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McDonald´s 01/02/2008

Is Mcdonalds full of clowns or food victims?

Goodmans GDVD301R 06/01/2008

A dvd recorder worthy of a GOOD MAN

Simple Moisturising Shaving Foam 03/01/2008

Its Simple

Equifax 02/01/2008

Equifax sounds nice SMELLS REALLY BAD

Dell Inspiron 1720 01/01/2008

Dellicious piece of technology

Speed Cameras 31/12/2007

CAMERAS the signs of Tyranny

Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia 31/12/2007

Ooooh Im going to the Sheritan for tea and scones

Sheraton Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sofia Just a quick review - The hotel looks very classy and would fit in with many richer cities in europe. The very high quality hotel has a plush interior I would say 5 star quality, lovely thick carpets that you just sink into as you walk along giving you a warm comfortable feeling. There is also nice furniture some nice staff but also a couple of questionable ones - I think its down to money the staff probably get a good wage but I asked for a hire car and they recommended what turned out to be the worst hire car hire company in Bulgaria, I'm not the first to say this (I've spoken with a couple of old english people who were well and truly fleeced by this company.)and probably wont be the last. The recommendation of this car hire company maybe shouldn't be a reflection of the hotel but it was recommended by the women on the desk so that affects my trust in the staffs integrity the man charged for everything he could charge for, even the ticket for parking outside the hotel. I dealt with this unfair treatment but the hassle shouldn't have been put in front of me as their is some much better car hire companies especially in the capital Sofia. The food is reasonable and reasonably priced maybe a bit expensive by Bulgarian standards but you do pay more for quality so that would probably be expected. Really really good quality hotel but I'm going off expensive retreats not just for financial reasons, and would rather have a half decent restaurant and a basic room. Just as good but ...

LOT 30/12/2007

Whats with this LOT? I mean is it really that bad?

Terrorstorm - A History Of Government Sponsored Terrorism (DVD) 30/12/2007

A stormwarning to the terrorists/sheeple

Combat Rock (Digitally Remastered) - Clash (The) 29/12/2007

A revoloutionary Clash of music and words

Casino Royale (Collector's Edition) (DVD) 28/12/2007

Emotions run high down at the Casino

Are We There Yet? (DVD) 27/12/2007

Is it over yet?

Sony Ericsson K800i Cyber-shot 26/12/2007

sony ericson k800

Transformers (The Movie [2007 Live Action]/Original Soundtrack) - Soundtrack 22/12/2007


Transformers (DVD) 22/12/2007


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