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Anglian Windows 23/08/2006

Anglian Windows

Anglian Windows Updated 23/8/06 Unbelievable but true, we still have no new back door lock, the incompetence goes on and on. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!!!!!!! I see I wrote this (not very good) review about Anglian windows on 5th May. This has STILL NOT BEEN SORTED OUT !! We eventually got an engineer out last Thursday who took one look at the door and said he had the wrong part with him. My immediate reaction was to throw a wobbly but I thought the poor guy was going to break down in tears as he told me he had been working for the company 2 months, had 2 managers leave in that time and that office staff kept getting sacked for being incompetent. He was being sent out daily with wrong new parts and getting shouted at, he thought one guy who had been waiting 4 months for an engineer was going to hit him. I made the poor guy a cup of tea and called his latest manager who had been in the job 4 days and told me he was spending his whole day fielding calls from irrate customers. I had to be very insistant that I could not wait another month for an engineer and someone is coming out on Saturday on an emergency call out - fingers crossed!! This company clearly has major service problems at the moment that senior management need to sort out. I would stress that this is ANGLIAN windows and not Anglican. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A REVIEW OF CUSTOMER SERVICE NOT THE SALES OR FITTING OR QUALITY OF THE PRODUCT SO PLEASE DON'T LEAVE COMMENTS TELLING ME I HAVN'T TOLD YOU ABOUT PRODUCT CHOICE OR ...

Everything that starts with P ... 13/07/2006

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Everything that starts with P ... Thank you Koshkha sooooooo much for asking me to do this challange. How lucky it is that I am a soft delicate fluffy girly who likes all things fragrant, this really should be a breeze for someone as highly scented as myself. I just can't wait to share all my beauty secrets with you. *** What is your favourite purfume? *** Apart from the rose petals that I sprinkle daily around my bedroom it would have to be 'Be Girly' by KNKY with its floral top notes of Russian Jasmine and dew kissed English Woodland Bluebells, I just don't feel dressed without it. A close second would just have to be 'La'Treen by Jean Paul Goatiebeard. Whenever I wear it the fellas simply swoon at my feet. Funny that. *** Do you use body moisturiser? *** There really is no substitute for that early morning naked roll on the lawn, dew really is natures moisturiser. (Should you live in a flat I suggest a secluded communal area but do look out for those doggy poo poos - no amount of Be Girly is going to cover that up). During really inclement weather I always use lard and lavender oil in eaqual proportions but do take care on leather and faux leather seating. Whoooops! *** Do you have a beauty cleanse, tone and moisturise regime? Absolutely!!! I always use Clinical skin products. My mantra is 'if it didn't cost the equivilent of an African villager's yearly income it just isn't going to work'. First I always cleanse with Moisture Surge Anti-hag cleanser with power spheres of hydrating ...

Quick and Easy Recipes 28/06/2006

Summer sizzlers

Quick and Easy Recipes These are peanut butter heaven, the best kebabs I have EVER tasted and if I can make them they are easy peasy to do. They can be grilled but are best done on the barbie. The taste is peanutty but you can also taste the soy sauce which I love. The sesame seeds crunch very satisfyingly as you eat them. PEANUT BUTTER KEBEBS I nicked this recipe off my sister in law a couple of years ago and I must have given the recipe out dozens of times now. They really do give the impression that you lavished hours of loving care on them and they make a great change from burgers and sausages. For 8 kebabs you will need: 4 large chicken breasts 4 table spoons of smooth peanut butter dark soy sauce olive oil Sesame seeds 2 x Red pepper cut into squares Button mushrooms (not too small) 8 kebab sticks MARINATING THE CHICKEN Cut each chicken breast into 8 eaqual sized chunks and put into a bowl with the peanut butter. I have estimated about 4 tablespoons but to be honest I have never weighed or measured anything when making these and they always taste the same. Add generous splosh of soy sauce and olive oil to thin the mixture down. Sprinkle over lots of sesame seeds. Now the good bit. With nice clean hands please, mix the ingredients together well making sure the chicken is really coated all over. If you really can't cope with the squidginess of it use a wooden spoon. Cover the bowl and leave the chicken to marinate in the fridge for anything between 1to 8 ...

Nestle Fab Ice Lollies 14/06/2006

Looney Lime Flavour is just not worth the lolly.

Nestle Fab Ice Lollies I rediscovered Fab lollies after many years when I bought some on offer in Costco for my kiddies last Summer. I am ashamed to say I ate most of them myself - it was a large pack as well! Since then I have bought them quite a few times as we all like them. These are lollies from a more innocent age when choice was much more limited. For those of you who may not recall this classic ice lolly: Bottom layer - Strawberry flavoured ice lolly Top layer - White milky flavour coating on top half of lolly. Decorations - a generous number of multi coloured sugar strands stuck onto a white chocolate top coating. This however is not the ice lolly I am reviewing, Ciao have failed to put the most important info in the heading - this is the new LOONEY LIME flavour we are talking about. PACKAGING I bought a pack of 8 individually wrapped lollies. The cardboard packaging certainly catches the eye in the freezer cabinet. (I did find an excellent picture of it but for some reason Ciao havn't been able to display it). It is a white and lime green explosion of candy strands with a particularly evil looking cartoon lime gnashing it's teeth. The word 'fab' is in Navy blue lowercase letters. I think the overall impression should be that this is a whacky, fun product aimed at children. Wording - Super sour lime with tangy sugar strands. Kids love it Calories per lolly - 86 It's Looney Lime. Wrapper- sealed plastic, easy to open. Simplified version of scary lime ...

Everything that starts with D ... 10/06/2006


Everything that starts with D ... This is something that I saw on the news last night that made me more angry than I can rememebr for a long time. I don't necessarily want you to rate it, it's just an opinion that I wanted to share. It's not long so I hope you will take time to read it. It was yet another bad news story from the Gaza strip. Im afraid I have become almost disintersted, isn't that a terrible thing to admit? It is rather like the hight of the troubles in Northern Ireland, I think people became almost immune to the news of the bombings and shootings,another life taken, another family destroyed. There was a warning before this item that some viewers may find the images shown disturbing but I did actually watch this one. The Israelis had shelled a beach along the Gaza strip in a seemingly random way as revenge for an earlier Palestinian attack. They had killed many men, women and children as they enjoyed a family day on the beach. The pictures shown were of a young Palestinian girl,maybe 12 or 13, staggering dazed across the beach, obviously confused. Then she sees a family member, a man, maybe her father , lying dead on the ground. There was a close up shot of his lifeless face and then they showed the young girls reaction. She was completely distraught. She screamed out and threw herself to the ground wailing. sobbing and pounding the ground. I felt very uncomfortable about watching this. No one comforted her they just kept the cameras rolling. I could not believe the insensitivity ...

The Promise of Happiness - Justin Cartwright 09/06/2006

Promises, promises.

The Promise of Happiness - Justin Cartwright Charles Judd pees on the grave of John Betjeman but this is not a literary critism. For Charles the grave represents the death of middle class stability and values, things that he feels have now slipped from his grasp forever. At least that is my interpretation of the opening of this well crafted novel. The novel starts on the day of Juliet Judds release from an American jail after a 2 year sentance for art theft. A crime of which she is probably innocent. The story explores the reactions to each of her family members to her release and return home. It seems that her family have been somehow paralysed during her imprisionment, unable to move forward . Her release from jail is also a release for her emotionally crippled family. THE JUDD FAMILY The most interesting and complex character in this book is Charles Judd. He holds an almost obsessional grudge against his ex employers who edged him out of his partnership in a London accountancy firm. He is also unable to come to terms with the arrest and imprisionment of his beloved daughter Juliet and his feelings for her border on the unnatural at times. He is weighed down by the guilt he feels at not visiting her in jail because he could not bear to see her as anything less than perfect. He struggles with how he will cope with her homecoming and is, from early on in the book ,clearly on the edge of some sort of breakdown His wife Daphne has her head firmly buried in the sand. She is convinced that with the return of ...

What's in my bag? 07/06/2006

This old bag!

What's in my bag? I can't put this off any longer, I just can't stuff anhything else in so something will just have to come out. I am sure that my handbag is only full of the most essential items however so I can't imagine why it is bulging like that. So, here goes. THE BAG - This was a Christmas present from my hubby 2 years ago so naturally it is not big enough. Men just don't understand that we need to take lots of 'stuff' where ever we go. I needed a new one because our bunny chewed through the handle of my last one. It was blissfully cavernous and I still miss it ( the bag not the bunny). It is black and definitely leather, I gave it the sniff test. It doesn't have a label so I have no idea where he bought it - on a mad dash on Christmas Eve no doubt. It has a long strappy handle as Im an over the shoulder girl, I like both hands free when Im shopping. Anyway I always feel like Margaret Thatcher holding a bag with a small handle, like Im going to hit someone over the head with it. I also need one hand free for each child when they are out with me. It has a pocket for my mobile, a zippy pocket for my cards etc inside and a zippy pocket on the outside. Lots of places to lose things in fact. SO WHAT'S IN THERE - First thing out is my hairbrush. I got it from Avon. It was cheap but not exactly small, I can see that it is an impractical size for such a small bag. This could be a major factor in my bag overflowing all the time. PURSE- Black, fabric covered, leather purse ...

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost 30/05/2006

A real boost to my confidence.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost I don't usually believe in slopping too much stuff on my face, a bit of moisturiser and off I go. This was a thank you present however so it seemed rude not to use it. PRODUCT CLAIMS/BENEFITS It claims to leave skin looking smooth and revived. It is to be applied to dry skin under moisturiser in the morning in addition to your normal skin products. It claims to be for all skin types. There is nothing on the container to explain why it contains vitamin C which seems strange as this appears to be it's main selling point. Faced with this lack of infomation I looked it up on the Body Shop website. This tells me that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals but does not say what these are. As far as I can make out Free radicals are the crap in the air around us, if anyone knows better feel free to enlighten me. Vitamin C it claims will "tend to the skin, it revives, replenishes, protects and preserves". Good, I could do with a bit of preservation! What it lacks is any scientic reason for how it works. PACKAGING No unnecessary outer packaging - good! The product comes in a pump dispenser 9cm high. As you can see from the illustration it is bright orange which is appropriate for a Vitamin C product I guess. It contains 30ml. As I say there is very little information on the packaging, how much to use for example or how to apply. One thing however did catch my eye. "Against animal testing". Does this mean that no animals were ...

Tunnocks Caramel Bar 25/05/2006

A nostalgic mouthfull.

Tunnocks Caramel Bar The shiny red and gold striped wrapper, That distinctive white diamond bearing the legend 'Tunnock's Caramel'. Yes, it has to be the same wafer bar my Nan used to buy me ....?.... years ago. It just takes me straight back her Victorian terrace in Harlesden (a lovely villagy feel to it then, hard to believe I know!) Hot chocolate and a Tunnocks wafer. She told me they were my mums favorite - could this possibly be true? Hold on, maybe this isnt t he same thing. Its probably made by Nestle now trading on the name. Time for some research I think. TUNNOCKS I was delighted to discover that Tunnocks are still a family owned , and run, business in Uddington, Scotland. The company was started in 1890 by Thomas Tunnock origionally as a bakers shop. The first Caramel bar was made in the 1950's which would fit in nicely with my Nans story. They also made those disgusting Snowballs, which I believe you can still get - definitely not a snack you could eat between meals, absolutely vomit inducing. I looked on their website and they play very heavily on nostalgia, the home page has a 1950s style boy complete with side parting and gleaming smile. CARAMEL WAFER BISCUIT Bought in Waitrose 89p for a pack of 8 x 26.5g biscuits individually wrapped. This is milk chocolate coated version although I believe there is a dark chocolate version as well. I love the wrapper, it hasn't changed for years. It is still foil covered paper that is easy to unwrap, not like the nasty, ...

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you take? 23/05/2006

Driving myself nuts.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 items would you take? Can't think of anything worse than being stuck on a desert island with me. I hate the heat, hate sand, hate insects, hate sea food, hate being on my own. So what little luxuries will make spending time with me more bearable? 1/ The entire contents of Harrods. actually, no. That's probably cheating. 1/ My best friend. No,no. Iv'e got to learn to cope with myself however anoying I can be. Not fair on her either - and I would like her to stay my friend. Here's the real list as it comes into my head. 1/ A SET OF GOLF CLUBS (and balls) Im having to assume that this is a fair sized desert Island or this is a pointless choice, so let's assume at least 1 mile square(ish). I have always had a hankering to learn, it must be my fashion sense and the crush I used to have on Nick Faldo. I imagine that Im stuck on this island for a while so I should learn a skill that will earn me some money back home. As Im not the office type, golf it is. But what if Im really useless at it? What if after I have hand crafted little flags, dug bunkers (with my bare hands I guess) and made little holes with sticks, I simply have no talent? Well, it would have kept me occupied and given me a goal (or should that be hole?) to aim for. 2/ A DOG This isn't really cheating as it's nor actually a human being. A mongrel I think with an intelligent face - I would hate to have a thick dog for company, (some may have said the same about me). I could teach it tricks, like retreiving all my ...

Do you believe in life after death? 23/05/2006

Heaven here I come.

Do you believe in life after death? I have been reading some and the reviews about this with great interest. The main thing I noticed was how long some of them were so I will stick to few points. Also I will try to speak in plain English and leave the theology for my bible group. Let me make it clear where I am coming from. I am a Christian and have been for only 18 months. I have a very strong sense of live before and life after I came to faith and how this effects my feelings and thoughts about eternal life. I don't want to get off subject but here is some brief back ground. I had only been to church for hatches, matches and dispatches. I had no feelings of 'spirituality' or of a higher being. I ridiculed friends who were church goers and talked about Jesus - they were obviously deluded religious nuts! About three years ago my son started a church school and occasionally assemblies would be held in church. Obviously I went to watch but saw the church as a nice backdrop for the kiddies sweet songs and plays. My son left his jumper behind on one occasion and I had to go back for it. There was no one else in the church when I got there. I strongly feel that he had left it there for a reason because as soon as I walked in I began to feel it. All I can say is that is was my first and strongest spiritual experience, there is no other way to describe it. I literally fell to my knees. It changed my life immediately. I had always said if there was a God why doesn't he prove it? Well he just did. ...

10 Things That Really Annoy Me 22/05/2006

You can't beat a good rant

10 Things That Really Annoy Me Only 10 things? I could go on all day. So what to choose? things of global impotance or toilet lid up/down stuff. I will just put it down in the order it comes into my head. Here goes.......... 1/ Bloody rude people. I asked a young women blocking the aisle in a supermarket if she could please let me past, she told me to 'talk to the hand'. I actually wanted to slap her, really! I am, by nature ,a peace lover but I find it harder and harder to put up with everyday rudeness. I asked my 11 year old son if he had fininshed his homework and he said "yeh, what ever". Where does it come from? TV? - needless to say he never repeated this phrase! 2/ Yappy dogs. If you want a dog, buy a real dog with a real bark, not a bit of fluff and bones that irritates the hell out of your neighbours on a Sunday afternoon when they are trying to relax in their garden after a long weeks work and all they want is a bit of peace and quiet. Yes, you know who you are Mrs. Iv'e got a bad smell under my nose, at no.32 with the really ugly husband and anal bedding plants in perfectly straight lines ( until my youngest kicked a football over them - yes!). Ok, I feel better now. 3/ Shops selling 'sexy' clothing for girls as young as 5. It's child abuse. I helped out at our school disco recently and I was shocked at the 'hookers' clothes that some of the girls, aged 8 to 11, were wearing ( the worst was a silvercrop top with Sexy written across the front teamed with a skirt that showed her ...

Alpha Course 18/05/2006

Entry Level Christianity

Alpha Course I wasn't all that keen to go to be honest. I had spent about 2 years saying, Mmmmm yeh, I might make it ,but never actually bothered to go. I assumed it was for non Christians and as I was a church goer I would't get much from it (wrong!) Also there is a suspicion amongst traditional C of E church members ,with our Anglo Catholic leanings, that this course is designed to bring them into the happy clappy camp as part of a new Anglican masterplan. WHO IS IT FOR Anyone, everyone really. Whether you are a curious non believer with very little bible knowledge, already a Christian or somewhere in between. It is ideal if you have an open mind, enjoy a good debate and want to explore Christianity in any way. HOW TO FIND A COURSE The easiest way is to check out the Alpha website. Just pop in your postcode and you will get a long list of local churches offering the course. There is also some general infomation on what is covered. Alternatively most C of E churches will have the relevent info. and will be aware of local courses. WHAT TO EXPECT Now the tricky bit, actually walking through the door. To my relief I was not greeted by anyone wierd wielding a tamborine. Just by a normal, smiling person who handed me a glass of wine and a name badge. Although the course is free I was asked as I went in if I could make a contribution towards the food, whatever I could afford up to £2. A bargain for a hot 2 course meal! There were about 28 people on the course from students ...

Virgin Wines 17/05/2006

Make mine a large one!

Virgin Wines Ok, I admit it I like odd glass or two but is buying a whole case of wine excessive? The first time I did it I felt really decadent but now I find that I get really good value for money. Im not very good at choosing wines off the supermarket shelf - I am often disappointed - so now I leave it the experts. VIRGIN WINES Yet another love child of the bearded one this website is very much what you would expect. It debunks all the wine snobbery and gives fun, accessible, descriptions of the wines. 2 WAYS TO CHOOSE A CASE(12 bottles) I always go straight to the MIIXED CASES section as I'm pretty clueless. There are 3 sections. Budget - up to around £4 a bottle. Everyday - around £5 a bottle Luxury - over £5 a bottle Each selection can be bought as white only, reds only or mixed. Alternatively you can go into BROWSE. Unusually the wines are not listed by country or grape variety but into 'tastes' eg, Full and Fruity reds, Clean and Crisp whites, Rioja style. This seems odd but does make perfect sense to a pleb like me. Once you make a selection you get a list which you can select by price band to narrow it down bit. The descriptions are a real strength of this web site as they are meaningful and so easy to understand. If you are still confused they will select a case for you based on the types of wine you put in your favourites. You list your taste peferences and they will list recommendations for you. ORDERING I actually ordered over the phone and spoke ...

A Short History of Christianity - Stephen Tomkins 17/05/2006

On Earth as it is in Heaven?

A Short History of Christianity - Stephen Tomkins With all the current anti Muslim attitudes in the media and amongst people I talk to every day I would like to recommend this book to you. Feeling smug? Christians would never behave in such an inhuman and extremist way? Read on. PART 1 - AS IT WAS IN THE BEGINNING The first section of the book is very interesting , exploring the tensions between the Jews, this new Christian sect and the Roman authorities at the time. It was basically persecution that spead Christianity so rapidly and so far as the origional disciples, and later preachers ,fled and took the Gospels with them. Stephen Tomkins looks at how the church started to show divisions . Initially these were theoretical differences but as early as the 2nd century the Bishops started to vie for position and this section of the book culminates in the rise of the power of the Popes in Rome. Just as it is today religion was being used as a vehicle for power and control. And what did these early Christians learn from their centuries of persecution? Tolerance?, forgiveness? No, they burnt down synagoges and murdered Jews. There are many examples of intolerance throughout the book against jews and 'heretics' but I have to add,also many uplifting examples of self sacrifice and charity. PART 2 - THE RISE OF ROME This section starts with the rise of Islam and its relentless march West. The Catholic church went about converting as many Pagans as possible and backed Charlemagne all the way as Europe fought off not ...
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