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Lynton and Lynmouth 24/08/2013

Lynton & Lynmouth - A piece of heaven in Devon!

Lynton and Lynmouth I had the pleasure of visiting North Devon back in May of this year and took a trip to Lynton & Lynmouth. I have put these two villages together as Lynmouth lies at the bottom of Lynton. A cliffside railway transports you down to Lynmouth village on the northern edge of the west country peninsula, in beautiful Exmoor. The trip down is fabulous as it starts to reveal the beauty of Lynmouth below. Expecting to see just a beach and the sea, i was enthralled by everything else Lynmouth had to offer. Rivers and waterfalls wend their way through wooded valleys leading through to the sea, creating the most beautiful village and countryside i have ever seen. The victorians used to call it Little Switzerland. It is abundant with quaint shops, selling all sorts of touristy items, and lovely cafe's and restaurants where you can sit and take in the incredible views. Cream teas are on offer in abundance. I felt that i had stepped back in time. and the sheer beauty of this village had a profound effect on me, and i knew if i could, i would live very happily here. I felt at peace with the world, and saw myself living in one of the fishermans cottages along the waters edge, watching the cascading water run over the rocks that are scattered in the stream, that runs the length of this beautiful place. Lynton does have a sad history. Thirty-four people lost their lives in the Lynmouth flood disaster in August 1952 after continuous rain, which caused the rivers to flood and cascading ...

Ocean Village Cruise 13/01/2013

The World awaits on an Ocean Village Cruise

Ocean Village Cruise Sailing the seas on a cruise holiday was one thing on my wish list, but i knew i would never go on this type of holiday unless they let me just be me and wear what i wanted (within reason). I always viewed crusing as a middle to upper class holiday, full of stuffed shirts and overbearing waiters waiting for tips on shiny silver trays. Hearing that Ocean Village was 'for people who don't do cruising', and with the help of an offer of £829 each for a weeks stay in Alcudia, followed by a weeks med cruise, the offer was one not to be missed. Although we opted to stay in Alcudia for the first week, we also had the choice of other resorts in Majorca. Our hotel was right on the beach and was half board. We had a clean, spacious room with a balcony big enough to ice skate on (if there was ice in Majorca!). The food was of good quality and we had some great days out, and some wonderful days by the beach. The cruise on Ocean Village was the highlight of our holiday. We were picked up from the hotel and our cases loaded on to the coach and that was the last we saw of them until we got to our room on the ship, were they were waiting outside our cabin. Seeing the ship awaiting us in Palma, made my stomach go into knots of pure excitement at what was laying ahead. When we boarded, we were made so welcome and found our cabin (free upgrade to outside cabin) was much more spacious than we imagined. The bed was large, comfortable and there was more than ample wardrobe space. A large ...

World Museum Liverpool, Liverpool 12/01/2013

The World comes to Liverpool at the World Museum

World Museum Liverpool, Liverpool Being a scouser has its advantages because i have seen the city change, mainly for the better over the years. We Liverpudlians (although i am an Evertonian) have taken a lot of jibes from the rest of the country, but a day in Liverpool City Centre would change most peoples perspective of my beloved city. Off i went for a 'my city tour' last Saturday, part of which was to visit the newly revamped, and hi tech Museum in the cultural William Brown Street. Being surrounded by beautiful architecture helps the ambience and the fact that is is totally free is even better. This is not to be confused with the new Liverpool Museum by the Mersey, which is another review for later. I last visited the World museum as a child, and still remember the Egyptian display and the Planetarium with its myriad of stars and planets. The entrance is fashioned as a courtyard with the obligatory souvenir shop and a childrens toy shop. Look up and you see the full height of this impressive building. Split onto a number of floors and fully accessible for people with disabilities, i was looking forward to my afternoon of culture. I was impressed with the Aquarium. It contains some of the most beautiful, intensley bright coloured fish i had ever seen. I almost needed sun glasses to look at them. Children tend to linger here for a long time so great for the kids,if you have any to take with you! On to the insects, butterflies etc. Fascinating! From working ants to stick insects, a working bee hive, ...

HTC Desire S 05/01/2013

HTC Desire S - A good all round android

HTC Desire S Before HTC, i had never used a touch screen phone, and when purchasing the HTC Desire S on my vodphone contract, I relied totally on my partner to show me the ropes. It didn't take too long for me to discover the joys of the HTC Desire S. Firstly, it is a handy size to fit into my bag, which is important for a woman. The phone comes with a full user guide built in to th phone and there is more than one home screen so applications can be kept on the home screens of your choosing for easy access just by swiping left to right. All the contents of the HTC can be accessed through the settings application, where the phone can be personalized to your liking, including a range of wallpapers, skins and widget to show your favourite content on the home screen. Wireless and networks, call, sound, display, accounts and sync, location, search and privacy sections are all within the Settings app. The screen is sharp and crisp and the brightness can be adjusted to your liking as well as screen timeout and a flash LED light for notifications, all found within the Display section of the Settings app. It comes with an inbuilt front facing, 5 mega pixels camera with auto focus and LED flash, and a camcorder which gives excellent picture and sound quality, with sharp clean video footage. Numerous apps are included, such as flashlight, fm radio, news, navigation, soundhound, and reader, amongst many others. The reader is fabulous, because it includes books already built into the phone. ...

Liverpool One Shopping Centre, Liverpool 05/01/2013

Liverpool, one city, One new shopping experinece at Liverpool One

Liverpool One Shopping Centre, Liverpool Liverpool has now become the place to be, and its ever changing face, particularly in the City Centre, has received an added boost with the introduction of Liverpool One shopping centre. The centre has been long awaited and boasts a new facade on Church street with a walkway through to rest of the new Centre. Cleverly designed, it is a mixture of indoor and outdoor shopping and has the famous high street shops most people visit regularly together with a mix of some designer labels. Either end of the main parade, you will find Debenhams and John Lewis, selling clothing, giftware, homewares, and both having eateries. The centre boast a multiplex Odeon Cinema and some very nice restaurants including Wagamamas, Nandos, Red Hot Buffet and Yo Sushi, amongst others, appealing to all tastes and pockets. The new Hilton hotel and the revitalised Chevasse park have added to the charm and demands of modern day living. As a growing city with a new Arena, much sought after City Living, and an ever growing tourist base, this centre has been much needed to keep up with the rest of the major cities in England. Adjacent to the Restaurants, it seems to have become a bit of a hang out for Emo's and alternative people, which to me, is a joy to see, because being a little different can only be good, and adds to the diversity of the city. On the ground floor you will find Jamie Carragher's bar and restaurant and a new beir keller. At Christmas, the centre comes to life with fabulous ...

My Fitness Coach (Wii) 05/01/2013

Fitness can be fun with Wii My Fitness Coach

My Fitness Coach (Wii) Being a newby to Wii and wanting it purely for the fitness angle, i find My Fitness Coach as an excellent way to keep fit in the comfort of your own home. Set up a profile and measure yourself and you will open up a world of fun excercise that helps to shed those pounds and tone you up. There are a variety of focuses, included Cardio, Upper Body, Core, Lower Body and flexibility and based on your fitness requirements, it guides you to the category it feels you should concentrate on for each workout. There is a choice of music to exercise to, from Dance and Latin to Hip Hop and 80's music, and a range of backgrounds for the workout, including a dojo which is my favourite, to urban rooftop and meditation garden. More of the music types and backgrounds open up as you progress. The fitness calendar gives you the option to set the dates and amount of time you have available to exercise so you can control your own workout sessions. It also asks what equipment you have, and will incorporate the equipment into the workout. After a number of sessions, it will then ask you to do a physical challenge, including your resting pulse rate and then your rate after 2 minutes physical exersion. The programme also unlocks new moves. It can seem fairly monotonous but it does work. I have lost over 71bs in just over 6 weeks with this programme. The instructor will also ask you, after various exercises, if you are coping ok with it. If you reply that you couldn't keep up, then it does ...

Express By Holiday Inn City Centre, Edinburgh 31/12/2012

Great Hotel Holiday Inn Express, City Centre, Edinburgh

Express By Holiday Inn City Centre, Edinburgh We visited Edinburgh in March 2012 in 70mph gales, wearing waterproofs and determined not to let the delights of being blown across the road dampen our spirits. The Holiday Inn in Picardy Place, Edinburgh was a delightful hotel to stay in and kept us smiling. It is situated on a busy main road in the Leith area of the city centre, just a 5 minute walk to Princes St. Considering it's position, it is nice and quiet in the hotel. It is directly opposite the Omni Centre, which houses a wide range of restaurants and a Cinema and also the Playhouse Theatre is opposite. The reception area is bright and welcoming and when checking in, we were dealt with promptly and it was pretty painless. To the left of the reception area, there are a couple of computers for those who wish to go online. This is a paid for service. However, there is free wi-fi connection in the room. To the right of the reception is a very comfortable bar area, which not only serves alcohol, but coffee, tea and snacks such as paninis, with a variety of fillings. They are reasonably priced for a hotel within a capital city. We booked our room over the telephone, after seeing their website online and as we avoided the weekend, as prices tend to be more expensive in most hotels of a weekend, we paid just £125 for a double room, with a sofa bed, for a two night stay. This included a complimentary breakfast. Not a bad deal considering the room rate was £133 per night, which was clearly displayed at the entrance. ...

Nandos 31/12/2012

Nando's. A feast of chicken

Nandos My partner and i have chicken several times a week and it has to be my favourite meat. It is so versatile and can be served with many accompaniments. From time to time we visit a Nando's Portuguese restaurant, which is famous for its flame grilled peri-peri chicken and their fabulous marinades. Nandos is not an exclusive dining experience, but if chicken is your thing, then this is the place to be! Nando's can be found in most city centres now and has grown over the last few years into a massive chain in the UK. On entering you are shown to a table and you choose from the menu, including how spicey you want your meal to be, from mild to extra hot and then go to the counter to order your food yourself, where you can watch the chicken being cooked. Before heading back to the table you can choose from a range of sauces. The smells that permeate are incredible. The Food is mainly chicken based but the menu has been extended to include alot more vegetarian options, including a veggie pittas, wraps, and much more, and you can have it as mild or as spicy as you want. Peri-peri seasoning can also be added to your chips which is a bonus. Dishes average around £8.95 each but then you have to add on a couple of pounds if you want side dishes. It can work out a little expensive for what is a fairly basic but very tasty menu. Nandos do flame grill all their chicken, and nothing is fried so it is healthy until you start adding sauces and coleslaws etc and of course fries. The side ...

Extreme makeover home edition 31/12/2012

Extreme Makeover. A new home in just 7 days

Extreme makeover home edition In Britain, an Extreme Makeover to our home is normally changing your Kitchen cupboards and then maybe throwing out the carpet and putting down some wooden flooring and adding the obligatory conservatory because Mrs Jones next door has one. In America however, Extreme means knocking the house down completely and rebuilding it in 7 days, so it looks nothing like the house that was there before, and is twice as big, almost like a Tardis! Families from across America, contact the ABC television network and plead their case for an Extreme Makeover on their home. The most deserving of cases are then visited by Ty Pennington and his design team, to tell them they have won the makeover. The family are then shipped off on vacation while their house is destroyed and re built. This includes a throng of local people and a home building company who build it free of charge. During the re-build, we learn a lot about the families struggles, often learning that they have had to overcome many obstacles, such as death of a family member leaving the father or mother alone with numerous kids, disability, or taking on lots of underprivileged children. They are very deserving families who need a break in life. We learn about what the children of the family love to do, and the design team will incorporate their wishes into the design of their bedrooms, kitchens and living space. The whole community suddenly run down the street wearing hard hats and clapping their hands with glee, in an ...

BBC1 - Eastenders 31/12/2012

Eastenders - Full of Cockney Rebels!

BBC1 - Eastenders Part of being British includes watching the obligatory Soap Opera. In work each day, people can be found discussing the previous nights episode of their favourite soap. Mine is EastEnders, which was first broadcast in February 1985 on BBC 1 where it aired during weekdays at 7.30pm normally Based in Albert Square in the fictitious town of Walford, EastEnders has been based around the lives of various families who live around the square. The soap has seen many actors come and go and some have amazing longevity, including Phil Mitchell, Ian Beale and Dot Cotton. Over the years, I have laughed, cried, and had every emotion, along with the characters. There have been births, deaths, marriages, shootings, stabbings, teenage pregnancies, drug addicts and much more. EastEnders is a soap you either love or hate. I have dipped in and out of most soaps, but find i have always stuck with this soap because it provides a never ending roller-coaster of drama . One story line centred around the crack cocaine habit of a very lost and lonely Phil Mitchell, played by Steve McFadden. Phil's young son is in Prison, and after reuniting with his daughter, has now lost her and has turned to crack as an escape. Steve McFadden's portrayal of this part was phenomenal to watch. He showed the depths that people with a habit will sink to. I love this soap because the story lines run deep, going further than other soaps, sometimes shocking, sometimes making me laugh, sometimes making me cry. It ...

America's Next Top Model 31/12/2012

America's Next Top Model - People living in a different world!

America's Next Top Model Being drawn to reality shows is really something i feel i am a little addicted to. I try my best to keep away from them but i do find watching other peoples trials and tribulations makes my own look trivial! America's Next Top Model is a show presented by model Tyra Banks, that takes a group of mainly stick thin women (although the odd normal size 12-14 is thrown in for good measure) and dwindles the numbers down to about 12 women who each week have different photo shoots to do, with differing themes, and are judged by some of the most outrageous people i have ever seen, who decided which person should be eliminated at the end of each week. Miss J Alexander, who is actually a Mr but acts like a Miss, wears the most outrageous of outfits and hairstyles and is a proper Diva on the judging panel. His face tells you everything he is thinking and he would win a gurning competition any day of the week. The models are sometimes quite pitiful. In all fairness, the odd one is beautiful, but the remainder look as though they need a good pan of stew down them to stop their ribs from caving in. They all live together for the duration of the competition until they are eliminated. Throw a heap of women together for a long period of time and it is a ticking time bomb! The bitchiness is class. One fair maiden will throw the gauntlet down to the person she dislikes the most and then the whole house full of insect like women throw abusive comments at each other. Someone inevitably ends ...

RuneScape (PC) 31/12/2012

Runescape online free gaming world

RuneScape (PC) Runescape is an online interactive game which was created by Jagex. It involves creating your own character and a guide takes you through the first steps. There are many places in Runescape, including Camelot, Varrock, Ardougne and Falador, to name but a few. You can play for free or become a member. Becoming a member means you have access to all of the game and it is well worth it from as little as £3.50 per month. You do not have to take out a yearly membership. The idea of the game is that you build your character through a variety of quests, tasks and life skills, such as cooking, fighting, farming, fishing, magic, slayer, crafting, herbivore etc. The game is very involved and you could play for years and still not complete everything. Everyone has a bank in which they can place the objects they make or earn and you can keep all your money there too. Banks are scattered throughout the different parts of the world in the game. The more you play the more levels you build and the better armour etc you can wear. You can talk with all the other characters who play Runescape and can join clans and make new friends, who you will find help each other. Runescape has an extensive section that will help you through the game and help you to build your levels. Throughout the game, your new found skills and higher levels will help you to buy and sell things so you can make money. There are over 150 quests which can be either short or long and gain you quest points which open up ...

The Trafford Centre, Manchester 31/12/2012

All your shopping under one roof

The Trafford Centre, Manchester I am not the most typical of women as shopping is a chore for me, and i do find crowds a little over bearing, especially crowds of women with their other halves waiting outside the shops wishing the footy season would hurry up and start. However, a visit to the Trafford Centre from time to time is a really enjoyable shopping experience. The Trafford centre is situated between Junctions 9 & 10 of the M60 near Manchester and is a very impressive indoor shopping centre which is open until 10 pm most week nights. There are over 10,000 free car parking spaces that surround this massive expanse, with ample disabled spaces, together with an underground car park as well. The centre boasts a petrol station and bus terminal. The exterior has the look of a palace or cathedral with its domed centre, and Romanesque statues that surround the south side entrance. At Christmas it truly is a spectacle transforming in to a classy winter wonderland full of beautifully lit trees that meander to the entrances and the centre itself is tastefully decorated, leaving children gazing in wonder. The centre consists of two floors of shopping and dining and an Odeon Cinema. The shops range from the usual high street fashion names but also include Debenhams, John Lewis and Selfridge's. Shops include Children's Stores, Ladies and Gents Fashions, Mobile Phone Stores, Gift Shops and Book stores, to name but a few and within this Jewel is an area of themed restaurants which transport you into various ...

Red Hot Buffet, Liverpool 31/12/2012

A World of food under one roof

Red Hot Buffet, Liverpool When a person lives to eat, rather than eating to live then a variety of the World's cuisine under one roof is always a good thing. I recently visited the Red Hot World Buffer and Bar in Liverpool whilst on a Christmas shopping trip with my daughter. Based in Liverpool One, in the city centre, and tucked away in a corner of the main restaurant/eatery section of the area, I have to say I was most impressed. It is a large restaurant, and it was about half full when we arrived at about 5.45 pm on a Wednesday evening. As soon as we arrived, we were shown to a table and the very helpful waiter asked if we had been before. My daughter had, but I hadn't, so he provided me with lots of information on where I could find all the different foods and how I could help myself as often as I wanted to all the delights on display. He also explained that there were chefs behind some of the areas so if you wanted a dish cooking fresh, just ask and they will do it. They were called made to order stations and include pasta, noodle bar, fish grilled counter, char grill and made to order Chinese stir fry. The restaurant was bright and airy with lots of room. My one complaint would be that the toilets were upstairs so not good if you have a disability! However the toilets were extremely clean and fresh. We sat quite a long way from the food stations but that was fine because there isn't anything wrong with some exercise between courses and with so much food on offer, a walk or two is wise. Now ...

How clean is your house 30/12/2012

Get cleaning

How clean is your house What sort of person lives in a house like this? A dirty minger is the answer. A person who lacks self respect and someone who has no shame in letting two pristeen women into their filthy homes to show the nation what shameless people they are. How Clean is your House is the name of the programme and the answer is simple, if it is featured on the programme it is filthy and so are the people living there. The aim of this programme is that Kim and Aggie will clean your house for you but only if it is so dirty that you can no longer get through the front door. I am longing to see the day that these ladies soil their white overalls having to climb down a chimney because there is no space left on the floor. I don't mean to sound condesceding as i do understand some people have issues and mental disorders that can cause them to have unclean homes. The person who is lucky enough to have their disgusting mess cleaned up by a team of special cleaning persons, explains why their home is in such disarray and the circumstances which have led to the demise of their surroundings. Aggie and Kim forage around the inside of toilets and sinks that have new species growing inside them, and they proceed to tell the home owner what a naughty dirty person they are and give them tips on how to keep their home clean in the future. They will show you how to bleach your nets, which is useful because nobody seems to have nets anymore. They show you how to clean your brass and lets be honest, if ...
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