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since 05/01/2002

18 12/03/2006

Some things are better off doing yourself

White Arrow Express 23/09/2003

White Arrow misses the bullseye

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PC) 05/06/2003

Who'd be a Love Fist groupie

The Matrix Reloaded (DVD) 05/06/2003

It could of been so much better

Royal Bank of Scotland 11/04/2003

RBS - Ripoff Bank of Sharks

St James Court Apartments, Edinburgh 01/04/2003

A step back in time, gone too far 28/03/2003

Great deals galore on European hotels

Kingfisher Travel Insurance 24/01/2003

Like getting blood from a stone

Argos Catalogue 22/01/2003

I've bought everything but the kitchen sink

NISIS Pocket DV2 16/01/2003

Pocket sized fun with a camera that needs the sun 07/01/2003

The Smartest FTP client in the world

Egg Card 23/12/2002

The Egg begins to crack... 18/12/2002

A rumble in the My first experiences of Jungle were not too good. Sure, I got a free software CD with some graphics package I looked at once and never used again. Of course this is what enticed me to join up as a customer in the first place. The interface of the website was very attractive and really easy to navigate so long as you Browse and don't use the Search function. I had no problem finding a variety of things I liked at a very affordable price. Even a few bargains presented themselves in their newsletters and my face lit up when I saw them. Unfortunately, I placed about 3 different orders for these bargains and they never showed up in the space of around 17 days so I had to cancel each and every one. I was very dismayed by Jungle's false promises and it's online order tracking that kept on knocking back the date just as the delivery was due. They dangled their sale items like an imaginary carrot that I would never obtain. Anyway, this run of bad luck was broken after I was quick off the mark to order a Relisys Flatscreen LCD monitor for only 300 pounds. At the time this was a great price and I could hardly resist the temptation so despite my previous failed orders I decided to have one last go. Thankfully, it showed up in good time and I also recommended the flatscreen to my brother who promptly placed an order of his own. Although, his order did turn up a little later than promised. Even till today I still find a number of good bargains on Jungle's very well presented website and ... 18/12/2002

Incredimail certainly lives up to it's name A couple of weeks ago I decided to install Webshots for my fiancee because she had a fondness of Cats and kittens. I knew she couldn't resist downloading every cat background there was and running it as her screensaver. Being the die hard techie that I am, it is normally me who would recommend some new software that I think people might like. Much to my suprise I was actually informed about Incredimail by my better half and she recommended that I give it a go. I was a little bit hesistant as I thought it was probably just something silly and useless to me but nevertheless I gave it a shot. The software was already installed and I simply ran it, wondering if it would really work between 2 users and if so, how easy would it be to setup. In fact, it was no problem at all. It seemed to handle different profiles in Windows XP very comfortable and the adding in of both my ISP account and Hotmail was so simplistic, even a trained monkey or one of my students at university could do it.I was suitably impressed that it could download all of my @MSN.COM emails and still retain them on the server. This is something that was always a bit more fiddly with Outlook whereby you had to create a local folder and copy the emails over manually. Also, I had found that Outlook only handled @HOTMAIL.COM addresses and not the MSN alternative so I was pretty pleased. The built-in notification was very helpful too because it now meant I could remove the other seperate program I had installed to do the ...

Air France - AFR 17/12/2002

Viva La Air France

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