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Pam222 Hi there, Thanks for all of the rates. I am allowed a few more Es now, but there are so many E reviews onsite!
Warpspeed Re-branded. Was originally Timbo3107.
anonymili What new torture is this now Ciao? Having to refresh pages as just rating VH is trying to make me leave a comment. Wow, a whole £2 in the PF LOL
goldenbat666 Right....slaving away for that silver now...!
dobieg I'm a miserable old git. I'm ashamed to say it's been a **** very **** long time since I reviewed my "trusts", have sought to rectify this by going through every review I've written in the past couple of years, if you feel hard-done-by, drop me a note.
newprideexperiadj2 Long time no see. I will be doing some product reviews again soon. Apologies if they don't flow as well as they did because it will take time to get back to what I was doing. Hey I'm also on dooyoo as "thespacebetween2" and eopinions site as the same.
SoadFan Orange :D Bronze, so near yet so far :P
paulh909 A Game Lover.
Absinthe_Fairy Very grateful for the Es on my latest review :-)
mumsymary 0`·.,¸¸,.·´0`·.,¸¸,.·0`·.,¸¸,. ·´''Happy Easter*·.,¸¸,.·´0`·.,¸¸,.·0`·. ,¸¸,.·´0 I am adding my easter egg banner to as many of your comment pages as I can
bluebell180 I am a 24 year old mummy to a gorgeous 8 month old little boy. Most of my reviews are of baby toys/books! My reviews are also on dooyoo under bluebell190. Thanks for reading and rating my reviews!
supersonic75 Thankyou for the diamond *does little happy clappy type dance* :D
ryanando Thanks for the rates :-) very much appreciated!
cr01 Try as you might.... I'm going nowhere. Long is usually just long rather than exceptional.
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