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The Other Boleyn Girl (DVD) 05/03/2009

The Other Boleyn Girl - From the Other Side

Discount Railcards 10/02/2009

Get up to 1/3 off your train fare

Casio EXILIM ZOOM EX-Z1200 25/06/2008

A high quality, almost ULTRA compact camera

Tefal CCQH2 Quick CUP 19/12/2007

Click, 1....2....3...... Done.....

YouTube 30/03/2007

If you're bored or want to find THAT video!

Hungry Horse 21/03/2007

For a low cost family meal out! 15/03/2007

Grab a last minute deal here! 15/03/2007


The Sims 2: University Expansion Pack (PC) 14/03/2007

Another brilliant expansion pack from Maxis!

Derby University 06/03/2007

Getting their priorities right

Getting Around in Wolverhampton 05/03/2007

Easy enough if you have the right change

Getting Around in Wolverhampton Wolverhampton can be a big place to get around. Some places take some doing to get to and a number of buses. Some areas of Wolverhampton have very few buses. Some buses can be very unreliable, others, bang on time, everytime. So it just depends on where your going and where from. Take for example, Bradmore. I know that only 2 regular bus services go through Bradmore - the 513 and 514. The 513 is very unreliable at times and the 514 comes once an hour. Sometimes, you're just better off walking if you're going to the town centre! The city centre is very accessible, however, with a number of streets to walk down in order to get there. Every bus goes to the station,and everywhere is connected via this station, including Birmingham and areas of Walsall. The bus station is located across the road from the city's railway station, so different cities are linked together by train as well. Getting around by taxi is also very easy. The average wait will be around 10 minutes, but I still feel that it's an expensive form of transport. Prices start from about £3.50, but thats a fixed price for some distance before the meter starts, so if your journey's short enough, it will only cost you £3.50. (The figure of £3.50 is for the city's hackney carriages). There are a number of other taxi services which can work out to be a little bit cheaper, again depending on the distance as some drivers choose different routes to the same location, but I always use the council taxis because you can ...

Bridget Jones - The Edge Of Reason (DVD) 20/02/2007

Not quite as good as the first

Getting Around in Stoke on Trent 07/02/2007

There's lots, but is there too many?

Staffordshire University 05/02/2007

Glad it was my first choice

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