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I am a 20 year old living in London, enjoying writing reviews :)

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Palmolive Soft&Gentle Soft Jasmine Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-on 09/09/2012

Worth it for 99p

Wilkinsons Skin Therapy Facial Wipes 09/09/2012

Skin Therapy Skin Exfoliating

Revlon Equave 2 Phase Hydro Nutritive Conditioner 04/09/2012

Hydro Conditioner

Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity Foaming Face Wash 01/09/2012

Foaming facial wash

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It 31/08/2012

Allergic reaction for me

Soap & Glory Calm One Calm All Bubble Bath 31/08/2012

Stay calm with a bubble bath

Soap & Glory Clean, Girls! 31/08/2012

Luxury Body Wash

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub 31/08/2012

Flake away may sting

Nair Sensitive Hair Removal Cream 31/08/2012

I'm too sensitive

Hello Kitty KT 3052 23/08/2012

Just about good for a first hair dryer

Hello Kitty 2526HKU 21/08/2012

Pretty Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty 2856HKU/HKCU 21/08/2012

Travel size with Hello Kitty

Pantene Pro V Ice Shine Hold & Gloss Hairspray 20/08/2012

Wind vs Hairspray

Argos Value CHD211 20/08/2012

Compact hairdryer at its best

Argos Value CHD211 About: I often travel and with everything I take with me, there is no room for a big hairdryer. I was recently given a £5 voucher to use in Argos from my mum who recieved it when she had spent £50 in store. I decided to use the voucher to buy the smallest and cheapest hairdryer I could find on the Argos online store. I saw this one up for £3.97 and decided to buy it, getting it reserved and collecting in store the next morning. The Hairdryer: It is a 1200 watt hairdyer with 2 speed and 2 heat settings. It comes with a nozzle which you can put on and take off when you please (I never have the need to use them so I have not tried it with the nozzle). It also has a loop by the handle which allows you to hang it for easy storage. When I first opened the box it came in, I was slightly expecting an extremely cheap looking hairdryer that looked like it was going to break at any second considering the price I had paid for it. However, it actually looks rather nice and is reasonably sturdy, it does not look like its made of cheap plastic that is going to crack if you poke it. The cord is pretty thick too so in general it seems pretty durable to me. One thing I will say is that the cord is a little short. However, the whole point of the product is that it is travel size, so having a longer cord would just take up more room when packing. I have medium length hair that is thin, so it does not take as long to dry compared to someone with long, thick hair. I had been using a normal ...

BaByliss 2856U/AU/BU/CU/DU/ZU Travel Straightener 20/08/2012

My Favourite Straighteners

BaByliss 2856U/AU/BU/CU/DU/ZU Travel Straightener About: After having half of the length of my hair fall out when I had my hair bleached, I did not really need a big pair of straighteners. I did buy a pair of mini straightenersbefore these in a different brand but I used them when travelling and the wiring inside had become loose where I would just travel with them in my bag and not in a box to protect heavy things pulling or crushing the wire. My mum spent about £50 at argos and recieved a £5 voucher to spend on anything in store. I looked on Argos and saw that these mini straighteners in purple were down from £15 to £10. I decided to reserve them online and collected them in store the next day. Thanks to the discount and the voucher, I only had to spend £5 of my own money for these. The straighteners: The cord length is reasonable but I do wish it was longer as I have to move my mirror right near the plug to be able to see what I'm doing. However if it was longer it would take up more space in a bag, and the whole idea of the product is to be travel size. The straighteners are very lightweight and easy to control due to their size. When I use these, I do put on a heat proof glove on the hand I hold the hair with because the temperature is rather hot and it burns holding hot hair. (I hold my hair in place whilst it cools down otherwise if i let go, it sets in whatever direction it wants. Heat up and cool down: They only take about 2 minutes when switched on to go up to a decent heat to start using. There is only one ...
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