to play there is it going to be Jenkin's or Arwel Thomas. The Quinnell brothers need to get fitter if they want to compete at a Internaional standard. On a brighter note they have got their Line Outs sorted and winning all their ball which is a big plus. The Wing Forwards have got be looking for 3rd and 4th phase ball and i think they got to keep up with Scrum Half Robert Howley to make the Dragon roar again. i always look forward to the Six Nations its a great six weeks of Rugby.
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