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Member since: 21.07.2003
Reviews written: 1035
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Trusted by: 256 members
First name: Fiona
About me: Finally made the move to Slovenia and loving it!

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skyelightsmoke Sadly I can't participate in the new-member comp because NO TV. Ciao, your 'essentials' are NOT ESSENTIAL ** Mostly here to record my fragrance addiction but already sliding into other things. **I rate around more than rate back.
kattwig Feel free to follow my blog and YouTube channel for more reviews and other bits of me! Insta, Twitter & YouTube: Kat Candyfloss Blog
Pam222 Hello. Is anyone else having difficulty rating other reviews?
Warpspeed Re-branded. Was originally Timbo3107.
goldenbat666 After a two-year break I'm itching to get typing again. May be rusty but be nice! Film reviews to trickle in :)
dobieg I'm a miserable old git. I'm ashamed to say it's been a **** very **** long time since I reviewed my "trusts", have sought to rectify this by going through every review I've written in the past couple of years, if you feel hard-done-by, drop me a note.
newprideexperiadj2 Long time no see. I will be doing some product reviews again soon. Apologies if they don't flow as well as they did because it will take time to get back to what I was doing. Hey I'm also on dooyoo as "thespacebetween2" and eopinions site as the same.
SoadFan Orange :D Bronze, so near yet so far :P
paulh909 A Game Lover.
Absinthe_Fairy Happy 2016!
mumsymary Lucky me I got to choose the category for the library book this month (Gardening) .... But sadly so far only one out of about 20 of my suggestions has been accepted. !!! grrrrr
bluebell180 I am a 24 year old mummy to a gorgeous 8 month old little boy. Most of my reviews are of baby toys/books! My reviews are also on dooyoo under bluebell190. Thanks for reading and rating my reviews!
supersonic75 Rates not sticking Grr…!!
ryanando Thankyou all for the rates reads and comments, much appreciated. Yay! Another diamond! Rock on :)
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