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Grolsch Premium Lager 31/10/2002

Good for those lazy summer days

Grolsch Premium Lager Mmm... Nothing I like more than whiling away the hours sunbathing on the deckchair in my garden, with a captivating magazine, catching up on my weekly soap goss and blaring out Blur tracks from my stereo. All this whilst taking my time over a nice long cool refreshing bottle of Grolsch Premium Lager. While everyone else is wishing time away at work! Bliss! Well, that's what I've been doing today. The only reason I've come inside is because it's nearing Neighbours time and I thought I'd leave myself enough time just to make a point of telling everyone what an enjoyable day I've had. Now the reason I'm so merry right at this particular moment in time is because I forgot the 'taking my time' part when sipping my bottle of Grolsch. The weekly soap goss proved way too exciting for me and as a result, I had to replace my adrenalin rush with a beer rush just to lower my heart rate. Now I'm down to my last bottle. There were only two in the first place, but I'm a lightweight (don't tell anyone I'm drunk on one and a half bottles of Grolsch) so two's all I need. I wasn't supposed to be getting merry anyway, I just like the taste. Oh okay, I can't stand the taste. The only reason I drunk Grolsch is because there weren't any Stella's left. And I hate them too. The only reason I drink them is to get drunk. Okay, so I'm going round in circles now. I'll stop and just get to the point. Grolsch. A little bit about Grolsch... Grolsch is a beer that originated in Holland. ...

Central Park 20/10/2002

A whole day's worth of things to see and do

Central Park I am writing this from an internet cafe in New York. I am on holiday, but I still feel the need to use the computer! That' s because I have just visited Central Park and felt that I must share it with people back at home who are thinking of going there... ...From almost any high point in Manhattan, what holds the eye the most is not the Empire State building or the Chrysler building or even the Statue of Liberty, but this huge rectangular green park right in the heart of this urban jungle. Central Park fills 843 acres and runs for about 50 city blocks between the Upper East and Upper West sides. The park was built on the decision way back in 1850 by the mayor because he felt that the only other thing New York needed was a large public park. This was a much talked about idea of the time as everyone felt it was appropriate. So, in 1856, the city paid $5 million for the piece of land which is well to the north of the city. This piece of land that was to become one of the most famous parks in the world was,at the time, littered with pig farms and used as a garbage dump. 2 years later, work began on the park. The parks design emphasised the natural form of the land: copses and rock outcrops were developed, and about 5 million trees were planted. Bridges were built to link the park with different places in the city. There were tree lined driveways for the wealthy to parade up and down with their horse drawn carriages, and footpaths for the working class to ...

Babyliss Straight and Shine Steam Straightener 20/10/2002

Film Star Hair in Five Minutes

Babyliss Straight and Shine Steam Straightener Is this little piece of equipment the greatest creation ever? Is this man's greatest discovery? Does this marvellous machine boldly go where no machine has gone before? The answer to these questions is quite simply- no. But one thing that this quite scary little machine can do is what it was built for- it straightens hair! "Wow, so what?" I hear you say. So, where shall I start... It was just the other day that I didn't even realise there was such a machine as this. It was only when I saw my cousin plugging one of these into the wall that I thought, hmmm what have we here? She told me that her hair wasn't really straight (isn't it??!) and that it was all down to this. I decided to try it for myself. Some might say I already have straight hair so what could it possibly do for me? But after running this thing easily through my hair, I was surprised at how soft it felt and how long and shiny it looked- it was gorgeous (if I do say so myself) and like the sort of hair I have always craved- that long sleek sexy look that only film stars seem to be able to achieve. I had always put that down to the fact that anything was possible if you had loads of dosh, now I know it's just down to a simple regular everyday hair straightener! I went straight to the nearest town and bought one for myself. It cost me £25, which I would've been more than happy to part with had it been my last. Immediately after getting home, I washed my hair and let it dry naturally ...

Fiat Brava 80 13/10/2002

Style and Economy in one

Fiat Brava 80 I've had my Italian built Fiat Brava for about 15 months now and it has served me well to say the least. In that short period of time, it has ventured 29,000 miles, would you believe it? A huge amount of milage to be covering in that space of time, one might think. So, what have I been using it for? One might also think I have been travelling around the world in it to cover that many miles, but actually, it has just been bombing around the same area over and over and over again, from home in Kingston to University in London to Dad's house in High Wycombe and Mum's house in Princes Risborough. Over and over. I dread to think how much money I have spent on petrol... I will tell you about this car and it's life in categories. That will make it easier, I think... ECONOMY Mine being the 1.4 litre 75bhp version, this is not too thirsty when it comes to petrol. I find if I put in a fiver's worth of petrol, it will give me 50 miles on average, so that works out at 10p a mile which is not bad. £5 these days will only get you about 6.5 litres of petrol, so if my maths is correct, that will mean the car does about 40 miles to the gallon, which is not bad at all. One other thing about petrol consumption is that in order to get this generous amount of miles to the gallon, you have to drive moderately, by this I mean not revving the car too much or pressing the accellerator more than you have to and accelerating slowly- in other words, boring driving! PERFORMANCE and ...

TGI Fridays 13/10/2002

It doesn't have to be Friday

TGI Fridays As eating out has become my lastest addiction, I am always searching high and low for new and interesting places to eat; I have searched the world for a decent restaurant- and believe me I have found one or two- but none I enjoy visiting as much as TGI Fridays. LOCATION One of the best things about these restaurants is that htey are everywhere! There is always a TGIs close at hand, what with it being such a successful chain. You will usually find one in any well-equipped town or city. A THEMED RESTAURANT As I mentionned, I am rather addicted to eating out and spend a small fortune on my habit, as I feel the need to do it about 4/5 times a week. It got so bad at one point that I would sometimes eat out for lunch and then eat out somewhere else for dinner! As it was, my bank balance was starting to suffer a little to say the least, so I had to cut down, but back to the point, TGI's was- and still is- on my hit list every week. I literally go htere every week to eat, drink or just sit as the atmosphere is so cool! This restaurant has a 1950's American theme to it; there are pictures, posters and memorabilia on the walls, doors, ceilings, you name it, the place is covered with things to look at! There are objects such as old sets of traffic lights, a horse taken off a merry-go-round and black and white pictures. This is all bound to keep people of all ages amused. SERVICE All waters/waitresses are very carefully selected so that only the bubbliest of ...

10 Worst Films of the Decade 13/10/2002

Man's most diabolic creations

10 Worst  Films of the Decade Feeling rather cynical and completely frustrated due to intense boredom and hungover-ness, I thought what better a time to tell the world how dismally disgusted I was at these... things... they call "films". Being a Film student, I am highly critical of a lot of films I watch, but these ones do little more than take the p*ss. Someone somewhere must've believed that these dire displays were "art" (after all film making is considered to be an art) in order for them to be released. Someone somewhere must've been overwhelmed by the pure talent and originality put into these films, otherwise we- the public- would never have had the pleasure of being blessed with them. So, what are these compelling magnificent and enthralling pieces of art work? Well I shall start with number ten, and then laboriously drag you through these cringe-worthy crap piles until we reach.... The One. The Worst Film ever made. --10-- "Rosemary's Baby" This film went on. And on. And on. And on. And yes, it went on. Ok, I think I have made my point; it goes on. On where? On absolutely bloody nowhere. Rosemary is pregnant and thinks she has a devil child. Or something along those tremendously exciting lines. This film is weird and gets weirder. Don't get me wrong- weird is good, but when weird just leads to cringing and embarrassment, it just aint good. Rosemary's baby was dubbed an "Excellent and Original masterpiece" by critics, so obviously someone thought it was worth it's while. In fact, ...

Honda S2000 19/09/2002

Prepare for the Ride of your Life

Honda S2000 I had been meaning to test this car out for ages as I have been seriously thinking about buying one (it may be a while before I actually get round to affording one, but that is besides the point). It has always been an ambition since these cars were released into the big wide world that I would one day own one. However, it was not until yesterday that I got a chance to drive one. Now get comfortable, strap in and hold tight as I take you on a little journey... The first thing that struck me about this car was it's gorgeous looks; although this is a small looking car- it only has two seats- it looked like a right beast! It has a very long bonnet and huge wheels which can hold up to 18 inch alloys. It's sharp and appealing edges are what makes this car look so classy and so different compared to a lot of other cars on the road. That was what first made me want one! But then I didn't know anything about this motor, only that it looked a treat, so I would have to find out if it's personality really lived up to it's looks. I decided to look it up on the internet to see if this was really the car for me, but I am sad to say that some of what I found wasn't to my liking; someone like me did not have much of a chance getting a test drive in one of these, let alone the credit- and the insurance (but we'll come to that later). So, for months- years- I dreamed of just having a go in one, but admitted that I would have to wait until I was at least 25 before I could be let loose ...

Panasonic GD92 17/09/2002

Sexier than Brad Pitt in a thong

Panasonic GD92 This phone has taken control of my life now for the past two years. it has been my sidekick, my companion and my ultimate accessory! Ok, so it's just a phone, but it is the only phone I have ver really been proud to own. Let me explain why... PERSONALITY WITH ORIGINALITY This is a phone for those who like to be individual and like expressing it. For a start, its looks are very different from that of the ordinary old Nokias, which all look the same in my opinion! What's most original about thhis phone is that it has different colour backlights; magenta, green, orange and blue which- although is not essential in a phone- is great fun! Another thing I love about this phone is that you can programme different ringtones and pictures to appear for different callers or groups of callers. That is just another thing that is original about this phone. FEATURES GALORE What can I say? You'll get features galore with this phone! Apart from those I mentionned above, there are many many more to enjoy. Another fun feature for example is that you can record your own ring tone eg. a voice, some music etc etc. On a more serious note, this phone has emailing facilties; you have to get an internet service number through ringing the Panasonic enquiries line and then you can send and receive emails. There is also the ability to record parts of phone conversations just by pressing the "voice memo" button whilst having a conversation. This is very useful for blackmailing people ...

St. Tropez Self Tan Lotion 16/09/2002

Bronze beauty, golden goddess, choose your title

St. Tropez Self Tan Lotion Well yet another “summer” has arrived here in sunny England and I am as pale as a frightened ghost. Although summer comes every year- and every year I vow to use it to my skin’s advantage- come September and I still look like I’ve been hiding in the refrigerator all summer. Well living here in the lovely England, that statement is not far from the truth; if our summers got any cooler and duller and rainier, we would practically be living in one giant fridge freezer! But then it’s just as well for me. I recently spent a whole week in the sweltering heat of southern Spain, only to spend half of it walking around in sticky factor 50 sun lotion and a thick scarf so that I did not irritate my heat rash to the point where I might be in danger of hacking the whole of my skin off just to stop the itching! So, that’s life. You live in a country which gets next to no sun and heat, your skin becomes accustomed to it so when you go to hot places, your skin will not tolerate such intense heat and you’ll burn. Can’t get a tan at home. Can’t get a tan abroad. So what can you do if you don’t want to spend the whole year resembling something out of a horror movie through being so pale? The answer’s (relatively) simple- FAKE IT! And that brings me to the subject in hand... St. Tropez is a fake tanning lotion which is designed to bring you that enviable deep bronze tan all the way from the Riviera of Southern France. ...

Camden Town Market, London 16/09/2002

A manifestation of hippies and freaks

Camden Town Market, London This has to be my favourite place in the whole of London! There are many posh and interesting or funky and hip places to go in the city, but this has to be by far the most original and culturally diverse place of all. You won't find such an incredible mix of people anywhere else- this is where all the weirdoes come to hang out and it's great! First lets start with a bit about the Camden Markets. Located in Camden Town, northwest London, they are divided into six sections, although they do seem to merge into one big place. They are the place to go if you are after a bargain, or if you are after something just that bit different from the high street stores for the home, for clothes or just for fun! This is a unique shopping area that is also so much more- just coming here is an experience in itself... ...Let me start with the shops and stalls. This is not your typical London market- when I think 'market', I usually think groceries and tacky clothes and a big fat man shouting "come get your bananas, ten for a pound!". Oh no, this is not that kind of market! This is more of an art display- everything is an art, from the clothes and rugs and stuffs right down to the people themselves. This is hippy heaven! If you are a hippy or are in any way strange, then you will be in your element here. There is everything you can imagine- rugs, clothes, hammocks, cushions, wall hangings, pictures, everything! And everything is unique. No shop sells the same stock- they sell similar ...

Top 10 Films of the Decade 12/08/2002

I'm sure you all want to know

Top 10 Films of the Decade I have watched so many films throughout my time that I am going to find it incredibly difficult to think of just ten which I have enjoyed the most. There have been a lot of good films made to say the least, but it is going to take something special to reach the jesikajay top ten films of all time...! 10.Desperately Seeking Susan This film, starring Madonna, was made in the late 80’s and features one of Madonnna’s hits ‘Into the Groove’ as its title tune. Madonna plays Susan, a wild dancer who has a reputation for being wild and out of control. She then goes missing for a while. Meanwhile a boed housewife comes across Susan’s jacket, puts it on out of curiosity, and is mistaken for Susan, who a lot of people are after for various reasons. The housewife ends up in a lot of sticky situations due to people being convinced that she is this Susan character. She eventually goes along with it and lands herself a life completely the opposite of her own, without her husband knowing a thing...until the end. Susan eventually finds out about this woman, leading to some bizarre events... 9.Overboard Some of these older Goldie Hawn films are really great! I’m quite a big fan of hers and must’ve watched ’Overboard’ about a million times now and I still love it! The general plot of the film is that Goldie comes from this very rich snobby family and is a complete bitch to everyone because she thinks she’s so important. Then ...

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (PS2) 12/08/2002

own a supercar in just days

Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec (PS2) This- in my opinion- was one of the best Playstation 2 games ever made. It has everything you could want from a computer game: it has a high fun factor, is highly addictive and there are are a wide range of ways to play the game. On a more specific level, this features some of the best cars ever made, such as Porsche and TVR`s and many more very popular dream cars. The graphics are excellent so you can view the cars in their full glory, almost as good as in real life! There are also lots of other popular cars which are a bit more affordable, such as the Toyota Yaris and the VW Beetle. This is an exciting game as it`s one of those which you have to consistently work at in order to get your hands on any of the good cars, and like in real life, you have to earn the money gradually to save up for buying different parts for the cars in order to make them faster, therefore, win more races. There are a large variety of tracks to race on. Whilst you can only do a small selection of these as a beginner in a beginner`s car, once you have completed them, you can earn enough money to buy better cars and get better licenses, therefore enter some more demanding races. There are also races designed for only a specific type of car, such as an Audi TT tournament, an American cars tournament, a four wheel drive tournament and many more. For some of the races you will need a certain type of liscense, which can be worked for. There are different types of liscences to be obtained, ...

Grand Theft Auto III (PS2) 12/08/2002

Way too addictive

Grand Theft Auto III (PS2) This is another highly addictive game that you could easily spend a whole day playing without realising it! Even if you don’t want to do all the missions, you can still have just as much fun playing around high-jacking cars, irritating the police and generally causing chaos wherever you go! But the aim of the game is to complete illegal missions for various Gangsters around the city. There are three areas of the city, to which you access like levels. You have to complete a certain number of missions before you can enter the next area. There are many missions to complete, so this takes a while. The missions are very easy at first; you have to do things like pick up a one of the gangster’s girlfriends and take her safely back to his club, Luigi’s. You have to do a number of fairly easy missions for Luigi, before increasing your criminal status and becoming better known on the crime scene. Then things start to get a bit harder; you are asked to do missions for other people who have heard about how reliable you are. For each mission, you will earn a certain amount of money. The harder the mission, the more money will be awarded. You will need this money in order to complete some of the missions and to buy suitable ammo in order to protect yourself. You will get to drive all sorts of cars around the city and will regularly be on the run from the police; you will be given a certain amount of stars when you commit a crime; the more stars you have, the more ...

Holmes Place, Bromley, London 12/08/2002

I never thought working out could be so much fun

Holmes Place, Bromley, London I joined Holmes Place a while back now- probably about six months ago- in Maidenhead. I was pleased to hear, on my joining, that my the fee I paid would allow me to use any Holmes Place gyms. I was even more pleased to hear that there was one near my university in Kingston-Upon-Thames! Being one to always make sure I get my money's worth, I decided to check out a few of the gyms I could visit. Whilst visiting a friend in Bromley, I learnt that there was also a Holmes Place nearby so this one was first on my list and is honestly my favourite Holmes Place out of all of them! The gym is within easy acces of the town centre and very easy to find- you can't exactly miss it if you are in the town! So that was the first thing that struck me about it. The second thing that struck me was the posh layout of the reception area; it looked more like a hotel than a gym, with huge sliding doors and marble desks. I walked over to the desk where I was greeted by a friendly member of staff who asked me how I was and talked to me like she knew me. She then asked if I had visited the gym before. When I said I hadn't, she showed me where everything was and offered me a towel. As I entered the changing rooms I was hit- not by the stale smell of chlorine and people's feet- but by the fresh smell of lavender room freshener. I was surprised to see a cleaner at the door sorting out towels; she had obviously been doing her job well as the place was not only spotless but oozing with ...

Max Factor Beautiful Make Up 12/08/2002

finally a foudation that actually works

Max Factor Beautiful Make Up I have always been quite lucky when it comes to spots and have always had nice clear skin which never needed foundation. All throughout my teens I tormented my friends, teasing them when their latest blackhead or whitey appeared or a big red blob right in the centre of their foreheads! Many a time I laughed at their misfortunes, when they had an important date they had been looking forward to for weeks and on the day they'd come into school with a red lump the size of a ping pong ball plastered right on the end of their nose! Well, I thought I was so lucky not to undergo any of these horrors and made sure I let them know just how lucky I was... ...but fate has a funny way of twisting around. After going out with a spotty guy about two and a half years back and going a bit to far with the "volcano" jokes, fate decided to give me a taste of my own medicine... ...and that brings us to the present day. About one million spots later, I was still searching high and low for a miracle substance that could hide my volcanoes and even out my seemingly patchy skin. Nothing seemed to work! They were too light, too dark, too orange, too thick, too thin, too oily, too short-lasting, too dry, some even brought out the dry skin on my nose and made it look like I was peeling! (sorry if anyone is eating while reading this- you may be a bit put off your food) By then I was in desperation. My nose was becoming increasingly dry, I had a whole cabbage patch of spots on my chin, and I ...
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