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Mikado Milk Chocolate Biscuit Sticks 26/07/2009

Chocolate Breadsticks; Decidely Moreish!

Mikado Milk Chocolate Biscuit Sticks Ever since seeing the advert on TV, I’ve wanted to try these as I thought that they looked really fresh and unique. Anything with chocolate was also bound to make me want to try it! Mikado chocolate biscuits originated in Japan, where they are very popular and are stocked in just about all stores, being a household name. They also sell Mikado in China and the United States. Originally in Japan, Mikado was called Pocky. It has many different flavours such as strawberry, honey, coffee, almond, banana and more although chocolate is the only one currently sold in the United Kingdom. The packaging shows you a picture of the breadsticks, the name as well as the nutritional information per breadstick. They are in a foil package that I found impossible to open, which is then in a cardboard box. This seems like a lot of packaging for a few breadsticks, maybe they could get rid of the box and put the information on the foil? What are they? I described them above as chocolate breadsticks, but they are much thinner than your average breadstick. Each breadstick is also about 10 cm long. The chocolate is similar to the stuff you get in supermarkets, and the biscuit is similar to digestive or rich tea but together they make a great combination! Not all of the breadstick is covered in chocolate, the top fifth or so is plain and so this is for easier eating, so you won’t have chocolaty fingers! Price? I bought some from my local shop at 75p for a box, which seems a bit steep so ... 26/07/2009

Quick Information Wikipedia is as its slogan suggests, an online encyclopaedia. It provides information on a wide variety of topics, some of which are very obscure ones that you will never have heard of while some of them are very popular, and everyone will have heard of them. It is free for the average person to use, which I think is great because of how useful I find Wikipedia. However, a website this size won't be cheap to run of course, and so you can make donations via paypal if you want to contribute because of course without donations, free websites such as Wikipedia would have to shut down. It could also help towards upgrades, however I have never actually donated to Wikipedia, mainly because I never have any spare money! One of the main disadvantages of the site is that you never know if the information in the articles is actually true or not. This is because it is written by the users of the site, and anybody can submit articles or change articles. However, I have found that most of the time any information I used from the site has been true. The website is very easy to navigate. When you are looking for something, simply type it into the search box and then if there is only one result you will be brought straight to the page itself, but if there is more than one result you will have some options. Next to the article, there are also links to related articles but I don't normally use these. Wikipedia is a very useful site that I visit a lot, but what do I use it for? ...

Warburtons Hot Cross Bun Loaf 26/07/2009

Easter Bread!

Warburtons Hot Cross Bun Loaf If you like hot cross buns then you should definitely like this, in fact I like this more than actual hot cross buns! So, what is this product? It is a Warburton's brown loaf that is slightly smaller than the average loaf but the taste certainly makes up for it as it is very filling! Each piece is as a hot cross bun with small pieces of sultana and raisin scattered throughout it. The crusts have the same white pattern that is on hot cross buns. When the whole loaf is together, it does look like a giant hot cross bun because of the big white cross on top of the entire loaf! What are the advantages over normal hot cross buns? It is much easier to make, just take a slice out of the bag put it in the toaster instead of having to cut the hot cross bun in half and grill it on both sides. They seem to have nice fruit in them compared to normal hot cross buns, and have just the right amount as well! Also, its a nice difference to normal toast in the morning! Nutrition wise it isn't too good as it has quite a lot of sugar per slice, but its still a nice alternative to normal toast! Its generally best to have it with butter, which might add on a few calories. It costs around £1.20 per loaf, which I think is quite good value because of the fruit since a normal loaf seems to cost around £1 these days! It is also around the price of how many hot cross buns would be in that loaf. It doesn't last for too long in our house, as there is around 12 slices and they are very ...

Wii Sports (Wii) 25/07/2009

Wii Sports

Wii Sports (Wii) After seeing the seemingly constant adverts for the Nintendo wii in the weeks leading up to the Christmas of 2007, I decided that I simply had to have one and it was top of my Christmas list! Thankfully, not only did we manage to get one with all the sold out signs that were appearing in Game, we also won one so technically got ours for free as we sold the one we won! Therefore, we first discovered wii sports on Christmas day 2007. What is it? It is a collection of five games, each a different sport that tries to simulate it so that you feel as though you are actually playing the sport. Each makes good use of the wii remote, although some also require a nunchuck. You will have to take care during using this game, there have been a lot of accidents reported to do with the wii and its remote, such as not using the wrist strap properly and then having a hole in your TV/window when you let go of it mid swing! Before selecting which sport you want to play, you will have to create a ‘mii,’ this is your own virtual character that you can use in many different wii games that will interact in the game. This is customized to look like you, with different faces, colours, and hair styles. You then choose a name, and your mii is ready to play! The sports are tennis, boxing, baseball, bowling and golf. Tennis is my personal favourite. You can play this game with up to four players, or by yourself against the computer but I think that its more enjoyable played with someone ...

Ice Age 3 - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (DVD) 17/07/2009

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age 3 - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (DVD) I was invited to see Ice Age 3 by a group of friends, and ended up going out on a Saturday night to see it, in 3D. I hadn’t actually seen any of the previous Ice Age films, although I had heard of them and knew some of the characters. I still managed to follow it though. It starts off in the ice age, as the title wou ld suggest. The characters comprise a strange herd that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in their ancient world; Manny and Ellie the mammoths in love, Diego the sabre toothed tiger, Sid the sloth and Crash and Eddie the possums. Scrat is still on the edge of the herd, watching out for his precious acorn but this time theres a new twist; he has competition in the form of a lady squirrel. Manny and Ellie are starting a family, with Ellie being pregnant they don’t think about much else and Sid starts to feel very left out. This does not have good consequences, after adopting three dinosaur eggs to have his own family they hatch into t-rex’s and then the mother comes looking for him. Soon, the whole gang are down in a land they never knew existed that’s filled with dinosaurs, trying to rescue Sid. Their journey will be treacherous with lots of unexpected twists, but it will certainly be interesting! The characters are in my opinion definitely a strong feature of the film. They each are quirky in their own way, and all bring lots of laughs. Most characters have featured in previous films, but I believe that there are some who are introduced in this film. My ...

Witch Child - Celia Rees 12/07/2009

Salem Witch Trials: First Hand

Witch Child - Celia Rees I first came across the book Witch Child in Year 8 when my teacher chose to focus on it for a few weeks as part of a topic for English, because it also tied in what we were doing in history at the time. I really liked the book when we were reading it, and so when I saw it at a second hand book shop, I couldn’t resist and had to buy it. The cover is very simple with just the author and title on the front and the spine, a blurb on the back and a black and white sepia picture of a girl on the front, assumed to be the main protagonist. The plot of the book is very complex and leaves you guessing as to what really did happen because there are lots of things that you could question, things that aren’t quite so clear. It is a historical novel, being set in 1600’s, which was the time of the Puritans and the Salem Witch Trials, events which are very much prominent in this novel. The novel opens with introducing us to Mary who lives in a small village, her grandmother is suspected of being a witch and so is subjected to all of the humiliating and painful trials. Her grandmother is sentenced to hanging, and Mary is stood in the crowd. She knows that she is in danger, and could be next so it is lucky when she is taken away to a grand house for her safety. However, she can’t stay there for long and instead is sent to travel to America with a group of Puritans. After a 6 week long boat journey they arrive in America, the chosen land. Other wise known as Salem. While this is a ...

Bedknobs And Broomsticks (DVD) 11/07/2009

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Bedknobs And Broomsticks (DVD) Bedknobs and broomsticks is for me, a classic Disney film, although its not one of the most popular with the public, it definitely is for me! I don't actually own the DVD, but I've seen it so many times on the TV, I know it really well by now and definitely well enough to do a review on it. The plot is original, unlike many Disney films taking their plots from old fairytales (Cinderella, etc.) it is also unique because it is a mixture of animation and live action, such as when the flying bed is under the sea or when they meet some cartoon animals. This was very good for the time as it was released over thirty five years ago, in 1971. You can tell the film is British as it starts off with some history, and you get a real feeling of the war and what was happening at the war. In a little village somewhere in Dorset, there is a witch called Eglantine Price (played by Angela Lansbury) who somehow believes that her learning to be a witch will help the war effort. The peace in the sleepy village is disturbed when a train full of evacuees turn up, much to her annoyance Eglantine ends up with three cockney siblings under her roof. However, as to be expected, Carrie Charlie and Paul discover her secret, and then use her witchcraft against her. In return for their silence, she enchants a bedknob and then they can go anywhere in the world that they want on the bed. I won't spoil the plot from here, but they go to many different places that you wouldn't expect, meet lots of ...

E4 07/07/2009

So many good shows!

E4 E4 is a channel that shows on digital and free view television. It is for the young adult age group, from about 14 to 28. It is available in the UK and Northern Ireland, as it shows programmes in English but you can also watch it online using 4OD to catch up with your favourite programmes or you can use one of the programmes available to watch TV on your computer or laptop. It is channel 136 on sky, and then its 137 for e4 plus one. On freeview, it’s channel 28 for E4 and channel 29 for e4 plus one, but this has changed as they both used to be one channel up. It is brought to you by channel 4, and linked to the channels such as 4music and more4. It mainly shows repeats, but does have the premieres of some of new, very popular shows before you can see it on channel 4, and then they will be repeated later on during the week when they have been shown on channel 4. Examples of these shows are Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty when they are showing. They mainly show American shows, and tend to repeat them every day in the order of the episodes until they finish and then they simply replace the finished show with a new one. A point about the channel which is very useful is that it has a plus one channel which is one channel further up on both free view and sky. It is really useful because you can catch things that you wouldn’t normally be able to see, or can plan your viewing schedule around other things that you are doing. However, one bad point is how much big ...

Just My Luck (DVD) 05/07/2009

Just My Luck

Just My Luck (DVD) Just my luck was a film that I received as a present, I hadn’t seen it at the cinema and I hadn’t really heard anything about it until I unwrapped it. However, on first impression, it did appeal to me and it seemed like it would be my kind of film, I love chick flicks and after reading the back of the DVD case, this looked to be one. I also saw that it has Lindsay Lohan in, another good sign as she is one of my favourite actresses, having been in films that I love such as Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. I also saw that it had McFly in, starring as themselves and was glad as I had obviously heard of them and quite like some of their songs, although it was a while ago when they were really famous here. The plot isn’t too overused, which is good because I find it boring when in teen movies they use the same plot again in different films, it seems to get worse each time. Ashley Albright has the best luck in the world, she has a great apartment, great friends, she’s having a great life and she just got promoted. Jake Hardin is the total opposite, bad luck follows him everywhere that he goes and he always seems to get the worst end of the deal. He’s got a job he doesn’t enjoy and doesn’t pay much, while he tries to get his band noticed, something which he isn’t very successful at. However, everything changes at the masquerade ball that Ashley organised (another bit of good luck.) she is having a great night and everything is going smoothly until she kisses one of the ...

Taybarns 28/06/2009

Food for all the family

Taybarns I first saw Taybarns when I passed it in the car on the way to the metrocentre, I’d never heard of it before. It seemed quite popular, the car park looked to be full. However, I didn’t know what it was and wanted to find out, so when I got home from the metrocentre I typed it into Google and found the official website. It seemed really nice, it’s an American style buffet place where you pay a fixed price to eat as much as you like of all different types of food. If you have ever been to America as I have, it is similar to the American chain buffet restaurants Sizzler’s and the Golden Corral. It has been taking over the chain Brewster’s Fayre, which there was hundreds of all over the country, normally they had a childrens play area attached to them and put their emphasis on entertaining children while serving classic meals. This was the first Taybarns had seen, and there aren’t many others in the country; only seven so far although there are two in my local area, within twenty minutes drive. We decided that we would go as a family on one Saturday morning, so we arrived around 12, when it opened at it was already packed, we only just managed to get a table, so not one for people who like to lie in! The car park was actually fairly small for how many people could fit into the restaurant, so parking could potentially be an issue, we had to circle round a few times before finding a space. When you walked in, you were greeted by a few servers behind the counters, who explained ...

Confessions of a Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella 25/06/2009

All She Ever Wanted Was A Little Credit

Confessions of a Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella is also known by its original name, Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic. I bought this book, because I had seen the advert for the film and thought it looked great, when I saw the book I thought it might be worth a read. The book centres around Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who’s sinking in her mountains of debt. Living with the high life with a great flat and wardrobe, she has been in denial about the fact that she cant actually afford it. She realizes that she will have to do something, because sitting there and hoping her debt would go away didn’t really work at all. Every day, she gets serious letters from the bank and Derek Smythe which continue to worry her, these letters are included at the start of every chapter. However, she decides to ignore these and instead makes up a very funny story to cover which is essentially that the bank is stalking her. Her two plans to get out of debt are Cutting Back and Making More Money, however neither of these work and Becky starts to really worry about what she will do. Her attempts at these are really well written, and also quite funny, a good read. The characters were also very believable as young single London socialites who weren’t too serious, and really enjoyed their lives. Suze was someone I could totally relate to, she loves fashion and shopping but isn’t really that interested in her job so doesn’t have the money to fund her love. Good thing I don’t have a ...

It Had to be You - Cecily Von Ziegesar 21/06/2009

Before the start.

It Had to be You - Cecily Von Ziegesar Normally I’ve read the book, then watch the film or TV show, generally I prefer the book as well. However, with Gossip Girl it was different as I got really into the TV show first, and after seeing the advert for it I watched it every Wednesday without fail. Serena and Blair’s lives of sex, lies and scandal on the Upper East Side never failed to entertain me. Although the books are big in America because of the TV show, I had never heard of them before. That was before I was buying books in a three for two offer at Waterstones, and I had two that I really wanted then decided to try this as the third book in the offer. However, after reading it and finding out a bit more about the Gossip Girl series, I realised that I wasn’t actually reading it in the intended order. There are actually twelve other books in the series, and they tell the story of the privileged upper east siders – Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan and Nate who prove that money doesn’t always bring happiness. During the course of these books, many questions arise and you are left wondering what actually happened to the characters. This is what this novel does, it solves most of your unanswered questions, and gives many fans the answers they had been hoping for. Serena is the it girl, Blair is her best friend and always in her shadow. They are best friends with Nate. However, Serena abruptly leaves for boarding school, and in this novel you find out why. At the start of the first book, Blair is obsessed with ...

Little Miss Sunshine (DVD) 20/06/2009


Little Miss Sunshine (DVD) Little Miss Sunshine was one of those films that everyone but me seemed to have seen, and so I decided it was on my list of films to see. It sounded quite good as I had heard really good things about it and thought the fact it had been nominated for Oscars really made it appeal much more. So when a friend offered to lend me it after I spotted it in their DVD collection I did of course say yes. Its a quirky American comedy, with a plot that hasn’t really been done before and is so original. When you think of films about beauty pageants, you might think glamorous women in swimsuit competitions talking about how they want world peace. You might think Miss Congeniality. Well, this is definitely not either of them. It follows the story of a dysfunctional family as they try to make the trip to the little miss sunshine beauty pageant, with a lot of mishaps along the way, most of which no one was expecting. However, when I say dysfunctional they really are dysfunctional with each one having some strange quirk, except for Sheryl, the overworked mother who holds everything together. The rest of the Hoover family consists of Olive, Edwin, Frank, Dwayne and Richard. Frank is Sheryl’s gay brother, who moves in with the family after a failed suicide attempt over a lover leaving him for someone else. Olive is the star of the film, who is trying to win the Little Miss Sunshine pageant as the unlikely contestant. Richard is the father who just wants a break, and has been trying to get his ...

The Devil Wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger 13/06/2009

A Million Girls Would Die

The Devil Wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger I have previously done a review on the devil wears Prada, the film (shameless hint for people to go and read and rate!) and thought as I also had the book it was time to have reviews of both. PLOT As you start to turn the pages of this book, we are met with a very stressed and unhappy woman who seems like she will snap any minute and have a nervous breakdown. She’s trying to remember how to try a stick while under pressure as her boss wants her across town and back again in a ridiculous amount of time, while doing this her boss frequently calls her asking where she is and giving her yet more orders. Her expensive clothing ruined, she only has one thought left. How much she would like to her boss to die. But then, she decides that woudnt be a good idea because she wouldn’t have the pleasure of killing her with her own hands, a line which really sums up how feared her boss is and life ruining she can be. Andy Sachs wasn’t always like this, everything started when she walked into the offices of Runway magazine and met her future boss, Miranda Priestly. This is actually a flash-forward, and she then goes back to the start to explain how everything started out. As a graduate from Brown, she wanted to make it big so moved to New York City hoping to become a journalist at the New Yorker, however though, it didn’t quite go to plan so she signs on as Miranda’s assistant after being told that in a year she can have any job that she wants. ‘the job a million girls would die for,’ ...

Miss Congeniality (DVD) 08/06/2009

Spy Film With A Difference

Miss Congeniality (DVD) Me and a friend were having a film night a day last week at her house, and ended up looking through her dvds for something else to watch as we had watched everything that had brought, she picked up Miss Congeniality and said it was really good, so I agreed to watch it and we sat down and put the DVD in. Miss Congeniality was released in 2001, although I have no memory of it being in the cinemas. However, according to Wikipedia it was a major box office hit and grossed over $106 million in the US and $212 million worldwide. Also, it was nominated for a musical Oscar and the star, Sandra Bullock, was nominated for a best actress Oscar. There was a soundtrack that I cant remember anything about, so it cant really be too great. It is a film based around the Miss United States beauty pageant, being English I don’t really much about this, to me it seems like it’s just an American thing, something which I also don’t really see the point of. Gracie Hart is one of the FBi’s best undercover agents, and she loves her job although she does sometimes still feel inferior compared to the men she works with that are always getting promoted. When a job comes up for someone to go undercover at the Miss United States beauty pageant to stop a terrorism threat, and the first choice cant make it, she is the obvious choice as the best undercover woman. Although she is totally opposed to the job, it ends up that she has to take it, and with the help of Victor Melling, she makes the ...
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